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Time Doesn’t Matter in Las Vegas

I knew getting my mom to Las Vegas for the first time in over 30 years was going to be one for the memory books. She hadn’t been to Las Vegas since Bally’s was the MGM Grand and you could walk across the Strip directly to Caesars Palace. This was the pre-Mirage era. A different place in a much different time. This trip she would experience something unlike anything she had before. My mother would have her own terrace one bedroom suite for three glorious nights at our home away from home, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Here’s her journey through my words and our meticulous planning. …

Mom Takes The Cosmopolitan

What do you get when you take two fabulously gay husbands on their second honeymoon and their mother from Nashville who hasn’t been to Las Vegas in over 25+ years? I’ll let you know this Thanksgiving when Jacques and I treat my mother Betty to a trip like she’s never seen before! She’s already up in grand thoughts of slot machine winnings and Sin City soaking while reveling in the comforted joy that will be breathtaking at The Cosmopolitan. She hasn’t been to Vegas since Bally’s was the MGM Grand and you could walk to Caesar’s Palace straight across the street from corner to corner. Let that sink in. …


I’m honest in saying that I had zero interest in going to the Folsom Street Fair this past September when VIP tickets to the 40th Anniversary Party of Falcon Studios unexpectedly came across my desk. The glossy tickets reflected the light perfectly while I hoped to give them to some willing and deserving participants who would be going for the leather fest since I would not be.


Many locals departed town from the heat, indeed! However, we’ve had the busiest summer I’ve ever seen at World Gym Palm Springs since I began working there seven glorious years ago! I’d place a ton of exclamation points after that last part if I could but you get the picture. It’s a pure OMG! moment.


We almost reached a record high today after a light summer in comparison to others of the past. Like I said, almost. I believe it was 118, with the record being 119. So damn close. Luckily I had my Jeep’s air-condition fixed so…


Floor-to-ceiling windows facing the newer Strip provided a view I could watch all night. A small bit of trivia about the Wynn, via our concierge, is that there are no floors marked 40-49 because the word “four” sounds familiar to a word in Mandarin referring to death.