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Fabulous Palm Springs Follies Grand Finale

Fabulous Palm Springs FolliesI love a good show. Entertain me, please! For 23 years the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies have been thrilling audiences and saluting the troops of proud America while employing some of the longest and most mature performers at their theatre situated in downtown Palm Springs anyone has ever seen.  Due to a struggling economy the show will be bringing down its curtain one final time for their 23rd and final season. Here’s the story…


Summertime in Palm Springs Revisited

I came across this previously published installment of my “Steven Spills” for PULP and actually found it fairly relatable to where we are right now in life, gay culture, gay fashion and our queer year 2013 in the Coachella Valley. Remember this was published in 2011 and could be a bit behind on today’s current news but still a fun read. May the magazine Rest in Peace among many other rags and mags that the Internet killed. Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day. Let’s remember when…


PALM SPRINGS SUMMER 101 (original publish: 2011)

Ah, summertime and the living is easy… and quite warm at times! As the sun heats us all up and makes some of us wonder why we live in the desert with the extreme heat, how does one deal?! The very thought of summer conjures up memories for me of attending summer school (twice) during my teenage years. The first time I missed cheerleading camp and the next I wasted my time not skipping school and getting my GED, instead. I’ve never applied to a job that has once required seeing my high school diploma. But there I was, killed down going to summer school for failing Algebra 1 twice because the football coach who taught the subject was too sexy for me to concentrate. Yes, that’s my reasoning. Seriously.

But here today, how and where does one escape from the inevitable heat that’s ahead?! Sure, it’s not that bad right now but get ready people! During my first summer here it was near 120-degrees and I thought I was going to melt. We’ll see what Momma Nature has in store but guaranteed it will be hot, scorching at times and ridiculous with a thickness in the air. It’s time to start dodging for trees with shade to park your car under and please don’t leave your pet in the car. I do have Animal Control on speed dial in my iPhone and I love using it. Try me. Make sure that your cars also have coolants in your transmission and a shade reflector that is trimmed to fit your front windshield. People become ruthless when deciding where the shade of a tree will be and when. Be smart, too! Think it through.

We have two fabulously privileged Jack Russells and they love the water. Splashing in the pool, swimming after a floating ball and any aquatic chaotic activity entertains them and knocks them down so they rest peacefully for the rest of the day. Keep your dogs’ fur and nails trimmed for healthy growth and easy towel drying afterwards. If they swim a lot think of getting a moisturizer for their fur for afterwards. We use Aveda Brilliant (yes, that’s what I said), an emollient finishing gloss on their fur and it prevents our boy’s dry skin that normally wears him out. The water that may accumulate in their ears can be removed gently by a cotton-covered cue tip and even ear-cleaning solutions wouldn’t hurt if administered immediately after each entry into water. And again, I can’t stress enough. Please Note: A cracked car window does not a comfortable setting make for puppy. Try sitting in the car without the air condition running and see how long you last!

The summer is hell on automobiles. Focus on taking care of your car. No coolant equals no air condition and a bad tranny, err, I mean transmission. A solid running car can get you away for weekend escapes. But where?! Even day trips can give one a sense of peace and retreat from that un-Christian heated swelter outside. The beaches are a thought like Black Beach in San Diego for you exhibitionists. Laguna Beach has the offering of Newport Beach and some serious shopping. Want some real culture?! Hit it to L.A. and take a gawking gander at the Malibu surfer boys and the always-entertaining boardwalk. (On a side note, Krispy Kreme is at Ontario Mills and yes you can bring me some back.) Venturing to Idyllwild or Big Bear and even a trip up to the Palm Springs Tram will always pull the temperature down a good group of degrees. Drive safe, gas up and get away if only for the day or overnight.

To have been in the Coachella Valley or the desert for that matter during one of our summers is to know you do everything in the morning. It’s the coolest time of the day since even at night it is often 99-degrees or more during our peak months of July, August and September. Grab the sun block and use it. However, if you don’t want to use it then you better make an appointment at Dr. Make Pretty’s offices at Contour Dermatology who just celebrated their 10-year anniversary. Congrats Tim and Lee! And by all means, if you foresee yourself wearing flip-flops and I encourage you to, please have a pedicure happening. Re-hydrate yourselves! Water is best. Your skin will look amazing.

Everyone this side of the yellow brick road knows that June is big time full-blown Gay Pride in most cities commemorating the Stonewall riots. Los Angeles carries pink triangles and sings Lady Gaga’s entire Born This Way album from June 10-12 at the Christopher Street West festival in West Hollywood. Up and down Santa Monica Boulevard one will find fashion fierceness realness with queens in skinny jeans and shirtless inked-up bears from Silver Lake. Heading north, the LGBT tribes gather in San Francisco on June 25, 26 to kick up their rainbow petticoats and celebrate their place in the world. San Diego Pride boasts being the fifth-largest in the United States and brings all things gay together for their parade on July 16. All queer-ventures provide pleasures to the eye, pride without prejudice and are each worth the weekend gay-cation.

But if you don’t want to or can’t get out of town, what can you do to beat the heat?! For me, when I’m not working we’re inside the cool house then to the pool then back into the chilled home, and repeat. There’s not a lot of out-and-about happening since many people travel away. Catch a movie! Slide into an afternoon feature and relax in the comfort of their iceberg theatres. Now I’m not encouraging you to sneak in “healthy” snacks. That’s just not the way one does things. But… always remember chocolate melts in heat. The air is also cranking at World Gym so you can grab a workout or just a protein shake and soak up the refrigeration. With the twenty-nine pieces of new cardio equipment and the summer specials running at the gym to get your heart rate moving, it’s a nice place to enjoy chilling out after getting worked up.

What summer jams will be having you popping that neck or shaking that ass at pool parties and on steamy dance floors like DiGS, Hunters and Toucan’s?! The Freemasons seem to have their hands on everyone lately and they deliver a 2011 remix of “I’m Coming Out” from Diana Ross with while all-grown-up Selena Gomez has hit hard with a Dave Aude shake-up of her “A Year Without Rain.” My girl Britney Spears has infused her already-fierce “Till The World Ends” with hot pop rockers Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha (who co-penned the track) providing new layers of musical texture. Man (boy) band The Reason covers an upbeat remix of “The Reason” with their Electric Allstars radio edit. Yes, this is a re-do of the Hoobastank 2004 smash hit that now has been taken over by the X Factor alum.

And you got to eat to keep up your strength! But where?! Many of the local restaurants have found that staying open for business even during the hottest of summer months has proved smart in years past. The ones I’ve spoke to said they’ll be providing great service and food as long as locals continue to dominate their spaces. It would be hard for me to fairly say go here or there. But I can encourage everyone to keep our local merchants and restaurants going by grabbing your girlfriends or husband and make a night of it out in the scene. From an early breakfast with friends to brunch by the pool or dinner under the stars, summer dining can be delicious. And the freezer aisle at the grocery store feel pretty cool, too!

At the end of the day we all can be assured of a few things about the summer intensity that is on the heated horizon. First, pop on the Weather Channel for a few minutes and listen to the weather forecasts from other cities. The heat will come and many will complain locally, me included. It’s part of our dialogue and it’s obvious. But it too shall pass and then we’re reminded for the bigger percentage of time why we live here. It’s gorgeous in Palm Springs. You adapt to the heat like others deal with the snowy cold. I’m writing this on an unseasonably breezy cool May morning. A bird whistles nearby and I’m hopeful that Mother Nature is as kind tomorrow as she is today.

2011 © The Bottom Line


Of course, these are my fabulous highlights and may not be exactly the same as yours. But I suppose that’s why you’re reading mine to see what my eyes hath seen over the weekend of PS Pride 2012 here in the Coachella Valley. Curiosity killed the cat, so “Meow!” and away we go!

It all started on Friday where we saw the sexy visitors and muscles flowing throughout World Gym. We always run a weekend pass and it is THE place to be seen over the weekend when getting your pump on for Pride or any major weekend, for that matter. “Witness our fitness,” I always say. Having the best seat in the house up front at the Concierge Desk offers us visions of stunners and their stories and personality that ensue. Ah, I love our guests. They always entertain me year after year. I just passed my 8th year anniversary at the gym which is amazing to say. I’ve seen quite the bevy of beauty that parade through daily. We have Gay Pride every single day of the year walking around our track in our comfortable bubble known as World Gym Palm Springs.

Saturday was our performance with local indie/electro rocker Mac Valentine at the PS Pride Festival Grounds on the Rainbow Stage. Shaun danced and sassed with us and I was thrilled to have him onboard because I could have verbalized the choreography and he probably could have done it verbatim he’s that good. We were lucky to have Shaun on Mac’s team. I was so damn proud of Mac. He has a natural desire to dance that he’s never really explored until now and has great rhythm. He ate almost all of the choreography that I threw at him. I was impressed after our first rehearsal.

Of all the productions I’ve choreographed (and there’s been a few!) this was one of the overall best. From Mac’s dedication by rehearsing on his own, the fun moves and steps, to the energy we three had and by leaving all on the stage we couldn’t have asked for much more. Well, although the stage was quite wide about 35′ it was only about 5′ deep with band equipment on it. It was as if someone opened a beautiful silver food truck and said, “Perform.” It was an odd shape but we made it work dodging wires, speaker monitors and a drum set.

The best part of it was seeing our friends in the audience. Saturday is not the bigger of the two days at the festival so we didn’t really know if we’d get support to come out and applaud. We had the biggest crowd which wasn’t packed by any means but it wasn’t about that. It was about Mac pushing outside his comfort zone, for people to see what I do with my choreography and to celebrate our pride at such a crucial and tense moment during these last minutes of the elections. It was a great first performance for Mac Valentine and High Velocity.

For those who did stay and support us through the slight schedule delay and hang for our performance, it means more than words can say here. You know who you are and please know from me personally that it was priceless being a true showgirl for you dressed in Nasty Pig Thug Punk Realness. We didn’t hold back. And as they say, we left it all on the floor. Of course, it was really fierce when I tried to walk offstage earlier than I should have and had one more chorus to nail. I flashed a big smile, gave a Whoops! and jumped in on counts 3,4 and kept going on.

Afterwards we walked the vast grounds a bit with John, Rob and Tim Courtney before heading home. I figured I’d need a Vicodin since somehow I got my leg up past my head on a fan kick during “Dancing On My Own” and decided beforehand to kick now – worry later. My flexibility is not as it once was but it was nice to see that I can get it up there when I need to. Pun intended. It was great getting into the studio again since I’ll begin rehearsal for Mr. All American Gent 2013 very soon. Overall, we had one amazing day!

Later on we made it to Michael Crisp and Kenny’s home for their Anti-Bullying Education Charity Event which assists teachers attend important seminars and workshops that due to budget cuts could risk not attending. Their home seemed to hold every “who’s who” in the Valley for the weekend. We enjoyed the fabulous company of others for over an hour while having their “Booze and Nuts.” Luckily we ran into a few good friends that we don’t see very often and of course gave big smooches to the hosts, the delicious duo Michael and Kenny. The donation of $20 at the door was well worth such a great cause since I too was greatly bullied in school. It would have been nice that someone cared then to learn how to deal with it. Their website cescal.org gives all the details and how you too can help!

Sunday brought on Daylight Savings Time so we were up quite early. Once we got downtown for the parade we found reasonable parking and decided on having brunch at Jake’s before strolling down to meet the boys. The energy was thick with LGBTQ pride even through the disgusted discussions of the local endorsement for Romney from the Desert Sun Newspaper. What a slap in the face on the day of Gay Pride. Talks of boycotts have ensued on Facebook and on the boulevard today. I’m so over politics.

With our walk we ran into many good buddies and I even had a few shout outs about a job well done yesterday. It felt good being onstage once again. The parade is always fun but tiring. The numerous lulls are ridiculous and when there’s no music piped through anywhere during said lulls it becomes almost a joke for some sort of entertainment. The line at Starbucks was CRAZY and I really felt for the staff. However, they were having fun paying it no mind. Reminded me of our staff.

There were plenty of eye-catching sights but after seeing Delorian Chase – Miss Gay California United States – acting a fool down the parade route, then nailing the splits in a fabric gown on Palm Canyon Blvd. I simply had to post the video. She stole the show. The sunshine was blazing down and it was about time to find some air-condition and shade. We followed up behind the cheerleaders before finding the the car and home.

One amazing weekend. It was fun being involved and getting out into town to be social. It looks like the weather changes drastically by Friday so it was a great send-off into the holidays. We’re spending Christmas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and I already have visions of three sugar plums in a slot machine dancing in my head. And as Stevie Nicks croons so stunningly I Can’t Wait, I Can’t Wait.


Here we go! It’s Halloween time. I’ve had a few people ask what I’d be wearing on Arenas Road for their block party and costume contest come the scary night that the dead walk amongst us. I’m still deciding on what drag I’ll display or if I’ll even do drag. It’s been quite a while. And with this beard? Not hardly. When it comes to dressing to impress for Halloween as a gay man, what’s hot?! I saw a few sexy items on Amazon that caught my eye. Stand out with these ensembles and strut it out as you catch eyes and keep vampires that suck at bay. Well, if they suck… Grab some candy and get your trick and treating on!






Working in the heart of Queerville at World Gym Palm Springs gives me prime placement for knowing what’s happening around town and who exactly is making it happen. In the last month I have had an amazing amount of people who have finally tuned in to the fact that The Bottom Line and PULP are no longer landing on newsstands and wanted to find out why.

As many know I wrote a bi-monthly installment for PULP called “Steven Spills” and was often found in TBL as a cover story contributor and feature columnist. I enjoyed the notoriety with the magazines considering they were considered at one time the premiere LGBT newsmagazine in the Coachella Valley. Those days seem to have come and gone.

I enjoyed getting to know my readers and having the opportunity for them to learn more about me, Palm Springs’ gay culture and beyond. PULP began an online-only version of its magazine in January 2012 after many a rumor had been tossed my way months before about the imminent change. I was thwarted when asking about what I was hearing. “We will let all the writers know ahead of time,” was replied back when I quizzed. Well, no that didn’t happen. I was made aware after it had been decided, not that I had any say about it or the changes.

Once the transition to Internet took place and PULP disappeared from the stands around town, I wrote another four columns for their online version before taking a final bow and stepping aside. The line of communication had long since vanished between us. I felt as if my Steven Spills stories had ran their course and seen its time. So I sent a “Sincerely Yours” letter to the publishers and not surprisingly had zero response. When I was once told that I was “part of the family now” I naturally took those words for what they were worth. Not much.

As far as The Bottom Line story goes it has been up for sale on a website called Hughes Properties for months. They also vacated their offices on Palm Canyon Drive a while back. The last issue that was published seems to have hit stands in July according to their website that is actually still online but hasn’t been updated lately. I was told that they had sent out email notices about taking a hiatus which seems to be the last anyone has heard anything.

Unfortunately, we no longer have much along the lines of smart LGBT reporting for gay news here in Palm Springs. When someone is ready to start something of worth call me. I’m interested! And so are others.

And people ask if the magazine is coming back. My immediate thoughts are I’d be so surprised if they do. Both magazines, The Bottom Line and PULP, had quite the run and peak in popularity. I’m glad I was part of that. It would be nice if they were able to return. The experience made me a better writer and smarter storyteller. I thank them for that.

So now you know…


If you haven’t been downtown lately in our incredible Palm Springs Oasis then maybe you haven’t seen the most recent sighting of the All American Goddess herself Marilyn Monroe! Yes, that’s what I said! Marilyn, Miss Marilyn has been standing her 26-foot-tall ground for a few good months now on the corner of Tahquitz Canyon and Palm Canyon Blvd. The recent remembrance on the anniversary of her death prompted crowds to turn out in droves to pay respects both here and in Los Angeles with flowers, poster prints and fan mania. She was a legend in the making, mysteriously worshiped by many and forever ours. This iconic pose is of course from her fiercely popular film The Seven Year Itch. Rest peacefully, Miss Monroe. Thanks for the inspiration to be fabulous!


Glam rocker and shock talker Adam Lambert brings his always intriguing solo show to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio tomorrow evening July 21. Promoting his newest album Trespassing, American Idol alum Adam promises an evening of perfected guy-liner, blinged-out costumery and a pelvic thrust or two. We would love to be going but San Diego Pride calls us down south and a trip to Black’s Beach will provide the sandcastle backdrop. I’ll throw some Adam Lambert on the playlist for the road trip. My favorites? The attitude-infused Whataya Want From Me, sass-fueled For Your Entertainment and epic ballad Time For Miracles.



Welcome back to Palm Springs, Adam! Thanks for being real, staying true and doing you. Enjoy the show, everyone! And prepare yourself for the horrid seating. Those floor chairs are ridiculously uncomfortable. Just saying…


We just returned from seeing the Channing Tatum driven feature Magic Mike at Mary Pickford Theaters. Let’s get right into it. Spoiler alerts ahead! Unfortunately, the hype is stronger than the actual film. I was actually excited about seeing it. Hello?! We actually paid for it. Two tickets – $15. We never go to the movies because with the cost for concessions it can become a rather pricey excursion. But we figured a day in a cool theatre would be a nice break from the rising summer temperatures outside. Plus, I’m in love with Joe Manganiello. I just knew the film would be fierce and I’d love it. Opinions change.

I was hoping for a bit more gratuitous nudity from our lead cast, I admit it. The film was chock full of Matthew McConaughey being an over-the-hill ringleader of the male brigade of flesh peddlers. With his spray tan and over-zealous in-your-face portrayal of the master pimp in control I could only wonder if this is really how he is in real life. Nonetheless, he was killing. It was hard to take him seriously. There were a few times I couldn’t tell if his character was gay or not. I assumed the portrayal was straight but he was very physical with the other dancers so I questioned. One scene with “the Kid” Alex Pettyfer consisted of Matthew’s character “Dallas” grinding up into the ass of Alex’s “Adam” to show him how to seduce the ladies. It was comical, at best.

Joe Manganiello plays “Big Dick Richie” and from what it showed, it was a fitting name. A scene that included the guys getting ready for their performance showed Big Dick Richie’s alleged cock-a-doodle inside a penis pump growing engorged. This film had a R-rating so let’s be adults here. Another scene where he plays a fireman offered a silhouette that looked like something from Boogie Nights. It was so obviously fake. Funnily enough it seemed that the most vocal of the audience we sat with were the senior gals of the ensemble. It was mainly the ladies in attendance as we left the queens in Palm Springs at the Regal to cackle and coo.

Being a former stripper, I was hoping to get a bit more of the camaraderie that happens backstage. There were moments of it but overall the movie lost it’s zest towards the second half after a great explosive beginning. The casual use of booze, GHB and weed between the dancers backstage was a realistic tone that is often played out in real life among strippers. I appreciated that they showed that side of what it often takes the performers to perform and not shy away from it. Their overindulgence of ecstasy was a bit much but the guys I’ve known that have danced in groups like this often do abuse the drug.

I also thought the way they portrayed Channing Tatum’s “Mike” was clear in the thought process that it’s often a lonely life with opinions and prejudice when one is a stripper. However, I really wish director Steven Soderbergh had developed the secondary characters so we learned more about them while focusing more not the dancing and the club dynamic. But I must say that Channing can dance, for sure! He is hot when he moves. There were a few side story lines that I could have done without like a surprise visit from a set of hateful destructive drug dealers and the “everybody uses everybody” attitude from Matthew’s jaded and worn “Dallas.” He reminded us of Brace on Showtime’s Gigolos. Just a few steps past his prime.



White Collar star Matt Bomer recently announced that he was gay here at a fundraiser in Palm Springs so I was curious on how he would pull of playing straight. Other than a rousing round of ecstasy-indueced “I Love You, man” between he and Alex Pettyfer, he did a commendable job. Side note: Am I the only one that thinks Alex looks like Ryan Phillippe?

By the end of the movie I was getting bored. The story really didn’t do much and left me feeling empty. I was hoping for more and not receiving enough. It was fine but I could have waited for its arrival in Redbox. But anytime with my man is a great time for me! I give Magic Mike a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 thongs. Really could have used a bit more “Full Monty” and much less “Fool McConaughey.” But I wasn’t consulted on this one. I’m just offering it here now.


Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had the honor of meeting the lady Bobbie Eakes in person at Spencer’s Restaurant for Bob Smith’s 50th birthday shindig. Ah, the party was done very well with just the right amount of everything. It was great to be out for the evening considering we had zero plans on doing anything! Since having Bobbie on the blog for the Picture Me Happy event at ACE, I had heard only wonderful things about her from people in the know and fans of her work on television. “She’s iconic,” a friend cooed over the phone. One of the volunteers of the charity event said of Bobbie, “She was a class act the entire time.” I agree! I fell in love with her in person.

Lorrie, one of our spin instructors at World Gym, called me over just as we were arriving to the party at Spencer’s and introduced me her friend Bobbie when I immediately replied, “Eakes?!” Bobbie smiled answering back, “Yes.” I hugged her and introduced myself as the blogger that interviewed her for the Splash into Summer Bash. “I recognize your face now, for sure. I love your blog,” Ms. Eakes flattered back which always wins me over. Compliments are well appreciated especially from such a pretty lady.

We chatted a bit and she told me a few stories of crazy fandom overseas where crowds and paparazzi hounded her and how insane it became. I got a few juicy tales of when she was competing in Miss America and how the experience really opened the door that led to her first television gig. She was so approachable and down to earth. Bobbie stood casually and discussed Europe with Jacques while I mingled the room. Meeting Bobbie Eakes was a true highlight of the night. I’m so glad we went to celebrate with Bob for his milestone birthday and enjoy the evening with good friends.


I do fancy myself a creative blogger and word choreographer featuring fierce and fabulous dish and dirt happening in pop culture today. From celebrity news to reality jewels, I tackle topics not seen just anywhere. If it catches my eye, I love sharing my findings. If you’re still reading, then you’ve taken the bait. But wait, there’s more!

Coming May 20 to the ACE Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs is celebrity photographer (and dearest confidant) Tim Courtney’s annual charity event Splash into Summer Bash for Picture Me Happy benefiting terminally ill children in California. Monthly, Tim takes a group of selfless giving people to hospitals and offers the wonderful children a photography lesson with cameras and parents involved. This year’s main event has grown leaps and bounds from last year and promises to be the talk of Palm Springs in the next few weeks.

Persian stud muffin Reza Farahan from Shahs of Sunset on Bravo TV will be playing host with the most, along with gorgeous cast member Asa Soltan Rahmati and our very own reality wonder from Project Runway: All Stars Michael Costello. Music will be delivered by famed British DJ Eur-O-Steve with pulsating beats and handwaving by dance floor fillers without bright fabric fans occupying their hands. There’s an open bar, a fun photo booth and outrageous raffle items up for grabs. Bring your swim gear and splash in the pool to cool off from the man heat! Shirtless hunks and bikini-wearing girls unite for one great cause!

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts with a trip home to Nashville to see Mom, my media pass will stay pristine and virgin for I’ll be unable to attend the benefit. Sad faces all around. I was shattered when I realized the event and trip were colliding. I’m excited about going home but I was also excited about tugging on Reza’s mustache in person. I find him super sexy and his this-is-me-deal-with-it-love-me attitude very attractive. I really do. Maybe we’ll connect in Los Angeles soon for a cocktail. But not this time. Again, frowns and pouts from my end. But I digress…

Luckily with the power of immediacy on the social network giant Twitter, I got in contact with Reza and bing-bam-boom he agreed to do an interview with me via the Internet before he arrived for hosting duties at ACE on the 20th. I was surprised and thrilled at the quick timeliness of Mr. Farahan’s responses. We stayed in contact and he replied within the week. I know he is busy running Sunset Boulevard and am gracious for his time. I quoted Reza verbatim with only slight changes for continuity. Here’s what we discussed!

Steven Michael – Your mustache is everything! It’s taken on a celebrity of its own. How is fame feeling with Shahs of Sunset getting such great attention?

Reza Farahan - My mustache is on ‘fire’ (wink,wink) and he couldn’t be happier with the attention he’s been getting lately. He and I are both thrilled that we have this platform and that we’re able to use it to bring awareness to homosexuality/homophobia in the Persian community.

How has the Persian community been in response to the show? Do they feel it’s an appropriate impression of the brotherhood and lifestyles and clear representation?

We’ve gotten mixed reviews from the Persian community. But I have to tell you that I could care less what the Persian community thinks. There are truly no 6 people of any community that can represent the entire community at large. I represent myself, period. The only people that I care about are the Persian/Middle Eastern youth that are struggling with their sexuality. I wanted to give them a voice and show them that you can exist, be strong, successful and accepted by your friends, family and the community. The Persians that make up my community are entitled to their opinions. The beauty is that I can count the number of people who’s opinion matter to me on 2 hands.

I really find your answers so honest and refreshing, Reza. Thank you! What do you find inviting about Palm Springs? You’ve been here recently for a few events and will be hosting the benefit for Picture Me Happy. Do you enjoy your visits here?

I absolutely adore everything about Palm Springs. It’s not just a place, it’s more like a lifestyle. I find that as soon as I get on the 111, I relax. The people, the mountains, the architecture, the weather, the restaurants, the hotels and especially the pool at the ACE Hotel (Not to mention their peanut butter pie), I LOVE IT ALL!!!!! I could see myself living there full-time at some point.

We’ll have to stay in touch for when you come back next time! What’s the biggest misconception about filming reality television? Do you feel the show’s editing represents you and your friends according to truth or is it sensationalized any? And when the cameras and bright lights are off, how different are you than when you are actually being filmed?

I can honestly say that the Reza you see on TV, is the same Reza that exists in his everyday life 24/7. The thing about reality TV is that they shoot for a certain number of months and edit out the mundane or boring. But everything you see on our show organically happened in real life. I am as opinionated and loud in my everyday life, as I am on ‘Shahs Of Sunset.’

How does the Iranian community view homosexuality?

The Iranian community thus far has ignored homosexuality. They act like it doesn’t exist and if it ‘pops up,’ they try to make it go away. I thought that by being my authentic self on this show, and knowing that the entire community would watch, that I would force people to talk about homosexuality in our Iranian community. ‘Here I am people, I exist, now deal with it.’

Finally, what kind of man would you want to spend your long life with? Will he have a mustache, too?

Great question. For some reason, I am drawn to tall, lean white guys, with or without facial hair. I think it’s because that is the exact opposite of me? But that’s just the physical component. My soul mate would need to be confident, kind, smart and he’d need to challenge me and keep me stimulated! ;-)

(that’s one lucky girl…!)

My appreciation to my buddy Reza Farahan for giving us a glimpse of the reality he calls life. I encourage everyone to attend the Splash into Summer Bash for Picture Me Happy event and meet Reza in person. And give his mustache a good tug for me! You know, for the kids…