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The Saturdays “Finest Selection” Album Review

The Saturdays Greatest HitsOur favorite divas from the U.K. smash girl-group The Saturdays have stopped for a hot minute from having babies and getting married to release their greatest hits disc called Finest Selection. The compilation also contains three new tracks that are destined to be hits! All of their best songs are included from gay dance floors fillers to power ballads raw with emotion. The disc is coming out in two sets. One with only one disc and the other with three discs including even more hits from days past, edits and remixes.  The booklet from the single disc set includes personal notes from each the girls and music credits. Not much more. Hopefully the bonus set will include more reflection on a vast and exciting career. There were some missed opportunities on this first disc release inside the booklet. However, the music will always be pop candy perfection and it’s all here in a great format. Here’s my take on the catalogue. Plus, I’ll also review certain aspects of their individual video releases too!


Hottest Happenings in Gay Pop Culture

CrownAs I head to compete for the national title of Mr. Entertainer of the Year 2014, I realize I haven’t been blogging much here on gay culture. But promise I soon will return to the dish, dirt and delightful drama my words express on a more regular basis. It’s been all about me and that’s alright. When you run a national pageant, meaning chase a crown, you quickly find out who is there for you and who is not. And again, that’s alright. No Tea, No Shade. Semi-colon closed parenthesis.


What is Trending in Gay Culture Today

Muscular Male Torso Isolated on WhiteGay Culture means different things to different people. Where you may have someone worshiping the Housewives another may live and breathe LGBT rights through heated politics. Spread across Facebook we witness drag pageantry at its finest while self-adulation spawns through fitness models thanking their fans for 10,000 “likes.” Don’t get me wrong. If you’re building a brand then social your network until your fingers bleed. I’m with you. But also face the music that sings a song asking how if you’re not your own biggest fan then how do you expect anyone else to follow suit?

Confidence vs. Arrogance. Discuss…


Our Current State of Gay Pop Culture

When it comes to hottest happenings in gay pop culture, fierce gay fashion trends and the sickest beats of gay club music being poured through speakers, I am a 100% admitted know-it-all. Surely you’ve known this before now or you wouldn’t be reading these words… and don’t call me Shirley.


Our Mother Monster has her new ARTPOP coming out very soon and early release Applause has came barreling out of the gate with major airplay. And this comes from someone who doesn’t listen to the radio much. Luckily I keep ahead of the pack with comrades on the inside of the business. Early leaks of the Cher infused Gaga track “The Greatest Thing” promises hot remixes to follow. I thought that was never going to be released. Oh, the ways of promotion.

The Sats - Disco Love

Two of my favorite UK girl-group darlings are having little pop stars very soon. The Saturdays’ Frankie Stanford has handled pregnancy with some trial because of stupid paparazzi and media comments of her weight gain. Hello! The girl is growing another human inside her. Give us a break. Good to see The Sats have new single “Disco Love” coming out soon. I’ve have it and it’s fun, fun. Girls Aloud’s goddess and vocal powerhouse Nadine Coyle recently announced that she too is having a wee one. Pop stars pursing motherhood. The inevitable, I assume. Congrats to them both! And good luck with that post-baby bikini body. Can’t wait to see the outcomes, Hot Mammas.

To know me is to know I rarely go out to clubs. Been there, walked those paths for years and have the souvenir mug, t-shirt and pictures to prove it. So glad I lived those moments when I did because unfortunately if you speak with anyone in the bar industry they would be quick to tell you that the days of the big nightclub are over. Hell, even Manhattan staple Splash has closed. That kills me. Every trip to NYC we would stop in and gawk at the gorgeousness employed as mixologists behind the bar, showing off in the showers above the dancing crowds or the general admission of gays and gay lovers cruising the streets of the Concrete Jungle. Splash was a mainstay in New York City and its memory stands with The Gaiety, Arena and a carefree time of life that I often miss greatly.

guy in flip-flops

However, when I was out in Louisville at Connection competing for E.O.Y., I noticed more and more people in clubs are wearing flip-flops for shoes. In my day, wearing tennis shoes was almost a no-no much less exposed feet. Boots were preferable even though there was a definite time I truly got into suede oxfords and black penny loafers without socks. During these days mid-’90s, flip-flops weren’t by any means as popular as they are today. I love wearing them but not in a club. I did wear them around Connection since I was competing for the pageant and it was easier for changing. I did slay one idiot who was drunk spilling his damn drink on my foot. I grabbed his arm and said, “Calm down, lady. You’re spilling your drink. Tune in, girl.” He looked over his friend’s should at me as I went to the bar to grab a towel. Drunk-ass punk.

When it comes to wearing flip-flops, pedicures are a must. If you can’t find yourself a quaint salon then do it yourself. I do mine. The only thing I don’t worry about is the polish and of course the massage with that smelly pink lotion which always seems to be more enjoyable for the cute Asian boys below me. Here’s a fierce manicure/pedicure set that will look great when you travel with your entourage and share space.

Steven Michael

The annual Miss and Mr. Continental pageants are happening Labor Day Weekend in Chicago. Current title holders Sasha Colby and Angel Saez Amador will be crowning two new recipients of the prestigious crown to become part of the legacy that is Continental. Angel contacted me after I was in E.O.Y. to see if I was still interested in competing in Mr. Continental. I was honored but declined since I had just unpacked and was sitting out for a hot minute before I decided what I was doing next. I would love to be there in support and maybe that stage will be in my future but wishing all the contestants good luck is what I offer now.

To be continued…

The Saturdays Release Single “Gentleman”

The Saturdays Gentleman Single Cover Art

Everyone knows I’m just a 13-year-old British tween sporting my kicky Frankie Sandford haircut deep inside my inked amour of manliness realness, beard and shaved skull. I’m just saying… To know me is to love me. I’m excited to announce that The Saturdays have released new single “Gentleman.” This is the third single from their upcoming fourth studio album dropping soon. IT’S FUN! Really fun.

I heard part of the track during an episode of Chasing The Saturdays on E! and knew I was going to love it once I heard the whole thing. And remixes hare already arrived to my inbox. I had found myself diving head first into a Girls Aloud video-watching-song-listening frenzy. But when “Gentleman” arrived during my recent trip home to Nashville I was strutting my shizzle down the DFW airport terminals with earbuds in place learning my words and lip-sync.

The girls have denied rumors that their reality show has been canceled as representatives for the group say it was only commissioned for one season of 10 episodes with a possible Christmas episode in the works. Nonetheless, I’m thrilled with their success. It’s been said that ratings were low because America likes drama and didn’t have that since the girls actually like each other. I can see that. We enjoyed the show. Even my husband got into it. We love the no drama.

Here’s the single audio for “Gentleman” – a new track telling of how hard it is to find a gentleman in these days and times by UK darlings and super hit-makers The Saturdays. Reports tell of body doubles being used for the girls during the video shoot which sounds very interesting. It will definitely find its place on the best gay dance tracks of 2013. And congratulations to Frankie for her engagement and pregnancy!


chasing the saturdays

I just watched Chelsea Lately with great anticipation as The Saturdays had their first US television appearance before the premiere of their new reality show Chasing The Saturdays landing on E! January 20. Chelsea gave them the business and even commented on wanting to sit on one of their faces with their purple lipstick as well as digging Mollie most since she’s the only single Sats onboard. They have quite the set up of appearances from Today to Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I’m dying inside but trying to remain cool on the outside. Please! I’m as giddy as a British tween with a short kicky cut like my favorite brunette diva Frankie Sandford! I’m actually feeling quite protective of them like they are this precious gem that only a very few lucky ones know about.


I’m so excited for them, in reality. I’ve loved them and their music for a good few years now and worship everything they have done. I could probably name their entire catalogue if you needed me to. Needless to say I’m looking forward to their reality show even though I have a copy of their UK docu-reality show What Happens On Tour. I have everything they’ve done, musically and video wise. They have rocked gay dance club music for a while now. Thankfully I have friends in high places that have always looked after my ears and eyes. It’s quite surreal to this all unfold on American soil. Living for the remixes to their first US release What About Us. Video, faster…

Long live The Saturdays! I WORSHIP. ♥

The Saturdays


Let my lovely ladies of the UK pop music scene share each wonderful moment of 2012 in this fabulous and fierce calendar of photos and imagery of The Saturdays! Amazon has it and you should order it before it’s too late! Let Rochelle, Una, Frankie, Mollie and Vanessa bring light into each and every day of the new year. And pick up their newest album On Your Radar. It’s Available Now!

Spend Every Day with The Saturdays
Available Now on Amazon!


Oh. My. God. I HEART THESE GIRLS! Here they are at Wembley Arena with some backstage footage and performance clips. COME 2 AMERICA! Faster! It’s hard for me to breathe. OMG! ((Trying to settle down the excitable British tween inside my head!)) Happy New Years to my divas Mollie, Frankie, Una, Rochelle and Vanessa! Now, seriously… COME TO THE U.S.!


It’s Saturday morning. I’m on my MacBook listening to a N’Sync song from a few years ago called “Space Cowboy” with the guys really feeling a naught-ass beat and Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez from 90s hip-hop trio TLC giving the rap of fierce doom towards the end. As many of us reading this know, Lisa was taken away from her precious life way too soon. Fate has a place in everything and those who ignore that it’s present aren’t really facing the music.

I quite recently lost a good friend of mine James Bartlette and even though I wan’t with him before his final breaths, he will always be part of me and the friendship we had precious. He was kind, genuine and caring. He gave of his heart and soul always meaning well. I unfortunately gather that James had demons he dealt with like many do, although, he never shared that side of him. When I would see him he often had his head up, a smile on his face and an obvious spirituality in his heart while he practiced his meditation and exercise regime at the gym. He was quite liked by many both for his kindness as well as his attractiveness. I don’t believe he ever really felt that.

James was unique, special and a big fan of my columns “Steven Spills.” He would often say out to me “Hello! Mr. Spills,” as he came in daily to World Gym past me singing back to him some catchy chorus of The Saturdays, one of the many music in-commons we had. James was a great DJ and his mixes popular to his circle of fortunates. The last time I saw James we were so busy at the gym I only got a quick glance of him coming in as I looked up. He was heading into Ted’s G-Force Workout class and that’s the last time I saw him. He passed away later that evening or next morning, I believe. And like I mentioned I wasn’t with him in his final moments so let’s leave it at that. I want to remember him as the strong James I loved and knew.

People often provide only what they wish for other’s to perceive about them. Some are able to read in deeper and learn more about others but in a fast-paced world of social climbing up media circles and the ever-changing status updating of time wasting bullshit sharing, we often loose touch with human connection. It happens. We admit it. It’s true. I’m honest. Take a minute and reach out to someone today and give them a minute of you. It may help in more ways than’s known right now.

I miss you, James. I would love to have seen your face in person when you saw these words and photos. I can see the smile it would have placed on your cute face! I mean them, my man. We are sad you’re gone from the grasp of our hugging and loving arms. Please know you were loved because you definitely were.

“This is where My Heart Takes Over.”

Rest Peacefully my Dear Sweet Man, xoMr. Spills


It’s New Year’s Eve and you have nothing to play! On your Apple iPod Touch, that it. What music will rock you into the new year and better yet, tonight?! The day is still young and there’s work to be done here in 2011 so get this going and enjoy the rest of your day (he said to himself aloud.) These tunes have been the ultimate music in the ears of listeners in 2011 and like any great music, it will be delivering for years to come. Let’s get playing!

One of the hardest working gals in the music industry today is Rihanna. I secretly love everything she does but encourage her to take a break before she burns out. Loud by Rihanna has more singles than I can count at time of publish of this post so guarantee the album is fierce! But know the singles you may not know now will soon, too, be radio chart toppers. Go Girl! “I like it, like it. C’mon.”

To be a Follower (capitalize that in honor of thee) is to also know good and well that I love them girls from the UK that have been turning it out for years without much America impact. Well, they are here or soon will be! Learn them! Love them. My girls have delivered an amazing new album with On Your Radar by The Saturdays. Being privy to media love on occasion I have already learned the entire album and worship it. Can’t wait for Frankie, Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle (congrats on the engagement!) and Una (good luck with the new baby!) become household names in the US. Crossing fingers, and the pond. “And the whispers behind the frowns say ‘Girl, that ain’t pretty.'”

So, Miss Nicki Minaj is a lot of things to take at once but the main thing is that one should get used to her because she’s around for a while. Her style, wacko. He nerve, strong. Her talent, prominent. Her music, all over. Her best is here with Pink Friday [Deluxe Edition] by Nicki Minaj. If you’re a fan of Will.i.Am and THE E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) by the Black Eyed Peas (another smash invasion of the hit singles) then you’ll want this! Trust. Another group that isn’t going very far anytime soon. “I like that Boom Boom Pow! I’m so 3008. You’re so 2000 and late.”

When musical groups become successful one or tow of them often feel they can branch out into their own foray as a solo artist. But when you’re as big, meaning number of members, as the Pussycat Dolls then after the spotlight begins to shift solo projects begin to sprout quite quickly. We have seen it finally work for Nicole Sherzinger after a few good efforts. Now we have Show Me by Jessica Sutta, the latest kitty purring her way onto the singles charts. Once you hear it, you’ll love it. “Words, words, all they are is stupid poetry in verse.”

And one for the road… the winners of the UK version of The X Factor are a girl group (yes, me and my girlies!) and from what I’ve heard, they sound really good together. Looking forward to hearing more from these new divas. Check out Cannonball by Little Mix and tell me what you think. And while you’re at taking this new sound, hear Video Games by Lana Del Rey. Fabulously haunting, romantically eerie and quite different than anything you’ve ever heard. Hear it.

Happy 2012!!! xoSM