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If you’re a fan of the Fox TV smash So You Think You Can Dance then I bet you’ve always been curious on what happens backstage and in-between commercial breaks. The good stuff that we viewers are rarely privy to, until now…

Here’s the real Tea about the show broken down in chronological order. While I worship some details I’m malnourished on others because perhaps the live performance left me feeling as such. Being a choreographer and dance teacher I don’t always agree with what the judges say but they’ve yet to ask me to sit along with them, so that’s that. The crowd has their favorites, America too! Of course when it’s all said and done the final decision really is down to us, the voting public. Yeah, right. Political correctness, you know!

After receiving my show vouchers from the lottery off the On Camera Audiences Facebook page, I made plans to drive in and catch the show, see BFF Brian and walk on Malibu Beach a bit before heading back to the swelter of Palm Springs. I made an impromptu decision to drive in Tuesday evening after work and wake up with the sound of Pacific Ocean waves crashing through my open windows at Brian’s place in Malibu. Sounded delicious.

Wednesday involved some running around 3rd Street Promenade for a spot of light shopping and lunch on the beach. I rinsed off the saltwater and got dressed for SYTYCD which started at 3:30 p.m. according to the email I had printed out. I had been previously to see the show taped live during the season Benji Schwimmer won when he was dancing with the fabulous Donyella. If you haven’t seen his interview on YouTube about the being gay, the actual reality of the show and being Mormon then you simply must. I knew even though the letter said 3:30 it mean closer to 2:45. The people seriously line up! Plus with this being the premiere episode of the Top 20 it was the must-see show at CBS Studios yesterday.

2:05 p.m. – Leaving Malibu and the R&R I needed more than I realized. Traffic was fierce for my jaunt up Sunset Blvd. as I headed back into L.A. Gave I-10 the ig due to its unpredictability.

2:55 p.m. – I find myself turning left on Beverly in front of the Genesse gate where my fellow fans wait in the sunshine that was beating down like the spotlight on their favorites inside. The line looked about 250+ deep.

3:05 p.m. – After whipping my car into a parking spot inside The Grove I boot-scoot-boogied my way up Fairfax and then down Beverly to the growing line of audience. The first thoughts of the improbability of me actually getting inside reared their head. I strutted past the long line and found my place at the end trying to figure the best method for a branch of tree shade. I already knew my shaved skull was being braised by the rays of sun. And I was schvitzing considerably from the brisk stroll from the car and scorching summer heat.

3:12 p.m. – Sydney, a rep from FOX, has 2 tickets to go inside VIP for anyone with the knowledge and a voice to answer the question, ‘Who was last week’s guest judge?”

3:13 p.m. – I shout out the first female name that comes to mind Debbie Allen since she was on during the auditions she was my immediate thought. Plus, the heat was making me desperate for an actual ticket. Sydney told me know and asked again focusing on the group of quiet girls in front of me.

3:13 1/2 p.m. – “Zooey DeChannel” I shouted out after thinking it quickly through in my head. Since I was alone she gave the other ticket to one of the girls and I headed inside the grocery store to cool off and grab water. I now had a few minutes before meeting Sydney at Gate C.

3:15 p.m. – Found myself untucking my shirt, wiping out sweat from areas and perching in the freezer section to chill out around the corner at the market. Wasted time roaming the store realizing my husband would have loved that.

4:00 p.m. – Headed through the security gates backstage. Left phone in the car since they collect them upon entrance. We were ushered in soon after past a huge group of people sitting and watching us.

4:15 p.m. – Settled in seat and meeting the couple next to me. Tom and some lady. I sort of felt he was hitting on me but I tend to be narcissistic like that. Please excuse. The next moments consisted of various production people running about, groups of girls squished into small spaces on the sides of the stage and I was thankful again that I had a seat ticket. Plus the woman that got my other ticket told me once she sat and we started dishing that they cut the line right before the place we were standing. I was lucky to be inside.

4:50 p.m. – Judges to the table . Screams and shouts ensue. A comic relief keeps the crowd going with Boyfriend and One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful music causing squeals and eye-rolls from yours truly. An obvious group of production assistants were positioned around us. The one beside us was reading Entertainment Weekly and writing every single thing down that happened on stage from what was said to routines and music. I assumed he was a blogger for the show. They were all on their iPhones and Blackberry devices.

4:55 p.m. – I made the final decision that the dress code listed in the email must have been a typo since everything I saw that was banned was sitting next to me. High-heels, blue jeans and shorts. I looked good that’s all I knew.

5:00 p.m. – A wonderful pre-taped group performance opens the show. Cat Deely gets positioned in death-defying stilettos and a creme minidress. She is stunning and quirky and approachable. That’s why she works as host. During the show between commercial breaks she will nibble on Red Vines and continually worry about her teeth.

5:05 p.m. – The first pan of the audience I see me standing arms in the air clapping. I continue to look for myself.

5:06 p.m. – Dancers enter solo and the crowd is so loud you couldn’t hear Cat say their names. Legs are to there and performers spin like tops.

5:08 p.m. – Nigel begs for America to vote for favorites and shocks with the announcement of four eliminations next week. 2 boys and 2 girls.

5:09 p.m. – Love “firecracker” Whitney who starts off the night of erratic 9 second bios. Chehon needs some hip-shaking help while Louis Van Amstel encourages masculinity. Whitney’s fringe piece is fabulous as she luckily dances her style. She is on the Hot Tamale Train right out of the gate. Love the number overall. My husband comments why the west coast can’t vote.

5:15 p.m. – Chelon’s number comes up and it says GO-HIM which I found slightly religious. Well, it is Fox TV.

5:21 p.m. – Sonya Tayeh choreographs.  Amazing twist up to his side. Mary is breathless and worships about the dancers’ surrendering. George has an amazing ass and danced phenomenally with Tiffany. Great routine. Kenny Ortega continues the worship of Sonya and relives memories.

5:33 p.m. – NappyTabs choreograph. Tabitha was glowing. She looked amazing dressed in red. Routine theme: alcoholism. Didn’t like this one. Sorry to say. I’m weird about these story hip-hop performances. He is sexy but she was too soft. Yawn. Moving on.

5:37 p.m. – The girl next to me asks if Nigel and Mary dated because he is always making comments about his liking of her. I replied, “I really don’ t think so.”

5:38 p.m. – Group standing on the right side is instructed to move out of the way while scaffolding is moved onstage by a forklift while the commercials are happening.

5:44 p.m. – Alexa and cutie Aussie Daniel begin a boring jazz routine dressed in red. The scaffolding fills up time. I like her blown out. I feel she’ll be going home first. Sadly, they have no chemistry.

5:54 p.m. – Amber is fierce in blonde hair and turns out a Viennese Waltz with Nick who picks his genre ballroom. Love the version of Nights In White Satin by Tina Arena they do. I loved this number! Pan to Dance Moms leader Abby Lee Miller.

6:05 p.m. – Frontrunner Amelia  dances with goofy Will in a NappyTabs “Character-Pop.” LOVED THIS! The Lovecats by The Cure provided the perfect soundtrack. They were really entertaining.

6:15 p.m. – We are seeing Janelle being stretched beyond belief by Dareian who is a little hottie during an African Jazz piece. This was really HOT! Their energy was incredible!

6:26 p.m. – Announcement about Dizzy Feet National Dance Day. Looks fun!

6:28 p.m. – Eliana dances with Cyrus who I just knew would be getting something like this Tyce Diorio Broadway number from Hairspray something as nontraditionally easy to keep him around a few weeks because let’s face it, he will be eaten up in harder choreography. He did a commendable job and she was good, too. I’m weird about Broadway numbers. The crowd loves Cyrus.

6:32 p.m. – I see me behind Tyce acting really crazy. (I’m to his upper left.) I rise up out of my seat and make sure I’m seen. I loved it. Shameless.

6:39 p.m. – Travis Wall shines with Ryan Gossling-looking Matthew and Audrey in this Titanic inspired production. This was wonderful! Travis Wall never disappoints. Am looking forward to his new reality show on Oxygen at the finale of the month called All The Right Moves. Standing ovation by judges. Rightfully so. The pairing was fierce. The leap was awesome of the chaise lounge although she almost lost her footing going up.

6:49 p.m. – Lindsay turns the paso doble with Cole. His body is rocking! Best routine of the night, perhaps?! IT WAS FIERCE! Powerful and strong. Could enjoy watching it over and over. Standing ovation! Deservedly.

And what actually happened backstage? I’m guessing dance belts were cutting off the circulation of the males and the females were primping in the mirror and over- stretching past points of comprehension. Nerves got to some while others looked at it as a breeze. Each person backstage would have a different version of the reality. And like them, this has been mine.




If you’re reading this then you surely believe that we, you and me, didn’t choose to be who we are. Now hear me out. We were chosen to be who we are. Sure we can go to school to be a quilt maker or take classes to learn German but no one I know personally woke up one day and decided on a whim that they would, for instance, be gay. You can change religions, clothing and hairstyles, even gender. Sexual orientation, not so much, no matter what Michelle Bachman and husband says.

We can physically be attracted to either or both sexes but the bottom line is that inside of us there’s a structure of character traits that will not change no matter how muscular one gets or what you change your name to or how low or high you force your voice. So why not be who we really are without constraints of that mold a culture places on us to be? Each of us is unique in the special way that we are made up by precious nature and genetics. It was already decided for us as well as our departures. That’s called fate. We can manipulate and repress who we are or appear to be but it will never really change inside us. Pop performance artist and iconic phenomenon Lady Gaga joins us in this revolution of the honest and true. 

Whether you believe in Jesus Christ on the cross and a holy God or the process of evolution or storks carrying pixie dust, the fact that you believe in something is important. Lady Gaga believes, as do I, that we were born this way and releasing her pounding album of pride anthems perfectly titled Born This Way enforces her passion that being different is alright. At first listen I was admittedly a hard sell because I expected one thing and she delivered more than I knew was possible of hearing. The music has marinated in my ears over time and tracks like the charging rhythm of “Judas” and emotional peaks of new single “You and I” give me honest joy when I hear them. A full album review is available on my blog but add that title track “Born This Way” has become one of her greatest tracks ever with its LGBT dedication and always-empowering “I Am Who I Am” theme.

Lady Gaga inspires me to continue being who I am, exposing my mistakes and staying true to what’s inside. She performs with a balls-to-the-wall abandonment as I too carry that philosophy into my personal being, trying everything once and going with what works best. For years I tried being something that I believed someone else wanted me to be. In what has been noted as the “Fuck-It Forties” I dedicate myself moment to moment being present in what’s happening around me. And if it really doesn’t have a matter of true importance at the end of the day, fuck it. Those reaching through your thirties now will taste this carefree joy soon enough. 

As if winning multiple music industry awards, delivering mind-shocking lyrics, becoming an iconic fashion plate and performance trailblazer wasn’t enough for our Mother Monster; Lady Gaga recently earned her place as guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. I have watched every episode of all SYTYCD seasons and have to say that Gaga was one of the BEST (yes, all caps) judges they’ve ever had on the show. She was truly engaged, eagerly passionate, completely and honestly connected, and emotional and raw. In my opinion she ran the show, being the first to jump to her feet in a standing ovation for contestant Melanie (who she basically hired on the spot) and All-Star Neil. This was in her twelve-inch heelless platforms that I assume were made by the late great Alexander McQueen. The same shoes she would throw at both the onstage duo of Sasha and Melanie, and their choreographer Sonya Tayeh which in the world of dance is a very high honor for a job very well done. 

Anyone who saw Lady Gaga perform at the White Party here in Palm Springs just a few short years ago could easily predict that this girl was going to be huge! Her power and force has continually grown with no outlook of ceasing anytime soon. She’s often been compared to another iconic pop queen in sound and determination but I don’t remember anyone being as driven for the gay community both personally and especially politically as Lady Gaga has been since Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Personally, I’m glad to have her on my side. Join me in placing bent index fingers and thumbs together in the shape of a heart for Gaga. We love you, Lady.

2011 © PULP


Lady Gaga sat with film director and choreographer Rob Marshall last evening on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and she became one of the very BEST judges the show has ever had. I’ve watched every season and Gaga was engaged, passionate, present, honest, knowledgeable. From her very first comments I knew shed be amazing. Her Alexander McQueen heel-less platforms were unbelievable and when she threw them at both Sasha and Melanie, as well as choreographer Sonya Tayeh it was magical. Ever think about Online colleges as an option for the fashion-conscious who desire to be as fashionable as Gaga? Whether you want to learn more for your personal style or study fashion design, there are many options out there. But down with the penicls and on with the show since I’m watching the results show now, live.

Highlights of the show were both contemporaries with Melanie (with sexy Neil) who was basically offered a job by Gaga, and All-Star Allison with Marco which brought Gaga to her feet and tears. Both routines were phenomenal. The ten-foot leap Melanie did into Neil’s arms was ridiculous. I gasped! However, her final routine choreo’d by Sonya seemed custom made for firecracker Sasha but was still fierce.

Back to results. First round of cuts were no surprise as I predict here (live) Caitlyn will go home with Jordan and her lovely legs going to stay and probably place third-place girl overall. For the guys, Marco was safe and Jess dropped into bottom two. Surprising. Ricky made it through over Tadd which was also surprising to me. Ricky must have a strong fan base. He is very talented and the only one I’ve really seen dance for their lives in their solos.

The League of Extraordinary Dancers were WOW! Standing-O from audience. Unbelievable. Dancing-For-Lives Solos were next. Jordan killed Rihanna’s “S&M.” Jess turned his Broadway out and his pirouettes were crazy! Caitlyn was predictable. Tadd almost killed himself in an ariel  twist off the stage. My opinion is that he and Caitlyn are going. We’ll see…

Lady Gaga… TURNED IT OUT! “Edge of Glory” and “You and I” (which I love!) with dancers. Great number. Nice pace. Sexy Mark, SYTYCD alum, in the mix. GAGA RULES! No doubt about that. This has been her moment.

In the end, the going-home bus took both Jordan (shocking!!!) and Jess (another gasp!) but everyone has to go except one. But I agree that Tadd has truly evolved! Great job, dancers! Good show. Top 6, here we are. Cat Deely, good luck at the Emmy Awards! You deserve the win!


Another episode of SYTYCD has just begun again and I’m here to blog it live! It really seems the guest judges are giving star power as Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “Modern Family” joins Sonya Tayeh as additional commentary on the panel with “Mom and Pop” Nigel and Mary. And we’re off…

Sasha and Alexander do the paseo doble. She was rocking it and then I believed it to have slipped in energy, routine wise. I also thought she fell in a sloppy slip trick down his body. It was a nice opening for the show. Cat looks sexy and smoky eyed. Love her beaded frock! Gorge. Sasha will probably be in final four. Predicting now. Their second routine was a jazzy jazz and this Tyce Diorio number was wonderful! Loved it. Great emotion. Perfect combination.

SYTYCD darling Travis Wall created contemporary showed the skills of leggy Jordan and a sexy B-boy Tadd, and it rocked. Her legs are ridiculous. Great routine from the great Travis Wall. Round two was a Rent piece from these Broadway babies and it just didn’t grab me, nor the judges. There was no excitement. Whah-Whah-Whah.

Ricky dances Ryan in a Broadway piece by Spencer and I enjoyed it. I’m iffy on Broadway numbers but I liked it. It was soft and gentle, and the judges gave it hell and have mentioned them not connecting with the viewers. I believed it to have been performed nicely. Don’t agree much with the judges on this one?! Their second number was a fast cha-cha from sexy Louis Van Amstel and the two were good but Ricky was better. Ryan looked sloppy and rushed. Ricky is on the Hot Tamale Train, Ryan is not.

Mitchell and Caitlyn do a “meaningful” hip-hop and it never grabbed me. She looked like a white girl trying to hip-hop. Didn’t work for us at all. Nor for the judges. Finally we agree. I do like Jesse’s suit. Not sure why he’s there. But, OK. A spunky Travis Wall jazz number was next for the two performers and they did well. It had moments. Didn’t kill me, though.

Cutey-Cutey Melanie and partner Marco did a Louis Van Amstel tango and turned it out! Some great off the edge of stage stuff I lived for. I agree with Jesse about these two “having that spark.” And with Sonya’s comment of them being “timeless.” A dramatic lyrical was their second piece and it was really nice. Great music and musicality.

Jess and Clarice did a lyrical hip-hop by Christopher Scott and did they turn it?! Oh, yes. Very nice. Good job by both! I agree with Mary Murphy and they did have swag. On a side note I hope Sonya comes into the DCI competition this weekend in Ontario. Would love to meet her. Next up, this couple danced a jive and they turned that out! He’s great! Love that song, “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That.” Great energy and super finale got the show!

Next week the couples are split and this is where the best separate from the great. Great show tonight! Good Night Everyone.


I decided to take a break last week from blogging SYTYCD so I could enjoy the show and put my iPhone away. I blog the show on my WordPress App and it can be slightly frustrating, at times. When I heard on Twitter that Travis Wall was judging and Justin Giles was choreographing, I had to watch and share thoughts. I danced against Justin during our youth at Showstoppers and Dance Makers in Myrtle Beach and our Cadillacs only beat his Southern Strutt once but damn it felt good.

The Southern Strutt were/are phenomenal and we only hoped to have been seen and become as good as the Strutt was. They made us become better performers by being the best and the ones the spotlight always shined on. The Southern Strutt gave me the onstage confidence that I never would have had without knowing who they were. And I never danced with them. I only danced like them. There’s my hero worship. Let’s watch the show!

The Top 14 perform and Carmen Electra joins the judges along with Travis and adds beauty, but not much else. Wish they’d change the opening a bit. Same choreo for all the years. Cat looks good. Fun, even. Travis who is everywhere looks dapper. Carmen admitted a love for trashing which I assume is hair throwing and body rocking.

Guy group number with Justin choreographing. He looks good. The routine was powerful but different from what I was expecting. Would have loved to see the guys dancing more choreography together. Lots of solos within group. Got Tweet from my dancing buddy Jon Paul about Justin making his mom Nancy proud. I agree. Good for him! Would love to be in his shoes.

Melanie and Marco were first. “Americano” by Gaga. Yawn. Sorry to say. It was sloppy and not he best they’ve done. Oh Travis, the cheerleader. He worships them. Carmen, you’re very pretty. The routine didn’t grab me. Mary’s spray-tan is too much. Loved Cat’s comment about Marco not inhaling. You had to have watched.

Sasha and Alexander tried to hip-hop-until-they-don’t-stop-stop. What was the tree prop about?! I didn’t mind the routine, too much. Sasha was the star of the number. It was alright.

Next Jordan and her legs danced with Tadd. Ooh, smoke machine. Dreamy. I’m a tough sell tonight, and as of late. It was the waltz but missed the mark for me. Didn’t grab me and I watched her. It’s all about the girls this season! However, I heard where the ratings are lower this season. Eh, it is what is. I’ve been agreeing with Travis’ comments most. Very similar to mine.

Jess performed with Clarice dancing a Justin Giles piece. Very nice. Really enjoyed it. Great choreography. Judges loved it as did I. Best routine of the evening so far.

Ashley wore some high heels into church before sexy Chris’ montage began. Salsa was the flavor of the routine and I was ready to be worked. She looked like she was 7′ tall. Her legs were amazing. I disagree with Travis. “You know I love you guys.” Blah, blah. Carmen agrees, of course. Mary, too. I liked it. There.

Ryan shares her connection with Mia Michaels and worships, as do I. Ricky’s voice echoes for dramatic effect when he talks about being a cheerleader in high school. Jazz, dated but fun and technical. Watch the girls more than the guys. Oh, Carmen having fun.

Next up we see Caitlyn and Mitchell’s gorgeous ass fall in love through a Mandy Moore contemporary. I called the standing ovation. Best routine of the night. Easily. I agree with Mary! Great, great performance!

Final seven girls do a sexy jazz piece. Fun number! Nigel was jumping up and down of excitement. Good Night.


Last week on SYTYCD no one was sent home which I have feelings about but it doesn’t really matter at this point. I think it was a very dramatic cop-out. Whoops, was going to save that opinion for later. Whoopsie! All Top 20 will be dancing again with 4 going home tomorrow night. Debbie Reynolds joins the Mary-Nigel judgment team for the evening. I believed Lady Gaga was going to judge this week, but alas, no. Let’s dance!

Ryan and Ricky are wacky and wild together. How cute. Mandy Moore choreographs the two in a jazz piece of sexiness and tension. I like her but I didn’t feel any chemistry between them. The routine was nice but it didn’t kill me. (Oh, Mary’s spray tan!) (What is Cat wearing?!)

Footloose movie trailer during the commercial break bores me. Julianna Hough is hot but the rest is Yawnsville. Looks just like the original that hasn’t aged well. Some things are better left done as it was. Alrighty FOX for the HIV+ mom and son commercial!

Kaytlin and Mitchell did an Adele contemporary to “Turning Tables” and it was lovely. Stacey Touki choreographed the beautiful piece. His leaps were amazing. She was love. Debbie Reynolds trying to steal the moment. Predictable.

Next up… Wadi and Missy danced and damn her legs and extension. Ballroom was the pick and the cha-cha was the taste. Oh, they looked a hot mess in rehearsal. For a b-boy he did good but needs to attack the floor more. Comes with technique. The routine was good but showed definite need for work when you break it down seriously. Again, Debbie acts up.

The “Kiss of Death” Bollywood routine was up next with Iveta and Nick. I was bored during the rehearsal clips. She had trouble finishing her moves and it lost steam. Wasn’t a winner, sadly.

Robert and Miranda (her legs!) paired up to do a NappyTabs hip-hop routine. White girl can dance. Hot routine. Didn’t mind it at all. Not always a fan of their work. They all did a great job! I love this show where the dancers do their humble headnod when they are complemented. Oh, Debbie does Woody Woodpecker. It’s Debbie’s night. Miranda fell?!

Another leggy gal Clarice and cutie Jess pulled the contemporary card. It was nice but sorta boring. Didn’t grab me. Have headed to get a snack. Next. I guess Debbie is there to agree with everything being great.

Jordan and Tadd take on the Viennese waltz and elegance is king. I’m a hard sell as the night goes on. I was bored and unmoved. Can’t say much more. It was fine.

My favorite Melanie danced next with Marco. Mandy Moore jazzed them up with hats and accents, strong and exact! The routine turned out real cute and very enjoyable. This couple is a great mix.

Sasha paired up with Alexander for a NappyTabs emotional hip-hop about soldiers returning from war. They performed it well, but again, it didn’t kill me. Not a favorite. Sorry. An emotional Mary was the true highlight for me.

Last up we had Chris and Ashley performing a Broadway number with sexual tension and jailhouse bars. This is from Cry Baby. Great use of the prop. Fun finale for the night!

Good show and will be glad to see some dancers go home. Too many to keep up with! Great job everyone! Good Night!


So You Think You Can Dance known as SYTYCD premiered on FOX tonight. As I blog from the Word Press App on my phone, the show begins. Same opening, same choreography and some soloists need to find their footing. Cat looked smouldering in a smoky eye and tossled hair.

First couple up was stunning Jordan and Tadd doing a surprising wonderful African jazz piece. The routines often become predictable but not this one. Impressive, love her extensions. Next up was Alexander and Sasha doing an impecable Travis Wall contemporary. Fierce music. Strong movements. Great performance. Two wonderful opening numbers. Judge and fan of the show, Megan Mullally, was interesting and refreshing as a guest judge with blonde Mary and honest Nigel.

Clarice was up with Broadway dancer Jess next and they picked Broadway. How perfect, a Tyce Diorio piece. It looked more like a dance competition piece over a Broadway number. Their turn leaps were amazing! Chainae, I believe it’s spelled. Wasn’t my favorite moment in the show. Ryan danced with Ricky and did a lyrical hip-hop. I loved it! She was great. The choreography was really nice. One of favorite pieces in tonight’s show.

Mitchell and Caitlyn performed a Sonya Tayeh jazz number and since Mitchell hurt his elbow, she danced with All-Star Robert. Sonya’s labors of physical movement are always powerful. It was great and she never disappoints. I enjoyed it but it didn’t keep my attention totally.

Up next were the boy that makes the noise and Miranda. Robert is talented but the “Wooo Man” kills me down with that noise and goofiness. The jive was the style and it didn’t work for me. Sorry. At fast-forward the judges seem to have liked it. I’ve seen it done before and better.

Missy and her amazing legs were up with Wadi and got a jazz piece. The girls this season seem very talented! WOW! What a routine?! To a fierce remix of “Judas” and they really worked it out! Great coupling.

Cutie Melanie and her pixie haircut danced with Marco in a contemporary creation of Travis Wall’s mind. So damn talented, these two. Standing O! Mary cries from the magic. Nigel offers possible Emmy nominations and Melanie as Queen Bee of the show, ever. They are two of the best dancers on the show this season!

Ashley and Chris try and tear up a hip-hop cheater piece. He pulls from past experiences to succeed. It wasn’t really very good. Best part was hearing Nigel comment on the possibility of Chris being a cross-dresser because of a stray bra.

Sexy Iveta has a fierce ballroom background and is paired up with top dancer Nick. Shock o’shock they chose ballroom quick-step. It seems many of the couples chose styles similar to theirs. Love her costume! Very, very fun routine! Up and energetic. Another Standing O!

It’s going to be a really great season! Can’t wait to see more…




I can’t live without my iPhone. There, I said it. It does a lot for me and makes me feel connected to the world. Yes, the world. If I’ve left it at home I’m killed down. I don’t necessarily pout about it but if someone offers to go get it for me I don’t stop them. I mean, what would happen if my agent finally tried to contact from L.A. saying the network picked up my reality show?! It may sound materialistic but I don’t judge you on the thing that makes you happy, now do I?! What is that thing, again?!

There are certain things that I really must have or can’t seem to live quietly without. My iPhone being one of them. If I rounded out my “Five Must Haves” for summer and well, life in general the following would be included: lemon slices which are great for a man’s rank stank (just saying try it because it works); the new season of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX; spanking new music from the UK girl-group The Saturdays called “Notorious” which makes me very excited when I lip-sync, I mean listen to it; thirst-quenching ice-cold vitamin D milk. It does my body so damn good!

I asked a group of inner circle confidants to tell me what their “must haves” were. Even my wonderful husband got involved. Some seemed to celebrate Thanksgiving in June and offer what they’re appreciative for which I found sweet and genuine. Others found it funny and in turn were very funny. You’ll know some of the friends that follow and afterwards a bit more than before. Please enjoy.

Shawn Smith | Internet Entrepreneur: new Speedo because spanking new bulges are HOT and trashed-out, saggy-ass spandex, chlorine-chewed Speedo’s are NOT; Cuervo Margaritas that are premixed creating a tangy slush for any Lush. Just add ice and slur; heat-beating white cotton long-sleeve button-down dress shirts; that summer fling to show you that you still have it, baby; a working A/C because by August a cheap, ratty plastic fan is as tired as you are of the relentless heat.

Troy Gregurich | Entrepreneur; sun screen, boyfriend, hot swimwear and a flat stomach, topped off with a catered dinner by Paula Dean.

LD Thompson | Filmmaker, co-owner of Trick Dog Films, author of THE MESSAGE: A Guide to Being Human: my Starbuck’s Barista Espresso Maker for when I want an iced coffee made with almond milk; I can’t do without my Smart Car and who could with gas over $4 a gallon?; Yoga class with Dennis at World Gym; at least one getaway stretched as long as I can manage!

Gregg Seller | Pension Investment Services: my husband, first and foremost; trip to P‘Town, of course; a Med cruise; new swimsuit in a smaller size than last year; doing volunteer work for DAP. No summer is complete without it!

Scott Cullens | CEO Palm Pacific Construction: Rainbows, Puppies, Smiles, Ice Cream and Hugs. Was this supposed to be what I like or don’t like?! Funny how my likes and dislikes list are exactly the same.

Dimitri James | Founder and CEO Skinn Cosmetics: Havaianas Flip-Flops in assorted colors; deliciously quenching Mohitos at Tropicale; Aveda SPF 15 lip balm does the job with out being too shiny; my white ceramic watch from Wil Stiles. I love the look on a tan wrist for summer; the essential layering of Speedos and board shorts so you’re always ready to jump in the pool at any party.

Mark Jones | General Manager Hamburger Mary’s: sunscreen to protect that skin from the powerful desert sun but still have a nice glow; bathing suit that will look good on you. Appropriate shape, color and fit are important; a thick stainless steel cock-ring that fits right keeping you aroused enough to fill out that Speedo; bright white smile by help of the dentist or over-the-counter products like Plus White; the newest iPhone in white. I have a taste for everything Apple.

Ron Oliver | Film Director: Jesus, as in Jesus my hot Pool Boy who keeps the temperature in my pool just right as I do my laps before the morning Bloody Mary; Camelot Movie Theater, air conditioned AND allows you to drink cocktails inside; Hollywood only a two hour drive away and you can enjoy lunch at Musso and Frank with one of Manny’s outstanding martinis; Crawford T. Manchester, our Miniature Manchester Terrier whose daily routine of a morning walk, an afternoon walk and a cocktail hour walk gives us a valid reason to avoid working on the next draft of our screenplay and be civil with our neighbors; Melvyn’s Sunday Afternoon Jam Session, a tradition for 25 years!

Jacques Liberman | Manager of Biofit Medical: my partner Steven and our two four legged kids Barney and Britney; the occasional three-day-trip out of town to Vegas or L.A.; cooking and eating good food; a quiet restful Sunday by the pool with # 1 and a glass of cold Pastis in my hand after Skyping with family in France on my MacBook. My “must have” is the money as to enjoy the above more pleasurably. So off to work I go at a great job I enjoy. Another “must have.”

My applause to everyone who contributed! Thanks for the informative entertainment! Tune in next time as I open up the journal from my upcoming adventure back home to Nashville. How tight will the Bible Belt be this trip?! Until then…

2011 © PULP