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Into Another New Year We Grow

Happy New Year! I just came to the realization that I hadn’t posted anything for the new year and I’m seriously shamed about the entire ordeal. Kidding, totes! But I did feel like popping one out on the quick-quick just to catch up for hot minute. Because it has been just that – a hot minute since I’ve been on here! What’s happening in today’s gay culture, primarily mine?! Here goes… …

What is Trending in Gay Culture Today

Gay Culture means different things to different people. Where you may have someone worshiping the Housewives another may live and breathe LGBT rights through heated politics. Spread across Facebook we witness drag pageantry at its finest while self-adulation spawns through fitness models thanking their fans for 10,000 “likes.” Don’t get me wrong. If you’re building a brand then social your network until your fingers bleed. I’m with you. …


They are known as Real Housewives. On ringmaster Andy Cohen’s Bravo TV, these extremist women are the ones to watch for guilty pleasure viewing. They’ve become celebrities in their own right like anyone who desperately opens their lives up to cameras. Some are expressionless, most are botoxed while the entire elitist crew of them believe they are the one the light should shine on most.


I’m just catching up on my television from being away South and WOW! What I’ve seen astounds me to many degrees. Recently on Andy Cohen’s Bravo TV the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” had a showdown of shows between the beyond fragile Taylor Armstrong and a close friend of too passive Camille Grammer.