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With the drastic drop in weather perfectly scheduled with Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend, wearing leather in the desert wasn’t such a warm and sweaty task as it oft is. I’ve been busy preparing for Mr. All American Gent 2013 and figured we’d check out the contest so I could do homework for the competition that I’m doing. Anytime there’s an onstage judged category to be seen, a contestant of any type can benefit from what they witness and hear. I like to listen in especially to the onstage questions where I in-turn answer them in real time inside my head.

However, the Q/A they deliver at leather contests can often be trite and silly with a campy sexual overtone poured across them like horny sugar. Last evening was no exception by the help of master emcee Lenny Broberg with his dramatic and comedic pauses and refusals to ask way-too-crazy-for-mention questions. He is one sexy man. “Officer! Over here with that nightstick. I’ve been bad.” Overall the contest ran swimmingly. The packed house was in great form and the Silent Auction items were getting some generous bids. Daddy-stud and dear friend Colton Ford was name-dropped at least 3-4 times within a matter a minutes while the ever-present PS Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence whooped and hollered painted in hues of glitter bionic blue, spackle geisha white and dressed in outrageous drag.

We arrived a few minutes late just in time for contestant one to come out and start the evening with a bang and a twirl. All four men were equally strong in the various categories that would then decide who would succeed my dear friend Todd Peter as the next Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2013. The contestants in order of appearance: Mr. Barracks Leather – Jonathon Roseblatt; Mr. Tool Shed Leather – Scott Smith; Mr. Leather Indulgence – Steven Crawford; Mr. Off Ramp Leather – Christopher Durbin.

And who decided the fate of these great men? The judges, of course! Dennis McMahon, Dean Ogren, Mike Russell, Ron Todd, West, Mr. PS Leather 2012 Todd Peter and IML 2012 Woody Woodruff. I naturally did my own tabulations off to the side behind a pricey Convention Center-poured cocktail. The adored Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus group Caballeros were there to perform a few rounds of vocal adrenaline. However, as wonderful as they did sound their choices for music were a bit on the snoozy side. With the rowdy dressed-in-cowhide crowd listening anxiously I believe that a rousing round of show tunes or Donna Summer would have been a nice offering. Just a thought for next time. I kept wanting to hear MacArthur Park for some reason.

A hot jacuzzi soon called our names back home so we didn’t stay for the OiNK! Leather/Fetish Victory Dance Party with DJ Chi Chi LaRue spinning the latest and greatest from today’s pop royalty. Through all of the various events organized by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) and its support team, anyone could easily see the Valley was rolling with the hottest inked muscle hunks and leather-clad folk one could find this side of the Castro.

And the winners? In the end through jockstraps, bare asses and heartfelt speeches, 1st-Alternate went to Christopher Durbin and our WINNER – Scott Smith representing Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2013 will be heading to Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend to compete in the grand show of shows, International Mr. Leather 2013 as our current Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2013!



Last weekend in Palm Springs was the annual Leather Pride celebration bringing into town truckloads of dominant lesbians in full sadist Leather Regalia
and quiet subs being led around by their uniformed owners on leashes. All over town, leather brothers and sisters were seen united at events and representing their unique and diverse lifestyles at parties geared towards the general public and a few behind the privacy of guesthouse walls. Wherever you went the strong presence of a proud leather community was abound.

I tend to joke that working at World Gym in Palm Springs is Gay Pride every day so when these bigger weekends come to town they rarely faze me. Been there, done that, have the rainbows etched in my eyes forever. However, I do love me a big strapping man who knows how to handle a sassy southern dame like me so bring it. Palm Springs Leather Pride 2011 promised to excite and tantalize from early on in the week with men wearing ink and facial fur blazing.

As the Gay Gods and Mother Nature fought it out with cold rain and clouds, we locals wondered if the chill would deter our wonderful visitors. It did make for great opportunity to dust of the leathers and slide them on which everyone did. Friday evening a Formal Dinner was held at Leon’s that’s relocated to the Desert Princess and from what I hear men in sexy Leather Chaps
were sitting around eating delicious beef which is a picture Norman Rockwell didn’t know to paint. “Leather Wearing Beef Eaters,” in oils.

Later Friday evening the Tool Shed hoisted and hosted the Leather Vendor Market and Back Lot Party. The warmth of cigar fire on stogies, testosterone pouring out of horny pores, tight leather pants pulled across muscular asses and strong cocktails poured by the Tool Shed’s finest kept the masses happy and warm all night into the wee morning hours. Across the way one could see an impromptu demonstration between a slave and Master then make a 180-degree turn and witness the hotties from their gym exchanging saliva (or was that sativa?!) with each other. Just saying.

As it rained sporadically between thick clouds and overcast gloom on Saturday I found myself with famed photographer Tim Courtney discussing world domination at Jake’s over delicious lunch positioned perfectly under the awning outside. I watched leather clad men walking hand in hand down Palm Canyon over my glass white sangria. With a cupcake to-go, I was off to take lunch to my husband and decide what I was wearing to the Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012 contest later that evening.

Arriving a few minutes late to the Palm Springs Convention Center, we made it through the door during the Presentation category which is first. Now I love a good pageant, err, contest and thought it smart to hold it outside in the lobby with big screens and stage because from outside it looked grand instead of shoving it inside a ballroom. People were able to mill about the Silent Auction, cruise one another, meet and meat old friends while emcee Lenny Broberg kept things moving as he always does. He is the one to have at a leather contest. I’d love to master his ceremonies be it hosting a contest with him or one-on-one something just him and I, and his San Francisco police uniform.

The judges had a hard job because the top spots were very close from what we in the audience saw on stage. I say “we” since like you I quietly judged from my various seats in the house just not on the official panel with judges Stephen Blackwell, Alex Lindsey, Amy Marie Meek, Anthony Rollar, Utah Rox, Rik “Hooker” Newton and Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2011 Drew Kramer dressed in fierce orange leather from head to boots. With four strong contestants all holding their own on stage through categories of Physique/Jockstrap and Formal Leather Wear/On-Stage Speech the title was anyone’s to take. But only one leatherman did. Here’s the scoop…

Michael Mitchell, Mr. Leather Indulgence 2012, was an excited blond who admitted proudly to being a pumper and enjoys the fantasy of a group of hot men while spinning in a Lazy Susan chair. His body from my view was on-point smooth and ripped beyond belief. Michael started things off while the next contestant Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2012 Todd Peter brought beefy back which was more my taste.

Todd came in prepared and clearly confidence was on his side not to mention the roaring crowd. Lenny soon handed over the microphone to a jock-clad Todd after asking him “What do you have hidden in your secret closet?” The crowd gave a collective “Ah…” after an inked-up Mr. Peter admitted he wishes that he had a clone of his boyfriend Todd because he loved him so much he wants two. When Todd smiled the spotlight bounced off his pearly whites and he lit up Palm Springs.

The next contestant was Mr. Streetbar Leather 2012, Thomas Oliva, who also seemed like a seasoned pro. He had that delicious masculine beef I tend to appreciate in my men and a genuine swagger of humility but strength. Mr. Oliva’s speech was from the heart about coming out in a leather bar for the first time and what it meant to him. The crowd really cheered him after his speech.

Rounding up the four was Mr. DiGS Leather 2012 Lenny Lesemen. Lenny seemed like he was having fun, represented DiGS very well for being their first representative and placed fourth. Michael placed next in third with the top two being Thomas and Todd. There wasn’t a contestant representative from Barracks even though someone roamed the crowd in a Mr. Barracks Leather 2012 title vest. When I asked about not competing he quickly replied that he competed last year and walked off. I thought it peculiar to be last year’s winner and wear next year’s title vest.

And drum roll, please… Our new Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012 is Todd Peter who deservedly won and now prepares for Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend competing for International Mr. Leather 2012 hopefully to bring back the title of IML to Palm Springs like Gary Iriza did a few short years ago. The Recon Victory Dark Dance Party soon followed the contest and Sexy Men in Leather danced into the darker hours of morning.

Helios hosted the Sunday Pool Party BBQ which I translate as “Play Party with Food.” Luckily sunshine came out giving a taste of each weather trend over the course of a weekend. Later that day Barracks packed ‘em in so tight some bitter queen couldn’t get to the bar fast enough to get a drink so she dialed 911 getting police involved by clearing out the place around 6:30. Well, maybe that’s not exactly how it happened but police did stop by taking care of the way-over-capacity crowd that Barracks tends to allow. They cleaned house regulating how many came back in at a time. Such a drastic finale to this great weekend. Good Luck to Todd Peter at IML next May! We’ll be watching for you to take the title, Mister.

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This weekend in Palm Springs has celebrated the Leather Brotherhood and Sisterhood that is so strong in our community during PS Leather Pride 2011. On Friday there was the Back Lot Party behind the Tool Shed and Gear with a Formal Dinner before hand. Last evening on Saturday we watched Todd Peter deservedly become the new Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012 winning the contest over four contestants total. The turnout was surprisingly strong considering the weather has been sketchy lately in Palm Spring and I wasn’t sure if the rain would keep people inside. It was THE perfect night to wear leather and the Husband and I looked good him in chaps and jeans while I wore Nasty Pig black rubber pants with a white stripe down the side. Upon further inspection said pants had seen their share of days, temperatures and the like by the worn areas around the crotch and ass. They are vintage from ’01 so I forgive. We ran into friends and the smell of leather was intoxicating as was many of the uniforms on masculine men, dominant Masters and gay Muscle Bears. Afterwards was the Recon Victory Dance and today is the Pool Party BarB-Q (translation: Play Party with food) at Helios Guesthouse then Barracks (who surprisingly didn’t have a contestant competing last night but one walking around with the vest for 2012, so…) for Beer Bust.

Have fun Men and Women in Leather. Welcome (back) to Palm Springs!



I’m honest in saying that I had zero interest in going to the Folsom Street Fair this past September when VIP tickets to the 40th Anniversary Party of Falcon Studios unexpectedly came across my desk. The glossy tickets reflected the light perfectly while I hoped to give them to some willing and deserving participants who would be going for the leather fest since I would not be. I had only been to the fair once before but I was certainly a much different person then and it really hadn’t crossed my mind to go again. When Jacques sat across from me the weekend prior at Lakeside in Wynn Las Vegas asking, “Well, have you even thought about going to Folsom Street this year?” all I could think to myself is, “I am now!”

Folsom Street Fair is the finale to a huge week of leather events, parties and entertainment benefiting various charities throughout the Bay Area . I didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon and literally crashed with my generous friend Mikel I’ve known for years. After settling in off my United flight from PSP, I showered and met up with my BFF Brian, better known as “Jack Ryan” and pressed it to the Falcon party that was in conjunction with its brother company Raging Stallion’s 10th Anniversary infamous Folsom Weekend Party. Our town car dropped us off at the door of Mezzanine and what I expected to be VIP and exclusive was more like “the more the merrier” so we adapted and had fun nonetheless.

Once inside, local leatherman and owner of Gear on Sunny Dunes porn star Rik Jammer was looking pumped up and delicious while posing for photos. Sister Roma from the San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and I reunited quickly and had some special giggles about days gone by. Falcon man Landon Conrad was upstairs with photographer Mocha, beefy god Angelo Marconi roamed the dark outreaches of the club while inked-up Alessio Romero nodded at me towards the end of the bar over his beer. The club was packed and the music bumping. Dinner called us away and the car quickly came back around to scoop us up towards food. The town was koo-koo with homomasculinity and I was loving every minute of it.

Eureka Lounge was quite busy for dinner but luckily we were seated rather quickly. I was thrilled to finally sit down for a minute and relax from the rushing of my arrival into San Francisco earlier in the day. Our delicious dinner included pot roast, gumbo and duck pate with espresso and a latte for energy after. Brian soon had the car scoot us down Market Street towards Rebel where Chi Chi LaRue was DJ’ing and Sister Roma was hosting gaggles of gorgeous gays and their admirers. The club was quite smaller and ridiculously packed full of go-go dancers, drunk patrons and a man who was growing annoyed by it all named Steven Michael. I just don’t do clubs anymore and my patience level is low at best. I know when it’s time for me to go.

I left Brian there at Rebel to fend for himself and my taxi shamelessly delivered me to a very unique establishment for men-only called Blow Buddies before dropping me at home moments later. Shockingly enough… a taxi showed me the way there twice during the weekend. Someone told me that Blow Buddies would be a great place to drop of some promotional cards for my website iamstevenmichael.com so I did. I thank me for such a brilliant idea since I’m the one who had it. It seemed that the men inside the club really appreciated what my website could offer. I felt very pretty from all the attention of the gentleman callers cursing and perusing about me like vultures. Just saying.

Sunday morning was gloomy and cool so rushing to the Fair wasn’t something I felt like I needed to do right away. The windows were open and a breeze blew through Mikel’s place while I simply enjoyed being away from it all for a few days. I could look out the window and easily find something to interest me from skyscrapers to people walking the streets so I lived that feeling for a bit before cleaning up and connecting again with Brian to head over. I had taken a few pieces of leather but when it was all said and done I’m glad I didn’t kill myself over it because I really wasn’t feeling like getting up in it. I threw on a thermal with a t-shirt option underneath with shorts and pressed it over to Folsom for the Fair.

The city was alive with the celebration of leather, fetish and BD/SM lifestyle. It was everywhere from the leather flags that blew in the breeze or the bare-ass in the chaps walking in front of you. As I walked the streets of San Francisco I recalled my first Folsom Street Fair even walking by the same hotel we stayed at in ’97 which brought the entire thing full circle. I was living in Ft. Lauderdale and just getting started in the leather scene. I was very fresh to it all and quite impressionable.

During my time in Ft. Lauderdale, I was asked by the owners of the Ramrod to enter Mr. South Florida Drummerboy, a preliminary to Mr. Florida Drummerboy. I knew I wasn’t a “boy” per-say but I competed and won both contests which took me to San Francisco for the international finals of Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy. I was a hard sell to most in the Florida leather brotherhood because “old guard” tends to shy away from anyone that they don’t know. To most of them I was just a stripper who worked in leather bars. To many, it was a fluke that I won. While learning about myself I figured that a crash course would be best so I did it on stage. How did I win without much support of the community in large, you ask?! Perseverance… and I know what judges want to see from a winner.

Once I made it to the finals I competed against six other contestants but also knew that I really wasn’t the one that should win. During the days leading up to the International Mr. Drummer finals we “boys” submitted to the Mr Drummer contestants’ needs and assisted in anything called upon doing since they would be the ones voting on the winner for International Mr. Drummerboy. It was here I shot my first of many magazine spreads. While others kneeled to one knee in full submission I found myself taking a sold stance behind my contestant and had a slightly bowed head, hands cupped behind me. Like I mentioned, I knew I wasn’t what the title requested but I was hellbent on doing well to put the naysayers in their place.

In the end, the Mr. Drummer contestants voted and three times there was a tie between another and myself. Finally the tie broke and I thankfully placed first-runner up. Everything happened perfectly and I was thrilled it was over. Jeffrey Adler, Mr. Florida Drummer won International Mr. Drummer and I was very proud to be part of that. My boyish goatee quickly became a fu manchu mustache and I hit the streets and dance floors until the wee hours of the a.m. The next day was my very first taste of the Folsom Street Fair and what an open lifestyle in fetish could be like. Dressed in some skimpy strap shorts being led around by a daddy from Amsterdam, I was living hard. Flash forward fourteen years and there I was walking by it all again.

If one can imagine it then it’s possible at the Folsom Street Fair. Walking up I realized that it wasn’t a fluke that public nudity had become quite present and accepted since seeing some dangling cocks lining the walls of the Castro. There were pierced clits and bare breasts for the straight men and horny lesbians while an open scene of oral sex happened in the midst of amateur photographers with their smartphones positioned for the money shot. The porn star getting blown was carrying on a conversation with his buddies while the hoard of perverts breathed heavily waiting. I found it all very amusing.

Poor victims were restrained to St. Andrew’s crosses while bare backs bled with marks and bruises from whips and floggers. People watched gawking with baby strollers and children at crotch level. Remember the nudity?! Not pretty and so inappropriate. Beefy Titan porn stars signed autographs for hot blonde trannies as we passed by soaking in every angle of every moment. At the Folsom Street Fair, leathermen and women unite and celebrate their individuality living for the time they have. Check out Folsom Street Fair for all the details. Make your plans now and don’t wait until the week before like I did. Sadly, I missed some great parties before I arrived.

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Tool Shed’s 18th Anniversary Celebration

When an intimate resort town such as Palm Springs can home a true “Leather and Levi” cruise bar that has stood the test of time of eighteen glorious years in business, it’s a true testament of wonderful things happening at the Tool Shed located in the heart of the Warm Sands District. On October 7, the Tool Shed welcomes in its eighteenth celebration of brotherhood and community with their 18th Anniversary Party starting at 10 p.m. and trudging into the wee morning hours.

The evening promises to be chock full of horny men looking for Oral Alan and Anal Andy with a very special guest performer, furry daddy-man COLT Man Wade Neff. Can I get a “Woof! Woof!”? Wade is all man and I’d love to bury my beard into his hairy pecs for a good ‘ole nuzzle-fest and milking. What a treat for the patrons and guests to enjoy feasting eyes and hands on this hunk of yummy love?!

When preparing this piece I decided to get the real stories from the faithful sources themselves. It takes a dedicated army of cocktail-shaking soldiers to keep guests happy for almost two decades! I personally connected with owner Chris Rees and his amazing bartenders to have them share what being part of the great establishment means to them. I also had Mr. Neff share a few thoughts of how he got involved with the 18th Anniversary Party, if he’s single or taken and what Wade personally looks for in a man.

I’ve known owner Chris Rees for a few years having judged his Mr. Tool Shed 2011 contest and serving as Master Auctioneer at the Stud Auction. When I see him, Chris always has a smile on his face and a giving energy coming from his heart. Here’s what Mr. Rees had to say about his bar’s history and why he feels Palm Springs has been supportive all these years:

“The Tool Shed was originally opened by Sean Newman in October 1993. I started working for Sean in late ‘99, originally as his bookkeeper and then eventually ended up managing the bar for him. Sean eventually decided to retire, at which time I purchased the bar in August 2001. It’s hard to believe that ten years has gone by. In some ways it seems like just a few months. We’re proud to have been the home bar for the local leather organization PSLOD (Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert) for this entire 10-year period.”

“The Tool Shed is excited to be celebrating “18 Years Strong” and pleased that Wade Neff has decided to attend the party, sign autographs and sell photos to benefit the Desert AIDS Project. We’ll be giving out free commemorative vest pins, snacks and PSLOD will be hosting their monthly Beverage Benefit. We’re also looking forward to the upcoming Mr. Tool Shed Leather contest on Saturday, October 15 at 9 p.m. (applications are available at the bar or online at Tool Shed.) and to once again be hosting the Leather Pride Backlot Party and Vendor Fair on Friday, November 11 from 7-2 a.m.”

Chris added that potential vendors and attendees can get more information at desertleatherpride.com and to not forget about the 10th Annual Erotic Art Expo which will be held February 23 thru March 5, 2012. Watch their website for more details!

When it comes to the infrastructure of what makes the Tool Shed stand tall, Chris’ team of mixologists create the thing that keeps people coming back time and time again! The desire for one’s return and the hospitality that welcomes cruisy masses. I asked the four of them what the Tool Shed means to them. Here’s what bartenders Dane, Charlie, Chuck and Richard had to say.

“One of the privileges working at the Tool Shed is interacting with people from all walks of life. It’s also nice seeing how our customers interact with each other and are there to help each other even if the assistance is small in nature. The feel at the Tool Shed is like a family, staff as well as customers.” Dane Luna

“The thing that stands out most for me from being at the Tool Shed for nine years now is the wonderful sense that the majority of customers are like family. Many come for repeat visits from all over the country and Europe, and are so well known and loved at the bar that it’s just like they live down the street. Truly a unique situation when a bar and it’s patronage are so accessible!” Charlie Rodgers

“I have been working for the Tool Shed for many years. I would say its success is largely based on the relaxed and sensual atmosphere provided by both the clientele and the environment. More people have told me that they go there because it’s the only place in town that they can pick up a trick. When you want to get laid and you want to get away from your regular crowd, come on in and enjoy the dark mystique of Palm Springs. Discrimination is left at home here.” Chuck Peddie

“I’ve been at the Tool Shed almost five years. The staff and customers have become a second family for me. I think the Shed has been a staple of the Palm Springs gay community so long because, above all else, we are a friendly neighborhood bar, admittedly with an edge. We could see you every day and know every detail of your life or you could have been in town for three days. Either way we welcome you and try to make you feel comfortable. Plus, the Tool Shed is sexy as hell!” Richard Brown.

When I corresponded with our headlining performer for the 18th Anniversary Party, Wade Neff shared these thoughts about the type of man that turns him on and how he met the special he shares his life with:

“I got started with COLT in 1995 and founder Jim French was kind enough to put me in the ‘96 calendar. I just met Jim yesterday to chat about the past. He is a very cool man and kind. Things have changed for COLT, as we have all seen. They are a strong gay video and calendar company still and always will be. Chris Rees asked me appear because he’s a great fan of COLT. I like Palm Springs as a holiday place so that all worked together. I like bears and muscle dudes or anyone that’s likable. I am taken by a real hot man. We have been together for sixteen years. When I left my wife of seventeen years to try my gay side I landed on him and have been with him ever since.”

Thoughts of the Tool Shed bring up many memories for anyone who’s walked through the darkened doors. From a drink with friends to a sexy tongue twister with the stranger in the corner, everyone has a story to share. Please take your red sharpie and mark your calendars on October 7 to join in on the grand celebration of Palm Springs’ very own Tool Shed and share your tail, err, tale. Congratulations Men! Thanks for being our friends.

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