The Time To Purge – Moving Day!

I’m so ashamed! I’ve really been slack in posting these days. My apologies. I’m actually contemplating wiping my website’s slate clean and starting new with another hosting/template for the new year. The last few months have been crazy busy, but that’s life. After competing for Mr. Gay USofA in Houston this past October then diving into rehearsals for Palm Springs Pride in November, I have had a full plate. Then comes along our time to move from the home we shared for 10 years into a new home we’ve now been in for one week! Needless to say, it’s all good but I’ve had a swirl of activity around me. Plus, working full-time at the gym rounding up my 13th year as sales manager gives me reason to admit I’m spent. Here’s the latest…


Final Thoughts On My National Run

If I had to sum up my national run competing for Mr. Gay USofA, it would be “Heavy is the bag of drag unseen.” I returned last month from competing for USofA where unfortunately I missed the cut by a hair. That, and of course my choice clubwear, as it often does. I’ll get to the point, if I may. I arrived Tuesday afternoon to check-in at my hotel and catch the finals of Mr. Gay USofA at Large. Congrats winner Ade Toujore and his court of kings. It was a late night when I departed Rich’s Nightclub back to the fabulous Four Points Sheraton where I bunked for the night. I unfortunately got a parking ticket for siting too close to the stop sign.


All I Know Right Now Is This

Dear website, world wide domain and faithful readers, my most sincerest apologies. I’ve been so busy with preparation for the national finals of Mr. Gay USofA ’17 happening in Houston next month, you’ve been neglected and I’m aware of that. There’s a good amount of things to keep up with that many don’t see such as detailed travel reservations for dancers, costume fittings and editing decisions, mixing and remixing music for Talent categories, walking fine lines of what’s best for a great Clubwear score, and so on… I’m thrilled, honored and humbled to represent the West Coast as Mr. Gay Westcoast USofA ’17 and intend on doing it right this time! “It” meaning the competition and “right” meaning better than I ever have before. This will be my 4th trip to Texas in hopes to become Mr. Gay USofA. Wish me luck! Anyone wishing to help out monetarily please do so on the PayPal link to the right of this and in advance, thank you! I ain’t gonna lie… things cost and I/we need things. #TeamSteven for the WIN! X #CrownCraver #GiveItHere


Press Release – Steven Michael







49-Year-Old Performer Shines Bright at Regional Talent Contest

Heads to Nationals in Houston, Texas!

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 10, 2017 – After 25+ years working in the LGBTQ entertainment industry, gay culture blogger and dance choreographer Steven Michael, 49, captured the title Mr. Gay Westcoast USofA 2017 in Phoenix on July 30, 2017 at popular gay nightclub The Rock. Steven now heads to Houston for the national finals October 18-20 at Rich’s Nightclub where he will compete alongside 30 other gentlemen for the prestigious title Mr. Gay USofA.

Established in 2008, Mr. Gay USofA awards excellence among the nation’s top male lead entertainers through scoring in categories of interview, club wear and talent at state and regional contests. This will be Steven Michael’s fourth trip to Texas in hopes to fulfill his dream of becoming Mr. Gay USofA.

Steven is a published author and his community involvement includes charity work and activism for the less fortunate and local Southern California LGBTQ charities. Steven says, “I hope that through my journey I may motivate and inspire others to go after what they truly want no matter what their age, image or size. I’m having the time of my life! It’s not a midlife crisis – It’s a midlife moment!”

Contact Steven Michael for interviews, bookings, appearances, please email him at or call +1 760-537-0701. Learn more and check his Social Medias: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook @IAMSTEVENMICHAEL and


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I am Mr. Gay Westcoast USofA ’17

Wow, what a feeling of accomplishment and success! Last weekend in Phoenix I competed for the regional title of Mr. Gay Westcoast USofA ’17… and WON! It feels great! It truly does. I’ve competed for years and even though my experiences and journeys have always been a “win” for me personally I’ve rarely won on paper. It’s nice to get me a piece. And as the catchline continues, “the old broom still sweeps, and dances!” After a great amount of hard work, rehearsals and true perseverance I grabbed ahold of something I’ve wanted for some time now. Here’s my tale…


Long Hot Summer – Dallas, Texas

Baby, when I tell you it’s hot here in the Coachella Valley. My car today told me Thursday it was 129 degrees at one point but I believed it to be more around 115’ish. Bottom line, it’s been “100 and hell” all summer long. Even with my new ride, it takes about 8-10 minutes for the hot air to completely cool off mid-day. Child… I’m done, and it’s only July! And please don’t ask about our electricity bill. Two-story, four bedrooms, many dollars. So what’s one to do in the dead of summer but to go to a very humid Dallas!? And that’s what I did last weekend when I headed to Texas to support good friends and brothers competing for Mr. Gay America inside the Rose Room at S4. Here’s all the Tea… DRINK UP!


What To Say When Life Calls

I flew home recently to Nashville for a family health emergency and what a whirlwind it was! Without getting into the many details of the whys and hows, my mom was admitted to the ICU at a local hospital for letting her health get away from her. I flew home after quickly pulling my travel together here in the desert. I’m one for planning and analyzing each detail on my trips so this was a hectic break from that since I had about three hours to get it all planned and purchased. And in the middle of this I was working, struggling to keep my sanity and emotions in check (failed a few times), and perform with my contestant Lola La Showgirl at Queen of the Desert drag pageant the night before. My plate was full. And as an only child it was all on me. Luckily I had a few dear angels get my mother checked in and on, until I could get there the next day. So many details will be omitted for time but know that this has been hard on everyone involved. CCU is a sad place to spend any time in and I commend the nurses for the relentless selfless jobs that they perform. The ones at Southern Hills in Nashville in particular have my greatest praise.


How To: RuPaul’s Drag Con ’17

I’ve known the incredibly popular Latrice Royale, breakout star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, for almost 20 years now. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale late-90s and she was just getting started in her career, tearing up stages and making waves. We met through a close connection, clicked right away and stayed in contact in various capacities throughout the years. When I competed for Mr. Gay USofA my first year I had Latrice drop a few fierce soundbites into my dance mix. They have magically found their way into other mixes since. I knew she would be coming to Drag Con so I reached out via text about working her booth selling her wares and wears. I got a response immediately saying YES! in so many words. Done and done. I always wanted to check out the event but without the fangirl anxiety that may appear. Here’s the timeline to my very first adventure to RuPaul’s annual Drag Con.


Interviewing Jeremy Fontanet Cullens

To see Jeremy walk in a room one can’t help but notice him. His stats you’ll find below but to me and I bet anyone who witness his stature strut by would be in awe at the very sight of him. He looks like an great adonis walking amongst us simple mortals. He is undeniably shy and humble, something hard to believe considering his beauty but it’s very true. I’ve known his husband Scott Cullens for a good few years now and once we finished our third interview together for the blog I knew I wanted interview his husband. In all honesty Jeremy had some worry that he wouldn’t be interesting enough for others to want to know about. But as you will read ahead, he absolutely is! The man is accomplished, intelligent, well-thought and has already achieved more than many ever will. I introduce to you, Jeremy Fontanet Cullens.


Planning Summertime in Las Vegas

Am I really talking about summer already? OMG, as the kids say! Wonky-face emoji. Sunshine emoji. Swimmer emoji. You get the point. I’ve just realized a spring/summer trip is sneaking up on us next month and here I am thinking about sliding into the tanning booth beforehand for some Sin City glow. I don’t want to scare the aqua revelers at the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas when we descend upon the resort for culinary money shots and a blended cocktail or mixed spirit. The planning continues here…