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The Saturdays “Finest Selection” Album Review

The Saturdays Greatest HitsOur favorite divas from the U.K. smash girl-group The Saturdays have stopped for a hot minute from having babies and getting married to release their greatest hits disc called Finest Selection. The compilation also contains three new tracks that are destined to be hits! All of their best songs are included from gay dance floors fillers to power ballads raw with emotion. The disc is coming out in two sets. One with only one disc and the other with three discs including even more hits from days past, edits and remixes.  The booklet from the single disc set includes personal notes from each the girls and music credits. Not much more. Hopefully the bonus set will include more reflection on a vast and exciting career. There were some missed opportunities on this first disc release inside the booklet. However, the music will always be pop candy perfection and it’s all here in a great format. Here’s my take on the catalogue. Plus, I’ll also review certain aspects of their individual video releases too!



chasing the saturdays

I just watched Chelsea Lately with great anticipation as The Saturdays had their first US television appearance before the premiere of their new reality show Chasing The Saturdays landing on E! January 20. Chelsea gave them the business and even commented on wanting to sit on one of their faces with their purple lipstick as well as digging Mollie most since she’s the only single Sats onboard. They have quite the set up of appearances from Today to Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I’m dying inside but trying to remain cool on the outside. Please! I’m as giddy as a British tween with a short kicky cut like my favorite brunette diva Frankie Sandford! I’m actually feeling quite protective of them like they are this precious gem that only a very few lucky ones know about.


I’m so excited for them, in reality. I’ve loved them and their music for a good few years now and worship everything they have done. I could probably name their entire catalogue if you needed me to. Needless to say I’m looking forward to their reality show even though I have a copy of their UK docu-reality show What Happens On Tour. I have everything they’ve done, musically and video wise. They have rocked gay dance club music for a while now. Thankfully I have friends in high places that have always looked after my ears and eyes. It’s quite surreal to this all unfold on American soil. Living for the remixes to their first US release What About Us. Video, faster…

Long live The Saturdays! I WORSHIP. ♥

The Saturdays


Let my lovely ladies of the UK pop music scene share each wonderful moment of 2012 in this fabulous and fierce calendar of photos and imagery of The Saturdays! Amazon has it and you should order it before it’s too late! Let Rochelle, Una, Frankie, Mollie and Vanessa bring light into each and every day of the new year. And pick up their newest album On Your Radar. It’s Available Now!

Spend Every Day with The Saturdays
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Oh. My. God. I HEART THESE GIRLS! Here they are at Wembley Arena with some backstage footage and performance clips. COME 2 AMERICA! Faster! It’s hard for me to breathe. OMG! ((Trying to settle down the excitable British tween inside my head!)) Happy New Years to my divas Mollie, Frankie, Una, Rochelle and Vanessa! Now, seriously… COME TO THE U.S.!


It’s New Year’s Eve and you have nothing to play! On your Apple iPod Touch, that it. What music will rock you into the new year and better yet, tonight?! The day is still young and there’s work to be done here in 2011 so get this going and enjoy the rest of your day (he said to himself aloud.) These tunes have been the ultimate music in the ears of listeners in 2011 and like any great music, it will be delivering for years to come. Let’s get playing!

One of the hardest working gals in the music industry today is Rihanna. I secretly love everything she does but encourage her to take a break before she burns out. Loud by Rihanna has more singles than I can count at time of publish of this post so guarantee the album is fierce! But know the singles you may not know now will soon, too, be radio chart toppers. Go Girl! “I like it, like it. C’mon.”

To be a Follower (capitalize that in honor of thee) is to also know good and well that I love them girls from the UK that have been turning it out for years without much America impact. Well, they are here or soon will be! Learn them! Love them. My girls have delivered an amazing new album with On Your Radar by The Saturdays. Being privy to media love on occasion I have already learned the entire album and worship it. Can’t wait for Frankie, Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle (congrats on the engagement!) and Una (good luck with the new baby!) become household names in the US. Crossing fingers, and the pond. “And the whispers behind the frowns say ‘Girl, that ain’t pretty.'”

So, Miss Nicki Minaj is a lot of things to take at once but the main thing is that one should get used to her because she’s around for a while. Her style, wacko. He nerve, strong. Her talent, prominent. Her music, all over. Her best is here with Pink Friday [Deluxe Edition] by Nicki Minaj. If you’re a fan of Will.i.Am and THE E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) by the Black Eyed Peas (another smash invasion of the hit singles) then you’ll want this! Trust. Another group that isn’t going very far anytime soon. “I like that Boom Boom Pow! I’m so 3008. You’re so 2000 and late.”

When musical groups become successful one or tow of them often feel they can branch out into their own foray as a solo artist. But when you’re as big, meaning number of members, as the Pussycat Dolls then after the spotlight begins to shift solo projects begin to sprout quite quickly. We have seen it finally work for Nicole Sherzinger after a few good efforts. Now we have Show Me by Jessica Sutta, the latest kitty purring her way onto the singles charts. Once you hear it, you’ll love it. “Words, words, all they are is stupid poetry in verse.”

And one for the road… the winners of the UK version of The X Factor are a girl group (yes, me and my girlies!) and from what I’ve heard, they sound really good together. Looking forward to hearing more from these new divas. Check out Cannonball by Little Mix and tell me what you think. And while you’re at taking this new sound, hear Video Games by Lana Del Rey. Fabulously haunting, romantically eerie and quite different than anything you’ve ever heard. Hear it.

Happy 2012!!! xoSM


The Saturdays have finally released their new album On Your Radar and I’m in an honest moral dilemma. It’s so damn hard to pick my favorite tracks without loving each one. Yes, I’m very serious. The album is so good and is in fact third studio album from the UK girl-group of Vanessa, Rochelle, Frankie, Una and Mollie! And I’m not just saying that because I worship these girls. The music is fierce and showcases the girls with fresh sounds and killer beats plus their always delicious power ballads. Let’s break it down…

First of all the cover art is fierce and gives you the mug of each diva with bare shoulders together as a group or there was the offer to get Collector’s Edition solo covers of each girl autographed via HMV or one of those online music websites, I believe. Of course that involves one to order it from over seas, paying extra which is fine. Hopefully when the girls break into America all of their catalogue will be available. Luckily I’ve got friends in precious places to provide what this media mogul should need to promote the best in entertainment. And into the review of On Your Radar.

“All Fired Up” … WOW. This jam is one hot ticket charting at 3 in the UK (just like epic ballad “Missing You” did in 2010.) The song gives an anthem club feel as the big echoing sound becomes more wicked as it progresses and is a common thread throughout this new album. This was their second single released (first track on the album) and the video (of course) was smoking hot with Molly King looking electric and platinum, wet ponytails flying out of water in latex and the girls posing the house down and we see Frankie’s newer pixie cut hairdo that became the rage. This song is where the girls found the name of their album from and Rochelle happily sings “We’re dancing on the bar” and Mollie purrs “We’re all animal, so get your claws out. Get your, get your claws out.” FUN! By the way, I sing the hell out of this song in my Jeep. Just saying.

“Notorious” … The first single from The Saturdays new album and it did very well on the charts in the UK peaking at 8. Once the beginning beats start pulsing you know you’re in for quite a mover and shaker. The video helped with their serious secretary work ethic of lip-gloss applications and party scene on the top floor with Frankie Sandford in a tiny mini carrying the girls into the banging chorus. Again, I love these “Outlaws, Big Bosses and Gangsters on the dance floor.” I really do.

“My Heart Takes Over” … The Saturdays doing what they know so well. Vanessa White brings home the passion she has for singing in this epic and familiar feeling ballad as she belts out “Cause if there’s a chance we might have missed. And if there’s a ray of light in this. You should know that this is where my heart takes over.” The video is dramatic, slow-motion and the girls are giving fashion mugging for your nerves with fan machines and walks in heels through grassy meadows.

“Faster” … Another dancer’s dream. Has the peaks and valleys of The Saturdays former hits but reminds me of Alexis Jordan’s “Hush, Hush.” Possibly it’s the chorus but it’s a dance floor filler and you can’t hate it. The lyrics are a bit storybook but the harmonies are LUV.

“Get Ready, Get Set” … Now these lyrics are a bit more racy, if that’s possible. Love this one! When Una sings “I can do it with my hands tied behind my back,” there’s no denying her fierce and unique voice. This song could be called “The More I Want,” but it’s not. However, it can get you tapping your foot to the beat if you can’t make it to nightclub. There’s nothing on this album I don’t really like a lot.

“The Way You Watch Me” … The Saturdays bring a kicky beat with this one that reminds me personally of “Why Me, Why Now?!” It makes me want to pony and toss my hair like a go-go dancer. Travie McCoy is featured here for support on the track though the girls didn’t record with him at the same time. Ah, the modern marvels of producing. This one is really fun!

“For Myself” … We get a rocking electric guitar coming in on this one. LOVE IT. “But I want you for myself!” This song rocks me and again, it’s a keeper. It gives the girls an edgy sound which is welcoming coming in at this point on the album. The most rocking track on their new endeavor.

“Do What You Want With Me” … If I were to make a very bold statement at this time, I’d say this. This track is (at this point) my favorite on the album. There I said it and made the decision. It’s a different sound and even the girls said they first weren’t feeling it but find it to be the coolest track on the new production. After the beginning piano leads into the a Mike and the Mechanics “The Living Years” sounding climb the girls sing their eyes out all the way up into the climatic backbeats that finish out the song which is completely unheard in former music by these girls. This is what I call an epic ballad. It’s grand and bigger than the speakers can contain. Hope it’s released as a single and I DIE for a video!

“Promise Me” … Commercially it will be a hit. It can easily fall among the other great tracks The Saturdays have had in the past and at 2:36 the beats get really, really ugly. I live for that damn part. Then it throws all hands up and carries you out.

“Wish I Didn’t Know” … Ballad lovers rejoice! This is what these girls do so well. Lyrically it makes one remember, think of the past or of current times. The song talks about all the wonderful things you can know about someone else and you’re wishing you didn’t know because it hurts you don’t have them anymore. Emotion, raw and pure.

“White Lies” … This is another commercial TKO from our UK darlings. It’s uptempo, catchy and will bring the crowds towards dance floors in months to come. Can’t stop singing it!

“Last Call” … The most honest track on the new endeavor. Almost acoustic and all piano. These are our voices and we can sing! The girls harmonize well and the song is prime and classic. I love it and find it refreshing to hear their voices unhidden from booming bass and overlaying textures of sounds. I’m sure remixes will ensue and soon.

“I Say OK” (UK Bonus Track) … This one climbs as it goes along picking up other rhythms and notes. Love it when Rochelle says, “Girl, that ain’t pretty.” This is about having fun which seems to be the overall theme of The Saturdays image and sound. Another kicker for all us sassy strutters!

“Move On U” (UK Bonus Track) … Along these same lines, another we-are-having-fun-so-join-us kicker. There’s near impossibility for someone to NOT love this new music from The Saturdays. Download the album, place it on shuffle and get ready to move your ass, or your emotions.


With the Holidays upon us (can’t believe it’s time to start saying those words!) I thought it would be smart to help ALL of you Christmas shoppers who are looking for the soundtrack of the year 2011 for your ears. Some songs may have been released in 2010 but these chart toppers hit hard in ’11 and will keep going! This is my favorite music to get you through holiday parties, long drives through snow to grandmother’s house you go, and to knock you into visions of sugarplums that dance in you head by presenting this list of the BEST MUSIC of 2011.

Starting this list of MUST HAVE MUSIC from 2011 is the Lady herself, Lady Gaga bringing us You And I. This song is one of those that makes you feel emotions all over the chart. I simply LOVE this music from Lady Gaga and will not listen otherwise. Actually, her entire album Born This Way – The Collection [2 CD / DVD Combo] is a fierce stocking stuffers for your little monsters!

To follow my blog here at iamstevenmichael.com is to also know that I am actually a much younger British tween that screams inside her head every time she hears The Saturdays. Dropping this next week my girls of Vanessa, Rochelle, Mollie, Una and Frankie have a NEW ALBUM titled On Your Radar and the tracks coming off of it already are pure ear candy from Notorious, “My Heart Takes Over” and “All Fired Up.” LUV THESE GIRLS!

Finally, Britney Spears is back and on top of the game she once ruled! This year her new album Femme Fatale spawned many a hit single including Till The World Ends, “Hold It Against Me” and my favorite I Wanna Go that is FUN PHUN! Everyone loves Britney! It’s her world and we simply live to listen and watch what’s next from her!

Recently named Esquire magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” Rihanna has killed it from radio to dance floors to iPod playlists all year long and beyond with We Found Love and such mega-hits as S&M and California King Bed. From her past music catalogue to even newer tunes that are hitting radio today, Rihanna is here to stay! “Feels so good, being bad. There’s no way I’m turning back.”

My rock goddess Stevie Nicks has turned another stunner with her newest album In Your Dreams with my favorites: the Fleetwood Mac feeling Wide Sargasso Sea and delicious first single Secret Love. We saw her at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino over the summer and she entertains every time leaving a part of her on the stage even if it’s just a lost bead of piece of lace.

The current Mrs. Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, gave me a video of fiercely windblown hair walking through the desert for her dance hit A Year Without Rain (Dave Audé Club Remix) remixed from her single of the same name. A slow motion diva feeling her moment and you have me staring at the television monitors at the gym daily. She looks amaze and love this song, both versions!

U.K. Boy-Band The Wanted nailed me hard with Glad You Came and if you like them cute and young then YouTube their videos. Delicious, and their music is good, too. They’re about to break into the U.S. so watch out for them. Both The Wanted and The Saturdays are making their ways onto our soil so fall in love now and be ahead of the curve!

Beyoncé came through with her album 4 (Deluxe Edition) that gave drag queens and wanna-bees the buzz to turn out Run The World (Girls) with the sassy strut that the Lady B delivers in her video. BAM! SHAZAM! My neck hurts after watching it because she throws it down. Her ballad which I coined as “Irreplaceable 2″ Best Thing I Never Had is also fabulous.

With time between judging “X Factor” Nicole Scherzinger turned me out with Don’t Hold Your Breath (Kaskade Remix) and “Club Banger Nation.” Seems like this Pussycat Doll has finally found her footing as a solo phenomenon and I give it to her. She is sickening and have loved her since Eden’s Crush.

The Grand Dame herself Cher hit the big screens this year with Burlesque and her power anthem You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me with the remixes a’plenty! We love her and anything she does is the Tea with me. Always Cher. Forever. You will never see the last of her!

I hope this fun collection of the best and hottest music of 2011 helps you make some decisions to satisfy your need for ear candy. Once you’re in, look around and see what you’re missing! I bet you find something you simply can’t live without! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Here they are, Our Girls! The Saturdays are back with this stunning power ballad and video to “My Heart Takes Over” which seems like the lead-in single to their new album On Your Radar dropping next month just in time for the Holidays. The song is Vanessa and Rochelle heavy with the Angels 3 looking love in slow-mo circling around. With the success of Top 10 hits “Notorious” and “All Fired Up” it looks like there is NO stopping the ladies from total domination not only in the UK, but beyond.

Check this out and let us know what you think! Worship! #TeamSats



When my best buddy and inside confidant Bifford dropped the Tea on me today to check my inbox about some exciting news about The Saturdays, I hurried! The gals had teased on their Twitter page earlier today but work called and I was off and didn’t think much about it. As I read the headlines of a fellow blogger at http://jonalisblog.com/tag/the-saturdays/ I nearly dropped to my knees.

My girls (yes, I take credit for them) The Saturdays have landed a HUGE deal in the US which includes a 5-season reality run on E! Entertainment (!!!!!) with the girls moving to the States (minus one pregnant Una) to embark on the first UK girl-group invasion since Sporty, Scary, Posh, Baby and Ginger worked their Spicey magic on us all. I’M FUCKING DYING! I rarely use the F-bomb but it’s necessary. It seems Perez Hilton is involved to some slight degree which naturally bothers me but whatever it takes to get them noticed and loved like I worship them. People listen to Terror Hilton (I don’t) and believe he’s the voice of gays (not mine.) However, if he can help them break into America who hasn’t seen a successful girl-group in quite some time, let him do it and I thank him for that.

I’ve been championing The Saturdays for quite a while and would love the opportunity to meet them, interview, carry their bags, lip gloss, whatever. Color me there at their first tour! Saving for tickets now! Their new album On Your Radar drops on November 21 with a set list of the following:

1. All Fired Up
2. Notorious
3. Faster
4. My Heart Takes Over
5. White Lies
6. For Myself
7. The Way You Watch Me (w/Travie McCoy)
8. Do What You Want With Me
9. Promise Me
10. Wish I Didn’t Know
11. Get Ready, Get Set
12. Last Call
13. I Say OK
14. Move On U

All this exciting news is almost too much to take or believe! When more news on Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle, Frankie and Una comes across my eyes or desk, I’ll be on it! Forever Faithful. FOREVER SATURDAYS.


WOWZAH! Oh. Em. Gee. And every other exclamation one can make. These girls, I swear. SICKENING! FIERCE! From the wet ponytails coming up at 1:16 or the Gaga-esque shoulder moves from “Telephone” at 2:19 or any frame Frankie or Mollie are in make me weak! Molls has never looked better. Not sure what color that blonde is. “Crystal Clear Blonde Chrome,” I’d call it. She looks stunning as do they all. The song is up, up, up and I love to sing along with it. The entire look and feel of the video with the sharp editing, crisp colors and dancers in black latex can’t help but create a feeling of euphoria and excitement. This music and video is The Saturdays at their best. The Space Cowboy Mix of “All Fired Up” is the best remix so far. Can’t wait to hear the album!