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It’s Snowing at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Ice Rink Cosmopolitan Las VegasSleigh bells ring, are you listening? On The Strip, snow will be glistening. A beautiful sight, happiness at night. Ice skating in a winter wonderland.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, our home away from home when tearing through Sin City, will be turning its Boulevard Pool into a beautiful big sheet of ice to home Ice Rink starting today 11/21 through 01/04. To follow me here online is to also know that my husband Jacques and I head to Las Vegas every holiday season settling into a stunning suite at The Cosmopolitan. And this year is no exception. What happens in Vegas is usually spilled here so let’s get going!


The Linq Opens High Roller in Las Vegas

The Linq PodI just booked our annual “Jacques Birthday/Our Anniversary” trip to Sin City for adventures in June. Las Vegas provides us an escape from reality, a leap into culinary overload and the euphoric feeling only exciting bright marquees lining the Strip can provide as they light-up at dusk. We will be staying at… wait for it. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The place I call our “home away from home.” We literally can’t stay away!


Fabulous Palm Springs Follies Grand Finale

Fabulous Palm Springs FolliesI love a good show. Entertain me, please! For 23 years the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies have been thrilling audiences and saluting the troops of proud America while employing some of the longest and most mature performers at their theatre situated in downtown Palm Springs anyone has ever seen.  Due to a struggling economy the show will be bringing down its curtain one final time for their 23rd and final season. Here’s the story…


Britney Spears Appears at Planet Hollywood

Britney Spears ToxicUnless you live under a rock then you are keenly aware that our Pop Princess Britney Spears is about to set up shop and begin residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas beginning December 12 and continuing for two years with approximately 50+ shows of greatest hits and material from her upcoming album including #1 track Work Bitch and guess who has a ticket for opening night?! Me, that’s who!


Spectacular Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan Returns

Ice Rink Cosmopolitan I recently received the press release I had been waiting desperately for. Last holiday season we found ourselves enjoying the Ice Rink at the Boulevard Pool above the Las Vegas Strip at The Cosmopolitan for my birthday with our girlfriend Amber, a showgirl from the Luxor show of bombshell beauties Fantasy. The weather was stunningly crisp and just perfect for exciting rounds of skating across the iced-over pool underneath the 2995-room mega resort that we have called home the last 4 times we’ve descended on Sin City. And we’ve just now booked our next  holiday excursion for Xmas because as I swear there’s no place like The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas anywhere. And here’s why…



Loving Husband

I’m playing catch up and getting around to blogging about spending Christmas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. It was spectacular. We arrived to a very busy Valet on Sunday the 23rd and got checked in rather quickly. We’ve always been welcomed in VIP but the lines were so swift we enjoyed the leisure of the open lobby and the people-watching Sin City always promises. After a fabulous upgrade, we arrived to our incredible suite facing the Bellagio Fountains and felt complete bliss. We were home.

Ice Rink Cosmopolitan

I called down to the Bell Desk and asked for our bags while Jacques opened up the curtains and sliding doors. Man, I love this place. Deciding to wing it for dinner until we arrived, Jacques and I walked the resort and found our dinner plans for the weekend before having a glass of wine at the Chandelier Bar. Later that evening we had made plans to see my stunning girlfriend Amber in Fantasy at Luxor. She was fierce. Girl danced twirling circles around that grand stage. Lead singer Lorena Peril has quite the voice and carried the show like a true professional. We were so happy we attended. Afterwards we found ourselves at the neon masterpiece of Peppermill for a spot of late-night grub before turning in. Love the lights of The Strip in my distant view as I slide into slumber.

Amber Stauser

Monday we woke and hit it down towards Wynn/Encore and the Fashion Mall for a spot of shopping. We always stop at the General Store near the Sahara for souvenir buying. I got mom and myself some very fun stuff! Back at the resort we enjoyed our annual lunch at China Poblano. Taste Bud Explosion, down. We wanted to have a moment in the room with some of the showgirls and champagne because there was a delicious bottle delivered to the suite for birthday which was very generous. However, no one wanted to drink before their show so with the cool weather only Amber came over for a round of ice skating at the Ice Rink at BLVD Social Club. Translation: The swimming pool iced over for fun and frolic under the cold night’s air above the radiation of the neon bulbs of The Strip. We had a blast and it meant a lot to me that she came over and spent time with us.

The Cosmopolitan - Bellagio

Christmas Eve we had dinner at Milos inside The Cosmopolitan and it was culinary brilliance. I love seeing Jacques enjoying dinner that he finds really good. My man knows food and I’m lucky because he does. After dinner we walked The Strip before the chilly evening wind called us inside the casino for Wheel of Fortune slot machine realness. I won my money back and that was fine. The warm bed was calling my name even more than the sounds of the dropping coins.

Steven Michael

We love Las Vegas and ALWAYS enjoy ourselves. The Cosmopolitan is the ONLY place we stay. I can’t wait to go back. #777


The Cosmopolitan exterior

From my balcony view at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, I see The Strip beginning its new day of carrying hope-chasers and thrill-seekers to their next destination, translation: CASINO. As I type this quick blast of thought, I see early morning neon still burning down way at Treasure Island TI, the Bellagio Fountains have yet to begin their parade of shows and I realize I could honestly sit and look at The Strip for hours. A twinkle of chrome catches my eye or a hotel window from neighboring resorts calls my view while a low rumble of sound creates the soundtrack accented with a speeding taxi horn or the boots and hollers of party girls in heels or sexy studs out with their bros. There’s a definite winter chill in the air. Last evening I was able to wear this fabulous black velvet jacket and leather pants down to Luxor to see my dear sister Amber tear up the floor in the choreography-heavy Fantasy. Those girls are fierce and lead lady Lorena Peril has the pipes to sing many into the ground. We had a great evening ending at Peppermill for some quick late night grub then back into our warm bed while seeing The Strip wind down its day once again. A text came in from Amber saying she was heading this was to hit Marquee. It was 2 a.m. The city never sleeps… But we needed to. Off for a day of shopping, ice skating and a hot toddy or two. Mary Christmas.

The Las Vegas Strip from The Cosmopolitan

And BIG THANKS to Renata in PR & The Cosmopolitan for the Birthday Champagne and hospitality. Always Fierce. X


When it comes to hot and scorching advert campaigns, few do it like Mandalay Bay Resort Casino in Las Vegas. I LOVE VEGAS! (There I said it!) Last time we took the monorail over and couldn’t help but notice the suggestive photo murals draping the elevators of 2 gorgeous women on one side inside a jacuzzi and 2 equally handsome men on the other. Makes you wonder who is in charge of this marketing and who they are catering to. Nonetheless they know what they’re doing. It is Sin City! I’m certain that you’ve seen the Bathhouse pictorial Mandalay Bay used a few years ago of the the younger Asian twink shooing his smooth glutes while daddy bear leaned in the forefront. Sexy Back, for reals!

If I saw the 5 stunners above walking towards me looking like they look I’d fall into the marble their delicious flip-flopped feet are walking across. It’s hard to decide what order I’d “introduce” myself to first. Ah, 5, 3, 2, 1, 4… But who’s counting? This picture is too damn hot! I wonder where they’re coming from. Visit Mandalay Bay Las Vegas during your next trip to Las Vegas!


Find out what everyone is talking!

Now where in the world would people get the idea that this place is cruisy and rumored to be a considerably gay clientele? Not sure, but this is not only subjective but suggestive. I’m loving it! I believe it’s the advert that will never die.

Next visit to Sin City schedule and plan a relaxing trip to the Bathhouse at The Hotel in Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. You let me know how good of a time you have. Send me a postcard!

And remember, what happens in Vegas could end up here. So tell me EVERYTHING! I’ll be waiting…





I’m bringing you all the dish, dirt and detail of my recent trip to Sin City. Escape with me if you will to the adult playground Las Vegas. Arriving on Saturday afternoon, the husband and I checked in to our ultra-sleek accommodations at Palms Place. Floor to ceiling windows gave us quite a spectacular view of the Strip from a far. Palms Resort and Casino is up the street away from the Strip which is both good and bad for the Sin City traveler. Good, because you’re not in the chaotic bustle of Strip traffic and can get in and out of the three towers with plenty of self-parking in front of the resort. Bad, because you miss much of the feeling one gets by being in the hustle of the Las Vegas Strip, the energy and power of the neon above you.

At Palms Place, the accommodations are co-op so the condo-style of our hotel room with expansive kitchen was in keeping with the fact that it was a timeshare owned condominium. Unfortunately the balcony doors didn’t open which was such a tease! Explained by our bellman that with the lower than norm room rates found at the Palms and Palms Place becoming more known and possible, younger crowds came in and wreaked havoc by tossing bottles off balconies, etc. He admitted that business had waned slightly once they locked them up.

We wandered over to Palms for dinner at Little Buddha which has fed us before. Sushi and sake, naturally. The concierge got us great reservations! Later in the evening the grand opening of Palm Springs personality Michael Crisp’s newest premiere LGBTQ hotspot, Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge was happening nearby so we figured Palms Place was a good choice in home for the night. Plus, the city of Las Vegas was giving an official proclamation celebrating Share Weekend so we HAD to be there.

Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge opened in the finale of last year but their grandest of openings that happened on Saturday evening was, as they say, Spectacular! Spectacular!  The crowds were packed up inside the new LGBTQ destination with scantily clad dancers busting-a-move on platforms and inside private cabanas upstairs. You see, Share Nightclub boasts the fierce fact that they have an adult entertainment license so the go-go and shot boys are able to really go the extra mile to please the clientele. I was ready for some (first and only Showgirls reference) Nomi Malone action, trust. A few of the dancers did make us feel quite welcomed.

There was quite a scroll of celebrities set to appear. During our out-later-than-normal-for-us evening at Share I observed comedian Ross Matthews who was hosting the event and looking svelte and lean. Carson Kressley, who I saw nose buried in his smartphone being led through the Palms Place lobby earlier, now busy being dragged around Share by an entourage of photographers. Adam Bouska and his NOH8 campaign was busy applying logo tattoos on faces and taking portraits for equality awareness. Everyone’s spirits were up and fabulous all night!

Drag superstar and Las Vegas darling Frank Marino and his Divas Las Vegas cast came barreling in and caused quite a stir in the VIP area, bulbs flashing. Luciana was smashing in green glitz and getting ready to perform her smash “I’m Still Hot.” Q Vegas editor Benjamin Lemkie was sexy to the core while a smathering of Palm Springs locals trekked over in support looking for a good time. That’s just to name a few! Michael Crisp really knows what works. When it comes to an elite nightclub experience, Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge is where you want to be in Sin City! Could a Share Ultra Resort and Casino be next?!

Sunday we moved over to The Cosmopolitan where our amazing Terrace Suite on the 49th floor overlooked the magnificent Bellagio fountains. Impeccable service and class all the way is always found at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. After a delicious dinner at Scapetta, we caught the 9 o’clock show of Vegas: The Show at Planet Hollywood across the street. Offering everything one thinks symbolic of Las Vegas, the fabulous show is chock full of strong vocalists, high on hard choreography done to perfection by sexy male dancers and lead showgirl Tara who shines brightest in the newest must-see production on the Strip. A great finale to an amazing trip.


 2012 © PULP


I have been all a Twitter about our upcoming trip to Las Vegas, Sin City, my out-of-town town. Preoccupied would be such an understatement, however, I digress.  One more day of work and then I’m off for three as we two hit it to the Strip. Saturday brings an always welcomed road trip with the man I love to the place I worship. Always have, always will. After checking in at the gorgeous and privately sleek Palms Place, we’ll grab some wonderful dinner at Palms Resort Casino and head to the grand opening of Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge until the wee hours if we can make out late. I’m ready for some serious Nomi Malone action on my lap from a private dancer. Honesty, please.


Starring Elizabeth Berkley as “Nomi Malone”

The celebrities from the Gay Mafia will be in attendance on the red carpet and I’ll be telling all with vivid detail and delicious dish. Sunday we’re moving over to The Cosmopolitan for our second night. We couldn’t be in Las Vegas and not stay there one night. Heaven. We’ll be seeing Vegas: The Show at Planet Hollywood and then a nightcap somewhere. Hate me. I would. Details soon! ♠♣♥♦