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All American Gent 2013

Every once in a while I update what’s happening with my pageant run for Mr. All American Gent 2013 on the special place I created for that The Road to All American Gent 2013 Blog but the updates don’t make it here too often. I’ve been very wrapped up in the holidays and found myself working quietly here at the house while people buzz about making waves around town and beyond. My “drag closet” is busting at the seams with costumery projects that would give Project Runway squirrels a run for their reality.

It does overwhelm from time to time as a patient deep breath guides me through the perfected process of running for a national title such as Mr. All American Gent 2013. However, please don’t confuse an overwhelm of moment with weakness and despair. Oh, contrare. Things look really good. Again, if it wasn’t for my sponsors I wouldn’t be typing these words and heading to compete. THEY are the reason I’ll be there with my A Game, because Baby… This isn’t cheap! Trust me. Gagging.

As I discover E6000 glue worms around knuckles and a stranded 20ss A/B rhinestone in the distance I see finality of the process in the horizon while another deep breath comes over me. But for a different reason. I’ll be sad to see this end. I much more invested, literally, than I ever imagined I’d be. Win, lose or WIN! I’ll be richer because of the experience I have gone and will go through. I hope to be living  and doing that as Mr. All American Gent while spreading Scott’s word and passion for the art of entertainment and illusion to listening ears and eyes. We’ll see on March 16.

And then comes the aftermath. If I don’t do as well as I’m seeing things now, congrats to the winners and continue my support naturally. No Tea, No Shade. I’m going to have a great time, regardless of what hands we are dealt. Everyone I know that is competing for Gent is either a former national title holder or quite the deal so we will ALL be fierce. It’s going to be great contest. Plus, the national All American Goddess at Large 2013 pageant is also happening alongside ours which means bigger crowds and more excitement for the weekend at Masque Nightclub in Dayton, Ohio.

The winner of Gent will have his first booking at the final night of AAG at Large which means even more drag and routine for him. This all comes into play for me since there’s a good chance that I may be staying to perform. I have to think this way or what would I be going to compete? The possibilities excite me considerably. Which reminds me… Off to the gym to train.

Dates of Mr. All American Gent 2013 – March 14-16, 2013. Hope to see you there! X


I’ve written an open letter to friends, followers and fans about working towards becoming the very first Mr. All American Gent and wanted to share it here. If anyone is interested in helping a brother out, any amount of interest is greatly appreciated and will be well used towards the fierce glitz this grown man needs to grab his tiara, err, sash and crown. For your consideration…

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your time.

I come to you bringing exciting news! As many of you know I am a natural born performer wanting all the attention to myself. Sometimes I go looking for it. Sometimes it finds me. The stage is my home. Regardless of what I’m doing I find myself in a spotlight be it locally at work or with my words on the Internet with my blogs and social networks. I put myself there and I like the way it feels. To know me is to know these words ring quite true.

However, for years I chased my time on the stage and found a place on many. But then I took a reasonable break from it because I became comfortable and proud of what I had done. Quite content, actually. I began letting others live my dream for themselves, so to speak. It’s my time once again.

I’ve decided to compete for the title of Mr. All American Gent 2013 being held in Dayton, Ohio, next year in March. The will be the first year for the contest which is a new male entertainer division and companion to the already established All American Goddess pageantry system for female impersonators, drag queens and transsexuals. I would love to say that I thought long and hard about my decision which would be partially true. As soon as the contest was announced on Facebook I knew immediately that I would be there competing. It feels right to me.

In a way I feel like I’ve been representing promoter Scott Gonyaw ever since I judged his All American Goddess at Large 2012 pageant last year by championing his belief, dedication, passion and respect for the art of entertainment to those who haven’t witnessed. Hopefully I will find a stronger presence within his system after the contest is complete and we contestants play our best hands. It’s any man’s game. But I need your help.

I’m looking for support and sponsorship of any kind. I have a PayPal account and Fundrazr on Facebook set up and if anyone this reaches could help out I would worship and be all the more grateful. I also have an Official Gold Sponsor level offer to anyone interested in having a banner placed on my websites for at least one year and throughout my reign. Ask for details!

If anyone is in the Dayton area March 14-16 and wants to see a smart, talented and creative man live out a dream representing those who matter most to him then meet me there! With my reign I plan on giving back and reaching out to the community on many levels. If you have time to drop me a supportive note as I prepare, please do. Assist me in showing others to fulfill their dreams no matter what age, image, size or orientation. And let’s face it, I’m a just showgirl at heart so let the games begin.

Sincerely Yours, Steven Michael

Please follow out my amazing journey at theroadtoaag.blogspot.com and enjoy the days of living vicariously.


It was in the conservative and quiet city of Dayton last week where front-runner Whitney Paige from Texas ripped up the stage and tore it down with her Whitney Houston production including four fine dancers clearing the way for her to snatch the coveted punchbowl crown of All American Goddess at Large 2012. But that’s the finale. This is the story as seen from my eyes.

It was Thanksgiving, I believe, when I first was in contact with promoter Scott Gonyaw about judging for him. I reached out because I was interested and he responded gratefully. We decided to play it by ear with high hopes of making it happen. Fast forward to mid-February when he sent me a message on Facebook asking if I was still interested in judging. Of course I was. Just love waking up and finding fun invitations in my inbox. I’m always ready to judge a drag pageant and one of such a grand scale as a national with 29 (!!!!!!) contestants, how could I say no?! You’re right… I couldn’t.

I really didn’t know what to expect with AAG but since judging other systems I figured I’d be just great. I’m honest and fair. I try not to get too tossed by emotions or persuaded by reputation. I really don’t know many of the girls since competitive drag isn’t really thriving on the West Coast. I’m there to find the best candidate for the position of said title and with that comes responsibly to do so. Bottom line is that is you can’t sell me a preliminary to the system you’re running for then you need to go back and do some more homework. It’s my place to tell you to do so. That’s why I’m there and I take it seriously. But I have fun, too! And I sure did in Gayton, err, gay Dayton, Ohio.

I arrived on Thursday where Scott and cutie Justin picked me up at United’s baggage claim with bells on. I was excited to finally meet after a slew of texts and emails planning the reservations, etc. and so were they. We grabbed some food and pressed it to the Dayton Grand Hotel. I was already checked in and handed my keys on the way in which I thought was quite fierce. I unpacked and unwound for a bit, made some “I’m here” texts and phone calls and decided to walk the streets and get a lay of the land.

Sorry to say that downtown Dayton was quite dismal and closed early but once I figured that out, I maneuvered the days and nights away. Luckily Club Masqué is close for convenience so it made sense we were housed in the area. Once back in my room, I was fooling around on my Macbook with the free internet and doing some networking on various sites when I met a local who offered to show me the town. I thought Why Not? and we made plans for him to swing by and pick me up.

As soon as I opened the door to his SUV it was as if we had known each other for years. It was the oddest most wonderful thing to have that immediate connection. John drove me around and showed me the few sights Dayton has to offer. We stopped in for drinks at Side Bar in the Oregon District Neighborhood as he explained that he designed the restaurant and bar. It was truly fierce. The staff knew and respected him well and I was just having fun soaking it all in.

After a delicious cocktail we pranced down to a fun place called Smokin BBQ on the corner where two good ole boys provided some much-needed grub to two new Besties. After feeding our faces we headed back and John dropped me back off at my door. Just Kei-Kei’ing – No Ki-Ki’ing. I had happily and surprisingly made a new friend. And a great contact in Dayton! I found my way back to Side Bar for brunch on Sunday.  The chicken and waffles were TO DIE!

I turned in early later that night and woke up to start judging the next morning. Of course, when traveling I’m always thrown a bit off my balance and kilter without the making of comfortable surroundings (i.e. espresso machine, loving dogs, doting husband, familiar peace.) It comes with the territory and I’ve traveled for so many years that I’ve got this. I actually love it but still face slight anxiety when I’m away.

Justin and I had some breakfast next door to the hotel and began judging interviews around 2:30 with groups 1 and 2, as groups 3 and 4 would be taking the chair on Saturday. I was actually very relaxed the entire time I was in Dayton taking the moments away from everything I know to appreciate it more which I needed to do. The contestants came in one by one and while some faltered by not being prepared with concise and smart answers, others knocked we judges’ socks off.

When it comes to the category of Interview, queens, here’s what’s the Tea… Walk in, shake hands down the line, genuine eye-contact and name introductions, be asked to sit down, sit like a lady if in drag and a man in not. Posture is key. Answer the questions to the point and on point, be prepared for anything to be asked and know why you are there. You are there to sell the system and represent it, carrying on the grand legacy laid forth before your humble arrival.

Back to the show! I met some wonderful people, saw some amazing friends that I haven’t visited with in many years, and watched season professionals duke it out on stage while newcomers to the art of female impersonation showed passion and aspirations to be greater than they were, becoming part of something that was continually described as “a family” – the All American Goddess Pageantry System.

During the two evenings of preliminary onstage competition, the groups of contestants performed a Talent and presented themselves in Creative Costume and Evening Gown categories. It’s hard to go into many details without favoring one girl and not the other (I wanna be asked back! – TeeHee) but I will say that I was forever impressed with many and can’t wait to see others grow into their true capacity of superstardom. Contact Versage for DVDs of the pageant for your very own!

I blessedly saw dear friends throughout the weekend from the “old school” days and made connections with others that were genuine and real. In the house serving pageant realness: Former AAG Goddesses Candi Stratton, Lawren LaMoore, Latoya Bacall, Kelexis Davenport, India Ferrah, the reigning AAG Alana Steele, the reigning AAGAL Dena Cass; Miss Gay Untied States Icon 2012 Jennifer Warner; the sexy man that is Scott Johnson; Shae Shae LaReese (who is a threat to show up somewhere!); Florida’s very own doll Brittany Moore and the fabulous Khori Ross; dear sister Miss Continental 2011 Chelsea Pearl; promoter and Nina West confidant Michael Bishop and many, many more!

I really had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back! (Hint – Hint, Mr. Gonyaw!) So many details and memories, so little time to tell them all. The final 5 fell like this: 4th Runner-Up Envy Van Michaels had a “Big Time” with her dancers during talent doing a superb job; 3rd Runner-Up Delores T. Van Cartier brought Patti LaBelle to life and was my nominee for Most Beautiful dressed in stunning baby blue beads and feathers; 2nd Runner-Up Tonna Demore brought the judges to tears during interview also having a “Big Time” on stage; 1st Runner-Up Mercedes proved she is a qualified, smart force to be believed and respected; and winner Whitney Paige who came in admittedly nervous and walked out quite victorious as the new All American Goddess at Large 2012!


Here’s a quick blast! I just returned from Sin City and we had a truly fierce time. Since then I’ve had two columns due and tried to get back into the swing of work since being away to my personal Heaven, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. More details will follow but for now just know that I’m back and ready to head into March, full-throttle and full steam ahead. WHURK IT, ME!

Next week I leave for Gayton “Gay Dayton” Ohio to judge the All American Goddess at Large national pageant which should even throw me even more out of my element from the comfortable warm bubble I live in here in Palm Springs to the 180-degree turn and near freezing temperatures I’ll find in Dayton. I’m ready for the challenge and to see some really good drag. I need it, baby! BRING IT! X


I love having a say! Inside joke, but basically it translates into “I love judging a drag pageant!” Especially when it’s a national panel for a system that has gained the respect that it deserves, being recognized as contender for THE title to have. I’ve previously sat on panels for Continental, USofA and World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual. This round I’ll be in Dayton judging this extravaganza for my good friend and promoter Scott Gonyaw who asked me to become part of his All American Goddess family. I’m thrilled and honored to take part.

As you can see by the advert above, it looks to be a sickening event for fabulous drag queens and competitive female impersonators. This, of course, is the sister companion to All American Goddess. The call from Scott just came to fruition last week so juicy details will follow but my adventure is right around the corner! Again, so damn excited. Just hope the contestants BRING IT! And a word front he wise… Entertain the crowd, have fun and prove why you stand before me. And own the spotlight! Is it really that hard?! WHURQ IT ♥