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BellaVita iPhone4 Case

I had been looking for the right leather wallet that would hold a few cards, some bills and my iPhone for traveling or quick trip out. You know I’m a fiend for fierce gay fashion trends! I finally found it! BellaVita offers this leather case that comfortably holds the iPhone 4/4S, your ID, a few credit cards/business cards and a few bills. I chose mine in brown leather because everything I own is black. Change is good.

BellaVita iPhone 4 Case

The packaging was quite impressive. I kept the box, naturally. I know that I’m going to get the iPhone 5 very soon but also know that’s not happening tomorrow so this works wonderfully for now. Hopefully BellaVita will come out with one for iPhone 5 and I’ll happily move over relinquishing mine to someone else. The great thing about this is the open slots for charging cords and listening to music with headphones without removal of case. I bet once the case is worn in a bit it will offer a bit more room for an extra card or two.

BellaVita iPhone 4 Case

I’m thrilled with this! Check it out and find the BellaVita Espresso iPhone 4/4S Wallet in espresso brown like mine. Let’s be Twinsies.


When it comes to buying holiday presents, what do gay men want for Christmas? Well, any trendy and happening queer must have the hottest things out there! Be it the new Apple iPhone 5 or the fiercest Kindle Fire, a gay man finds himself drawn to these hot items for the holidays. Santa Baby, drop these fabulous presents down the chimney tonight! I’ve been an awful good boy. Grab your quill and ink! Let’s get shopping.

So if you’re not an Apple man (I joke were all together in the cult Steve Jobs created!) then you must love your PC. Have Windows 8 yet? Why not upgrade and discover this 15.6″ of touch screen realness! If I didn’t simply adore my Apple MacBook Pro in such a worshiping way, I’d really dig this. I have an Acer that’s a few years old and can attest that they make great computers.



Wanna be noticed on the slopes? What better way than to find the brightest color to stand out against the white snow? Here’s is one hot hue perfect for any rebel snowboarder or graceful skier! I love this jacket so much! Wish we had more opportunity to wear our ski clothes! Maybe this winter…



What time is it? It’s time to showcase those stunning watches and keep the dust off the gorgeous pieces. I’ve always wanted one of these. This is a perfect gift for the man who likes nice things in his world! By him one and grab an extra for yourself!



Need the fiercest song of the year to carry you into 2013? Ring in Happy New Year’s Eve with this jamming pump and dance floor filler. Ne-Yo is one of the hottest artists around today. I LOVE this damn song. Simple but sick!



Out of ideas? Can’t decide? Let your man decide for himself. As cliche as they can be, gift cards are a welcomed change from the wrong choice and waste of money. I love receiving them and have no problem giving them as great gifts, too. Try it. He may like it!



Smile and the world smiles with you, right?! Well, these toothbrushes are wonderful at what they do. A dear friend gave us a set years ago and we love them still! Simply run the vibration across your teeth and let the brushes do the work. And a dab of peroxide on your bristles afterward can gently remove stains.




I’ve been sending birthday gifts to faraway friends lately since I can’t be there. Unfortunately time and distance separates us. Fortunately there’s trusty Amazon.com Gift Cards with E-mail Delivery to help me when I can’t arrive in person. When it comes to the best birthday gifts for gay men the ideas and lists run the gamut from leather to lace depending on exactly what man we’re speaking of. It’s all good. No Tea, No Shade. I love them all. Well, most.

Every man, gay or straight, needs a trendy and classy carrying case for their Apple MacBook Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 for when they travel or simply hit the local coffeehouse. The smell of leather may attract one friend while a sturdy canvas style may suit others. Check out the look of this one… LOVE IT.



There’s been a big brouhaha lately from the likes of Anderson Cooper on Kathy Griffin’s talk show Kathy and drag superstar Chad Michaels on Twitter about travelers wearing flip-flops on airplanes and airports.  I enjoy dressing very well for flights, too. But guess what, girls. That’s never going to change unless the airlines start charging fees to wear them. Plus, during the TSA ordeal at Security, less hassle is more ease and breeze. And also, what’s the difference between women in sandals or someone in flip-flops? Just saying. So why not give your man a new pair so if he’s going to get eyes his feet look good. And a gift certificate for a pedicure would be smart! This is a wicked pair of flip-flops for the sexy man in your world…



I wear cotton boxers shorts underneath my trousers. Not that you needed to know that but it gives me room to grow on really hot days. <wink-wink> I’ve tried wearing jockey style and have before but always grab a loose pair of boxers or boxer briefs for an after-the-pool lounging or nap time apparel. Nothing says I care like giving a man a pair of new fresh underwear. Crisp white or a nice subtle print will be aces when deciding. Classic and clean… (Couldn’t help but show this picture!)



Since I live in the brutal climate of the desert of Palm Springs Oasis, my skin is something I try my best to keep looking good. Any man needs help with the diminishing of a few lines of experience on his face and DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash works wonders! Trust me. I discovered this years ago and love a dab on my fingers to really smooth out imperfections. For my skin since I have many tattoos I use Lubriderm Lotion SPF 15 . Never leave home without it. And for the eyes, this gel is amazing…



With rumors swirling of a new iPhone coming out in the fall your man may not need this but it is super helpful for those battery-eating apps. I have one and it really makes a difference. Especially when I travel or go the beach and am away from a power source. Check this out…



And finally, if you’ve never seen the Apple TV in action, you must! I’ve been curling up on the couch and scrolling through YouTube videos of drag pageants, music videos and even watching myself dancing on the big screen. With the availability of Netflix streaming through, Airplay on iTunes and more this is a special gift for that very special man you share life with. Plus, you can pick it up and take it into another room for endless enjoyment! We LOVE ours!

Happy Birthday to the MEN in our lives. They fulfill us, make us whole and we are better for loving them! Treat them the best way you know how! They deserve it! And buy yourself a little something along the way!


This is a quick HELLO as I’ve just returned from Nashville where I had a great time seeing friends and spending time with Mom. More details and the heres and theres of my visit are to follow but I felt like I hadn’t ran my fingers over my lighted MacBook keyboard in a few days. I have just another day of work and I’m off for a few before tackling Memorial Day back at work. I’m having fond visions of IML events past, weekends of Pensacola Beach circa mid-90s and witnessing the pageant that is Miss Gay USofA that always falls around Memorial Day Weekend.

And what about the picture above? It’s at the Cracker Barrel where I came out to my mother at when I was eighteen. Love those rocking chairs. Price tag that my mother had to turn round when she used her new phone to take my picture: $149. Here’s hoping everyone enjoys themselves this weekend, and parties smartly and safely. In Palm Springs, the number for American Cab is 760-322-4444. Don’t be silly.


It’s New Year’s Eve and you have nothing to play! On your Apple iPod Touch, that it. What music will rock you into the new year and better yet, tonight?! The day is still young and there’s work to be done here in 2011 so get this going and enjoy the rest of your day (he said to himself aloud.) These tunes have been the ultimate music in the ears of listeners in 2011 and like any great music, it will be delivering for years to come. Let’s get playing!

One of the hardest working gals in the music industry today is Rihanna. I secretly love everything she does but encourage her to take a break before she burns out. Loud by Rihanna has more singles than I can count at time of publish of this post so guarantee the album is fierce! But know the singles you may not know now will soon, too, be radio chart toppers. Go Girl! “I like it, like it. C’mon.”

To be a Follower (capitalize that in honor of thee) is to also know good and well that I love them girls from the UK that have been turning it out for years without much America impact. Well, they are here or soon will be! Learn them! Love them. My girls have delivered an amazing new album with On Your Radar by The Saturdays. Being privy to media love on occasion I have already learned the entire album and worship it. Can’t wait for Frankie, Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle (congrats on the engagement!) and Una (good luck with the new baby!) become household names in the US. Crossing fingers, and the pond. “And the whispers behind the frowns say ‘Girl, that ain’t pretty.'”

So, Miss Nicki Minaj is a lot of things to take at once but the main thing is that one should get used to her because she’s around for a while. Her style, wacko. He nerve, strong. Her talent, prominent. Her music, all over. Her best is here with Pink Friday [Deluxe Edition] by Nicki Minaj. If you’re a fan of Will.i.Am and THE E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) by the Black Eyed Peas (another smash invasion of the hit singles) then you’ll want this! Trust. Another group that isn’t going very far anytime soon. “I like that Boom Boom Pow! I’m so 3008. You’re so 2000 and late.”

When musical groups become successful one or tow of them often feel they can branch out into their own foray as a solo artist. But when you’re as big, meaning number of members, as the Pussycat Dolls then after the spotlight begins to shift solo projects begin to sprout quite quickly. We have seen it finally work for Nicole Sherzinger after a few good efforts. Now we have Show Me by Jessica Sutta, the latest kitty purring her way onto the singles charts. Once you hear it, you’ll love it. “Words, words, all they are is stupid poetry in verse.”

And one for the road… the winners of the UK version of The X Factor are a girl group (yes, me and my girlies!) and from what I’ve heard, they sound really good together. Looking forward to hearing more from these new divas. Check out Cannonball by Little Mix and tell me what you think. And while you’re at taking this new sound, hear Video Games by Lana Del Rey. Fabulously haunting, romantically eerie and quite different than anything you’ve ever heard. Hear it.

Happy 2012!!! xoSM


Dear Santa,

I’m gay. And since you’re someone I’ve had created for me then why not be honest in telling you what a gay man wants for a fabulous Christmas. Now, we should face it and realize that anything a gay man wants for himself he more than likely will simply buy for himself. However, there are times when great gift ideas for the gay man is full-on needed in a pinch. But what do you buy someone who has everything?! Here’s some super choices in buying for the gay man in your life for the holidays. Pass this along to a few of those fabulous little elves dressed in ink I saw twirling around you. Just saying… xoSM.

Everybody, not only gay men, should check out DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash because I’ve been using it for years. Leave it in the shower and after using a nice facial scrub dab a small amount of this into your hand and apply around face especially where “experience” lines tend to gather or you have un-smooth skin and leave on for a good twenty or so seconds and rinse off. Once you look in the mirror after your shower you’re going to be surprised in how your incredibly fresh  your skin looks. Trust me on this. I’m a vain gay man who cares about these things. Again, just saying.

Mens Black Leather Grooming Set is a super idea for gay men because if they travel a lot then it looks stylish and fresh when going through security and impressive to their friends. We all love a good manicure and relaxing pedicure but sometimes don’t have time. Give your gay everything he will need for looking his best this holiday season. Plus this one has extra space, too!

Nothing looks as clean and fresh as a brand new Ralph Lauren Mens Polo Shirt for the man in your life. With jeans and flip-flops or even nice khakis a solid Polo makes any man look handsome, approachable and practical. Grab a color that will match his eyes well and that compliments his hair or suits his image. And if he can get away with a bright-ass color then get him one.

If you’re really feeling like turning the party under the tree this year then get the man that means the most to you (if that indeed IS you then that’s fine, too!) this smart Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery  for their iPhone 4. The case comes in white and black so if grand ideas are your thing then this is what you’ll want to check out.

Finally, nothings screams butch dad other than these damn shoes right here. LOVE THEM! ASICS Men’s Split Second 8 Wrestling Shoe. I wear an 11.5 in this style. Just saying. I’ve worn them for years and always get the compliments. May have to grab this pair for myself because they are fierce. Happy Birthday to me, early!


Just a quick posting on life today and as of late. I’m typing on my BRAND NEW MacBook Pro and it’s Super Fierce. My Acer Laptop was giving me greater fever and this new purchase has made those bad memories go quickly away. This brilliant machine does so much it’s hard to make sense of it but I intend on making the most of it. The Vegas-Style back-lit keyboard is AMAZE and it will be nice to sync an Apple iPhone with an Apple computer! The guys at the Apple Store on El Paseo were quick on the sell and even though this week marks the release of the New iPhone 4S we escaped unscathed through the line to get in to purchase one. With financing available at the store, I walked out proudly with MacBook Pro in hand and LUVZ IT. Still figuring things out so there will be more to come… ANY advice is welcomed! X