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Pride Palm Springs 2012 is approaching and here’s where and what and who you should be doing. If you’re part of the LGBT community and can’t miss the gym, World Gym will have a weekend pass for $29 so bring your muscled ass over to see us and we’ll take care of you. The staff is incredibly friendly and strive to make sure each and every member is well taken care of. Rainbow Gods will shine over our Palm Springs Oasis with the Block Party on Arenas (or Queerville to the locals) and the Main Festival 10-6 both days, November 3-4. Entrance to the Festival is $15 with $25 for both days, I believe.

I’m performing with Mac Valentine on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on one of the main stages. I’ve choreographed two numbers for Mac-A-Licious who has surprisingly picked up very fast for never working with a professional choreographer. Shaun Waters is dancing alongside us and we plan on having a really fun festive time on stage being the showgirls that we not-so-secretly are. We’ll be offering Nasty Pig thug punk realness. Or maybe just a jockstrap. Come see for yourself. Would love to see and hear you in the audience giving us cheers and applause. I’m especially looking forward to performing. It’s been a while. Well, on a stage… X


It was just a few weeks ago we headed down south to San Diego Gay Pride and adventures at Black’s Beach. With John and Rob in tow once more, we pressed it down the interstate towards Hillcrest for the LGBTQ celebration and gay times. Yes, we’ve been to a good number of pride parades but never to San Diego’s festivities. Very impressive! Plus, my virgin trip to the infamous Black’s Beach was our main agenda. I had heard all about this cliff scaling one must endure to descend into the gay beach. All treacherous and such, and reportedly “friendly.”

We arrived just as the parade was coming around the bend towards the end. After finding quick parking at 24-Hour Fitness our legs carried us towards the clouds of pink triangle glow and queerdom! Of course the anti-gay group was in quiet force with their signs of spiritual outcry and shame for us anal-adventurists. One hater preached his words through a megaphone while other bearded dads stood behind sunglasses with their thumbs pointing down. Ooh, that burned. They showed and told us! Next to them were another group of sign carriers chanting the opposite themes wanting love for all.

However, the most impressive part of the parade was the armed forces and uniformed guards of San Diego and their presence in amazing support. Motorcycle cops were high-fiving people as they drove by smiling. Uniforms in groups marched waving. Firetrucks blew horns and caused a ruckus in complete support. And it went on and on for a few good minutes. I was very impressed! Then there was a small constituency from Palm Springs which was a scaled down comparison. Though I did love the ginormous inflated married same-sex couples they pulled down the streets. Strangely enough I really only recognized one guy from the entire Palm Springs entry. We asked, “Who are these people?”

After a few hours of crowd surfing, the beach called and said, “Get over here you bums!” Once we pulled up in the parking lot overlooking the beach in La Jolla I was certain of two things. Everything I heard about the climb down was dead on. It was pure moutain climbing realness. Not for the faint at heart. And bring appropriate shoes with traction because you will get your feet dirty and flip-flops are not the answer here. Unfortunately Rob was having a few issues with heights and couldn’t make it down.  So understandable since it is very damn steep. They stayed up top while we finished the trek down to the sand.

I actually loved the climb but it was challenging. The beach is a secluded nude beach which explains the challenge of getting to it. We planted our beach sheet and towels, had some packed lunch and stayed an hour or so. We’ve actually decided to head back down to San Diego on Saturday and spend the day just the two of us. The water was so relaxing I didn’t want to leave! And to be completely honest I’m quite the voyeur as well as an exhibitionist so the setting is perfect.



You’ve seen his image and strong equality stance on gay magazine covers, over the social networks and through media for a few years now. Ben Cohen is a prominent activist for homophobia and bullying. With his Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation he is raising awareness and doing more good each time he appears on behalf of those who care about we gays.

And let’s face it he is really easy on the eyes. A retired England rugby union international player since May 2011, Cohen has dedicated his life it seems to fighting the fight. We are better for having him on our side. We need more straight athletes to come forward in support. He is very brave. Plus, if you couldn’t tell already he seems very comfortable being shirtless or naked. Enjoy the photos. Thank you Google.

Well, all right… here’s another. Actually when I was finding these image gems I realized I had been collecting his images for years and never really knowing who he was.

Oh to be that rugby ball. What?! One last one? Good Night! Go to sleep…

And a final one of Ben Cohen at Portland Gay Pride. A true trooper and damn fine! Deepest deliciousness. It’s nice to see someone use their celebrity for the better of others not themselves. Yes, this is the last one. Or is it?


Simply love it when I check the mailbox and voila… a package awaits my gripping hands for removal and opening. Finding the best-fitting clothing for any gay man is priceless. Especially shirts. And particularly in the sleeves. These T-shirts from b.loved are so damn comfortable and snug in the right places. They are perfect for Gay Pride festivals and parades or as I’ve found out workout apparel. I’ve had many a queer ask me where to buy them. Right now they are available only online at their website b.loved. The cotton is breathable and statement of pride undeniable. Equality for all! Quality in this clothing. Celebrating pride eternally.


We’ve done Gay Pride in many places with sun drenched faces from Amsterdam to Atlanta to numerous visits up the way in West Hollywood. However, we tend to skip the festival and save our minimum $40 ($20 a piece to walk around aimlessly) because once you’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all. Rainbows in stained glass, rainbow kites, rainbow flags, et al. You get my drift.

Unless there’s a grand performance one’s dying to see then my advice is skip the festival dogging baby strollers and invest that money into enjoying the city afterwards and away from the crowds. Especially if you’re visiting from another town and have done it all before. My Tea, perhaps not yours. If not, have fun at the festival, show your LGBTQ proudness proudly and be patient waiting in the lines for watered down margaritas and dry chicken on sticks. Just saying…

Our dog sitters, confidants and good friends John and Rob headed up I-10 with us for a day in Los Angeles of pride, pictures and a casual comfortable walk up Santa Monica Blvd. with an entire community of love and life scattered among WeHo hotspots. After a spin thru Little Tokyo (or Japan Town) for sushi to go from our gem Nijiya Market we quickly found parking in front of Newsroom Cafe on Robertson and walked up to the thumping of gay club music on blast poring out of The Abbey. They had never been to Christopher Street West so it was fun sharing the experience with them.

My bestie Brian met us on the corner with his friend Johnny while we began a non-agenda stroll against the parade and then across to Z Pizza for a slice and Micky’s for a cocktail. A pricey one at that and the bartender didn’t even get it right. I thought Tune in, girl as we walked off $26 poorer. The floats were aplenty with scantily clad men and transsexual beauty queens in beaded gowns. The Luxor of Las Vegas represented from Sin City by passing out fans to the revelers while NBCs The New Normal was promoted by colorful rubber bracelets. Shangela was perched atop one float for Micky’s while Ongina walked with her boys in spiked heels. You go, girls!

The four of us had a wonderful time seeing friends and soaking in the Southern California sunshine. On the way home we stopped through Joan’s on 3rd between Orlando and Sweetzer for delicious cupcakes, chorizo and kitchen goodies for Jacques. Traffic allowed a quick commute back into the warm desert. We were back home safely and in the pool with the dogs before the afternoon disappeared into the evening. Another great day trip into the City of Dreams gave us all rejuvenation, relaxation and remembrance of why we live in the quiet town of Palm Springs.

Happy Gay Pride month to everyone! That is unless your city, like ours, holds Pride outside the particular month of June. If so, then read this again then. It truly transcends time.

(Random unsuspecting hottie at Micky’s. Say Cheese!)


I’m sitting by the pool and it’s Gay Pride Weekend 2011 in Palm Springs. Now don’t get the impression that it’s warm sunny PS with pink clouds of queer above. There are clouds of various kinds across the Valley (read into that as you may) and the weather is chilly. In fact I need some socks on my bare tootsies until Miss Sunshine pokes her head out and says “Heigh.” Oh there she is. Oh there she went. Oh well. Dress accordingly I think.

Luckily my iPhone 4 allows me to blog and listen to new music I’m living for from Will Young, The Saturdays and The Wanted while I OCD all over the place in the process with updates, email checks and phone chatting. Wake up America! I have. The time change getcha in check, huh?! Oh, the joy of that extra hour of partying. I used to live for that. Nowadays not so much.

Last night we got all gussied up and pressed over to our friends place who had a small gathering of maybe 3 to 4 hundred plus people. Yes, 400 people. The party is called “Booze and Nuts” (I believe) and the Skyy Voddy is lined up with cranberry juice, tonic, et al. and bowls of nuts positioned all over this house that has been opened up to show its grandeur. It’s phenomenal. From their white Bentley to the vaulted ceilings of white gleam holding numerous plasmas playing music videos and porn clips with the most beautiful men Palm Springs offers its the place to be when Mike and Kenny have a party. Love those guys!

Afterwards we pressed to Arenas Road for the new Block Party and that was a nice effort from the Pride committee. There’s a video of it on my Facebook Wall. We walked around for a bit and headed back up to Zin to have dinner with Grand Marshall of the parade Mindy and the rest of gay Palm Springs. Everyone was there enjoying their meals and scenes. We got a good giggle over Kaiser Grill having the rainbow flag upside down. Note: Red is on top, Purple on the bottom. New restaurant Lulu had a private event going on or they would have gotten our money for food. Hope that was a $mart deal on their part for being closed to the public on Saturday of Gay Pride, or Pride as its called in these here parts to “unite and be inclusive to all.” Bullshit. Gay pride is Gay Pride. It’s a day for LGBT (and now Q I’m seeing.) End of discussion. Or is it…

Not sure what to wear at the parade but guaranteed it will be warm and fierce. And speaking of warm there’s the sun, again. Yes, Miss Sun. Hit me with your best shot. That’s the stuff. Am I typing outside my head? I believe the point of this blog post entry was Gay Pride and how it brings up past fond memories of Pride’s past. Being blown to bits on, hmmm, how do you say… a good time, tears of sadness over ridiculous actions of others, the excitement of the very first parades I walked in, riding on floats with roommate transsexual Shawnna Brooks to Muscle Marys from World Gym with our shirts off, arriving in Amsterdam at noon during Gay Pride and the hoards of people lining the canals (not to mention the show I put on for the parade goers from our window fresh out of the shower.)

I’ve celebrated Gay Pride in New York City, Atlanta, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Long Beach and today I’m living in sunny Palm Springs about to go and find this fabulous scarf my mom made for Jacques and I knitted out of rainbow yarn. Perfect! Celebrate life and Pride. I am.


The 2011 Palm Springs Pride Celebration begins today. We locals have been preparing since this time last year. HA! :) Gays and those who appreciate pink triangles celebrate EVERYTHING LGBT this weekend across the Coachella Valley at Festivals, a NEW Free Block Party on Arenas Saturday evening starring Cazwell and Raja, a new dance party called Rapture at Hotel Zoso and of course the Parade on Sunday down Palm Canyon. Just of note, the Parade travels opposite of the usual N-S direction of the past. This year it ends at Amado with its start at Ramon. The 2011 Palm Springs Gay Pride events promise to thrill, entertain and show what Gay Pride is all about. The weather has turned rather cool so instead of Speedos one may pack Socks and Hoodies. Just Saying… World Gym Palm Springs has a 4-Day Weekend pass for $29 and is where you’ll want to be all weekend! PUMP BABY! From the fact a young kid asked me yesterday if I knew where to score some Ecstasy my initial thought was that she hasn’t done shows in years! (Inside Joke) Seems like EVERY1 will be rocking and rolling all weekend. Have Fun & Hydrate! Party Hard & Play Safe. Buy your souvenirs not unknowingly take them away from other people. Think about it…

Make it a Queer Pride people and Celebrate Your Diversity in Palm Springs this weekend. #LGBTQS (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Trans, Queer, Steven) GO GAY!




Such a busy time of the year for our modest town of not many. Summer is officially over according to the calendars but Mother Nature recently laughed and balked, “Not so soon!” with her last minute heat wave. Finally there’s been a break in the weather but it is October for sobbing out loud! We stood the other day and witnessed the wind blow leaves off a tree into an autumn pile of color. Seasons change so they should continue to do so taking us into layers and hoodies. I know, enough with the Ginger Jeffries impersonation and on with all the news that’s fit to spill. Oh, and why the hashtag?! This column’s trending topic is all about Palm Springs so why not follow the trends?!

The Greater Palm Springs Pride 2011 celebration has shown to be something of an event! Picking up the program for Pride I see where some thought has actually been put into entertainment that people may really want to see at the festival after the parade. And F.Y.I. the parade route will be starting at Ramon traveling opposite than its path of last year. Mark your dates to join in on the 25th celebration of pride in the desert on November 5-6 where gay pop music divas take to the US Bank Main Stage including Cece Peniston, Ultra Nate, Frenchie Davis and Debby Holiday with RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Raja emceeing. Send it over to pspride.org for a complete list of performances and last minute changes to schedule, event details and locations.

On Saturday of Pride Weekend, Arenas Road is having a Block Party with entertainment including a plethora of pop performers including sexy rapper Cazwell from New York. I sure hope he brings his “Ice Cream Truck” posse of hunks. If you haven’t seen the video, YouTube it now! What they can do with those popsicles… The free celebration starts at 6 p.m. and runs up to 11:30 p.m. where crowds will then flock into Arenas Road staples like Hunters, Streetbar, and Spurline or over to the Tool Shed and beyond. Gay Pride Weekend in Palm Springs is going to be the place to be come November!

Hopefully we’ll have plenty of sunshine that weekend so I can wear my new glasses from Ooh La La de Paris with these fierce Transitions lens to protect my eyes. Of course they’ll help with the glare from paparazzi’s flashbulbs. Jeff Northcutt and Raul Arencibia have been fitting our faces with frames for over ten years starting first at their location in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard and most recently at their newest home on Amado and Palm Canyon. Along with the names one comes to expect in fashionable eyewear like Prada, Armani and Gucci, also present are their one-of-a-kind frames from their own personal design line. Stop by and see wonderful Phil for an appointment or check out oohlaladeparis.com for all the sights to be seen. And check out their Silver Lake and Sherman Oaks locations, too!

Softball season has started up again and cups runneth over at Demuth Park every Sunday for the Palm Springs Gay Softball League. Teams start playing (with) each other every Sunday at 3 p.m. and psgsl.org gives all the schedules and details of what’s going on. World Gym has branched off and are competing with two teams this season, the Gorillas and the Swingers. Both teams started off playing well with the Swingers taking their first victory during the season opener! Find your butchest wear and get down to the ballparks on Sundays and listen for my mouth. I’m the shockingly loud one that used to timidly lip-sync into his megaphone as a high-school cheerleader during the football games. And don’t be afraid of the balls flying at your face. You’d be surprised how many catchers are actually in attendance. See you under the bleachers!

And speaking of me. I was just recently thrilled to find out that my first novel They Called Him Sterling is now available for iPhones and iPads through Apple’s iTunes Store. The book was published in ‘09 and is still available in paperback on Amazon with it now in ePub format for readers. Download this fast read to your personal devices and enjoy the quick pace and wicked banter among these vivid characters I create and expose. Who knows, you may even recognize these “fictional” stories I write of and if you know me personally or my literary work then you’re definitely in on the joke, too! Thank you Palm Springs for your support and please continue reading me.

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