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Palm Springs has been a flurry of activity as the summer begins to very slowly fade into September. The annual Hot ‘N Dry event has descended on Coachella Valley where countless sober muscle hunks who have left the party behind but truly need the socialality of the circuit event can come to the desert and let their facial hair down, so to speak. Almost every single one of them have face fur and inked muscles covering their good attitudes and friendly spirits. There were a few of them I couldn’t look at for too long because their stunningness blinded me. I became giddy, in fact, like a good southern belle waiting for a gentleman caller to come to her parlor and do her good backstage.

Honestly, we’ve had a great time time with the visiting guys working out at World Gym. I’ve terrorized them with my non-filtered conversation and they’ve gratefully replied their love for coming back year after year. I know for a fact that the out-of-towners that come to train at World Gym from other major cities don’t get the same treatment at their home gyms. That’s why our repeat business is through the roof. We treat people like they are at home. Our staff is a set of entertainers serving many purposes for our grand members and every day is an adventure for anyone coming through the doors. Check out our Facebook Page and click “Like.”

Hot ‘N Dry has filled the Riviera Hotel and Spa for the weekend even though people began arriving on Tuesday. We’ve been running a special pass for the attendees so we’ve gotten to know many of them. Without an event pass for the weekend there’s NO entrance to the hotel. It’s very private and reserved. I wish them all a great time and gallons of strength.

Welcome to our Palm Springs Oasis! Hugs are on me…


If you haven’t been downtown lately in our incredible Palm Springs Oasis then maybe you haven’t seen the most recent sighting of the All American Goddess herself Marilyn Monroe! Yes, that’s what I said! Marilyn, Miss Marilyn has been standing her 26-foot-tall ground for a few good months now on the corner of Tahquitz Canyon and Palm Canyon Blvd. The recent remembrance on the anniversary of her death prompted crowds to turn out in droves to pay respects both here and in Los Angeles with flowers, poster prints and fan mania. She was a legend in the making, mysteriously worshiped by many and forever ours. This iconic pose is of course from her fiercely popular film The Seven Year Itch. Rest peacefully, Miss Monroe. Thanks for the inspiration to be fabulous!


I’ve been sending birthday gifts to faraway friends lately since I can’t be there. Unfortunately time and distance separates us. Fortunately there’s trusty Amazon.com Gift Cards with E-mail Delivery to help me when I can’t arrive in person. When it comes to the best birthday gifts for gay men the ideas and lists run the gamut from leather to lace depending on exactly what man we’re speaking of. It’s all good. No Tea, No Shade. I love them all. Well, most.

Every man, gay or straight, needs a trendy and classy carrying case for their Apple MacBook Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 for when they travel or simply hit the local coffeehouse. The smell of leather may attract one friend while a sturdy canvas style may suit others. Check out the look of this one… LOVE IT.



There’s been a big brouhaha lately from the likes of Anderson Cooper on Kathy Griffin’s talk show Kathy and drag superstar Chad Michaels on Twitter about travelers wearing flip-flops on airplanes and airports.  I enjoy dressing very well for flights, too. But guess what, girls. That’s never going to change unless the airlines start charging fees to wear them. Plus, during the TSA ordeal at Security, less hassle is more ease and breeze. And also, what’s the difference between women in sandals or someone in flip-flops? Just saying. So why not give your man a new pair so if he’s going to get eyes his feet look good. And a gift certificate for a pedicure would be smart! This is a wicked pair of flip-flops for the sexy man in your world…



I wear cotton boxers shorts underneath my trousers. Not that you needed to know that but it gives me room to grow on really hot days. <wink-wink> I’ve tried wearing jockey style and have before but always grab a loose pair of boxers or boxer briefs for an after-the-pool lounging or nap time apparel. Nothing says I care like giving a man a pair of new fresh underwear. Crisp white or a nice subtle print will be aces when deciding. Classic and clean… (Couldn’t help but show this picture!)



Since I live in the brutal climate of the desert of Palm Springs Oasis, my skin is something I try my best to keep looking good. Any man needs help with the diminishing of a few lines of experience on his face and DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash works wonders! Trust me. I discovered this years ago and love a dab on my fingers to really smooth out imperfections. For my skin since I have many tattoos I use Lubriderm Lotion SPF 15 . Never leave home without it. And for the eyes, this gel is amazing…



With rumors swirling of a new iPhone coming out in the fall your man may not need this but it is super helpful for those battery-eating apps. I have one and it really makes a difference. Especially when I travel or go the beach and am away from a power source. Check this out…



And finally, if you’ve never seen the Apple TV in action, you must! I’ve been curling up on the couch and scrolling through YouTube videos of drag pageants, music videos and even watching myself dancing on the big screen. With the availability of Netflix streaming through, Airplay on iTunes and more this is a special gift for that very special man you share life with. Plus, you can pick it up and take it into another room for endless enjoyment! We LOVE ours!

Happy Birthday to the MEN in our lives. They fulfill us, make us whole and we are better for loving them! Treat them the best way you know how! They deserve it! And buy yourself a little something along the way!


Now that Tim Courtney’s annual charity extravaganza Splash into Summer Bash for his non-profit organization Picture Me Happy is a great memory and successful event, I thought getting a few words from the man himself would be a nice finish to all the hard work Tim, his crew and celebrity hosts put in for the benefit of terminally ill children throughout California. I love going directly to the source and Tim tells it all.

“It was such a beautiful, fun, tasty and successfully event for Picture Me Happy (PMH.) Board members and myself received many a thank-you and tons of compliments. I’m happy to say that this year’s event brought in several thousand dollars more than the previous year’s party.”

“I am so grateful to out sponsors and our event coordinator Kerry Hendrix. Much appreciation to our celebrity guests. And a very special thank you to Mr. Steven Donnely who along with the PMH Board of Directors gave so graciously much of their time and efforts in creating a successful Splash into Summer Bash!”

“A moment of undeniable emotion came when Kandice spoke to the crowd about her and her daughter’s appreciation and gratitude for the PMH program. Kandice’s daughter Kristina has the blood disease sickle cell.” 

Incredible amounts of dedication came from Mr. Courtney and his Board of Directors including John Lustenring and John Hart, from beginning stages of planning, hitting the streets in search of generous donations and gathering an eclectic mix of celebrity to take on the hosting duties for the day. Since I was unable to attend because of schedule conflicts, I even jumped in the mix of stirring up buzz about the event through a wonderfully personal set of Q/A and features on the selfless entertainers who attended and became part of the Picture Me Happy family: Asa Soltan Rahmati, Bobbie Eakes, Michael Costello and Reza Farahan.

DJ eur-O-steve opened the dance floor to familiar tunes and from what I gather everyone who attended had a great time! One of my confidants at World Gym described DJ eur-O-steve as a “sexy pig” which gave me time for pause and ponder. What ever did he mean by that? Through the pictures I was able to see and use here courtesy of my dearest Rob, I was quietly sickened that I missed it all. Nashville was a blast and much needed but I would have also loved to attended the ACE Hotel Swim Club last weekend to support Tim, the charity and meet the celebrities in person. Ah, the life of a fierce jet setter!

In a social climate where people have their own agendas and act accordingly to their beliefs of what they should do or not, it’s often hard to get their attention pulling them out of their comfortable security of self zone. Events like these are perfect for that. In a communal venue that gives ample chance for new introductions, reconnection of frayed bonds that have occurred by time or space and the risk of having a really good time, for those who were there at ACE on Sunday I hear had a fabulous time. Can’t wait to see what next year’s event will offer us! I’ll be there with bells on!


Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had the honor of meeting the lady Bobbie Eakes in person at Spencer’s Restaurant for Bob Smith’s 50th birthday shindig. Ah, the party was done very well with just the right amount of everything. It was great to be out for the evening considering we had zero plans on doing anything! Since having Bobbie on the blog for the Picture Me Happy event at ACE, I had heard only wonderful things about her from people in the know and fans of her work on television. “She’s iconic,” a friend cooed over the phone. One of the volunteers of the charity event said of Bobbie, “She was a class act the entire time.” I agree! I fell in love with her in person.

Lorrie, one of our spin instructors at World Gym, called me over just as we were arriving to the party at Spencer’s and introduced me her friend Bobbie when I immediately replied, “Eakes?!” Bobbie smiled answering back, “Yes.” I hugged her and introduced myself as the blogger that interviewed her for the Splash into Summer Bash. “I recognize your face now, for sure. I love your blog,” Ms. Eakes flattered back which always wins me over. Compliments are well appreciated especially from such a pretty lady.

We chatted a bit and she told me a few stories of crazy fandom overseas where crowds and paparazzi hounded her and how insane it became. I got a few juicy tales of when she was competing in Miss America and how the experience really opened the door that led to her first television gig. She was so approachable and down to earth. Bobbie stood casually and discussed Europe with Jacques while I mingled the room. Meeting Bobbie Eakes was a true highlight of the night. I’m so glad we went to celebrate with Bob for his milestone birthday and enjoy the evening with good friends.


This is a quick HELLO as I’ve just returned from Nashville where I had a great time seeing friends and spending time with Mom. More details and the heres and theres of my visit are to follow but I felt like I hadn’t ran my fingers over my lighted MacBook keyboard in a few days. I have just another day of work and I’m off for a few before tackling Memorial Day back at work. I’m having fond visions of IML events past, weekends of Pensacola Beach circa mid-90s and witnessing the pageant that is Miss Gay USofA that always falls around Memorial Day Weekend.

And what about the picture above? It’s at the Cracker Barrel where I came out to my mother at when I was eighteen. Love those rocking chairs. Price tag that my mother had to turn round when she used her new phone to take my picture: $149. Here’s hoping everyone enjoys themselves this weekend, and parties smartly and safely. In Palm Springs, the number for American Cab is 760-322-4444. Don’t be silly.


Here we are in the home stretch of the Picture Me Happy charity event Splash into Summer Bash at ACE Hotel Swim Club and very few tickets are left. Founder Tim Courtney has been working diligently with his team on this event for a while and he’s thrilled at the turnout of support. The latest happenings include the joining of soap opera legend Bobbie Eakes who has offered to give her time and appear with our Reality Royalty celebrity hosts Asa Soltan Rahmati, Reza Farahan and Michael Costello.

Bobbie Eakes was Miss Georgia in 1982 making the Top 10 at Miss America and has been a shining star ever since. Between her famous roles on All My Children and The Bold and The Beautiful, to her musical performances with Collin Raye and dear friend the handsome Jeff Trachta, through her dedicated charity work, Bobbie gives of herself in the hopes of bringing true goodness around her. She is lucky enough to still have time to pursue her music with the Divas, a country-pop trio made of fellow actresses Kassie DePaiva and Kathy Brier.

Here’s what Bobbi had to say when asked about the ins and outs of celebrity, the competitive pageant world and the life of a popular soap opera actress. Forthcoming, approachable and so real. She is simply gorgeous!

Steven Michael – Good morning, Lady. Thanks again for being involved in Tim Courtney’s charity benefit. Everyone is excited and the energy for the event is everywhere. Glad you’re going to be part of it! Let’s jump right into a round of Q/A so people may know you a bit better. Here we go…

I know you and Jeff Trachta are close and have performed for years together and making music. How does he influence and encourage you to be better and keep going? I love Jeff. He’s so talented!

Bobbie Eakes – Jeff has been a dear friend of mine for many years. We not only played husband and wife on The Bold and The Beautiful but we also recorded two double platinum records in Europe and toured extensively. We’ve had so many laughs together and he’ll always be a like a brother to me. His positive outlook on life is so uplifting and he lavishes those he loves with encouragement and complements.

I agree, Bobbie. I know Jeff from the gym and have always had a great connection. So genuine. He treated us to his wonderful performance at the Spa Resort Casino a few years back and we LOVED the show. His voices are amazing!

***Jeff Trachta had this to say about Bobbie via Twitter, “Not only is Bobbie Eakes one of the most talented people I know, she is a great friend with the biggest heart.”



When you are having downtime, away from the camera-ready makeup and hair, what are you wearing and doing? Are you able to have these moments without the viewer’s eyes, so to speak?

I’m usually very casual during the day. And, with this hot Palm Springs weather I can’t be bothered getting too dressed up most of the time. Also, exercise is a big part of my routine so I’m often in my running gear. I’ll only put on make up if I’m going out somewhere to lunch or dinner, etc.

I believe there’s going to be plenty of sunscreen at the event on Sunday. One of the pharmacies, CVS – I believe, donated a ton of it! The weather is supposed to be 103. How does celebrity feel? Overwhelming or do you take it for what it’s worth and see it clearly?

Well, let’s be very clear, I’m not a celebrity to the point that it is a bother. I don’t have paparazzi following me around town. I do have a lot of very supportive and kind fans and it’s a great feeling to know that you brighten someones day through your work, whether it’s portraying a character on tv and film or through my music. I try to keep up with all the wonderful fans through Twitter and Facebook.

I was on the set of Passions once and it was so quiet when they were filming these dramatic scenes that would usually have music churning through. Are you ever able to step outside yourself during a scene and soak it all in? You’ve been very successful in television.

I have always been very grateful for the work I’ve gotten to do. I try to never take it for granted because I sincerely feel blessed to be working for such a long time in this industry. When I’m in a scene, if it’s all going the way it’s meant to, I completely lose myself in the work and become that character. It helps to be working opposite talented actors who make it that much more real for you.

The longevity of a soap opera actor can be quite lengthy and profound. If you could act, sing or something else ONLY, what would you do? What’s most important to you regarding performing?

I get this question all the time and it is impossible for me to answer it. And to be frank, I don’t want to jinx it! I’ve always been able to do all the things that I want to do. I’ve been a singer and actor since my teens and I don’t see any reason why that can’t continue for years to come.

I agree, Bobbie! Keep chasing dreams and following true passions. I do! Any wonderful tales from the set you would like to share. A thrill of working with this actor or really couldn’t believe that something happened to that one’s character? Some juicy soap opera spill would be great!

One memorable job was playing opposite Dick Van Dyke in an episode of Matlock. It was one of my first roles and I played Dick’s young girlfriend. He murders me in a jealous rage and I’ll never forget how strange it was to see the always warm and funny Mr. Van Dyke playing a vicious killer. Looking up at him ‘stabbing’ me was frightening and surreal. That was probably the first and last time he ever played that kind of a villain.

How bizarre! Yes, he’s usually happy-go-lucky always. What about competing in pageants did you enjoy and not enjoy? Any fun memories?

I had an all around great experience as Miss Georgia and was thrilled to compete as a Top Ten finalist in Atlantic City. About a year after the competition, I actually moved into a house in Burbank with the girl who won Miss America that year, Debra Sue Maffett, along with Miss Tennessee and Miss Louisiana. If reality TV had been around back then, it would have made a great series. :)

This wonderful finale with Bobbie Eakes completes my series featuring the headliners of Picture Me Happy’s Splash into Summer Bash at ACE Hotel this Sunday! Since I’m going to be in Nashville visiting home and unable to attend, I really wanted to contribute my time the best way I could. For those attending, enjoy yourselves and meet new friends! Tweet me pictures and let me know how everything goes! And know that you’re doing a great thing by helping children that can really use your compassion and care.


When it comes to getting the exact mood an event needs to be successful, a fierce DJ must to be available for filling the ears and spirits of the party goers, and get them to the dance floor. West Hollywood has that precious gem in their midst and you can find him creating magic as the resident DJ at the beautiful Mickey’s on Santa Monica Boulevard. DJ eur-O-steve hails from the UK but finds America as his home now. For everyone attending the Picture Me Happy charity benefit at ACE Hotel Swim Club May 20, DJ eur-O-steve will be the one making your feet move and heart race with jams, rhythms and grooves!

I’ve been elated that I’ve been able to assist charity founder Tim Courtney with getting some media love out for the event including these quick Q/A teasers with the celebrity hosts and now with our Musical Magician. Everyone has been so generous with their time and effort getting the round of questions back to me, I’m loving what I’ve been able to share with you.

Steven Michael – How did you get started in spinning music and creating wonderful moments for people with your mixing? Do you use the modern day way with a nice laptop or do you have to schlep discs or (Gasp!) vinyl into your clubs and events?

DJ eur-O-steve – Started as a DJs assistant in London, doing the back-breaking schlepping of the heavy vinyl – seeing their talent got me hooked! Now I use the modern way with a laptop controlled by CD or vinyl – able to have a much larger catalogue at hand, but not relying on any automation to mix!

Do you find people want to get at you more because of your status as a DJ? Do you have Groupies and $tarFuc#ers around you at all times?

Definitely, there are some hilarious colourful characters, or people expect you to “put them on the list” – I recall getting unfoundedly “heckled” for the first time in the US just recently, was quite an experience – the dancers and crowd near the stage turned against them and they got ejected, the dancers I work with are so good to me!

I admit that during my performing days I had a few bitter queens that booed me once and you need that support. What do you go through when you have a dance floor and no one on it but plenty of people in the club and nothing seems to be what they want to hear? What is your secret weapon on moving people on to the dance floor?

Every DJs nightmare – it does happen sometimes, or a crowd is tough to get “warmed up.” I will cycle through some different material and watch closely to body movement, or toe tapping until you find the right element. I have stuff up my sleeve that I find people can’t resist in the form of certain “flashback” re-worked tracks.

The crowd at the ACE will have a great space for dancing so turn them out. What music will you be playing at Splash into Summer Bash at ACE Hotel? Vocal diva standards everyone knows or tribal infused friction sounds for the hardcore? Is this more along the lines of what you usually play or do you tailor it to the venue and theme?

Fun, happy, energetic vocal house/electronica is perfect for a daytime pool party – which is actually a personal favourite style. Every physical event needs to be tailoured somewhat, have to gauge, respond, and adapt to the crowd in terms of musical style and choices.

Sounds perfect for the Palm Springs personalities. DJs spend many a late night in clubs and at circuit parties. How do you do it night after night? Doesn’t it wear you out or are you a bit peculiar when and where you work?

It can wear you down if you spread yourself too thinly, (so to speak) – I do choose when and where I work and make sure that the places are enough diversified to keep me fresh and sharp at it!

Any feelings or memories about our Palm Springs Oasis? Do you make it down often? And what do you do when you’re not working?

LOVE IT! It really is such a wonderful relaxing place to go and chill, or have fun with friends there. I am quite hooked, hopefully be working more gigs there to get me out more often! When I’m not working I am a trashy television addict, but also keep myself fit at the gym and hiking.