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Hot Topics in Gay Culture Today

When it comes to what’s happening in gay culture, Steven Michael knows exactly what’s happening or at least has an opinion about it. From RuPaul’s Drag Race to fabulous summer travel and even discussing something known as the presidential race, nothing is off limits. If it concerns me or warrants the attention of a blog post, read it here! …

Steven Michael’s Dance Resume

I was recently hired to choreograph a local drag entertainer for a preliminary to Miss Gay America. As I prepared for the job, creating steps and a solid concept with her, I wondered to myself why am I not pursuing this more? I have tons of experience in the industry of drag with incredible connections […]

Celebrating California Queens 2016

I just retuned from a two-day stint in Long Beach where I judged two of the Miss Gay California USofA pageants held at Executive Suite Nightclub on Pacific Coast Highway. I had one ki-ki of a good-ass time. Yes, Gawd! Alongside drag icon Tommie Ross, fellow Brother in Shine Xavier Valentino, my new Good Judy Andrew T. Michael and Miss Gay California USofA Newcomer promoter Alyssa Nicole Whitney, I assisted in crowning our new title holders: Flame Monroe – Miss Gay California USofA ’16 and The Legendary Misty Knight – Miss Gay California USofA Classic ’16. …


I first met Delores T. Van Cartier in January of 2011 as I was in Tampa judging Bob Taylor’s Miss Gay Florida USofA at the Honey Pot. I had heard of her reputation as being someone who was a strong competitor and a good friend to many. So it was no surprise when she confidently walked into Interview and pulled her chair up closer to talk to we judges including Tabatha Coffey, Erika Dunlap and the reigning Miss Continental Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington. …


Happy Birthday, I AM STEVEN MICHAEL (dot) COM! Well, OK, we are six-months-young but still I felt like a “Way to Go!” should be shouted my way for a job well done. I’m still working on my domain and figuring out which way is the right way each time I do something different.


Just a quick blast o’blog this morning before I prance (Prance, I say!) upstairs and shave, shower and shine for the day (and weekend) ahead! Today is Payday which is always a good day. Makes clocking-in all worth it, you know?!

Visiting Gay Tampa, Florida

When I got the call to judge Bob Taylor’s Miss Gay Florida USofA 2011 pageant, I immediately asked if I could get an aisle seat on the flight because I’d be happy to.