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Today’s Happenings – Gay Culture Now

OMG! Zayn Malik has left One Direction! OMG! I really, really couldn’t care any less. And yes, it’s the beginning of the end. Hello! Goodbye. Boy bands come and go then come back together and break up again. A few solos efforts will ensue. Not sure if any of them would be strong enough to carry on solo. Harry Styles could because he is the face of the band from what I can tell and his voice is decent. But it is what it is. May the future tribute bands start auditioning for gigs. Boy, bye. And in other news… …


They are known as Real Housewives. On ringmaster Andy Cohen’s Bravo TV, these extremist women are the ones to watch for guilty pleasure viewing. They’ve become celebrities in their own right like anyone who desperately opens their lives up to cameras. Some are expressionless, most are botoxed while the entire elitist crew of them believe they are the one the light should shine on most.