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I have had his naked pictures positioned perfectly on my MacBook desktop screaming for exposure to the blog. I’ve wanted to show you the goods and now I have! Here is gorgeous gymnast Danell Layva in much of his glory. If you do a search for him you will see ALL of the sexting images he has put out in the mobile world for allegedly his female fans.

However, I believe that he is in on the fact that his rabid gay fan base would love the hint of truth to the rumor that he is in fact gay because the photos are very sexy and somewhat revealing. Although I prefer these images for the sharing. His body rocks and I’d love to see his cock-a-doodle-doo.

However, as research has proved, Danell Leyva appears to be quite straight. Alas, I offer these tempting screen savers for your viewing, perusing and molesting. Again, right-click save on your PC and click-and-drag on your Mac desktop. Just saying…

As Boy George crooned I’ll Tumble 4 Ya! Danell Leyva is STUNNING. Dost thou agreeth? Oh, yeah! Accomplishments include being the 2011 U.S national all-around gold medalist, 2011 world champion on the parallel bars and is also the Bronze Medal winner in the 2012 London Olympics in Men’s All Around competition. Congrats Danell! Team USA.

And one for the road… It called out and said, “Show Danell’s fans one more! Baby, just one more! So I have. I give you my all, I really do. X


It’s a very humid Saturday here in our Palm Springs Oasis. I’m dodging the heat by staying inside. However, a trip to Palm Desert Aquatic Center is calling my name. Seeing the stunning Olympic male divers last night (they were phenomenal!) in their wet Speedos jumping with strong legs and bare feet off high platforms took me back to days of youth and the thrill I used get by jumping off the high dive. We would pack lunches of bologna and mustard on white bread with nacho cheese Doritos and Little Debbie Star Crunch before heading to the Nashville Swim Club with my cousins and friends. I loved those days…

And on the subject of gorgeous Speedo wearing barefooted shirtless men, the extensive scrapbook I kept pictures of Tom Selleck from his Magnum P.I. heyday is something I would KILL for. That and my collection of Charlie’s Angels trading cards. Ooh, that loss burned. I was (am still am) famous for keeping a clipping or two. Of course, I found Selleck very attractive even though I hadn’t figured out my own sexuality yet. Obviously I was gay but living in the Bible Belt gave cause for belief any thoughts like that were very, very wrong. Repression came and the scrapbook was tossed.

These were the days of the fabulous (and very early reality TV team competition) Battle of the Network Stars. With Tom Selleck being incredible to look at, the television cameras could never shy away from showing him running out of the ocean or juggling a narrow obstacle course. Rumors have randomly circulated about Tom Selleck being gay throughout the years but like I’ve asked, does it really matter? He’s a strong actor who has has a long line of success on television and through movies. His personal life is his own and I don’t know him to know otherwise. Anytime there’s an phenomenon like Selleck, a popular attractive leading man in Hollywood, this dialogue is often shared.

Tom Selleck has continued success in the entertainment industry and can be most recently seen in his ever-popular Jesse Stone series. And of course, as Monica’s love interest on Friends reruns that play on our DVR here at home. Enjoy the photos. Isn’t he gorgeous? The mustache has never changed, thankfully. It’s inspired countless others throughout time. Mine, in particularly. And his furry chest. Stop it. I’m being silly… Or am I?!

Grrrrrr….! Daddy Bear.


He’s stunning! There, I said it. I could simply leave those words and have everything I wanted to say about the magic of Joe Manganiello right there. However, I wanted to use these fabulous images so write, I must! People ask if Joe is gay or straight? Does it really matter? Or they want to know if he is as rough as the werewolf he plays on television. (They wish!) Again, Hello Gorgeous! Just enjoy the man Manganiello! It was near impossible to find just a few pictures I worshiped enough to place among these pristine pages but I simply had to. They all looked so inviting, I wanted him all, err, them all.

I’ve never been a watch-every-week-like-clockwork fan of True Blood but can appreciate it for its successful run, mega-popularity and copious nakedness of its male species of stars. Joe, especially. The show is very popular among my friends and I have watched it a few times to see what blood-splattering, teeth-biting revelry the vampires are into this week. The new season begins June 10 on HBO!

True Blood has amazing production quality and continues to shine among cable programming. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Christopher Meloni joins the cast in season five which promises to offer up treats for the visually stimulated if his previous rolls in HBOs fierce series Oz is any indication. Love him! Maybe I should the DVR now!

On June 29, Magic Mike hits the theaters starring Joe Manganiello, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and headliner Channing Tatum. The story is based loosely on Tatum’s rise to fame with a stop along the way as a successful stripper and seems to be really geared towards women (with their straight boyfriends donning confused looks on their faces) and gay men. As a former stripper myself I can’t wait to see what director Steven Soderbergh displays on the big screen. I’ve been there backstage and onstage. I know it very well!

Would love to have been a fly on the wall backstage to catch the real deal up close and personal. As much as the show on stage is the main event, it’s often the naked camaraderie and brotherly antics backstage among strippers that’s what the people would really pay for. I have very fond memories that will surely stir when watching Magic Mike, I’m sure. Can’t wait!

From the clips and previews of Magic Mike, it does look very entertaining. It could be a hoot to actually see this at the theaters and witness what gay men are squirming and drooling in the seats. Manganiello’s character is called “Big Dick Richie” and I’m very curious on everything that entails, err, in tails. Get it…? That sounds like 6’5″ of delicious yumminess on two muscular legs. Or maybe three. Grrr…! Will we be getting the “Full Monty” on screen? See you at the theaters!




Well, survey says….NO. And according to Michael Musto’s interview with Oscar nominee Clooney in an interview for the Village Voice, George would never go off on a rant saying these allegations were false or wrong because that would objectify feelings towards being gay is wrong, which we and he knows is not the case. Plus, he’s been hearing the rumor mill for years! Gorgeous, talented and a humanitarian among men, George Clooney is most definitely NOT gay but it’s when they stop talking about you one has to worry, right? Hollywood actors, especially gorgeous popular ones who seem to have their acts together, have been speculated for years by press and media if there was any pink cloud floating around them. Some of Hollywood’s leading men set my experienced Gaydar off – but that’s just me. However, I wouldn’t dare call someone Out here… only in my head and among my verbal peers. Clooney is suave, debonaire, handsome, cool, confident… and not gay! Just having to say that one more time. Check out George in his Oscar nominated role in The Descendants! Again, so gorgeous!

“Georgy Porgy kisses the girls and makes the boys cry.” Just Saying….