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Thanks to Logo TV Online, I was able to see an early viewing of the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race a.k.a. RDR and this season is starting off with all the ego drama and catfighting one Main Stage can contain. Front runners the petite posing beauty Kenya Michaels and America’s favorite Cher impersonator Chad Michaels seem to be steering the pack of queens towards the title “America’s Next Drag Superstar” and the prize package including fabulous makeup, gay travel and a cash prize of $100K (reported earlier in my blog as being $125K – sorry!)

After the queens arrived one by one, we meet the characters and stories that got them on national television. There’s overly confident borderline obnoxious cocky Willam basically telling the rest to press it back home because she was taking the crown home. Old friend Latrice Royale from Ft. Lauderdale discussing how going to prison changed her life.  Extremists The Princess and Sharon Needles bonding over painting faces while Princess expressed her physical desire for Needles. Well, like a dear sister from Atlanta Amber Richards, may she rest peacefully, once said, “If you can’t F! your sisters who can you F!?” Other stories unfold as does the season.

RuPaul comes out and says Hello! to the Dolls personally as the Pit Crew from previous seasons bring out a wooden box on wheels. Camera pans to the girls and some are quite nervous. And surprise! Out pops Shangela for another try at the crown! Well, not exactly. After some quick witted dialogue about this being a new year and the possible apocalypse, Ru shoves LaQuifa’s head back in and off she goes into her budding career. Halleloo! The sweat beads stop their fall down contestants faces and the Dolls prepare for their first lap around the racetrack.

Latina mamma Jiggly Caliente won the Mini Challenge consisting of the Dolls maintaining their modelesque composure on a rotating platform while the sexy Pit Crew spray them down with fluorescent paints. Yes, apocalypse. Or, “RuPocalypse” as it was called. Reality show staple Mike Ruiz snapped his camera lens and photos we made, even ones of the girls who nailed the ground from their imbalance. It was Drag Queen roadkill off to the sides of rubble and dismay.

The Main Stage Challenge led the divas into a deserted location filled with zombie drag queens including former All-Stars Raven, Pandora Boxx, Shannel and Ongina holding fabrics and supplies for the perfect apocalyptic haute couture. Cue eerie music and fog. Back in the workroom sewing began and creations flowed. The Mistress of the Dark Elvira found her perfect place on the judge’s table besides mainstays Seduction lead Michelle Visage and the sassy but fashionable Santino Rice back for another season of judging. RuPaul strutted down the Main Stage runway and CUT!

Thanks Logo TV for pulling the plug just at the climax! UGH. I’ll be watching it for reals tomorrow (Monday) night but it sure was good getting a sneak peek. They weren’t going to give it all away… I’m dying to see who will “Lip-sync for their life!”

…flash forward to the premiere…

Watching it live on television gave it more layers we couldn’t catch watching it online. On the Main Stage runway, some girls simply got by while others soared. As I predicted, Sharon Needles won the challenge while Florida based Alisa Summers and New York’s plus-size Barbie doll Jiggly Caliente found themselves in the bottom two lip-syncing to Britney Spears’ infectious Toxic. In the end, Jiggly was clearly the winner as she nailed her words standing directly singing to the judges. Alisa took the more casual approach to a bored strut around the runway while insecurely glancing over at Caliente who was turning it out. Way to go, girls! We’re off to a fabulous season!

Until next week… We have Untucked!


OMG! We’ve been watching older episodes of “Ab Fab” on Logo TV and Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Everything recently, especially through the holidays when there’s absolutely nothing fabulous to see. Voila! The Videodrome Discothèque Vault Presents: The New Absolutely Fabulous Episode!!! from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo. Sit down, Sweetie Darling. Grab some Stoli or champagne and enjoy this hilarity. They still have it! Patsy and Edina are back! I’ve watched it twice and it’s a scream, pure and simple.

Kick back and laugh your knickers off, alright?! Brilliant!


When shopping for that fabulous gay man in your life that has everything, one must sometimes go outside the Christmas box and seek ideas elsewhere. You’ve come to the right place! This gives a few more gift ideas for the men in your life this holiday season! With it being upon us so soon, ordering online seems to be the way more shoppers are going. Let’s get started!

The new  Tom of Finland book is available for pre-order and is a great idea for the gay man who enjoys the masculine visual of two sexy men together in their natural habitat of a leather bar or tied to a tree. The illustrations have seen their share of exposure over the years and every time a new issue of his work comes out it is a collector’s item! Great as a coffee table book for that right conversation starter among new friends!

OK, not for your guy?! Stuck on ideas that just won’t work?! Try smart Gift Cards from Amazon! Let people buy whatever they want and Amazon has EVERYTHING! From clothing to music and sports equipment, all of your shopping can be in one place. And there’ s NO fighting for that close parking space at the mall.

Still not the answer?! OK… Let’s get in on the finer things for the home and check out Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6-Piece Knife Set with Tempered-Glass Block. Suggest your man carefully donates or tosses those old knifes that won’t cut, don’t cut, ain’t gonna cut anything. He’ll thank you over dinner really soon. And the glass block that houses them looks fierce!

Does you man travel a lot?! Is reading something he considers relaxing or entertaining?! The new Kindle Fire delivers heat to anyone that holds one. Tons of electronic books, apps, games and more! All at his fingertips. It’s the only other thing that should be in his hands other than you! Trust!

Finally, if there’s something any man would love to have it’s a Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Business Case. Gorgeous leather to strap over his broad shoulders and chest to carry his laptop and personals. It’s gorgeous! Check it out.

Mary Christmas to All… And to ALL happy shopping! X




Such a wacky gay world of pop culture floating around us that it’s near Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to keep it all straight. See how I tied in the new Tom Cruise film title with my need to use the word “impossible?” I’m queer like that with my words. You’ll see just how if you haven’t tasted my vernacular before. Bon Appite, Salopes. (That’s French for Bitches.) Just translating.

Here’s hoping that anyone that watched the Kim Kardashian wedding on E! feels duped with the admittance for vision of said circus. Now, sources close to the family tell that Kimmy actually wanted out at the time of the wedding but didn’t know how to back out so late in the game. It’s odd seeing the previews for Kourtney and Kim Take New York with soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries in the mix. I love answering back to the television, “I wonder how this will turn out.” Sorry to joke… No I’m not. Why are these people famous?!

And speaking of aesthetically gifted train wrecks, please welcome to your guilty pleasure chest the first season of Logo TV’s reality round-up A-List: Dallas starring a cast of killings that are too much to take at times. I spend most of my time watching in disgust saying aloud, “Oh my God” between verbal and opinionated eye rolls. There’s the goofy laugh but 80’s porn star gorgeousness of big basket carrying Levi. He’s one shady Sadie sleeping with almost everyone he knows. Next, Chase is a proud Texan that has hair with a life of its own. He is full of pompous grandeur and has been screwing Levi behind everyone’s back.

But he’s not to be overplayed by Levi’s other bed partner, the whiny Taylor who holds his Lord above all others. His face has been brushed with the pretty powder as he shares prayers with Prayer Buddy Ashley who you may have seen from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team seasons ago now in its sixth! She’s the only biological female on cast even though most of the guys act like bitchy women. Ashley spends most of her time in everyone else’s spotlight. This show is a mess!

Then there’s wanna-be Club Promoter James who admittedly drinks too much. I mean way too much, not doing much else other than blowing through his trust fund money on cocktails. Rounding up the motley crew is the one that stirs the drama pot the greatest, Phillip. She, I mean he, is not to be trusted. Trust. A buddy of mine from Austin tells of becoming privy to a Call Sheet once on location seeing where they were scouting locations for secrets revealed, possible table toss and another area away from a balcony in case pushing ensues. Reality, huh?! Staged and scripted, indeed. This show puts our gay culture back years it took to break through the stereotypes these nuts are reinforcing. Sad, and here I am watching them serve their self-proclaimed “Dalla-Tude” in self-induced shame.

We recently had good friend and pop star Colton Ford with his partner Angelo over for dinner at the house as we caught up with memories past over meaty steaks. The two lovelies were in town on business and Colton shared his new music with me that’s now available on iTunes. “Let Me Live Again” and “The Music Always Gets You Back” both follow in Colton’s roots of his previous dance friendly uptempo chart toppers. Whether you love Colton from his films or music videos there’s no denying his magnetic and approachable personality. Follow him on Twitter @ColtonFordMusic and find him on Facebook. Love those guys, desperately!

If you haven’t checked out FX’s original series American Horror Story then guess what… You’re missing Dylan McDermott masturbating while crying while thinking of the housekeeper who he sees as a hot young redhead but in reality is actually a dead spirit played by Frances Conroy from Six Feet Under. But not to be overwhelmed by that consider Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights fame being impregnated by a stranger dressed in a black latex hooded suit who she believes is her husband, Dylan McDelicious but is not! Throw in spooky neighbor Jessica Lange threatening to kill the housekeeper “again” then you’ve got AHS on FX. BOO!

If that’s not enough we see Glee possibly loosing its gleam, trans-activists “glitter bombing” gay activists, and gorgeous Falcon Studios models running around Palm Springs shooting not one but two films currently. And all this happening around us! Try and catch up. I have.

2011 © PULP


Dear Santa,

I’m gay. And since you’re someone I’ve had created for me then why not be honest in telling you what a gay man wants for a fabulous Christmas. Now, we should face it and realize that anything a gay man wants for himself he more than likely will simply buy for himself. However, there are times when great gift ideas for the gay man is full-on needed in a pinch. But what do you buy someone who has everything?! Here’s some super choices in buying for the gay man in your life for the holidays. Pass this along to a few of those fabulous little elves dressed in ink I saw twirling around you. Just saying… xoSM.

Everybody, not only gay men, should check out DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash because I’ve been using it for years. Leave it in the shower and after using a nice facial scrub dab a small amount of this into your hand and apply around face especially where “experience” lines tend to gather or you have un-smooth skin and leave on for a good twenty or so seconds and rinse off. Once you look in the mirror after your shower you’re going to be surprised in how your incredibly fresh  your skin looks. Trust me on this. I’m a vain gay man who cares about these things. Again, just saying.

Mens Black Leather Grooming Set is a super idea for gay men because if they travel a lot then it looks stylish and fresh when going through security and impressive to their friends. We all love a good manicure and relaxing pedicure but sometimes don’t have time. Give your gay everything he will need for looking his best this holiday season. Plus this one has extra space, too!

Nothing looks as clean and fresh as a brand new Ralph Lauren Mens Polo Shirt for the man in your life. With jeans and flip-flops or even nice khakis a solid Polo makes any man look handsome, approachable and practical. Grab a color that will match his eyes well and that compliments his hair or suits his image. And if he can get away with a bright-ass color then get him one.

If you’re really feeling like turning the party under the tree this year then get the man that means the most to you (if that indeed IS you then that’s fine, too!) this smart Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery  for their iPhone 4. The case comes in white and black so if grand ideas are your thing then this is what you’ll want to check out.

Finally, nothings screams butch dad other than these damn shoes right here. LOVE THEM! ASICS Men’s Split Second 8 Wrestling Shoe. I wear an 11.5 in this style. Just saying. I’ve worn them for years and always get the compliments. May have to grab this pair for myself because they are fierce. Happy Birthday to me, early!


This weekend in Palm Springs has celebrated the Leather Brotherhood and Sisterhood that is so strong in our community during PS Leather Pride 2011. On Friday there was the Back Lot Party behind the Tool Shed and Gear with a Formal Dinner before hand. Last evening on Saturday we watched Todd Peter deservedly become the new Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012 winning the contest over four contestants total. The turnout was surprisingly strong considering the weather has been sketchy lately in Palm Spring and I wasn’t sure if the rain would keep people inside. It was THE perfect night to wear leather and the Husband and I looked good him in chaps and jeans while I wore Nasty Pig black rubber pants with a white stripe down the side. Upon further inspection said pants had seen their share of days, temperatures and the like by the worn areas around the crotch and ass. They are vintage from ’01 so I forgive. We ran into friends and the smell of leather was intoxicating as was many of the uniforms on masculine men, dominant Masters and gay Muscle Bears. Afterwards was the Recon Victory Dance and today is the Pool Party BarB-Q (translation: Play Party with food) at Helios Guesthouse then Barracks (who surprisingly didn’t have a contestant competing last night but one walking around with the vest for 2012, so…) for Beer Bust.

Have fun Men and Women in Leather. Welcome (back) to Palm Springs!




When ABC’s rating juggernaut Dancing With the Stars premiered thirteen seasons ago the skepticism began. I wasn’t sure how it would fare over time. The show’s UK predecessor Strictly Come Dancing was a smash over seas. However, entertainment transfers to our soil do not always transcend audiences into repeat viewing and support. If it doesn’t involve Kardashians, lip-syncing for your life or desperate public humiliation with a rose ceremony we’re not interested. But as we know now years later, DWTS has captured top spots in the Nielsen ratings becoming a huge success!

I contacted a few connections about getting tickets and luckily two seats were offered. Since the hoopla surrounding Mr. Chaz Bono was so fierce and Miss Carson Kressley was a contestant as well, I thought I’d make an effort to attend a live show in person. Plus, seeing celebrities when the camera is off them is interesting to me. Spoilers ahead so if you don’t want to know the inside scoop, please turn the page. Ah, ha! I knew you couldn’t go anywhere!

After a easy drive into Los Angeles with my pal and confidant John Lustenring, we ran through Japan Town for sushi to-go at Nijiya Market and quickly pressed it to CBS Studios at The Grove. We arrived and without discussion we parked, opened the doors and stripped down into our fancy show clothes. Time was of the essence and we knew that we were pushing it.

The email I had received prior to our arrival confirming the tickets gave the details, where to go, what to wear and the begging of “Please no cell phones.” Whoopsie! Not sure how that ended up in my pocket and not in the car safely. We scooted quickly up the street to Gate C6 and checked in at VIP. Perfect timing as our line proceeded not through the metal detectors where I assume they collected phones but directly between both screeners as a security guard shouted out to someone, “Who are these people?!”

Once inside we were instructed to look for our names on gold chairs. The awe of the studio with the bright lights takes you back because it is quite grand. I looked and looked for our names. And there they were pressed up against the stage, literally. Our seats were next to all of the action and about a chair or two away from the dance floor. And yes, you know I strutted my stuff on that floor. I had to for every dancer who wishes they could. I simply strutted out, posed down, turned and repeat. Just saying.

(Love this photo I snapped of Chynna’s final moments. Brooke and Tom on the side with the entire cast in support of her and what she had accomplished!)

Sitting behind us, I saw where actress Garcelle Beauvais had her Blackberry in tow texting so I figured celebrities were exempt from the no phone rule. I bravely snapped a few pictures during the show considering how close we were but I couldn’t resist. Even before taping began I mistook a bomb-sniffing dog that was being led around the studio as a possible cell phone-sniffing K-9 tattletale. Plus this bitter chick in front of us had her phone grabbed up as she came in and couldn’t get over it. We kept ours on the DL. It was sheer luck we actually got them in by the looks of the circus after the show of people claiming their phones. Pure chaos.

Now here come the true Hollywood stories. The show I attended was the Results Show when Chynna Phillips was excused from her duties after a complete blank-out breakdown the night before. She is gorgeous in person and sat quietly watching from above in Brooke (ultra-petite) Burke’s lounge for the judges scores. After voting Chynna couldn’t “Hold On” for one more day. Rob Kardashian’s ass is equally stunning. Man, he is smoking hot and I hate that expression. Susan Boyle was prerecorded at another time and edited in. No big loss according to the lack of expression from judge Bruno Tonioli who sat rolling his eyes during playback.

The Footloose production with DWTS alum Julianne Hough was really fierce and actually recorded twice before the show began its “live taping.” The set breakdown for that number was quite extensive. Country crooner Blake Shelton performed the title track as dancers tore up the floor scooting boots across wood. Chaz Bono looked more masculine in person and sadly Cher wasn’t there but Adam Shankman, William Baldwin and Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Rubens were. Overall we had a blast and will love going again sometime maybe next season leaving our phones where they belong (wink, wink.)

2011 © PULP


Welcome to town everyone from visitors to snow-birds alike! This weekend is our Pride Celebration as many of you know. It’s also the Prime Timers World Convention happening at the Riviera. So if men with experience and maturity make you do a double-take then that’s where you’ll want to be! Just saying. Between the telephone and an email or two I was able to connect with Wayne Patterson, president of our local Prime Timers of the Desert about his history with this special organization, its history and the event happening this weekend. Read on!

The Bottom Line: Wayne, you’re had an interesting road to getting where you stand today as president of Prime Timers of the Desert from such humble beginnings. Please share your story with our readers, if you will.

Wayne Patterson: After spending 29 years in government, I retired from work in Jacksonville, Florida in 1994 and came to visit Palm Springs with some friends while falling in love with what we refer to as “Paradise.” I bought my first condo in Palm Springs in ’96 destined to become my “winter home” as I still owned my condo in Jacksonville and a home in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. I knew about the Prime Timers organization and thought it would be a good fit for me. In ’97 I met Ralph Sheplow, the founding father of Prime Timers of the Desert as he was serving as president, at the time.  Ralph started the Prime Timers with some friends in 1992.

And that’s when he inquired about your interest in becoming part of the great organization, right?! Such vast history! How did that evolve into where you and the group stands strong today?

Yes! Well, he asked me to serve on the board and I told him that I couldn’t as I didn’t live here since my permanent residence was in Florida. If you know Ralph then you know he can be can be very persuasive. (laughs) I was appointed by him to be the director of special events in 1998. Once I got on the board, Ralph said now we are going to make you the president! I told him he was crazy but I soon became the president during the next year and served through 2001. In ’99 we had approximately 900 members and by the end of ’01, we had 1402 members!

Amazing! How many times has the Prime Timers of the Desert held the World Conventions in our modest town? With our strong community of Golden Girls and Mature Mavericks roaming the Coachella Valleys it seems like the perfect place! I’d think they’d come running to you to have the event here in Palm Springs.

1997 was the first year Prime Timers of the Desert became the Host Chapter for the Prime Timers World Convention which was very exciting for the valley and our people. In ’01, once again we were selected as the Host Chapter for the World Convention. Now we are here again in 2011 as Host Chapter and we’re thrilled! The Prime Timers of the Desert is proudly the only Chapter to serve as host more than one time!

Give us a fabulous rundown of the group’s activities during the weekend and what one can expect being included. I checked out the website at Prime Timers of the Desert and it seems there’s some great stuff happening!

Prime Timers of the Desert is a social club and non-profit organization. We cater to the mature men and their admirers. The only restriction is you must be at least 21 years of age to join. That’s it! When a person moves to the desert and does not have friends in the area, the best thing he could do would be to join our group. We have a mixer each Monday night, and a luncheon and dinner once a month. We also take trips to San Diego, Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada. Even many theaters offer our members special pricing on tickets and shows! After a person has joined and has attended some of these events, he will have found many friends. That is our goal, to be there to help you enjoy your life as one should and we think we do.

You definitely do! It’s nice to know there is a social organization that provides these fun opportunities for those who care to take part in them. Tell us more about getting the World Convention back to Palm Springs after so many years. How did that come to fruition?

In 2009, I decided I want to get back involved with the Prime Timers. I was soon elected vice-president. The group membership was unfortunately much less than it was in ’01. Many of our great members had passed away and there were other worthy organizations that people were joining. In ’09, Gene Walker, president at the time, and I attended the World Wide Convention in Toronto, Canada. We made a presentation to the board to have the convention in Palm Springs for 2011 and they voted yes! And that’s were we are today.

And speaking of today… Where do you stand in the organization and how has it evolved within the last few years?

In 2010 I was voted to be the president and elected again for ’11. It is good to report that our membership is increasing once again as we have gained about 150 new members in the last couple of years. Very excited about where we are headed!

With the convention happening this weekend, who will be here?! Can we expect to see gorgeous SIlver Daddies roaming our streets?! Tell us what we can expect!

We have over 400 people who have registered for the convention with attendees from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Israel, and United Kingdom. Over 50 Chapters will be represented from the United States.  The convention is November 2-6 and the Riviera Resort Hotel is where everything will take place. On Thursday night, November 3 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. there will be a Mixer/Dance with a four-piece band. On Friday, there will be over 225 attending the matinee of the Follies (and that should be fun with Rif.) Friday night from 5 p.m. to 7 there will be a Cocktail Reception with Joel Baker there to play and sing for us. Dinner starts at 7 p.m. and after dinner, we will be entertained by Ria and Don from San Diego. On Saturday we will have Cocktail Reception again from 5 p.m. to 7 and once again, Joel Baker will be there to entertain us! The Banquet Dinner will start shortly after 7 p.m. with entertainment from the “LIVE IT UP” and the cast will be made up of 10 Men and Women. And then of course there’s the Pride Festival on Sunday!

WOW! I love the breakdown you gave! It was perfect. What’s going on during the Pride parade?! I know you’re doing something fabulous! Share some secrets, Wayne! Please…

Sunday we will be in the Pride parade with Woody Baldwin, Founding Father of Prime Timers in ’87 and Ralph Sheplow riding in our lead car. We will have at least 4 cars in the parade and maybe a float! We expect to have at least 125 members walking in the parade. Also, we will have a booth at the Pride Festival so people who don’t know about us can stop by and learn who we are!

Wayne, you’re amazing! Good luck with everything and can’t wait to see the new meat, err, men about town this weekend. Happy Pride Sweetheart! And thanks again!

My pleasure, Steven. Thank you!

2011 © The Bottom Line


I’m sitting by the pool and it’s Gay Pride Weekend 2011 in Palm Springs. Now don’t get the impression that it’s warm sunny PS with pink clouds of queer above. There are clouds of various kinds across the Valley (read into that as you may) and the weather is chilly. In fact I need some socks on my bare tootsies until Miss Sunshine pokes her head out and says “Heigh.” Oh there she is. Oh there she went. Oh well. Dress accordingly I think.

Luckily my iPhone 4 allows me to blog and listen to new music I’m living for from Will Young, The Saturdays and The Wanted while I OCD all over the place in the process with updates, email checks and phone chatting. Wake up America! I have. The time change getcha in check, huh?! Oh, the joy of that extra hour of partying. I used to live for that. Nowadays not so much.

Last night we got all gussied up and pressed over to our friends place who had a small gathering of maybe 3 to 4 hundred plus people. Yes, 400 people. The party is called “Booze and Nuts” (I believe) and the Skyy Voddy is lined up with cranberry juice, tonic, et al. and bowls of nuts positioned all over this house that has been opened up to show its grandeur. It’s phenomenal. From their white Bentley to the vaulted ceilings of white gleam holding numerous plasmas playing music videos and porn clips with the most beautiful men Palm Springs offers its the place to be when Mike and Kenny have a party. Love those guys!

Afterwards we pressed to Arenas Road for the new Block Party and that was a nice effort from the Pride committee. There’s a video of it on my Facebook Wall. We walked around for a bit and headed back up to Zin to have dinner with Grand Marshall of the parade Mindy and the rest of gay Palm Springs. Everyone was there enjoying their meals and scenes. We got a good giggle over Kaiser Grill having the rainbow flag upside down. Note: Red is on top, Purple on the bottom. New restaurant Lulu had a private event going on or they would have gotten our money for food. Hope that was a $mart deal on their part for being closed to the public on Saturday of Gay Pride, or Pride as its called in these here parts to “unite and be inclusive to all.” Bullshit. Gay pride is Gay Pride. It’s a day for LGBT (and now Q I’m seeing.) End of discussion. Or is it…

Not sure what to wear at the parade but guaranteed it will be warm and fierce. And speaking of warm there’s the sun, again. Yes, Miss Sun. Hit me with your best shot. That’s the stuff. Am I typing outside my head? I believe the point of this blog post entry was Gay Pride and how it brings up past fond memories of Pride’s past. Being blown to bits on, hmmm, how do you say… a good time, tears of sadness over ridiculous actions of others, the excitement of the very first parades I walked in, riding on floats with roommate transsexual Shawnna Brooks to Muscle Marys from World Gym with our shirts off, arriving in Amsterdam at noon during Gay Pride and the hoards of people lining the canals (not to mention the show I put on for the parade goers from our window fresh out of the shower.)

I’ve celebrated Gay Pride in New York City, Atlanta, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Long Beach and today I’m living in sunny Palm Springs about to go and find this fabulous scarf my mom made for Jacques and I knitted out of rainbow yarn. Perfect! Celebrate life and Pride. I am.


The 2011 Palm Springs Pride Celebration begins today. We locals have been preparing since this time last year. HA! :) Gays and those who appreciate pink triangles celebrate EVERYTHING LGBT this weekend across the Coachella Valley at Festivals, a NEW Free Block Party on Arenas Saturday evening starring Cazwell and Raja, a new dance party called Rapture at Hotel Zoso and of course the Parade on Sunday down Palm Canyon. Just of note, the Parade travels opposite of the usual N-S direction of the past. This year it ends at Amado with its start at Ramon. The 2011 Palm Springs Gay Pride events promise to thrill, entertain and show what Gay Pride is all about. The weather has turned rather cool so instead of Speedos one may pack Socks and Hoodies. Just Saying… World Gym Palm Springs has a 4-Day Weekend pass for $29 and is where you’ll want to be all weekend! PUMP BABY! From the fact a young kid asked me yesterday if I knew where to score some Ecstasy my initial thought was that she hasn’t done shows in years! (Inside Joke) Seems like EVERY1 will be rocking and rolling all weekend. Have Fun & Hydrate! Party Hard & Play Safe. Buy your souvenirs not unknowingly take them away from other people. Think about it…

Make it a Queer Pride people and Celebrate Your Diversity in Palm Springs this weekend. #LGBTQS (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Trans, Queer, Steven) GO GAY!