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The 2011 Palm Springs Pride Celebration begins today. We locals have been preparing since this time last year. HA! :) Gays and those who appreciate pink triangles celebrate EVERYTHING LGBT this weekend across the Coachella Valley at Festivals, a NEW Free Block Party on Arenas Saturday evening starring Cazwell and Raja, a new dance party called Rapture at Hotel Zoso and of course the Parade on Sunday down Palm Canyon. Just of note, the Parade travels opposite of the usual N-S direction of the past. This year it ends at Amado with its start at Ramon. The 2011 Palm Springs Gay Pride events promise to thrill, entertain and show what Gay Pride is all about. The weather has turned rather cool so instead of Speedos one may pack Socks and Hoodies. Just Saying… World Gym Palm Springs has a 4-Day Weekend pass for $29 and is where you’ll want to be all weekend! PUMP BABY! From the fact a young kid asked me yesterday if I knew where to score some Ecstasy my initial thought was that she hasn’t done shows in years! (Inside Joke) Seems like EVERY1 will be rocking and rolling all weekend. Have Fun & Hydrate! Party Hard & Play Safe. Buy your souvenirs not unknowingly take them away from other people. Think about it…

Make it a Queer Pride people and Celebrate Your Diversity in Palm Springs this weekend. #LGBTQS (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Trans, Queer, Steven) GO GAY!


Oh, the Media Maven I’ve become. I was at work the other day, yes, my real job and the package was delivered! I had heard that it would be coming my way but I wasn’t ready for it. Or was I?! I opened the box and there it was! The Gaydar Gun.

Set in the case of a very loud megaphone, The Gaydar Gun, hitting stores and shelves soon hopefully by this holiday season, nails everyone in its path with witty “Oracles of Truth” be it aimed at a male or female victim. The settings are clear on the Gaydar Gun while the novelty of this great gift keeps giving with over 650 quips for both men and women. It’s fun! It makes people laugh. It will be great for kitschy gift exchanging with someone who has it all! The Gaydar Gun pokes fun and everyone regardless of gender rating them on the “Homo-meter” scale from 0-100%. It also serves as an alarm clock and plays music.

Like I mentioned, the package was delivered to my job and working in the absolute gayest gym on the planet, World Gym, this Gaydar Gun came in quite handy and created an exciting ruckus at the front desk. The retail price is $29.95 on the website but if you mention the word SEXY when checking out plan on getting $5 off! Big thanks to Mike Pingel at Rainbow PR for reaching out to me and trusting my readership base would benefit from his fun product and its magical prophecies.

Think of it this way… The Gaydar Gun is more fun than the Magic 8 Ball and delivers the truth that the Ouija Board only claims to. 




Many locals departed town from the heat, indeed! However, we’ve had the busiest summer I’ve ever seen at World Gym Palm Springs since I began working there seven glorious years ago! I’d place a ton of exclamation points after that last part if I could but you get the picture. It’s a pure OMG! moment. I’ve seen a lot and know even more than I care to about our fair community so when I finally say “Calgon, take me away!” I really mean it! Escapism with a splash of fantasy, and we’re all good.

Our retreat is Sin City and always has been. After some close contact with Public Relations at Wynn Las Vegas, it was brilliantly done and consumed my thoughts until arrival. We were booked up for two wonderful nights of culinary debauchery and decadent indulgence of the senses. The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore have more Forbes Five Star Awards than any other casino resort in the world, having generously homed us many times before. We’ve always loved staying there and are continually treated impeccably!

After arriving Saturday afternoon, we breezed through check-in as our bags met us in the room. I found a gorgeous chocolate sculpture welcoming us from Michael, their Niche Marketing Manager. The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore proudly offer a dedicated Pride concierge, seemingly the only LGBT concierge at a general resort in the world. Wynn Resorts has also achieved a 100% on the HRC Equality Index since first applying in 2010, securing the same score in 2011. And stands as the first casino-resort company to offer same sex partner benefits. Please find their amazing room packages geared toward the LGBT community at Wynn Pride and know you’re spending your gay dollars wisely!

Jacques and I enjoyed sushi oblivion for dinner at Wazuzu inside Encore later in the evening before finding our VIP seats at the 9:30 showing of Le Rêve. Having seen the show before it always seems magically different and impressively entertaining. With the VIP seating we also enjoyed relaxing in plush seats, bottle service of champagne with chocolate-dipped strawberries and truffles. Small monitors gave a visual taste of what’s happening backstage and below the surface of massive waters, the actual star of the show. Of course, the bald men with muscles pounding through wet skin and gorgeous ladies with synchronized skills wow audiences nightly, too.Le Rêve is undoubtedly the best entertainment on The Strip! It takes our breath away and amazes us every time we see it.

Sunday we found our spot in the Wynn Buffet line and grazed with the rest of the hungry masses. This mega-station buffet offers everything and I mean every thing one can think of wanting to devour. The deserts were killing me from the beginning and caught my eye each time I returned for more food which was a few. Afterwards, we rolled ourselves out to the pool and enjoyed time chatting folks up and experiencing a different scene than norm for us. We had a blast not knowing anyone and meeting total strangers.

That’s the great thing about Las Vegas! Many people existing together without agenda nor attitude having a good time and not judging others for who they are or what they’re doing. We never feel out of place in Vegas. Never. And of course the men are damn fine sexy. Butch buddies doing Bromance dances wearing flip-flops on perfect feet walking with fierce divas strutting in towering stilettos who know they’re looking good. Sin City is all about decadence and letting it all out. That’s why we love feeling the neon energy The Strip provides against our souls. It may sound heavy but it’s really hard to explain how Las Vegas truly makes me feel.

Sunday evening we enjoyed deliciousness at Chef David Walzog’s Lakeside including scrumptious steak grilled to perfection, jumbo shrimp and a ridiculously rich smores dessert.The picturesque Lake of Dreams with its waterfall and whimsical show across the waters provided the wonderful backdrop. Afterwards, a quick trip down to Fremont Street showed how old Vegas was struggling to compete with the newer establishment like Wynn/Encore, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and City Center. We couldn’t help but notice how dated it all looked and where the rowdy heterosexuals seemed anxiously pouring out of honkytonks.

Our car brought us around rather quickly and we pressed it back home to the Wynn for some action in the casino before heading up to a super comfortable bed. Overall, the weekend was stellar and accommodations exceptional. However, I’m still waiting for word about the sixty dollars I lost in their hateful slot machine. Curious about getting that back, if possible.

2011 © PULP


This weekend is an annual event called Hot and Dry happening here in Palm Springs. The host hotel The Riviera is homing all the sober boys who still yearn for the circuit without the party, flying in from cities across the nation from NYC to San Francisco to our girls from West Hollywood. The one thing I can say about them is they sure are pretty to look at it. This gay event celebrates those who are sober and remain that way. However, I wonder what the bounce rate of falling of the wagon during or after this weekend is. Just curious. No Tea. No judge. Wishing them ALL the best and since many of them are pumping their muscles at World Gym on a special weekend pass for $29 we see them in their grouped glory. Some of them gave us Front Concierge Men the whiplash. Luckily they are playing nice for the most part even though I can see the signs of edgy ones who seem freshly sober, too. But most are TO DIE. WOW! The face on that one with the sleeve tatts and the cakes on this other set me especially free. You know the ones that are so stunning that they worry you enough to want them to actually leave so you can relax from the worry. That was me today. And I have one more day of working them, err, working for the week. I can make it. I’m a soldier. “Be strong, Victim.” What should I wear? Oh, the worry begins…


We almost reached a record high today after a light summer in comparison to others of the past. Like I said, almost. I believe it was 118, with the record being 119. So damn close. Luckily I had my Jeep’s air-condition fixed so that it’s cranking nice cool air inside my black toaster oven. It does sometimes feel like I’m slowly simmering under the powerful Mr. Sunshine with only a vinyl sheet seperating us. We’ve been having a Summer Special running at World Gym so we’ve had an influx of new members which keeps our veteran members on their toes. It’s fun(ny) to watch reactions and plans of action. The gym has stayed consistently busy even through August. We’ve all been very happy about that. A deep-summer ghost town in August is usually what we see each year. Photo courtesy of http://meefers.com and David A. Lee Photography.

I was asked today by the Todds, Todd P. and Todd M., about playing on World Gym’s new team I believe that will be sponsored by Biofit and will be called the Biofit Swingers. After some consideration (knowing my answer when they asked me) I decided that I would be declining their offer but was happy they thought of me. First and foremost, I don’t want to take on another responsibility. I could stop there but I can’t see pulling myself off the couch on my days off during the holidays when I’m all wrapped up in front of the fireplace and Christmas tree to go play ball on some cold field. Also, after a skiing and dance injury I have knees that really should be relied upon for walking and posing and not running and possibly nailing a base. These girly wrists can’t throw a ball to save their lives and I’d end up throwing it to the other team. I like to go cheering as the game starts and leaving immediatley after without commitment. Just being honest. My extra-curricular activities are a’plenty and I’m fine with that. Sorry Todds. I know I’d be fun to have on the team. Duh.

Next month the Husband and I are taking off for a weekend to Las Vegas where we will be staying at the wonderfully romantic Wynn Las Vegas. After setting up our reservation, their Pride Concierge reached out and described to me how they are the only hotel on the Strip that has a LGBT focused concierge service for their guests. Looking forward to that and will spill all the Tea in an upcoming “Steven Spills.” We’ve stayed at the Wynn Las Vegas twice before and have always loved it. The Tower Suites give you the slight feeling of privacy and exclusivity. We are excited about enjoying some down time by the pool and delicious dinner at Lakeside on Sunday with VIP tickets to Le Reve on Saturday evening! Check out http://wynnlasvegas.com to see where we’ll be! We may slide out to the bars on Saturday evening but fighting that traffic on the weekends is killing. We’ll see.

As far as pop culture goes these days, someone named Kim got married and the media acted like it was the Royal Fucking Wedding. Sorry to be blunt but she made, Kris made, they made over 15 million dollars from that wedding which is crazy insane. I mean, please. She is a goddess, I get it. But, WOW! What a media blitz frenzy surrounds her at all times, all of them. They are smart girls, those Kardashians. That’s fo’sho. Eh, can’t be mad but she could tone her grandiose down a tad. She pisses my mother off to no end. All flash, she is. That and a bunch of eyeliner and gloss.

Summer television begins very soon and on the top of my MUST SEE is the reboot of Charlie’s Angels. I see doing a blog or two about the show once it starts but considering the original was the very first thing I taped on our brand new VCR then it would be something I look forward to seeing with my own eyes. The girls looks sickening and producer Drew Barrymore at the helm it does look like a mini-version of the big screen films. Sign me up! Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor star as “Kate,” “Eve” and “Abby” respectively and all three angels are gorge! Can’t wait much longer! Preview below!




I can’t live without my iPhone. There, I said it. It does a lot for me and makes me feel connected to the world. Yes, the world. If I’ve left it at home I’m killed down. I don’t necessarily pout about it but if someone offers to go get it for me I don’t stop them. I mean, what would happen if my agent finally tried to contact from L.A. saying the network picked up my reality show?! It may sound materialistic but I don’t judge you on the thing that makes you happy, now do I?! What is that thing, again?!

There are certain things that I really must have or can’t seem to live quietly without. My iPhone being one of them. If I rounded out my “Five Must Haves” for summer and well, life in general the following would be included: lemon slices which are great for a man’s rank stank (just saying try it because it works); the new season of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX; spanking new music from the UK girl-group The Saturdays called “Notorious” which makes me very excited when I lip-sync, I mean listen to it; thirst-quenching ice-cold vitamin D milk. It does my body so damn good!

I asked a group of inner circle confidants to tell me what their “must haves” were. Even my wonderful husband got involved. Some seemed to celebrate Thanksgiving in June and offer what they’re appreciative for which I found sweet and genuine. Others found it funny and in turn were very funny. You’ll know some of the friends that follow and afterwards a bit more than before. Please enjoy.

Shawn Smith | Internet Entrepreneur: new Speedo because spanking new bulges are HOT and trashed-out, saggy-ass spandex, chlorine-chewed Speedo’s are NOT; Cuervo Margaritas that are premixed creating a tangy slush for any Lush. Just add ice and slur; heat-beating white cotton long-sleeve button-down dress shirts; that summer fling to show you that you still have it, baby; a working A/C because by August a cheap, ratty plastic fan is as tired as you are of the relentless heat.

Troy Gregurich | Entrepreneur; sun screen, boyfriend, hot swimwear and a flat stomach, topped off with a catered dinner by Paula Dean.

LD Thompson | Filmmaker, co-owner of Trick Dog Films, author of THE MESSAGE: A Guide to Being Human: my Starbuck’s Barista Espresso Maker for when I want an iced coffee made with almond milk; I can’t do without my Smart Car and who could with gas over $4 a gallon?; Yoga class with Dennis at World Gym; at least one getaway stretched as long as I can manage!

Gregg Seller | Pension Investment Services: my husband, first and foremost; trip to P‘Town, of course; a Med cruise; new swimsuit in a smaller size than last year; doing volunteer work for DAP. No summer is complete without it!

Scott Cullens | CEO Palm Pacific Construction: Rainbows, Puppies, Smiles, Ice Cream and Hugs. Was this supposed to be what I like or don’t like?! Funny how my likes and dislikes list are exactly the same.

Dimitri James | Founder and CEO Skinn Cosmetics: Havaianas Flip-Flops in assorted colors; deliciously quenching Mohitos at Tropicale; Aveda SPF 15 lip balm does the job with out being too shiny; my white ceramic watch from Wil Stiles. I love the look on a tan wrist for summer; the essential layering of Speedos and board shorts so you’re always ready to jump in the pool at any party.

Mark Jones | General Manager Hamburger Mary’s: sunscreen to protect that skin from the powerful desert sun but still have a nice glow; bathing suit that will look good on you. Appropriate shape, color and fit are important; a thick stainless steel cock-ring that fits right keeping you aroused enough to fill out that Speedo; bright white smile by help of the dentist or over-the-counter products like Plus White; the newest iPhone in white. I have a taste for everything Apple.

Ron Oliver | Film Director: Jesus, as in Jesus my hot Pool Boy who keeps the temperature in my pool just right as I do my laps before the morning Bloody Mary; Camelot Movie Theater, air conditioned AND allows you to drink cocktails inside; Hollywood only a two hour drive away and you can enjoy lunch at Musso and Frank with one of Manny’s outstanding martinis; Crawford T. Manchester, our Miniature Manchester Terrier whose daily routine of a morning walk, an afternoon walk and a cocktail hour walk gives us a valid reason to avoid working on the next draft of our screenplay and be civil with our neighbors; Melvyn’s Sunday Afternoon Jam Session, a tradition for 25 years!

Jacques Liberman | Manager of Biofit Medical: my partner Steven and our two four legged kids Barney and Britney; the occasional three-day-trip out of town to Vegas or L.A.; cooking and eating good food; a quiet restful Sunday by the pool with # 1 and a glass of cold Pastis in my hand after Skyping with family in France on my MacBook. My “must have” is the money as to enjoy the above more pleasurably. So off to work I go at a great job I enjoy. Another “must have.”

My applause to everyone who contributed! Thanks for the informative entertainment! Tune in next time as I open up the journal from my upcoming adventure back home to Nashville. How tight will the Bible Belt be this trip?! Until then…

2011 © PULP



Ah, summer. It’s here again, or will be on June 21 for summer solstice. As the sun heats us all up and makes some of us wonder why we live in the desert with the extreme heat, how does one deal?! The thought of summer conjures up memories for me of attending summer school (twice) during my teenage years. The first time I missed cheerleading camp and the next I wasted my time not skipping school and getting my GED, instead. I’ve never applied to a job that has required seeing my high school diploma. But there I was, killed down going to summer school for failing Algebra 1 twice because the football coach who taught the subject was too sexy for me to concentrate. Yes, that’s my reasoning. Seriously.

But here today, how and where does one escape from the inevitable heat that’s ahead?! Sure, it’s not that bad right now but get ready people! During my first summer here it was near 120-degrees and I thought I was going to melt. We’ll see what Momma Nature has in store but guaranteed it will be hot, scorching at times and ridiculous with a thickness in the air. It’s time to start dodging for trees with shade to park your car under and please don’t leave your pet in the car. I do have Animal Control on speed dial in my iPhone and I love using it. Try me. Make sure that your cars also have coolants in your transmission and a shade reflector that is trimmed to fit your front windshield. People become ruthless when deciding where the shade of a tree will be and when. Be smart, too! Think it through.

While on the subject of pets, dogs in particularly. We have two fabulously privileged Jack Russells and they love the water. Splashing in the pool, swimming after a floating ball and any aquatic chaotic activity entertains them and knocks them down so they rest peacefully for the rest of the day. Keep your dogs’ fur and nails trimmed for healthy growth and easy towel drying afterwards. If they swim a lot think of getting a moisturizer for their fur for afterwards. We use Aveda Brilliant (yes, that’s what I said), an emollient finishing gloss on their fur and it prevents our boy’s dry skin that normally wears him out. The water that may accumulate in their ears can be removed gently by a cotton-covered cue tip and even ear-cleaning solutions wouldn’t hurt if administered immediately after each entry into water. And again, I can’t stress enough. A cracked car window does not a comfortable setting make for puppy. Try sitting in the car without the air condition running and see how long you last!

The summer is hell on automobiles. Focus on taking care of your car. No coolant equals no air condition and a bad tranny, err, I mean transmission. A solid running car can get you away for weekend escapes. But where?! Even day trips can give one a sense of peace and retreat from that un-Christian heated swelter outside. The beaches are a thought like Black Beach in San Diego for you exhibitionists. Laguna Beach has the offering of Newport Beach and some serious shopping. Want some real culture?! Hit it to L.A. and take a gawking gander at the Malibu surfer boys and the always-entertaining boardwalk. (On a side note, Krispy Kreme is at Ontario Mills and yes you can bring me some back.) Venturing to Idyllwild or Big Bear and even a trip up to the Palm Springs Tram will always pull the temperature down a good group of degrees. Drive safe, gas up and get away if only for the day or overnight.

To have been in Palm Springs or the desert for that matter during one of our summers is to know you do everything in the morning. It’s the coolest time of the day since even at night it is often 99-degrees or more during our peak months of July, August and September. Grab the sun block and use it. However, if you don’t want to use it then you better make an appointment at Dr. Make Pretty’s offices at Contour Dermatology who just celebrated their 10-year anniversary. Congrats Tim and Lee! And by all means, if you foresee yourself wearing flip-flops and I encourage you to, please have a pedicure happening. Re-hydrate yourselves! Water is best. Your skin will look amazing.

Everyone this side of the yellow brick road knows that June is big time full-blown Gay Pride in most cities commemorating the Stonewall riots. Los Angeles carries pink triangles and sings Lady Gaga’s entire Born This Way album from June 10-12 at the Christopher Street West festival in West Hollywood. Up and down Santa Monica Boulevard one will find fashion fierceness realness with queens in skinny jeans and shirtless inked-up bears from Silver Lake. Heading north, the LGBT tribes gather in San Francisco on June 25, 26 to kick up their rainbow petticoats and celebrate their place in the world. San Diego Pride boasts being the fifth-largest in the United States and brings all things gay together for their parade on July 16. All queer-ventures provide pleasures to the eye, pride without prejudice and are each worth the weekend gay-cation.

But if you don’t want to or can’t get out of town, what can you do to beat the heat?! For me, when I’m not working we’re inside the cool house then to the pool then back into the chilled home, and repeat. There’s not a lot of out-and-about happening since many people travel away. Catch a movie! Slide into an afternoon feature and relax in the comfort of their iceberg theatres. Now I’m not encouraging you to sneak in “healthy” snacks. That’s just not the way one does things. But… always remember chocolate melts in heat. The air is also cranking at World Gym so you can grab a workout or just a protein shake and soak up the refrigeration. With the twenty-nine pieces of new cardio equipment and the summer specials running at the gym to get your heart rate moving, it’s a nice place to enjoy chilling out after getting worked up.

What summer jams will be having you popping that neck or shaking that ass at pool parties and on steamy dance floors like DiGS, Hunters and Toucan’s?! The Freemasons seem to have their hands on everyone lately and they deliver a 2011 remix of “I’m Coming Out” from Diana Ross with while all-grown-up Selena Gomez has hit hard with a Dave Aude shake-up of her “A Year Without Rain.” My girl Britney Spears has infused her already-fierce “Till The World Ends” with hot pop rockers Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha (who co-penned the track) providing new layers of musical texture. Man (boy) band The Reason covers an upbeat remix of “The Reason” with their Electric Allstars radio edit. Yes, this is a re-do of the Hoobastank 2004 smash hit that now has been taken over by the X Factor alum.

And you got to eat to keep up your strength! But where?! Many of the local restaurants have found that staying open for business even during the hottest of summer months has proved smart in years past. The ones I’ve spoke to said they’ll be providing great service and food as long as locals continue to dominate their spaces. It would be hard for me to fairly say go here or there. But I can encourage everyone to keep our local merchants and restaurants going by grabbing your girlfriends or husband and make a night of it out in the scene. From an early breakfast with friends to brunch by the pool or dinner under the stars, summer dining can be delicious. And the freezer aisle at the grocery store feel pretty cool, too!At the end of the day we all can be assured of a few things about the summer intensity that is on the heated horizon. First, pop on the Weather Channel for a few minutes and listen to the weather forecasts from other cities. The heat will come and many will complain locally, me included. It’s part of our dialogue and it’s obvious. But it too shall pass and then we’re reminded for the bigger percentage of time why we live here. It’s gorgeous in Palm Springs. You adapt to the heat like others deal with the snowy cold. I’m writing this on an unseasonably breezy cool May morning. A bird whistles nearby and I’m hopeful that Mother Nature is as kind tomorrow as she is today.

2011 © The Bottom Line


It was Friday, payday and a beautiful day from Mother Nature, herself. I had the windows down on my Jeep Wrangler and was pressing it across the Vista Chino wash towards work at World Gym just a few blocks up. I knew with the girls in town for The Dinah Weekend, we could possibly have a few extra festive revelers in town and was more than ready for the onslaught. And there it was. The hate.

I actually couldn’t believe my eyes, at first. But yes… how true it was. The beautiful sign that greets people coming into Palm Springs on the corner of Vista Chino and Gene Autry had been vandalized. Someone(s) had taken their whatevers and pried off the front and back pieces of the P and S letters and bent them down trying to get them off. I was in shock. As soon as I got to work I tweeted Desert Sun on their Twitter feed and got an immediate response that they were looking into it. It took me a short while to shake off the feeling I got when I saw it. Who would do such a thing?! Why would someone go to so much trouble for destruction?! Aren’t the

The next thing that I know is a gym member has come in and says that I’m mentioned on the front page of the Desert Sun website. I wish my reporting had been for something more positive but news is news and I was glad to share what I had seen. The link to the story is http://bit.ly/dZqtyW and it includes a picture of the destruction. I believe that I read someone from the Police Dept. commented that he felt it was someone trying to take a souvenir home. No, I doubt it. At release time of this blog, the sign had not been repaired.


Just thought I’d post something since it’s been a week. I’ve been really busy writing for The Bottom Line and PULP, not to mention the other magazines I contribute to. Plus, work full-time, family life and keep some sanity. I can’t do it all. Cue gasp. Where’s those assistants when you need them? And to get them to do it right the first time. HA! I’ve been wanting to get my first book into ePub format and have done some research on that. Also, deciding what I want to write next along the lines of a book. Many feel I should do a sequel or prequel to They Called Him Sterling and that’s crossed my mind. Have I told those stories? Am I not done?! I’ve started a few other written projects and figuring out if there’s a way to incorporate them all somehow. Hopefully, more to come with that. Heading over to the World Gym Gorillas softball game soon (we’re undefeated!) and want to rest my eyes a bit. Have a great Sunday! X.




After getting my husband off on his whirlwind trip to France for a surprise birthday/anniversary/reunion, I made the most of being a single gal for the weekend and saw my single friends. Very Carrie Bradshaw of me, don’t you think?! Plus, I had gotten some beautiful new Christian Louboutins in mauve with buttons and I wanted to show them off. Well, let me correct myself. It was a Brooks Brothers shirt and I did get a good number of compliments. Cue laughter. Fade in.

The sun was just coming up as I returned home from PSP Airport and I did a round of cleaning on the house before heading into work. I had made plans to meet co-worker and partner in crime for the weekend John Lustenring at Wang’s in the Desert for drinks after work and then off to some dinner. I am rarely privy to experiencing the actual Happy Hour on Friday’s at Wang’s because when we go we quickly scoot in and are whisked off safely to our table for dinner. It’s a whole other scene on the patio.

Once I arrived and whipped my Wrangler into a makeshift parking place (yes, I have nerve) owner Joel poured me some poison from behind the bar and I pressed it around the room saying hello to those I knew and many I didn’t. Best thing to do in crowded situations like that is to smile and acknowledge everyone as you move them out of your way making your path, cocktail in tow. Big bear hugs to my UK blokes Jonnie and Jeff for ordering my tour t-shirt of The Saturdays. You both were feeling really good! My cocktail slowly drained through my straw (yes, very dainty) and while picking up sexy daddy-bear Jim G. along the way, we three punched it towards the new hotspot on Palm Canyon, BIRBA.

The location is next to Cheeky’s and is more of an open-air upscale bar that serves delicious pizza and salads with cocktails. When you walk in BIRBA you are transported to a hotel rooftop in Los Angeles with its perfectly positioned trees, fire pit, modern white couches and clear orange chairs. A mix of electronica and lounge music pipes through speakers and live DJs spin nightly. Our waitress Sunny had been there since they had opened a few months ago and described the crowd as 60/40 along the lines of gay/straight ratio. It seemed more even to us. However, everyone was just enjoying the gorgeous weather and appreciating life considering the devastation in Japan and beyond. Surely you’ve seen the video from CNN of the earth slowly cracking and moving back and forth with water forming underneath it. Freaky doesn’t begin to describe it. Mother Nature will always have her say over ours.

I had just told some visitors from Chicago who were returning to rain and cold that we take our weather here in Palm Springs for granted. The next day I was saying that we take our lives for granted. The massive earthquake in Japan, aftershocks and tsunamis that followed should be a wakeup call for those not doing what they want to be doing, not being with the ones they want to be with. How many lives do you have?! One. You’re not a cat with nine so today is the day. Right now is the time. You don’t have tomorrow. Possibly. But not certain. As Tim McGraw croons, “Someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.” Don’t wait to the last minute to wish. Please. Yes, this seems like it should be the end of my “Spill” but as life must go on, so does my column because it’s not yet finished.

Saturday I had a intriguing interview with celebrity photographer Tim Courtney at our house for an upcoming issue of The Bottom Line and attended an intimate cocktail soiree at Luis and Mike’s at their stunning home that evening. Afterwards, I gave myself an A- for my efforts grilling my very first streak and frying my own fresh fries for dinner. My man cooks. I eat. Sunday I caught some sunshine during the World Gym Gorillas victory game at Demuth Park and met John at the Barracks for some manly drink before seeing the lip-syncing girls do drag at busting-at-the-seams Toucan’s. Expand your cage to fit more birds, I encourage.

After the show I dropped in on the T-Dance going on at DIGS in Cathedral City called “Sloppy 2nd Sundays.” The men were horny, Eric Mitchell was flagging and saliva was the drink of the hour. Peaked your interest?! It’s the second Sunday of the month at the former Club W location. Check out their web domain htp://digsbar.com for more tea. Come dressed to decompress in less. I’m out. Live it, people. I’m just sayin’.

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