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It’s a very humid Saturday here in our Palm Springs Oasis. I’m dodging the heat by staying inside. However, a trip to Palm Desert Aquatic Center is calling my name. Seeing the stunning Olympic male divers last night (they were phenomenal!) in their wet Speedos jumping with strong legs and bare feet off high platforms took me back to days of youth and the thrill I used get by jumping off the high dive. We would pack lunches of bologna and mustard on white bread with nacho cheese Doritos and Little Debbie Star Crunch before heading to the Nashville Swim Club with my cousins and friends. I loved those days…

And on the subject of gorgeous Speedo wearing barefooted shirtless men, the extensive scrapbook I kept pictures of Tom Selleck from his Magnum P.I. heyday is something I would KILL for. That and my collection of Charlie’s Angels trading cards. Ooh, that loss burned. I was (am still am) famous for keeping a clipping or two. Of course, I found Selleck very attractive even though I hadn’t figured out my own sexuality yet. Obviously I was gay but living in the Bible Belt gave cause for belief any thoughts like that were very, very wrong. Repression came and the scrapbook was tossed.

These were the days of the fabulous (and very early reality TV team competition) Battle of the Network Stars. With Tom Selleck being incredible to look at, the television cameras could never shy away from showing him running out of the ocean or juggling a narrow obstacle course. Rumors have randomly circulated about Tom Selleck being gay throughout the years but like I’ve asked, does it really matter? He’s a strong actor who has has a long line of success on television and through movies. His personal life is his own and I don’t know him to know otherwise. Anytime there’s an phenomenon like Selleck, a popular attractive leading man in Hollywood, this dialogue is often shared.

Tom Selleck has continued success in the entertainment industry and can be most recently seen in his ever-popular Jesse Stone series. And of course, as Monica’s love interest on Friends reruns that play on our DVR here at home. Enjoy the photos. Isn’t he gorgeous? The mustache has never changed, thankfully. It’s inspired countless others throughout time. Mine, in particularly. And his furry chest. Stop it. I’m being silly… Or am I?!

Grrrrrr….! Daddy Bear.


We just returned from seeing the Channing Tatum driven feature Magic Mike at Mary Pickford Theaters. Let’s get right into it. Spoiler alerts ahead! Unfortunately, the hype is stronger than the actual film. I was actually excited about seeing it. Hello?! We actually paid for it. Two tickets – $15. We never go to the movies because with the cost for concessions it can become a rather pricey excursion. But we figured a day in a cool theatre would be a nice break from the rising summer temperatures outside. Plus, I’m in love with Joe Manganiello. I just knew the film would be fierce and I’d love it. Opinions change.

I was hoping for a bit more gratuitous nudity from our lead cast, I admit it. The film was chock full of Matthew McConaughey being an over-the-hill ringleader of the male brigade of flesh peddlers. With his spray tan and over-zealous in-your-face portrayal of the master pimp in control I could only wonder if this is really how he is in real life. Nonetheless, he was killing. It was hard to take him seriously. There were a few times I couldn’t tell if his character was gay or not. I assumed the portrayal was straight but he was very physical with the other dancers so I questioned. One scene with “the Kid” Alex Pettyfer consisted of Matthew’s character “Dallas” grinding up into the ass of Alex’s “Adam” to show him how to seduce the ladies. It was comical, at best.

Joe Manganiello plays “Big Dick Richie” and from what it showed, it was a fitting name. A scene that included the guys getting ready for their performance showed Big Dick Richie’s alleged cock-a-doodle inside a penis pump growing engorged. This film had a R-rating so let’s be adults here. Another scene where he plays a fireman offered a silhouette that looked like something from Boogie Nights. It was so obviously fake. Funnily enough it seemed that the most vocal of the audience we sat with were the senior gals of the ensemble. It was mainly the ladies in attendance as we left the queens in Palm Springs at the Regal to cackle and coo.

Being a former stripper, I was hoping to get a bit more of the camaraderie that happens backstage. There were moments of it but overall the movie lost it’s zest towards the second half after a great explosive beginning. The casual use of booze, GHB and weed between the dancers backstage was a realistic tone that is often played out in real life among strippers. I appreciated that they showed that side of what it often takes the performers to perform and not shy away from it. Their overindulgence of ecstasy was a bit much but the guys I’ve known that have danced in groups like this often do abuse the drug.

I also thought the way they portrayed Channing Tatum’s “Mike” was clear in the thought process that it’s often a lonely life with opinions and prejudice when one is a stripper. However, I really wish director Steven Soderbergh had developed the secondary characters so we learned more about them while focusing more not the dancing and the club dynamic. But I must say that Channing can dance, for sure! He is hot when he moves. There were a few side story lines that I could have done without like a surprise visit from a set of hateful destructive drug dealers and the “everybody uses everybody” attitude from Matthew’s jaded and worn “Dallas.” He reminded us of Brace on Showtime’s Gigolos. Just a few steps past his prime.



White Collar star Matt Bomer recently announced that he was gay here at a fundraiser in Palm Springs so I was curious on how he would pull of playing straight. Other than a rousing round of ecstasy-indueced “I Love You, man” between he and Alex Pettyfer, he did a commendable job. Side note: Am I the only one that thinks Alex looks like Ryan Phillippe?

By the end of the movie I was getting bored. The story really didn’t do much and left me feeling empty. I was hoping for more and not receiving enough. It was fine but I could have waited for its arrival in Redbox. But anytime with my man is a great time for me! I give Magic Mike a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 thongs. Really could have used a bit more “Full Monty” and much less “Fool McConaughey.” But I wasn’t consulted on this one. I’m just offering it here now.


Breathtaking. Stunning. Approachable. Gorgeous beyond belief. These words describe the delicious actor Mark Deklin from ABCs smash hit GCB, or Good Christian Belles née Good Christian B*tches. Oh, the censorship! Mark has been making pounding waves on theatre stages and in television for years on such favorites as Nip/Tuck, Hot in Cleveland and Charmed to name a few.

On GCB, Deklin plays Blake Reilly who is in an arranged marriage with best friend Cricket Caruth-Reilly because voilà, Blake is gay. Only they know it. However, Leslie Bibb’s “Amanda” knows Blake is gay without worry as she has enough on her plate dating her nemeses Kristen Chenoweth’s “Carlene Cockburn” (love that name!) brother Eric to worry about anything else. As a gay man loving the campy drama featured here, I think these characters are just too fierce and divine. The show is a welcomed change from the reality nonsense offered currently on the airwaves.

But back to Cricket and Blake’s relationship. See… the story is so juicy it’s hard to get sidetracked. Oh, and Annie Potts plays Amanda’s mother brilliantly! OK, Blake and Cricket. They have a grown teenager together and have decided to have another. The last episode was a scream where they tried some sort of “natural” herb to induce their sexual appetites while having more of a bad hallucination trip instead. Hilarity! Miriam Shor who plays Cricket has such a genuine chemistry with Deklin on camera it makes the show. Plus the way the juicy storyline has been unwrapped for us viewers has been rich and very entertaining.

Can’t wait to see what else producer Darren Star, fabulous creator Robert Harling and staff of directors and writers come up with next! The show really picks up where Desperate Housewives leaves off with a dash Designing Women in the mix. I told you, Annie Potts, people! Mark just accepted an award for GCB on Logo TVs NewNowNext Awards for “TV You Betta Watch” looking really, really good. His smile is dazzling. Mark Deklin stuns me.





Well, survey says….NO. And according to Michael Musto’s interview with Oscar nominee Clooney in an interview for the Village Voice, George would never go off on a rant saying these allegations were false or wrong because that would objectify feelings towards being gay is wrong, which we and he knows is not the case. Plus, he’s been hearing the rumor mill for years! Gorgeous, talented and a humanitarian among men, George Clooney is most definitely NOT gay but it’s when they stop talking about you one has to worry, right? Hollywood actors, especially gorgeous popular ones who seem to have their acts together, have been speculated for years by press and media if there was any pink cloud floating around them. Some of Hollywood’s leading men set my experienced Gaydar off – but that’s just me. However, I wouldn’t dare call someone Out here… only in my head and among my verbal peers. Clooney is suave, debonaire, handsome, cool, confident… and not gay! Just having to say that one more time. Check out George in his Oscar nominated role in The Descendants! Again, so gorgeous!

“Georgy Porgy kisses the girls and makes the boys cry.” Just Saying….


Check out the Oscar 2012 Nominees so you’re up to snuff with who and what should win what?! “Who are you wearing?” will be asked more than “What awards are you up for this evening?!” because simply there are more designer gown and suits on the stars than statues in their hands. That’s just the way it works! Few win, many “lose” but ALL are happy just to be nominated! Yeah, right! Talk to some of them after a few drinks at the Vanity Fair Party! That’s when the real story begins! Oh, to be a fly on the wall or a cater waiter serving Glenn Close a beverage! The Academy Awards are February 26, 2012. Setting the DVR, now! I’m personally on Team Dujardin! GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see the battle between real-life pals Meryl Streep and Viola Davis! Whurq Ladies! It’s sure to be stunning evening of glamour, greatness and gold.


I haven’t seen The Artist yet but intend on doing so very soon. Jean Dujardin is simply gorgeous and I can’t stop looking at his pictures. You must have seen him recently win Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globes. That winning smile, the cute Jack Russell and what seems to be a fabulous movie. Maybe we’ll head over this weekend and see the film. Until then, here’s Jean Dujardin looking delicious and devastatingly handsome! Ooh-la-la! C’est bon!

Jean Dujardin Starring in “The Artist”

OK! OK! Here’s a few more…! Like I said, I just can’t stop looking at his photos!


Just because I can… I bring to you Scott Caan. If you haven’t seen the recent reboot of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS where he plays sidekick Danny “Danno” Williams to yummy Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett then you need to tune in people! Their relationship is borderline bromance! Either rent it or catch reruns, but catch up!

I’ve known of Scott for a few years from his rousing role in Varsity Blues (loved that scene with his damn ass!) and even ran across him coming out of Tower Records on Sunset (may the establishment rest in peace) as I was going in. This was a handful of years ago and I nodded at him and he nodded back as he got in his black Mercedes, I believe, and that was that. Not only is he delicious but he is good at his acting craft and so damn easy on the eyes it wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t. The show is on hiatus for the summer and until we can hear McGarrett say coyly, “Book ‘em Danno,” we’ll have to wait. Maybe these pictures could tide us over until the new season!