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We just got in from Kiyosaku where we enjoyed our annual Sushi and Sake Oblivion for New Year’s Eve. It just happens to be my 45th birthday tomorrow, as well. Oh, what a joy having your birthday on New Year’s Day you must be thinking. Ah, my dear reader. Stop it. You’re being silly. After years of repressed youth not only dealing with receiving just one present for both Christmas and birthday but also the no-class-party-because-of-Xmas-break syndrome I had to overcome, I got into my young adult years where things should have gotten better. Eh…

Michael Wayne - Steven Michael

When I would scoot out to the clubs for New Year’s Eve in hopes to get a special kiss from a familiar stranger I also came face-to-face with more repression. The clock strikes midnight. Auld Lang Syne plays while I fight back the tears (that song kills me) and everyone shouts HAPPY NEW YEAR! A few people remember to also wish me a quick Happy Birthday and move about dancing to gay club music, circuit party, et al. There’s my celebration. Whoopee. The next day everyone would be so hungover that no one would care. Oh, the years of personal therapy through an assortment of mood miracles.

Happy New Year 2013

However, since I’ve gotten more mature I have realized it is what it is and to make it what I want it to be. As in life… I treat my birthday how I see fit. In most recent years, we find ourselves in Las Vegas sinning in the city or enjoying the culinary exploits of the finer places in Palm Springs for a special dinner. I can’t hang with the party club kids anymore nor want to. I used to chase the dawn and now find myself in bed by 10 p.m. on most nights. And the fact that I’m entering a national pageant to have the responsibly of staying out in clubs to wee hours as the first Mr. All American Gent makes me giggle quietly. Bring on the Red Bull, I’ll need wings.

Happy Birthday

Last evening a few close friends came over for an impromptu birthday moment which made me feel very special. We toasted the new year ahead and to me, of course. I don’t normally make any deal about turning another year but I thought, why not?! The next few months are geared directly towards the pageant and as my drag closet explodes with costumery, anticipation and excitement continues to grow within. I’m so ready for this. My DJ Mac Valentine is putting fierce finishing touches on my talent mixes while I discover E6000 glue worms around my knuckles from bodacious blinging. Category is… Project Runway Realness.

Overall, the past year has been really good. Health-wise: I’m still standing on my own two and smiling. Work-wise: I just passed the 8-year-mark and am happy to be where I am. I feel appreciated. Family-wise: Jacques and I have never been stronger and the furry little ones are spoiled like only dogs can be by two fabulous daddies. Pageant-wise: Generous sponsors have provided me the means to bring elements that have never been seen before. I’m truly blessed.

Wishing you THE GREATEST THINGS in Life, Love and your very own Pursuit of Happiness. Take Thirteen!


Of course, these are my fabulous highlights and may not be exactly the same as yours. But I suppose that’s why you’re reading mine to see what my eyes hath seen over the weekend of PS Pride 2012 here in the Coachella Valley. Curiosity killed the cat, so “Meow!” and away we go!

It all started on Friday where we saw the sexy visitors and muscles flowing throughout World Gym. We always run a weekend pass and it is THE place to be seen over the weekend when getting your pump on for Pride or any major weekend, for that matter. “Witness our fitness,” I always say. Having the best seat in the house up front at the Concierge Desk offers us visions of stunners and their stories and personality that ensue. Ah, I love our guests. They always entertain me year after year. I just passed my 8th year anniversary at the gym which is amazing to say. I’ve seen quite the bevy of beauty that parade through daily. We have Gay Pride every single day of the year walking around our track in our comfortable bubble known as World Gym Palm Springs.

Saturday was our performance with local indie/electro rocker Mac Valentine at the PS Pride Festival Grounds on the Rainbow Stage. Shaun danced and sassed with us and I was thrilled to have him onboard because I could have verbalized the choreography and he probably could have done it verbatim he’s that good. We were lucky to have Shaun on Mac’s team. I was so damn proud of Mac. He has a natural desire to dance that he’s never really explored until now and has great rhythm. He ate almost all of the choreography that I threw at him. I was impressed after our first rehearsal.

Of all the productions I’ve choreographed (and there’s been a few!) this was one of the overall best. From Mac’s dedication by rehearsing on his own, the fun moves and steps, to the energy we three had and by leaving all on the stage we couldn’t have asked for much more. Well, although the stage was quite wide about 35′ it was only about 5′ deep with band equipment on it. It was as if someone opened a beautiful silver food truck and said, “Perform.” It was an odd shape but we made it work dodging wires, speaker monitors and a drum set.

The best part of it was seeing our friends in the audience. Saturday is not the bigger of the two days at the festival so we didn’t really know if we’d get support to come out and applaud. We had the biggest crowd which wasn’t packed by any means but it wasn’t about that. It was about Mac pushing outside his comfort zone, for people to see what I do with my choreography and to celebrate our pride at such a crucial and tense moment during these last minutes of the elections. It was a great first performance for Mac Valentine and High Velocity.

For those who did stay and support us through the slight schedule delay and hang for our performance, it means more than words can say here. You know who you are and please know from me personally that it was priceless being a true showgirl for you dressed in Nasty Pig Thug Punk Realness. We didn’t hold back. And as they say, we left it all on the floor. Of course, it was really fierce when I tried to walk offstage earlier than I should have and had one more chorus to nail. I flashed a big smile, gave a Whoops! and jumped in on counts 3,4 and kept going on.

Afterwards we walked the vast grounds a bit with John, Rob and Tim Courtney before heading home. I figured I’d need a Vicodin since somehow I got my leg up past my head on a fan kick during “Dancing On My Own” and decided beforehand to kick now – worry later. My flexibility is not as it once was but it was nice to see that I can get it up there when I need to. Pun intended. It was great getting into the studio again since I’ll begin rehearsal for Mr. All American Gent 2013 very soon. Overall, we had one amazing day!

Later on we made it to Michael Crisp and Kenny’s home for their Anti-Bullying Education Charity Event which assists teachers attend important seminars and workshops that due to budget cuts could risk not attending. Their home seemed to hold every “who’s who” in the Valley for the weekend. We enjoyed the fabulous company of others for over an hour while having their “Booze and Nuts.” Luckily we ran into a few good friends that we don’t see very often and of course gave big smooches to the hosts, the delicious duo Michael and Kenny. The donation of $20 at the door was well worth such a great cause since I too was greatly bullied in school. It would have been nice that someone cared then to learn how to deal with it. Their website cescal.org gives all the details and how you too can help!

Sunday brought on Daylight Savings Time so we were up quite early. Once we got downtown for the parade we found reasonable parking and decided on having brunch at Jake’s before strolling down to meet the boys. The energy was thick with LGBTQ pride even through the disgusted discussions of the local endorsement for Romney from the Desert Sun Newspaper. What a slap in the face on the day of Gay Pride. Talks of boycotts have ensued on Facebook and on the boulevard today. I’m so over politics.

With our walk we ran into many good buddies and I even had a few shout outs about a job well done yesterday. It felt good being onstage once again. The parade is always fun but tiring. The numerous lulls are ridiculous and when there’s no music piped through anywhere during said lulls it becomes almost a joke for some sort of entertainment. The line at Starbucks was CRAZY and I really felt for the staff. However, they were having fun paying it no mind. Reminded me of our staff.

There were plenty of eye-catching sights but after seeing Delorian Chase – Miss Gay California United States – acting a fool down the parade route, then nailing the splits in a fabric gown on Palm Canyon Blvd. I simply had to post the video. She stole the show. The sunshine was blazing down and it was about time to find some air-condition and shade. We followed up behind the cheerleaders before finding the the car and home.

One amazing weekend. It was fun being involved and getting out into town to be social. It looks like the weather changes drastically by Friday so it was a great send-off into the holidays. We’re spending Christmas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and I already have visions of three sugar plums in a slot machine dancing in my head. And as Stevie Nicks croons so stunningly I Can’t Wait, I Can’t Wait.


Pride Palm Springs 2012 is approaching and here’s where and what and who you should be doing. If you’re part of the LGBT community and can’t miss the gym, World Gym will have a weekend pass for $29 so bring your muscled ass over to see us and we’ll take care of you. The staff is incredibly friendly and strive to make sure each and every member is well taken care of. Rainbow Gods will shine over our Palm Springs Oasis with the Block Party on Arenas (or Queerville to the locals) and the Main Festival 10-6 both days, November 3-4. Entrance to the Festival is $15 with $25 for both days, I believe.

I’m performing with Mac Valentine on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on one of the main stages. I’ve choreographed two numbers for Mac-A-Licious who has surprisingly picked up very fast for never working with a professional choreographer. Shaun Waters is dancing alongside us and we plan on having a really fun festive time on stage being the showgirls that we not-so-secretly are. We’ll be offering Nasty Pig thug punk realness. Or maybe just a jockstrap. Come see for yourself. Would love to see and hear you in the audience giving us cheers and applause. I’m especially looking forward to performing. It’s been a while. Well, on a stage… X


Indie-Electro-Rocker Mac Valentine contacted me through my website in hopes for some media love and audience appreciation. He just relocated to Palm Springs so I definitely wanted to bring him to light and introduction as our new neighbor. Valentine is an accomplished solo artist that mixes hard-edged electronica in the style of heavy hitters in rock as Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Korn and Marilyn Manson (without the distinctive rasp.) OS 1.01 is Mac’s first album and is really worth a listen. Valentine even offers a free download of the album. The tracks I found quite kick-ass were the electro-groove of “Hurts You Like Hell” and driving force of “Arm the Alarm.” Both “Let Heaven Rebuke Me” and “Be My Man” both bring home the honest theme of self acceptance and personal struggles. This queer shock rocker has something that caught my attention and hope you give him a listen. 13 original songs – ALL ROCKING!