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I’m sitting here in my room at the Radisson Airport overlooking a sky of clouds in hues of cranberry, charcoal and periwinkle contemplating the last night of my fabulous trip home to Nashville. I’ve had an amazing time seeing very good friends, eating good southern food and venturing to old haunts of days past. I wish I could have seen everyone I had wanted to but there will be other trips. Now it’s time to get back and focus on Mr. All American Gent 2013 with workouts, dance training and blinging the house down. Sondra Celli watch your back and glue gun, Gal!

Here in Nashville, after arriving on Friday afternoon, I’ve seen Aurora Sexton turn out some Fergie Ferg, Miss Fergalicious. I’ve been confused between Katy Perry and Sara Andrews trying to figure out which one was onstage at Play Saturday night. I braved shopping at Cool Springs Galleria with Mom and found myself picking out angel ornaments in a Christian Bookstore. Somehow the word “gay” slipped out of my mouth a few times. Blaspheme. I loved those stores as a teenager! I’ve worshiped a soulful woman of color over some soul food realness she provided me and my best friend Kristy at At The Table on 12 Ave. South. I found the final touches on my formal wear at Macy’s at a cute discount on “Friends and Family” day.

I Ki-Ki’d with a dear friend Fred Scott at Tribe with our legs crossed reliving days behind cocktails. It meant SO much he came out and made the true effort to see me. He used to whoop my wigs into an Ivana Trump for your nerves during my competitive drag days. Worship him. I enjoyed giggles of high-kicks past with my dance girls and teacher Mrs. Cathy from our company days over margaritas. Opryland Christmas lights twinkled above Mom and I as we ventured out for a nice evening drive. Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme battled it to their sugary death. But when the sign flashed Hot. Donughnuts. Now. and they sure did I tell you, the glazed delights pulled ahead. However, the still fresh munchkins in the box next to me are calling my name so let’s call it an even draw. I’ve made it to all my favorites so it’s been a win-win for my appetite.

My trips home are always great and I return to Palm Springs so vitalized and appreciative of what I’ve become and where I’ve been. It’s exactly what I needed before the contest to give me a chance to step back and see it all from a different perspective. I’ve had the chance to talk even more about what’s happening and it’s helpful hearing it aloud and described getting people’s reactions who are, for the most part, detached from the scene and circuit. BIG THANKS to Bobby who hooked an old friend up as always with my room. Indoor pool, weight room and onsite food. Can’t best it! Don’t let the Radisson “Airport” location scare anyone. I don’t hear one plane. I hear more at my Mom’s and the hotel is only 3 minutes from BNA.

My flight heads out tomorrow at 1:30 with a layover in Dallas just long enough to watch my downloaded rented movie Step Up 4: Revolution having a cocktail and fried mozzarella sticks at a Chili’s, Too. Maybe a spot of bird watching if the mood strikes me. After the cocktail, I’m sure it will!

Good Night and Safe Travels! And the final picture is of Nikki. It was only after dinner did we notice what she had done. I squealed with my camera in hand!


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you’ve surely seen that I’m back home in Nashville visiting Mom, friends and making new ones. Life here, rather gay culture, is starving to many degrees in Music City and times have changed considerably since the fond days of the Warehouse 28, then the Warehouse 2, The Chute, Juanita’s, Pyramids (after my time) and Connection, for that matter. On Church Street there’s really all there is, PLAY and Tribe. Both are gay nightclub/bars catering to all the baseball cap, Polo shirt wearing gay men “NashVegas” and surrounding towns can handle on a given night.

PLAY (not sure if it’s all CAPS but I like it like that) has the only dance floor in town with good DJs and is Tranny-ville in the spacious show bar. Gorgeous female impersonators entertain lesbians, straight folk that have gotten lost and extreme drag worshipers. The PlayMates include Deception whose man-made rack is quite spectacular to see; Sara Andrews who is Katy Perry’s twin, dead-on; Nichole Ellington Dupree who brings in the flavor to the cast; DeeRanged who is as twisted and talented as the name sounds; and new cast member Aurora Sexton who is a bombshell goddess who is the pure Tea and I live for. Loved seeing the show and BIG THANKS to Aurora for the guest list placement for me. She turned out Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You dressed in naughty red Santa wear, knockers knocking me out as I threw money at her on the stage. I danced a short while in the disco but have been recovering from a fractured rib so I was just happy to be on the floor for a bit.

Tribe is next-door and a video bar that plays show tunes, has hot bartenders and has some unique spacing inside. Suzy Wong’s House of Yum is where I dined with dear friends Kristy and Eddy on Saturday evening located inside Tribe owned by Top Chef contestant Arnold Mynt. Afterwards, Eddy and I sat and had a cocktail, cruised men and giggled at who was on Grindr and Scruff on our iPhones until Krispy Kreme’s called me back to the room.

Other than those two locations, there are a few others including Vibe, Stirrup, Canvas Lounge, Purple Heys, Blue Jeans and Trax but I didn’t find myself there this weekend and will not be making it there tonight before I head out tomorrow. As you may expect from the Bible Belt, gay culture is minimal and precious when you have it. It’s been fun to go out and see strangers in their own habitat. I used to be one of them and now find home life so much more appealing. Luckily I’ve had a great time and look forward to getting home to Palm Springs safely to my Husband and Kids. I’m starting to get slightly homesick and it’s time to return. If I’ve missed anyone this trip, I ‘ll catch you next round. Love you all! This will always be home.

More of the story to come in Steven Spills very soon! Good Night.