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Gay Culture Crashes Into 2014

When social media buzzes, people listen. And the talk happening right now? Ah, it’s getting crazy up in here with the goings on. The Olympics have dominated many a television except for ours. We really haven’t been bothered in the slightest. With all of the hatred and anti-LGBT treatment gays in Russia go through the last thing we want to do is watch something they produced. What?! Oh, that’s right. I meant to check on the spread of the Curling competition and place my bets. Not. …


They are known as Real Housewives. On ringmaster Andy Cohen’s Bravo TV, these extremist women are the ones to watch for guilty pleasure viewing. They’ve become celebrities in their own right like anyone who desperately opens their lives up to cameras. Some are expressionless, most are botoxed while the entire elitist crew of them believe they are the one the light should shine on most.


She sealed the deal by delivering the line of the evening when looked at Andy Cohen and offered, “Let me bury you.” Priceless. Another season of southern entertainment consumed and we have enjoyed because of it. Thank You Ladies.


Kim was sitting opposite rival NeNe Leakes who was looking killed down by the entire situation. They competed for eye-roller of the night, obviously disgusted with what one another said throughout the show. I loved every minute of it.