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Steven’s Heading to Mr. Gay USofA in San Antonio!

usofa logoHere I grow again! I can’t stay away from the stage, I swear. And why would I?! It’s too good. The warmth of the spotlight causes me pause to bask in its glow once more. After a wonderful qualifying round in Phoenix I’m heading to Mr. Gay USofA this Novemember in San Antonio, Texas! Of course there’s more to the story… Follow me this way!


What’s Going On in Popular Culture Now

Kim GravelAs we reach the finale of January, Mother Nature nails Atlanta with Highway Snowpocalypse 2014 leaving stranded motorists in cars for hours upon hours sitting on icy impassible freeways. And since some departed their cars and began to walk to rescue, deserted cars now scatter the roads for messy clean-up. As winter provides the frigid temperatures creating chilly cold throughout the north and southeast, we lucky ones in California are hanging in with typically warm days. Today was cooler in the Valley but we’re in good shape compared to most.


Why I Want to Become Mr. EOY 2013

Mr. EOY Contestant Steven Michael

As many of you know I’m entering the national contest for the title of Mr. EOY 2013, Entertainer of the Year, in just a few short weeks. Of the few reputable national systems there are for gay entertainers, Entertainer of the Year is among the elite of respected competitions and titles. There are just a few I would stake my place in and EOY is one of the most-definites. I’m quite lucky that it is an open contest because unfortunately there aren’t many male preliminaries to enter out this way west. Yet. Give me the chance and let’s see where we can take it all!

The pageant will be held at The Connection in Louisville, KY, July 25-27. The male division of the contest will run alongside the King EOY and Miss EOY F.I. with some categories overlapping throughout the week. King begins with Mr. starting the next night and Miss the next with King being crowned and so forth. There will be tons of people in town that I know and love dear so I’m just as excited about seeing my family and friends as I am getting back into the spotlight again. It’s a win-win situation.

Blessedly when I decided to compete for Mr. EOY 2013 I spoke to my main sponsor and he came forward with such incredible generosity I couldn’t turn back. Competing for Gent in March gave me a taste of greater things to come. That was a wonderful dress rehearsal for me to get to this next stage. I was able to shake off the cobwebs a bit and find my footing on the stage again. My pageant package for EOY is jacked up, laid out, smooth to the touch and rough on the ride. Again, I’m able to bring exactly what I wanted to and present myself my way. In the famous words of a sweet confidant, “I’m going to give the children the business.”

A few things still need attention but the security of knowing that I can honestly and thankfully say that I’m in good shape brings relief to a contestant such as myself. I could always use another dollar or two for travel and whatnot but I’ve had a good team of individuals come to the rescue of an optimistic but realistic showdaddy back on the scene after such a break of time. If you or someone would like to assist or donate a few dollars to my run for Entertainer of the Year 2103, please know that no amount is too small. If you’re in the Louisville area in a few weeks and can lend a cheering voice for #TeamStevenMichael we would love to see and hear you there!

Somehow between working full-time and having a secure home life I’ve been able to bling every piece of fabric in sight while almost losing my vision in the process, create a very special and unique package to bring to Kentucky and enjoy the journey along the way with minimal stress. This road was much shorter than the last one but I work very well with a schedule. Again, I feel really good. Everything is everything.

Let’s face it. I don’t have many opportunities to step on stage and perform for an audience these days. There’s not too many spots for a 45-year-shwerqing man who looks for a spotlight no matter where he goes out here in the quiet resort town of Palm Springs. I’m working incredibly hard to become Mr. EOY 2013 because accomplishing something so great and having it become part of my legacy will allow me to live my dreams time and time again. The dream of being on stage, entertaining an audience and becoming part of something greater than I am alone.

Thanks to my generous sponsors for #TeamStevenMichael: SKINN by Dimitri James, Southern Star Entertainment, Kristin Cason, Legacy Dance Studio Nashville and my AMAZE dancers, Bobby Smith, Tyler White, Hedge Palm Springs, Delorian Chase, Eric Ornelas, Trinity Taylor, my incredible mom and loving partner Jacques.

And as the games begin… May the best man win.


All American Gent 2013

Every once in a while I update what’s happening with my pageant run for Mr. All American Gent 2013 on the special place I created for that The Road to All American Gent 2013 Blog but the updates don’t make it here too often. I’ve been very wrapped up in the holidays and found myself working quietly here at the house while people buzz about making waves around town and beyond. My “drag closet” is busting at the seams with costumery projects that would give Project Runway squirrels a run for their reality.

It does overwhelm from time to time as a patient deep breath guides me through the perfected process of running for a national title such as Mr. All American Gent 2013. However, please don’t confuse an overwhelm of moment with weakness and despair. Oh, contrare. Things look really good. Again, if it wasn’t for my sponsors I wouldn’t be typing these words and heading to compete. THEY are the reason I’ll be there with my A Game, because Baby… This isn’t cheap! Trust me. Gagging.

As I discover E6000 glue worms around knuckles and a stranded 20ss A/B rhinestone in the distance I see finality of the process in the horizon while another deep breath comes over me. But for a different reason. I’ll be sad to see this end. I much more invested, literally, than I ever imagined I’d be. Win, lose or WIN! I’ll be richer because of the experience I have gone and will go through. I hope to be living  and doing that as Mr. All American Gent while spreading Scott’s word and passion for the art of entertainment and illusion to listening ears and eyes. We’ll see on March 16.

And then comes the aftermath. If I don’t do as well as I’m seeing things now, congrats to the winners and continue my support naturally. No Tea, No Shade. I’m going to have a great time, regardless of what hands we are dealt. Everyone I know that is competing for Gent is either a former national title holder or quite the deal so we will ALL be fierce. It’s going to be great contest. Plus, the national All American Goddess at Large 2013 pageant is also happening alongside ours which means bigger crowds and more excitement for the weekend at Masque Nightclub in Dayton, Ohio.

The winner of Gent will have his first booking at the final night of AAG at Large which means even more drag and routine for him. This all comes into play for me since there’s a good chance that I may be staying to perform. I have to think this way or what would I be going to compete? The possibilities excite me considerably. Which reminds me… Off to the gym to train.

Dates of Mr. All American Gent 2013 – March 14-16, 2013. Hope to see you there! X