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Of course, these are my fabulous highlights and may not be exactly the same as yours. But I suppose that’s why you’re reading mine to see what my eyes hath seen over the weekend of PS Pride 2012 here in the Coachella Valley. Curiosity killed the cat, so “Meow!” and away we go!

It all started on Friday where we saw the sexy visitors and muscles flowing throughout World Gym. We always run a weekend pass and it is THE place to be seen over the weekend when getting your pump on for Pride or any major weekend, for that matter. “Witness our fitness,” I always say. Having the best seat in the house up front at the Concierge Desk offers us visions of stunners and their stories and personality that ensue. Ah, I love our guests. They always entertain me year after year. I just passed my 8th year anniversary at the gym which is amazing to say. I’ve seen quite the bevy of beauty that parade through daily. We have Gay Pride every single day of the year walking around our track in our comfortable bubble known as World Gym Palm Springs.

Saturday was our performance with local indie/electro rocker Mac Valentine at the PS Pride Festival Grounds on the Rainbow Stage. Shaun danced and sassed with us and I was thrilled to have him onboard because I could have verbalized the choreography and he probably could have done it verbatim he’s that good. We were lucky to have Shaun on Mac’s team. I was so damn proud of Mac. He has a natural desire to dance that he’s never really explored until now and has great rhythm. He ate almost all of the choreography that I threw at him. I was impressed after our first rehearsal.

Of all the productions I’ve choreographed (and there’s been a few!) this was one of the overall best. From Mac’s dedication by rehearsing on his own, the fun moves and steps, to the energy we three had and by leaving all on the stage we couldn’t have asked for much more. Well, although the stage was quite wide about 35′ it was only about 5′ deep with band equipment on it. It was as if someone opened a beautiful silver food truck and said, “Perform.” It was an odd shape but we made it work dodging wires, speaker monitors and a drum set.

The best part of it was seeing our friends in the audience. Saturday is not the bigger of the two days at the festival so we didn’t really know if we’d get support to come out and applaud. We had the biggest crowd which wasn’t packed by any means but it wasn’t about that. It was about Mac pushing outside his comfort zone, for people to see what I do with my choreography and to celebrate our pride at such a crucial and tense moment during these last minutes of the elections. It was a great first performance for Mac Valentine and High Velocity.

For those who did stay and support us through the slight schedule delay and hang for our performance, it means more than words can say here. You know who you are and please know from me personally that it was priceless being a true showgirl for you dressed in Nasty Pig Thug Punk Realness. We didn’t hold back. And as they say, we left it all on the floor. Of course, it was really fierce when I tried to walk offstage earlier than I should have and had one more chorus to nail. I flashed a big smile, gave a Whoops! and jumped in on counts 3,4 and kept going on.

Afterwards we walked the vast grounds a bit with John, Rob and Tim Courtney before heading home. I figured I’d need a Vicodin since somehow I got my leg up past my head on a fan kick during “Dancing On My Own” and decided beforehand to kick now – worry later. My flexibility is not as it once was but it was nice to see that I can get it up there when I need to. Pun intended. It was great getting into the studio again since I’ll begin rehearsal for Mr. All American Gent 2013 very soon. Overall, we had one amazing day!

Later on we made it to Michael Crisp and Kenny’s home for their Anti-Bullying Education Charity Event which assists teachers attend important seminars and workshops that due to budget cuts could risk not attending. Their home seemed to hold every “who’s who” in the Valley for the weekend. We enjoyed the fabulous company of others for over an hour while having their “Booze and Nuts.” Luckily we ran into a few good friends that we don’t see very often and of course gave big smooches to the hosts, the delicious duo Michael and Kenny. The donation of $20 at the door was well worth such a great cause since I too was greatly bullied in school. It would have been nice that someone cared then to learn how to deal with it. Their website cescal.org gives all the details and how you too can help!

Sunday brought on Daylight Savings Time so we were up quite early. Once we got downtown for the parade we found reasonable parking and decided on having brunch at Jake’s before strolling down to meet the boys. The energy was thick with LGBTQ pride even through the disgusted discussions of the local endorsement for Romney from the Desert Sun Newspaper. What a slap in the face on the day of Gay Pride. Talks of boycotts have ensued on Facebook and on the boulevard today. I’m so over politics.

With our walk we ran into many good buddies and I even had a few shout outs about a job well done yesterday. It felt good being onstage once again. The parade is always fun but tiring. The numerous lulls are ridiculous and when there’s no music piped through anywhere during said lulls it becomes almost a joke for some sort of entertainment. The line at Starbucks was CRAZY and I really felt for the staff. However, they were having fun paying it no mind. Reminded me of our staff.

There were plenty of eye-catching sights but after seeing Delorian Chase – Miss Gay California United States – acting a fool down the parade route, then nailing the splits in a fabric gown on Palm Canyon Blvd. I simply had to post the video. She stole the show. The sunshine was blazing down and it was about time to find some air-condition and shade. We followed up behind the cheerleaders before finding the the car and home.

One amazing weekend. It was fun being involved and getting out into town to be social. It looks like the weather changes drastically by Friday so it was a great send-off into the holidays. We’re spending Christmas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and I already have visions of three sugar plums in a slot machine dancing in my head. And as Stevie Nicks croons so stunningly I Can’t Wait, I Can’t Wait.


It was around 8:15 on Saturday evening as we were finishing up homemade pizza when my iPhone alerted me to new mail. And “Bing! Bam! Boom! I won the tickets.” Well, a dear friend sent me a message saying he had an extra two tickets to the White Party 3-D and wanted to know if I wanted them. Brett and I had spoke earlier in the week about me not going because the tickets were outrageous and that there was no media love tossed my way this year. He figured I’d enjoy them since he was unable to use them. And he was right!

It all overwhelmed me for a minute until I got my bearings and pressed up the street to pick the generous and thoughtful gifts up from our dear friend. We had NO intention on going and it was the furtherest thing from our minds, the Husband and I. When I returned home, we closed our eyes for about an hour before pulling it together for Jeffrey Sanker’s 2012 White Party.

Giving the “self parking” for $6 the true ig, we parked around the corner and strutted up around to the entrance of the party dressed in white dress shirts, jeans and boots. Once inside we ran into good friend Cool Bensen and his partner Kelly from the Hotlanta days who now lives in Hollywood working on television. We danced off and on with them all night. When I used to choreograph the female impersonators and entertainers of Atlanta, and Hotlanta River Expo pageants Mr. and Miss Hotlanta, Cool was one of my amazing dancers. It was great to reconnect with him.

Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was reigning supreme as “Queen of the White Party” dressed in a stunning white ball gown next to promoter Jeffrey Sanker who I believe was named honorary mayor of Palm Springs for the weekend. How generous and rich it all became by the end of the weekend, I hear. The dynamic duo Nervo were spinning the pumping music and really gave tons of genuine energy and attention to the dance floor. They were a highlight, for sure. Jacques and I stood under their booth and just watched them work beats into magic.


There were scantily clad boys in lighted feathered wing realness, film legend Matthew Rush looking better than ever, video performer Paul Wagner looking delicious and overdressed in comparison to everyone else, Madame Vanderpump’s infamous dog “Giggy” being carried around by husband Ken, daddylicious Scott Cullens who I had a great scream with about mentioning him and his new beau (which they found very funny) in my blog earlier in the day, among thousands of Palm Springs’ hottest visitors who carried on into the wee hours twirling lighted sticks and Tron-inspired costumery


Since we never planned on spending the money to see main performer Mary J Blige before receiving the nice freebies, we had NO qualms about leaving after about 3 hours o’ fun and dance floor frolic. I like her music but not enough to wait around another reportedly hour or so to see her. Um, no… I’m sure she was superb and very special but we were already home in bed asleep with visions of Sugar Daddies dancing in our heads when she hit the stage at the convention center near 3 a.m. Way past our bedtime! You’d have to have a bunch of “caffeine,” yeah – that’s it, to stay up in to these party hours. Not us. Not no more. Been there, done that! Still have the shady pictures to prove it!

On Sunday, friends discovered pool parties and recovered from the prior evening by the sunshine to dry out. Later in the day we headed over to Michael Crisp’s stunning home that he shares with his partner Kenny for their multi-annual Booze N Nutz party with a few hundred of their closest friends while everyone else in town hit it to the infamous T-Dance. $130 to stand, rather dance, on some grassy knoll that is normally free to walk on. And from what I heard there were technical issues that were hard to avoid. Again, um… no.

Michael had brought in the staff from his Las Vegas hotspot Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge to revel in the spirit and dressed them in skimpy underwear and Speedos. They were the party! Plus, I love me some Michael Crisp. Gorgeous and so generous! Was having a great time until some condescending See-You-Next-Tuesday decided to waltz by me and felt like stating the facts, said “Oh, look. It’s the gym employee.” I thought to myself, you tired little man. You have NO idea who I even am. Still working on a voodoo doll in her honor. Overall the energy was up and everyone joyful while surrounding the tables of SKYY vodka and bowls of nuts while getting their early evening buzz on.

Since we were in the true celebratory spirit of the weekend and hearing from BFF Bob Taylor that my dear sisters Latrice Royale and Chad Michaels from RuPaul’s Drag Race were performing at Toucans later in the eve, Jacques and I decided to catch the first show and say Hello to the girls. We never go out much so it was a crazy weekend for us. Luckily, we breezed past the line that was waiting to get in compliments of a confidant as I felt virtual daggers flying into my neck as we scooted past all VIP. I do not do lines… to get in clubs. Ah-ha! I knew where you were going with your thoughts. No Tea – No Shade.

Luckily crowd-control was in full effect and I could actually get to the entertainers and tip them while they performed. Chad Michaels brought his Cher illusion and I have one thing to say… CHAD IS CHER! Wow. He is AMAZE. Latrice whurqed the crowd into a screaming frenzy when she got on the microphone and told her crowd that she was feeling the love they were giving her. Madame Royale really has come along way since humble days of her South Florida beginnings when I first met her. We spoke briefly afterwards and made plans to do an interview for my blog. Little did I know that she would be the next eliminated Doll on RuPaul’s Drag Race the next night. I was sad to see that… Nonetheless, Latrice Royale IS a drag superstar.

On our way home we decided to swing by and catch the finale fireworks at the T-Dance but alas, all we saw were shirtless hunkage spilling out of the open arena and into cars and hotels for a continuance of the party. After soaking up some sightings of men-on-men action spread across the way, my convertible Mustang found its way back home safely. Good memories and new sense of self and being are what we’re taking away from the moment. Thanks to Brett for kicking it all into gear!

Overall the White Party weekend was quite the celebration considering we had NO plans on doing any of it. Spontaneity is key to creating excitement without the dreaded realization of “Uh, why did we make these plans!” With rumors swirling that Jeffrey Sanker has been allegedly trying to sell the mega-event for a few years now, I was happy that we were able to take part in this year’s festivities, just in case the rumors were true. Allegedly, of course. This weekend has been bringing in needed revenue (and hot men) to Palm Springs for years and no matter what happens to it, it’s only been good for our community and spirit. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Hope to see everyone next year, again!


If you’re unaware of the local news and happenings in Palm Springs and the true goings on this weekend, then you’ve either prepared for the onslaught of Easter weekend traffic or glorified the moment of the annual White Party and everything it entails. I just finished a long week of busy-ness at my employment business World Gym Palm Springs. Every year we plan for the flood of circuit boys, twinks, men, partiers, wanna-bees and hope for the best. Being gay owned and operated, we are the premiere fitness facility in the desert especially when the circuit squirrels come in for the annual eXtravaganza.


I’ll be the first to offer that occasionally our out of town brothers who come in for Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party travel in packs of threes and fours and will every once in a while come through with a taste of attitude that leaves bitterness in many mouth as we all read. Luckily, this being my seventh White Party working at World Gym, I really didn’t have too much to handle along those lines but we were so busy I began shutting down in the last hour and couldn’t wait to leave for the weekend.  The men were gorgeous! Some so spectacular that they hurt my eyes. I try to look away because why should I stand in the line of many admirers they’ve dealt with before? Far be it from me to add to their heavy load of being worshipped for their stunning looks. Ouch. Kidding (of course) – Totes!

Now seriously, all jokes aside. Overall the men were great to have in and we love seeing them every year! Many return guests so we’re doing something right! I tend to just run the show and make the cattle-call event flow as well as can done between my hours of 8:30-4:30. Inked-up cutie Johnny Hazzard breezed through looking adorable always. Former IML Gary Iriza brazenly brought in a dozen Krispy Kremes for me and the staff. Sugar rushes for all! Former house of Halston and Oprah Winfrey gown designer Bradley Bayoud swaggered in around 3 p.m. while Scott Cullens and new beau got their pump on across the cardio deck. Bootylicious, B-A-C-K!


But as I said, was THRILLED to be able to leave it behind for a few days. Of course, here I am typing quickest ever to be able to scoot in for a pump myself and a lunch with friends in town before the crowds rush through before pool parties at host hotel Renaissance and the Big Muscle party Desert Tea at the new Saguaro Hotel. The Husband and I are hanging very low this year and not doing anything much but visiting with a few friends and then a private moment tomorrow evening with Michael Crisp and a few hundred of his closest friends at his place. Worship him!

I did the events last year on a generous media pass and am able to know exactly what I’m missing out on and what I am most definitely not. With Easter weekend running along side the weekend blowout, there are many more people in town for the holiday weekend. Please drive safely and look both ways! You never know who’s around you! Rehydrate and Celebrate! NJOI!. X.




I’m bringing you all the dish, dirt and detail of my recent trip to Sin City. Escape with me if you will to the adult playground Las Vegas. Arriving on Saturday afternoon, the husband and I checked in to our ultra-sleek accommodations at Palms Place. Floor to ceiling windows gave us quite a spectacular view of the Strip from a far. Palms Resort and Casino is up the street away from the Strip which is both good and bad for the Sin City traveler. Good, because you’re not in the chaotic bustle of Strip traffic and can get in and out of the three towers with plenty of self-parking in front of the resort. Bad, because you miss much of the feeling one gets by being in the hustle of the Las Vegas Strip, the energy and power of the neon above you.

At Palms Place, the accommodations are co-op so the condo-style of our hotel room with expansive kitchen was in keeping with the fact that it was a timeshare owned condominium. Unfortunately the balcony doors didn’t open which was such a tease! Explained by our bellman that with the lower than norm room rates found at the Palms and Palms Place becoming more known and possible, younger crowds came in and wreaked havoc by tossing bottles off balconies, etc. He admitted that business had waned slightly once they locked them up.

We wandered over to Palms for dinner at Little Buddha which has fed us before. Sushi and sake, naturally. The concierge got us great reservations! Later in the evening the grand opening of Palm Springs personality Michael Crisp’s newest premiere LGBTQ hotspot, Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge was happening nearby so we figured Palms Place was a good choice in home for the night. Plus, the city of Las Vegas was giving an official proclamation celebrating Share Weekend so we HAD to be there.

Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge opened in the finale of last year but their grandest of openings that happened on Saturday evening was, as they say, Spectacular! Spectacular!  The crowds were packed up inside the new LGBTQ destination with scantily clad dancers busting-a-move on platforms and inside private cabanas upstairs. You see, Share Nightclub boasts the fierce fact that they have an adult entertainment license so the go-go and shot boys are able to really go the extra mile to please the clientele. I was ready for some (first and only Showgirls reference) Nomi Malone action, trust. A few of the dancers did make us feel quite welcomed.

There was quite a scroll of celebrities set to appear. During our out-later-than-normal-for-us evening at Share I observed comedian Ross Matthews who was hosting the event and looking svelte and lean. Carson Kressley, who I saw nose buried in his smartphone being led through the Palms Place lobby earlier, now busy being dragged around Share by an entourage of photographers. Adam Bouska and his NOH8 campaign was busy applying logo tattoos on faces and taking portraits for equality awareness. Everyone’s spirits were up and fabulous all night!

Drag superstar and Las Vegas darling Frank Marino and his Divas Las Vegas cast came barreling in and caused quite a stir in the VIP area, bulbs flashing. Luciana was smashing in green glitz and getting ready to perform her smash “I’m Still Hot.” Q Vegas editor Benjamin Lemkie was sexy to the core while a smathering of Palm Springs locals trekked over in support looking for a good time. That’s just to name a few! Michael Crisp really knows what works. When it comes to an elite nightclub experience, Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge is where you want to be in Sin City! Could a Share Ultra Resort and Casino be next?!

Sunday we moved over to The Cosmopolitan where our amazing Terrace Suite on the 49th floor overlooked the magnificent Bellagio fountains. Impeccable service and class all the way is always found at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. After a delicious dinner at Scapetta, we caught the 9 o’clock show of Vegas: The Show at Planet Hollywood across the street. Offering everything one thinks symbolic of Las Vegas, the fabulous show is chock full of strong vocalists, high on hard choreography done to perfection by sexy male dancers and lead showgirl Tara who shines brightest in the newest must-see production on the Strip. A great finale to an amazing trip.


 2012 © PULP


I have been all a Twitter about our upcoming trip to Las Vegas, Sin City, my out-of-town town. Preoccupied would be such an understatement, however, I digress.  One more day of work and then I’m off for three as we two hit it to the Strip. Saturday brings an always welcomed road trip with the man I love to the place I worship. Always have, always will. After checking in at the gorgeous and privately sleek Palms Place, we’ll grab some wonderful dinner at Palms Resort Casino and head to the grand opening of Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge until the wee hours if we can make out late. I’m ready for some serious Nomi Malone action on my lap from a private dancer. Honesty, please.


Starring Elizabeth Berkley as “Nomi Malone”

The celebrities from the Gay Mafia will be in attendance on the red carpet and I’ll be telling all with vivid detail and delicious dish. Sunday we’re moving over to The Cosmopolitan for our second night. We couldn’t be in Las Vegas and not stay there one night. Heaven. We’ll be seeing Vegas: The Show at Planet Hollywood and then a nightcap somewhere. Hate me. I would. Details soon! ♠♣♥♦


It always works out that I get busy with travel and happenings around the finale of winter and premiere of spring. 2012 is no exception. Next weekend the Husband and I are heading to – you guessed it – LAS VEGAS! A good (and gorgeous!) friend Michael Crisp has opened yet another premiere nightclub and LGBT lifestyle venture in Sin City and we’re heading over in support and love. On March 3, Share Nightclub celebrates its official grand opening with VIP at 9 p.m. (that’s us!) and general masses at 11. It’s going to be off the blinged-out chain!

Attendees and celebrities scheduled to appear include host Ross Matthews, photographer Mike Ruiz, the NOH8 Campaign, Carson Kressley, sweetheart Ronnie Kroell, Penn and Teller, Luciana, ever-popular Laura Croft and cutie Josh Strickland to mention just a few. Oh, and a cadre international media flying in (again – that’s me!) for the event. Share has an adult entertainment license so they are able to get away, err, provide more service than say other clubs. The website says to ask the Shot Boys for “anything” and you shall receive. I’m living for that! I want the full experience, Ultra Lounge and Private Cabana filled good time. The event benefits not only the NOH8 Campaign but the Golden Rainbow in Southern Nevada, as well, a nonprofit persons living with HIV/AIDS assistance program. I’m thrilled to take part! Details will soon follow! Can’t wait, in fact…! Packing now.