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The Saturdays “Finest Selection” Album Review

The Saturdays Greatest HitsOur favorite divas from the U.K. smash girl-group The Saturdays have stopped for a hot minute from having babies and getting married to release their greatest hits disc called Finest Selection. The compilation also contains three new tracks that are destined to be hits! All of their best songs are included from gay dance floors fillers to power ballads raw with emotion. The disc is coming out in two sets. One with only one disc and the other with three discs including even more hits from days past, edits and remixes.  The booklet from the single disc set includes personal notes from each the girls and music credits. Not much more. Hopefully the bonus set will include more reflection on a vast and exciting career. There were some missed opportunities on this first disc release inside the booklet. However, the music will always be pop candy perfection and it’s all here in a great format. Here’s my take on the catalogue. Plus, I’ll also review certain aspects of their individual video releases too!


What is Trending in Gay Culture Today

Muscular Male Torso Isolated on WhiteGay Culture means different things to different people. Where you may have someone worshiping the Housewives another may live and breathe LGBT rights through heated politics. Spread across Facebook we witness drag pageantry at its finest while self-adulation spawns through fitness models thanking their fans for 10,000 “likes.” Don’t get me wrong. If you’re building a brand then social your network until your fingers bleed. I’m with you. But also face the music that sings a song asking how if you’re not your own biggest fan then how do you expect anyone else to follow suit?

Confidence vs. Arrogance. Discuss…


Interviewing Out Rocker Kent James

NickNameByRobHollisA few years ago I stumbled upon pictures of this very hot guy performing queer punk music under the guise of Nick Name. At the time he was giving me a mix of Henry Rollins and metal-shredder Scott Ian from Anthrax with a familiar dash of any in-you-face turn-us-out rockers from our day. And I say “our” day because anyone reading this of any age or generation knows the type I’m telling of. Current musical gruffers and scruffers have included Limp Biscuit, Korn and the like. Little did I know that Nick Name was so much more than just a catchy moniker



Glam rocker and shock talker Adam Lambert brings his always intriguing solo show to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio tomorrow evening July 21. Promoting his newest album Trespassing, American Idol alum Adam promises an evening of perfected guy-liner, blinged-out costumery and a pelvic thrust or two. We would love to be going but San Diego Pride calls us down south and a trip to Black’s Beach will provide the sandcastle backdrop. I’ll throw some Adam Lambert on the playlist for the road trip. My favorites? The attitude-infused Whataya Want From Me, sass-fueled For Your Entertainment and epic ballad Time For Miracles.



Welcome back to Palm Springs, Adam! Thanks for being real, staying true and doing you. Enjoy the show, everyone! And prepare yourself for the horrid seating. Those floor chairs are ridiculously uncomfortable. Just saying…


Every once in a while I’ll do a feature on people who I call The DreamChasers. Ones that have reached out to me in hopes of some media love and recognition for jobs well done. I’m unable to get to everyone right away and some things just aren’t right for the site. I include artists here for features of entertainers that I believe in and who grabbed my attention. They are varied but talented and I’m thrilled to have a piece of them here on my domain.

“Life Goes On” is the latest offering from out rapper and singer Solomon who infuses his own experiences of adolescent rumblings, drug fueled youth and family turmoil to create honest music that has a really nice edge to it. The melody is comfortable and his voice is cool. I love his sexy pout. (I wanna chew his lips off!) Solomon says this when asked about being a rapper and a singer, “I’m an artist. There are days I rap and days I sing. Just so happens this new single is a dance single.” He also cover’s Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and does a great job on it. I love her version while he really makes it his own. I honestly enjoyed it. Especially the rap during towards the end. I was just getting off to the hot “Wit Us You Can’t…” Very kicky and up.

Check out Solomon and let us know what you think! I’m feeling him and what he’s doing! Wishing him BIG LUCK from my camp. WHURQ!




Indie-Electro-Rocker Mac Valentine contacted me through my website in hopes for some media love and audience appreciation. He just relocated to Palm Springs so I definitely wanted to bring him to light and introduction as our new neighbor. Valentine is an accomplished solo artist that mixes hard-edged electronica in the style of heavy hitters in rock as Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Korn and Marilyn Manson (without the distinctive rasp.) OS 1.01 is Mac’s first album and is really worth a listen. Valentine even offers a free download of the album. The tracks I found quite kick-ass were the electro-groove of “Hurts You Like Hell” and driving force of “Arm the Alarm.” Both “Let Heaven Rebuke Me” and “Be My Man” both bring home the honest theme of self acceptance and personal struggles. This queer shock rocker has something that caught my attention and hope you give him a listen. 13 original songs – ALL ROCKING!


Last evening the Dolls were giving The Princess time to erase Lashauwn’s departure note off the mirror on RDR before RuPaul delivered the inevitable She Mail across the screen basically plugging her albums Champion and Glamazon (available on Amazon and iTunes — wink!) Helping others is the theme for the Mini Challenge where the girls create butterfly headpieces for RuPaul super fan Piyah Martell who was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome that kept her spine and legs from fully developing inside her mother’s womb.

Through popularity and a fan base online and YouTube, RuPaul found this diva and brought her into the show to express that no limitation is to great to get around. Very Inspiring, she was. Butterflies flew and the winners were Phi Phi and Kenya with Jiggly who scooted on their bus because she was odd-queen-out, rather odd number of Dolls, so Mizz Caliente was able to choose which camp she wanted to be with. “The Pretty Girls,” she chose when everyone paired up and she was alone. They won! Piyah was lovely and the Pit Crew escorted her off with her new drag! GO GIRL!

The Main Stage Challenge was having two teams spilt up and create informercials for RuPaul’s albums with a theme in mind. Work. Wurq. Wherk! The teams get busy with Kenya as leader on one side with Dida taking over her role because she could and the other team with Chad Michaels turning out 80s realness with The Princess who struggled considerably. Phi Phi figured she’d give Sharon Needles a role in her usual “goth drag” which really stole the show. Some girls really felt their infomercial and others did not.

In the end, Glee diva Amber Riley and Natalie Cole sat with Santino and Michelle Visage on the judges podium while the Dolls delivered gold and platinum runway gorgeousness. When the announcements were made, Sharon Needles turned it! Chad and Kenya brought in the next top spots where as low queens on the totem pole this week were Dida and The Princess who would, of course, “lip-sync for their life.” As This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) played and Natalie knew the words (her song!) Dida worked that runway into her very own. Mamma owned that number, no question. The Princess couldn’t keep up and was instructed to “Sashay, Away!”

However, final thoughts… Michelle Visage is giving Chad Michaels the business about being “too perfect” like she was giving to Alexis Mateo last season. Here we go again! Also, do they provide razors to the Dolls? Hello, Five O’Clock Shadows…. There is a heavy base that would work for that! USE IT!


I L-U-V when new artists and entertainers come to me in hopes to be mentioned on my blog. It humbles me and when I am able to help and accommodate I’m happy to. Matthew Duffy is unapologetically one queen who is not afraid of paint and mugging for the camera. Loving it! Here with his latest offering “MAN OUT OF YOU” (all caps) starring the sexy Ronnie Kroell of Make Me a Supermodel on Bravo TV and Playgirl fame. The video toys with the notion of men being many types of men including flamboyant queers, bearded ladies, muscle freaks in lingerie, the dominant man and his submissive counterparts. The song asks begs the answer if one may be many at the same time. I have ALWAYS thought we could. Matthew turns this out and I worship his glasses, both Gaga-esque inspired mirrored and mustache-hanging black rim shades. Check this guy out and let us know what you think! Pass the words…

“Watch me walk, in my heels. Looks as good, as it feels.” WURK IT, MATTHEW!


It’s early Super Bowl Sunday morning and I figured I’d better toss in my three cents and some change of sense about Madonna’s performance later today at the halftime of the Super Bowl between two teams of beefy men trying to get a leather clutch of air over some line of finality without getting tackled by the opposer. While reading up on kickoff times and how either the Patriots or Giants will reign and (Super Bowl) ring supreme over their nemesis, I see how they are describing Madonna’s performance as “imagined” by Cirque du Soleil and choreographer Jamie King. Guaranteed it will be Spectacular! Spectacular! nonetheless.

Spawning Smash Hits “Borderline” and “Lucky Star”

Album Certified Five Times Platinum!

I see her new song Give Me All Your Luvin’ as the main focus with a serious medley of her biggest hits included somehow. Hopefully, if she does a crazy light show like the Black Eyes Peas tried last year they will all function. That’s all I remember about their show as that one area giving crickets to viewers and fans with not nary a light, nor flicker. I do imagine that the magical formula of Cirque du Soleil will be twisted into a fabulous explosion of gyrations, aerialists, contortionists and at least one (hopefully) calculated surprise of “Oh no she didn’t!” be it wardrobe “re”function, male dancer on male dancer action or maybe she’ll paddle Nicki Minaj’s bootylicious booty. Whatever she does, it will be dissected, worshiped, read, watched, talked about and trending all day and night, trust.

“Ray of Light” and “Frozen” Stand Out on this Album!

This is Madonna at her Best!

When it comes to her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” I have to be honest in saying that it’s nothing we haven’t heard or seen before. I’ve known Madonna since her not so humble beginnings on American Bandstand saying to Dick Clark that she wanted rule the world. That, she has, and still does in many a people’e eye. Madge has had over three decades of chart toppers, millions in album sales, amazing publicity stunts heard round the world and one horribly constructed but incredibly explicit book of stunning pornography of her as the focus appropriately titled Sex. But I have always seen her as the trailblazer and trendsetter I saw her hungry to become from the beginning. And she has become that and more, yes…

Includes the Scandalous and Brilliant “Like a Prayer”

A Favorite Among True Madonna Fans!

Now, honesty must succeed and I say the last effort and her latest of late really don’t have the presence of “Ray of Light” or “Frozen,” “Rain” or “Take a Bow,” “Holiday” or “Like a Prayer.” Among her MANY standouts in her anthology, these were groundbreaking at their time. What she is doing now is not. She seems to be grabbing on what is happening now, which I get. Throw in the hot ticket of the moment. Translation: Nicki Minaj plus M.I.A. Swirl in a catchy beat that is hard to beat and easy to sing. And BAM! New single, back on top. I get it all, trust. I know how the Hollywood Star Machine works and I ain’t mad. But, as an opinionist and gay entertainment journalist I feel I must, too, comment and weigh in. I grew up with her, came out with her and do indeed think she is a force. However, I want more.

I’ve always seen Madonna as a trailblazing leader in the music and celebrity scene and somewhere down the way, through a British accent of authority and clarity, she has lost her voice. She looks amazing in her video and was funny on the Graham Norton Show recently. I do enjoy seeing what she’ll do next. I just hope that it’s as shocking as she once was. Deliver to us, Madonna. And we pray.


Let my lovely ladies of the UK pop music scene share each wonderful moment of 2012 in this fabulous and fierce calendar of photos and imagery of The Saturdays! Amazon has it and you should order it before it’s too late! Let Rochelle, Una, Frankie, Mollie and Vanessa bring light into each and every day of the new year. And pick up their newest album On Your Radar. It’s Available Now!

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