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Discovering Who Caitlyn Jenner Is

When I first heard the rumors throughout the media that Olympian star and athletic hero Bruce Jenner was beginning his transition to becoming a woman, I admit it was hard for me to believe. I just didn’t see it coming. Sure, in photos we clearly could see that he had what appeared to be some touchups or face work as Bruce and let his hair grow out. Everyone I’ve ever known to transition took a longer road than what seemed to be ahead of who we now know as Caitlyn. And in the same breath I wasn’t around her to witness or know her personally so I could never answer to what she has been going through. …

Top Trends 2014 – My Year Rewind

With the increasing flow of news media today there’s many places you can find statistically speaking official charts of top stories of 2014. I love that reflection we take of the year past and hopeful optimism of the one to come. Here at my domain I chose to remember those moments in my own gay pop culture lexicon and personal life to chart as the top moments that gave me life in 2014. …

Moving On Up – E.O.Y. Class Of 2014

As the last pieces of pageant gig are put away until next time, I’m able to truly reflect on my recent adventure to compete at E.O.Y. and what it meant to me to be onstage once more. I’m also able to realize what I can accomplish, how others support or do not, and if it’s all worth it at the end of the day. This is my journey to the Entertainer of the Year 2014 contest pageant event. Also known as E.O.Y. Enjoy the read. …

Trans, Tranny, Transsexual – What is the Tea?

None of us can seriously tell someone else how they should or shouldn’t feel inside. We sure try to persuade others to like something or not, but in reality we rarely change their true perception. On a personal level, we can try to tell ourselves how we feel about this or that but we may truly feel something completely different deep down where truth is found. …


I first met Delores T. Van Cartier in January of 2011 as I was in Tampa judging Bob Taylor’s Miss Gay Florida USofA at the Honey Pot. I had heard of her reputation as being someone who was a strong competitor and a good friend to many. So it was no surprise when she confidently walked into Interview and pulled her chair up closer to talk to we judges including Tabatha Coffey, Erika Dunlap and the reigning Miss Continental Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington. …


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you’ve surely seen that I’m back home in Nashville visiting Mom, friends and making new ones. Life here, rather gay culture, is starving to many degrees in Music City and times have changed considerably since the fond days of the Warehouse 28, then the Warehouse 2, …


When ABC’s rating juggernaut Dancing With the Stars premiered thirteen seasons ago the skepticism began. I wasn’t sure how it would fare over time. The show’s UK predecessor Strictly Come Dancing was a smash over seas. However, entertainment transfers to our soil do not always transcend audiences into repeat viewing and support.


During my recent visit back to Nashville not only did I unknowingly schedule my adventure during the Country Music Awards festivities (we sat next to Sugarland at lunch at Noshville delicatessen!) but also during an outbreak of cicadas.


On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I judged the Pacific Coast Continental pageants held at the Circus Disco for former Miss Continental and reigning Miss Black America, Domanique Shappelle.

Visiting Gay Tampa, Florida

When I got the call to judge Bob Taylor’s Miss Gay Florida USofA 2011 pageant, I immediately asked if I could get an aisle seat on the flight because I’d be happy to.