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RuPaul’s Drag Race Premiere Is Here! Finally.

RuPauls Drag Race Season SevenFor anyone in the know, the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiering this Monday on Logo TV was filmed for almost a year ago! I know this current crop of drag starlets on Drag Race have been chomping at the bit to finally have what they already know has happened, happen for the rest of us diehard fans and newbies on the juggernaut reality competition reaching it’s 7th lap, err, cycle, ahem, season. The travel circuit has begun for all of the queens and for some of them the ride has just begun.


Into Another New Year We Grow

Barney and Steven MichaelHappy New Year! I just came to the realization that I hadn’t posted anything for the new year and I’m seriously shamed about the entire ordeal. Kidding, totes! But I did feel like popping one out on the quick-quick just to catch up for hot minute. Because it has been just that – a hot minute since I’ve been on here! From fierce reality TV to future travel plans and beyond. What’s happening in today’s gay culture, primarily mine?! Here goes…


Trans, Tranny, Transsexual – What is the Tea?

None of us can seriously tell someone else how they should or shouldn’t feel inside. We sure try to persuade others to like something or not, but in reality we rarely change their true perception. On a personal level, we can try to tell ourselves how we feel about this or that but we may truly feel something completely different deep down where truth is found. This is our Tea and that’s alright. For the most part…


A Few Thoughts on a Saturday Evening

Sissy That WalkI haven’t been online too much these days. I’ve had plenty to say but I’ve been so busy working full-time at the gym and getting ready to compete for Entertainer of the Year now two months away I really haven’t had the desire to blog or journal. A few great thoughts this way comes! From the world of sports to gay culture to the events one must attend, I’m breaking down as many as I can fit it!


Laganja Estranja Interview: Drag Race Royalty

Laganja Estranja - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6I wanted to call this “High Times of a Drag Superstar” but alas, I did not. Through social networking and creating trust among the queens, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing a great number of RuPaul’s Drag Race divas throughout the years. When the rumors began to swirl about the new cast for season 6 of RDR, I knew that regardless of who made the final cut I’d be speaking with attention-getting Laganja Estranja. Isn’t her name delicious?!


Lashauwn Beyond Speaks To Her Fans

lashauwn-beyond-rupauls-drag-raceLashauwn Beyond is one busy queen. Seamstress, reality star, drag superstar performer. I was able to catch her for a hot minute or two for an interview to discuss what’s life like now for her after her stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race and what she’s doing today. Although, her time on the show was brief her passion and talents run deep. I’m thrilled she’s here to share all the Tea and nothing but the Tea.

Welcome to the stage, Lashauwn Beyond.


Interviewing DETOX – Drag Sensation Comes Clean!

Detox Drag Queen

When it comes to drag queen entertainers I honestly consider myself a privileged connoisseur since I’ve known some of the greats very well, seen the very best and witnessed greatness onstage. I always say that I was raised by drag queens because when I first came out at 18 they took me under their wings and to some degree, gave me mine. I found my sharp tongue, fierce competitive edge and love for everything glitz and glamour from them!

We’ve watched Logo TVs RuPaul’s Drag Race every season, every episode and I could name every drag queen that was on it. I’m cute like that. Sorryboutit. When I started my blog I knew I’d love to have privileged access to gay culture’s hottest celebrities and be able to ask them the questions no one else was asking. I’m not afraid of getting in there and asking the Tea. Well, through trust and a well-written word, gay celebrities and edgy reality stars do trust me and realize that just a few minutes of their time can create tons of traffic and attention to their brand and name. Detox is my next victim for Tea pouring and I worship her!

Detox Drag Queen

She was the first one to walk into the workroom on RDR and was one of the last standing. Detox turned challenges out, stood tall and proud of who she was, and impressed me and many greatly. Here she shares what RuPaul is really like, who left the show before their time and what she’d do differently. She’s outspoken, opinionated and brutally honest. She is Detox.

Steven Michael - Where and How was Detox created?

Detox – “She came about primarily to sneak in to clubs at an early age. Originally she was also called Dita but I liked to drink and fall too much so it turned into Detox!”

I LIVE! I was also in the clubs at an early age. Shady us. Biggest misconception about filming Reality TV? About RuPaul? About doing drag as a living?

“That nothing is real and what genuinely occurs will be stretched, pulled, and worked over more than my face. Ru is amazing but when the cameras are on she gets right in to that character and is in work mode. I really appreciate that. As far as drag as a living it’s different for everyone. I feel so blessed that I’m an artist who is able to fully support myself by doing art in which I love so much. It’s truly a blessing… People would kill to have that.”

Detox Drag Queen

Honey, they have killed before. We’ve all heard of those old school Miami queens who would put ground glass in other’s setting powder back in the day. Ouch! I love what you said about RuPaul. I’ve heard that he is all business. I can appreciate that, too. Ru is a very busy man. What did you miss most about being away cut off from the world while filming?


You poor dear. Well, we were having a drink for you here at home. No Tea. Now, about your creativity being off the charts! Your grayscale imagery at the reunion was everything and more. How long did it take to create the look and what made you decide to do that look for the evening?

“It was about 3 hours or so and I had a ton of help from my airbrush artist Nelly Recchia. As soon as I got the (untimely) boot I knew I wanted to do that look. It was a pain in the ass to make it come to life but so worth it. I may not have won the crown but goddamnit I won the reunion!”

Detox Drag Queen

(snaps) Bitch you sure the hell did. Did you go into Drag Race with the intent on forming a strong alliance like you and RoLaskaTox did?

“Not at all… We also never looked at it that way. I’ve been friends with Roxxxy and Alaska separately for years and we all bonded. It was just something silly. It never even dawned on us that the other girls felt that way.” (laughing)

What did you find as the hardest challenge all season of RDR?

“The hardest one to me was the Telenovela challenge. The mini-challenge opened up a ton of unhealed wounds that I couldn’t shake off for the rest of the competition.”

And speaking of the word “All,” if anyone should be in RDR: All Stars it’s thou, my sweet. Would you do anything different if you had another time around?

“I’d ask them what role they want me to play this time instead of editing the shit outta me!”

Girl, tell your tale. SHWERQ, Hunty. You auditioned for RDR before. How many times and what do you think was the deciding factor in this audition tape?

“3 times total. 1st, 3rd, and 5th seasons. I think that they have a plan and strategy for their mix of contestants. They just had to wait to find the right dynamic to fit us all in to. Plus my career has just gone up and up since auditioning first and I think it was the right time.”


I do believe everything has its time. Hard to see that sometimes, though. Ever dive into the pageant world? Why or why not?

“When I first started, yes. I also competed in California EOY. I love the pageant world… I’m just not able to really see myself conforming to fit in certain boxes.”

Yes, I was there that night at House of Blues. Damn that was a long night. I can appreciate all the work you’ve had done creating the image of Detox. You look amaze. Ever contemplate becoming transsexual?

“I used to tinker with the tought of ‘maybe I’m transsexual.’ But I really feel more comfortable with being this outspoken genderfuck. I have so many friends in all aspects of the Trans community and I figured it’d be a slap in their faces just for me to transition in order to throw my tits around.” (laughs)

RuPaul's Reunion Detox Grayscale

BE YOU! For reals. I tried for years to figure out where my place was and became wise enough to know it’s exactly where I am at any given moment. I’m me and the mold that made me was quite unique. Even though you and I haven’t met officially I feel we have a kindred spirt like that. Tell us your special gem of living in l.A. Where’s the one place you couldn’t live without or hotspot that is a must-do for anyone? I loved living there!

“I love everything about L.A. For visitors, make sure you peep the Getty Museums and the Griffith Park Observatory. For cross dressing needs, go see Miss Ellen at Hollywood Wigs, Wasteland, and Namie’s Cosmetics!”

Julie the Cruise Director, back. I worship! Girls, grab your lipliners and take that down! Inspirations… Which Person and What Place inspires you?

“Madonna, Amanda Lepore, and Thierry Mugler. My sister is prolly my biggest inspiration! I always get inspired in NYC.”

I have fierce stories about two of them I could tell you over an ‘ole cocktail sometime. Raincheck, sister. Trust. You lived on Florida, no? What brought you to the West Coast?

“After ending a relationship I decided to venture west to help my sister take care of her daughter while she finished law school. I had planned on not doing drag but I did 2 shows and blew up. After years of trying to make it in drag in Florida it was amazing to literally land in L.A .and take off in such a huge way.”

You better live your Hollywood dream. Can you share some of the doors that have opened for you since the show has aired? It really was the best season so far. Strongest competitors, overall.

“It’s hard to say really. The doors that have been open to me for a while as far as mainstream outlets have been incredible but it’s the back doors throughout the rest of the country that have opened I love. Meaning that even though I was ‘something’ before Drag Race, I’m now ‘something’ to those who weren’t followers or aware of the drag community. I love being able to meet all of my supporters.”

Detox Drag Queen

Nice! I love saying “Officially.” Of course, courtesy of you. Does it amaze you the way fans and viewers pick up on things and run w it? We loved Alaska’s “Hiiigheee.” Latrice’s “Eat it.”

“Well Alaska’s is originally from Coco and Isis in England who make the best recap vids! It cracks me up. Loosky always teases me and says “I’ve had it. EFFICIENTLY!” (laughs)

I’ll have to check them out. The queens that do the Barbie Doll ones are a riot. I squeal. How was it watching yourself on television? Anything you wished you hadn’t done or said?

“Not at all. There are things I wish would have been shown in a truer light… But I don’t get to sit in on the editing process nor call them out on their shit.” (*Side Eye*)

Hmmm. I get you, gal. Were you officially over it w the whole Alyssa/Coco battle? They played that to the very hilt. Made for great TV.

“Completely. I thought it was quite contrived and was even more irritated that producers played in to the gimmick.”

They sure did. Down. Who surprised you from meeting in the beginning toward the end? Anyone change your perception of them?


Anyone you think left the competition before their time was actually up?

“I’d say Lineysha (even though I sent her home) or Ivy. But most definitely Penny. She got the shit-end of the stick.”

Willam, Detox, Vicki

How and when did the Willam/Vicky Vox/Detox trio form and begin?

“With Vicky, we were in a band together prior to doing our own thing. Willam and I met practically when I first moved to Cali and then I kidnapped Vicky after she auditioned for a spot in my show.”

And finally, (very Barbra Walters of me) Who is Detox?

“A fan of foreskin and a fashionista. A foreskinista!”

Best way for people to reach you and come give you money?

“Good Lord… I barely know where I am these days. Check www.facebook.com/theonlydetox for tour dates.”

Drag Race’s Penny Tration – The Interview

Penny Tration

I first chatted with drag diva Penny Tration about doing an interview on Twitter when she was heavy into her campaign to be voted onto RuPaul’s Drag Race last season. Of all the girls she definitely fired her publicity guns at anyone in range more than most from what I could tell. It paid off! Penny made it to L.A. being cast in the highly competitive season 5. I wanted to chat with her then but being a good Doll, she declined. Contracts and confidentiality clauses, you know! Yes, I understood.

When I got back together with Madame Tration about doing the interview she was right on it. I still wanted to know what it was like from her angle, from her eyes. She tells it like it is from the true reality of filming reality TV to who she’d play in the Snatch Game. Enjoy the fierce read and thanks to Penny Tration for her candor, wit and candidness.

Steven Michael –  Tell us a bit about Penny Tration and where you’re from, where you started drag and who is/was your inspiration?

Penny Tration – “It all started a long time ago in a land far far away… (laughs) I was a little gay at the local dance club about 20 years ago and saw Hurricane Summers perform. I barged into the dressing room after the show (not knowing any better) and the rest is kinda history. I was HOOKED for sure. I would say my biggest inspirations are Divine and Mr. Charlie Brown.”

Ah, I just saw Charlie Brown in Atlanta at Ashley Kruiz’s life celebration. It was great seeing Charlie. She looked great. And of course Hurricane is crazy. I’ll see her next month at Mr. EOY (I’m competing.) Where are you today in your current state of drag?

“Hmmm… Some days it seems like I’ve peaked and other days like I’ve just started. I feel that I’m at the top of my game in the emcee area and the drag itself is just a constant evolution.”

Penny Tration

What’s happening with your career since RuPaul’s Drag Race?

“RuPaul’s Drag Race has certainly introduced us all to a wider audience and it’s been great for our shop.”

Can you share in your own words how it felt to be brought into the cast by the popular vote only to be eliminated first?

“Gosh. The real challenge is getting on the show. Once you’re there the place that you get eliminated is irrelevant. Only one person wins – everyone else gets to go home.”

Penny Tration

The experience is so amazing for you entertainers. It a priceless experience wherever you place. What challenge would you have rocked in?

“The Reading Challenge and The Snatch Game, though I’m not sure I could have topped what Jinkx did on The Snatch Game (because it was GENIUS!) I’m sure I would have done well. And the Reading Challenge is just my biggest strength – not so much reading, but as an emcee, you have to be great on the fly with funny/witty commentary on just about any topic.”

Jinkx WAS completely brilliant, that is the truth. On the subject, who would have you been for Snatch Game?

“Paula Dean.” (smiles)

Penny Tration

We’re you in agreement with the winner? If no, who did you see winning?

“I think they should have had a top 4. Detox should have been in that list of gurls eligible to win. But they are all stars in my eyes… even Serena.” (wink)

Detox turned it repeatedly. Especially at the reunion with the grayscale. Would you do RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars if they asked, or have they already?

(laughs) “I can neither confirm nor deny my appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars – Season 2.”

Penny Tration

I know you are in some sort of confidentiality agreement with World of Wonder but what can you share about the whole process of getting on set, meeting the other girls, working with RuPaul?

“Drag is, overall, a small community. All of the ‘seasoned’ gurls and I have previously had some sort of contact or ‘talked’ on Facebook and Twitter – so it was pretty surreal to meet everyone. It was all very exciting and probably the best part of the show for me.”

Did you know any of the other Dolls before the show? And have you made friends with anyone you still keep in touch with?

“Detox and I were fast friends and I feel like I made a dear friend for life. Feels like a sister that I’ve always known and hope to never be parted from. Roxxxy and I are perfect team-members/co-workers. We both know how to get our job done and seem to work well together. I guess I could say that about a lot of the gurls, to be honest. Most of them were obvious professionals and know how to do their job. Honey Mahogany is a doll!”

Biggest Misconceptions about Penny Tration? About filming Reality TV? About Drag?

“Gosh -Biggest misconception about Penny Tration… That I’m quiet. Everyone asked me why I didnt talk on the show. I was like, bitch I barely shut up (except when I was trying to put that ugly purple dress together!) (laughs) Again, editing is AMAZING! About Filming… I dont think anyone has a concept of how long it takes to make an hour of television. On Drag… The age old ‘most drag queens want to be women’ and though there are plenty of folks who do transition, most dudes who identify as drag queens are just that – dudes. And good for us for doing our jobs so well that the audience leaves having totally bought into the d-illusion.” (wink)

If you could be paired up with anyone from precious seasons or even your season, who would you do well with as a team?

“Detox or Nina Flowers – Those would be my top picks!”

What’s your downtime like and what/where are you?

“Working on my house with my husband. Even as show-people (he’s an opera singer) we still keep a pretty normal life in the garden and renovating our little home. Two Beagles, Fred and Ginger, keep us company.”

That sounds very similar to our sanctuary of home life. And finally… (completely joking of course, no Tea!) Who would you rather? Sleep With… Marry… Kill…? Alaska, Jinkx, Roxxxy? (laughing)

“Not sleeping or killing anyone – too much love. I would marry them all if I weren’t already otherwise obligated!” (wink)

Big hugs and great thanks to Penny Tration. Find her terrorizing unsuspecting crowds at The Cabaret in Cincinnati, Ohio and follow her antics on the website Miss Penny Tration. For bookings, please contact Outloud Talent Management Agency. SHWERQ! ♥


Final Three RuPaul's Drag Race

Good Morning! Quick apologizes for not knocking out something new here at IAM as of late but things have been quite busy. Our gay popular culture is just buzzing today. It’s almost too much for one gay man to handle! I’ve actually sat back and enjoyed this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and haven’t blogged too much about the show other than publishing three fierce interviews with Top 5 Doll Coco Montrese, talented through her dancing toes Alyssa Edwards and darling Ladykin Jade Jolie. Again, thanks to her their generous team at All Starr Management for making all of that happen.

But we are at the grand finale so I had to comment more than just my “RuPaul ReCaps” on FaceSpace. Everyone has had their opinions and of course, if you didn’t care about mine you wouldn’t be reading this. Let’s spill all the Tea that’s worth the time to print (or type – in this instance.) I gotta get to work!

This fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has actually fallen week by week the way I saw it… for the most part, give or take a mini-challenge or two. It’s been very, very close a few times! Let’s face it. RuPaul, Logo TV and World of Wonder plus us viewers and fans have changed the course of how drag is perceived forever more and how the industry evolves (or not) with it. Some don’t feel it and stick to the old school belief system of paying dues almost scoffing at the thought of the sensationalism of it all. I sit atop a high fence because I see it from ALL angles.

Times change. It makes for great TV. No one can be mad at these queens because their lives have changed forever. They made it happen by their choice to send in an audition video and open their lives to a national audience. Do you want that for yourself? There are ways to make it real. Don’t be mad because they did. Be happy our people are getting their face time with America. There, I said it.

As far as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race goes. Only RuPaul knows. Even the girls still have to go into New York City and film the finale with three endings (from what I understand) in front of a live audience very soon. No Tea will be spilled by a shady mouth who can’t hold in the results no more. RuPaul took care of that! Hunty… Telephone – Telegraph – Tell a Queen. We now wait two weeks to see who becomes America’s Next Drag Superstar!

Will it be… [Most Improved] Alaska or [Most Original] Jinkx Monsoon or [Most Experienced] Roxxxy Andrews? Stay tuned… I know we will be. GOOD LUCK, DOLLS! And hey… there’s always RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars! Biyeeeeeeeeee.


white party 2013

To all of my circuit brothers and sisters, I’m assuming you know that Jeffrey Sanker’s annual musclefest dance party White Party Palm Springs 2013 is flooding the town March 29 -31, 2013. I’ve lived here in the Valley for a good decade and have seen only a few of the White Party events but the one’s that I have been part of set me free, turned me out and made me always want more! Not sure if I’ll make this year’s festivities but here’s the lowdown and the round o’fun… Time to grab the hottest gay fashion and WHURQ it right!

David Beckham

Friday evening brings SPLASH in the afternoon and BULGE later that night. Bring your sexiest underwear and strut your hot stuff with the most scorching bodies seen all weekend. Oh, and pack a cockring! Saturday brings SPLASH once more during the day and main event the WHITE PARTY with Alexis Jordan and Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters doing a solo gig at Convention Center. If you’re still going 115 mph. then twist and shout your ass over to CLIMAX after-hours back at Renaissance Hotel. Sunday delivers one last SPLASH and then the masses head to CIRCUS XTREME T-DANCE with performances by everyone’s favorite “Go-Go Dancer” Carmen Electra and RuPaul’s Drag Race Dolls Willam and Detox with Vicki Vox. The CLOSING PARTY offers the sexy DJ Tony Moran spinning the finality of the ultimate weekend.

Thierry Pepin

Ticket prices can be steep so I hope you’ve saved your coins. There are early purchase deals found on the main website. Check ‘em out! However, when you want one BIG TIME then the Jeffrey Sanker White Party is where it’s happening this spring. We offer a really cute weekend pass at World Gym for $29 so come see me there! There you’ll see our own mini-White Party running around the track in tight white shorts or pounding the weights, muscles pumped and wet.

White Party 2013

More details as they surface. You never know… Maybe I’ll cha-cha my way over to a few of the weekend events. We’ll see! But make your plans soon! It’s later this month and yes it’s already March! And grab a few festive circuit toys and rave accouterment at my Ultimate Gay Dance Music Blog.