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Steven’s Heading to Mr. Gay USofA in San Antonio!

usofa logoHere I grow again! I can’t stay away from the stage, I swear. And why would I?! It’s too good. The warmth of the spotlight causes me pause to bask in its glow once more. After a wonderful qualifying round in Phoenix I’m heading to Mr. Gay USofA this Novemember in San Antonio, Texas! Of course there’s more to the story… Follow me this way!


Moving On Up – E.O.Y. Class Of 2014

Steven Michael - Trinity TaylorAs the last pieces of pageant gig are put away until next time, I’m able to truly reflect on my recent adventure to compete at E.O.Y. and what it meant to me to be onstage once more. I’m also able to realize what I can accomplish, how others support or do not, and if it’s all worth it at the end of the day. This is my journey to the Entertainer of the Year 2014 contest pageant event. Also known as E.O.Y. Enjoy the read. X

The Best Time Las Vegas Can Offer

Las VegasWhen we arrived last Saturday afternoon to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas I was truly elated! I know Jacques was happy to get out of town for a few days and it’s always good for us to have this great escape. The Cosmopolitan is our home away from home when in Sin City. It is special to us and we feel proud to say we stay there. This trip was no exception. And like a friend on Facebook said in response to one of my “look at me I’m in Vegas” posts, what happens in Vegas is shared on my Facebook wall. Here’s what you missed…


Las Vegas Rocks Our World This Weekend

The Cosmopolitan of Las VegasMy man and I are heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for some culinary revelry at Scott Conant’s “Italian Heaven” Scarpetta inside our weekend home, The Cosmopolitan. We have stayed at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas the last six trips we’ve made to Sin City and we would have it no other way. I’ve written countless words of worship about the place. Here’s a few more!


The Linq Opens High Roller in Las Vegas

The Linq PodI just booked our annual “Jacques Birthday/Our Anniversary” trip to Sin City for adventures in June. Las Vegas provides us an escape from reality, a leap into culinary overload and the euphoric feeling only exciting bright marquees lining the Strip can provide as they light-up at dusk. We will be staying at… wait for it. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The place I call our “home away from home.” We literally can’t stay away!


Britney Spears Rocks Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Britney Spears StoreI was hoping to take a hot minute or two off from it all upon my return from our Sin City Christmas but since everyone has chimed in about Britney Spears’ opening night of her 100-show residency at Planet Hollywood, it’s my turn. Granted my seat wasn’t as close as say Miley Cyrus’ 50-yard-line worshiping center of Britney’s universe but I could see just fine. That’s considering I was on my feet 95% of the show. Sorry for the ones behind me watching me shake my ass, wave my fists and film a majority of the show who were not joining in. It’s a concert performance. GET UP!


Spectacular Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan Returns

Ice Rink Cosmopolitan I recently received the press release I had been waiting desperately for. Last holiday season we found ourselves enjoying the Ice Rink at the Boulevard Pool above the Las Vegas Strip at The Cosmopolitan for my birthday with our girlfriend Amber, a showgirl from the Luxor show of bombshell beauties Fantasy. The weather was stunningly crisp and just perfect for exciting rounds of skating across the iced-over pool underneath the 2995-room mega resort that we have called home the last 4 times we’ve descended on Sin City. And we’ve just now booked our next  holiday excursion for Xmas because as I swear there’s no place like The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas anywhere. And here’s why…


What is Happening in Palm Springs Now

Palm SpringsI’ve lived in Palm Springs for almost 12 years and now consider my home. As many know, I came from Los Angeles in ’02 and never looked back. Well… I looked back on the great times I had in West Hollywood but knew it was time for me to move on and settle down with my husband in Palm Springs leaving behind a crazy day in the life. The Coachella Valley is currently seeing a boom in visitors because of Labor Day Weekend and there’s been strong weather elements from thundershower warnings to humidity you could cut with a knife. This summer’s finale has become quite the guessing game of what’s next when it comes to Mother Nature!


Bound For Mr. Entertainer of the Year 2013

Steven Michael for Mr. EOY

I’ll be away a few days from blogging but wanted to say it won’t be forever. I head to Louisville via Nashville early tomorrow towards my quest to become Mr. EOY 2013 – Entertainer of the Year. It’s something I’ve worked incredibly hard at accomplishing. Thanks to my many sponsors including my dear Kristin Cason, incredible partner Jacques, wonderful Mom and SKINN by Dimitri James among a host of friends and followers who create #TeamStevenMichael. Without you I wouldn’t be on this amazing journey and adventure. Well, I’m heading off to finish packing and to rest early this evening. Follow my pictures on Instagram and updates via Twitter and Facebook.

I’m ready to do this damn thing, for reals. It’s on. X

“Let Me Entertain You. Let Me Make You Smile.”

Why I Want to Become Mr. EOY 2013

Mr. EOY Contestant Steven Michael

As many of you know I’m entering the national contest for the title of Mr. EOY 2013, Entertainer of the Year, in just a few short weeks. Of the few reputable national systems there are for gay entertainers, Entertainer of the Year is among the elite of respected competitions and titles. There are just a few I would stake my place in and EOY is one of the most-definites. I’m quite lucky that it is an open contest because unfortunately there aren’t many male preliminaries to enter out this way west. Yet. Give me the chance and let’s see where we can take it all!

The pageant will be held at The Connection in Louisville, KY, July 25-27. The male division of the contest will run alongside the King EOY and Miss EOY F.I. with some categories overlapping throughout the week. King begins with Mr. starting the next night and Miss the next with King being crowned and so forth. There will be tons of people in town that I know and love dear so I’m just as excited about seeing my family and friends as I am getting back into the spotlight again. It’s a win-win situation.

Blessedly when I decided to compete for Mr. EOY 2013 I spoke to my main sponsor and he came forward with such incredible generosity I couldn’t turn back. Competing for Gent in March gave me a taste of greater things to come. That was a wonderful dress rehearsal for me to get to this next stage. I was able to shake off the cobwebs a bit and find my footing on the stage again. My pageant package for EOY is jacked up, laid out, smooth to the touch and rough on the ride. Again, I’m able to bring exactly what I wanted to and present myself my way. In the famous words of a sweet confidant, “I’m going to give the children the business.”

A few things still need attention but the security of knowing that I can honestly and thankfully say that I’m in good shape brings relief to a contestant such as myself. I could always use another dollar or two for travel and whatnot but I’ve had a good team of individuals come to the rescue of an optimistic but realistic showdaddy back on the scene after such a break of time. If you or someone would like to assist or donate a few dollars to my run for Entertainer of the Year 2103, please know that no amount is too small. If you’re in the Louisville area in a few weeks and can lend a cheering voice for #TeamStevenMichael we would love to see and hear you there!

Somehow between working full-time and having a secure home life I’ve been able to bling every piece of fabric in sight while almost losing my vision in the process, create a very special and unique package to bring to Kentucky and enjoy the journey along the way with minimal stress. This road was much shorter than the last one but I work very well with a schedule. Again, I feel really good. Everything is everything.

Let’s face it. I don’t have many opportunities to step on stage and perform for an audience these days. There’s not too many spots for a 45-year-shwerqing man who looks for a spotlight no matter where he goes out here in the quiet resort town of Palm Springs. I’m working incredibly hard to become Mr. EOY 2013 because accomplishing something so great and having it become part of my legacy will allow me to live my dreams time and time again. The dream of being on stage, entertaining an audience and becoming part of something greater than I am alone.

Thanks to my generous sponsors for #TeamStevenMichael: SKINN by Dimitri James, Southern Star Entertainment, Kristin Cason, Legacy Dance Studio Nashville and my AMAZE dancers, Bobby Smith, Tyler White, Hedge Palm Springs, Delorian Chase, Eric Ornelas, Trinity Taylor, my incredible mom and loving partner Jacques.

And as the games begin… May the best man win.