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A Few Thoughts on a Saturday Evening

Sissy That WalkI haven’t been online too much these days. I’ve had plenty to say but I’ve been so busy working full-time at the gym and getting ready to compete for Entertainer of the Year now two months away I really haven’t had the desire to blog or journal. A few great thoughts this way comes! From the world of sports to gay culture to the events one must attend, I’m breaking down as many as I can fit it!


Why I Want To Become Mr. E.O.Y. 2014

Why I Want To Become Mr. E.O.Y. 2014 – An Open Letter

Steven MichaelI’ve decided to enter the National Mr. Entertainer of the Year 2014 contest because I believe it’s the best system overall for me as a professional performer to give who I truly am each and every time I step on the stage. I have big plans for my future as a representative of the E.O.Y. system because let’s face it, win lose draw, we involved are all representing Entertainer of the Year, crown or not. It’s where I belong. There are other choices but when given the logistics, politics and bigger picture, here is where I set my determined roots for the road ahead.


Palm Springs Happenings in 2014

Palm SpringsIf you live in Palm Springs then you know the usual schedule of must-be-at events and happening where-it-is places. But for our great tourists and excited visitors coming this way sometime in our very near future, here’s a few fun and frolicking festivities one must be aware of to make informed decisions on where to be and who to do. Get your favorite Sharpie out and let’s mark a few initial events on that cute calendar of The Wanted!


A New Year Brings New Opportunities

2014When the new year comes around many things happen. I turn another year better and am reminded of childhood birthdays past when I would receive one gift for both Christmas and Birthday which completely royally sucked. I’ve told (and loving telling) the story about being the third baby born in 1968 in Nashville, TN. They forced labor on a woman who won the prizes for birthing the first of the year and at eighteen I graduated high school with her son. Music City U.S.A. is a small, small world.


Fabulous Palm Springs Follies Grand Finale

Fabulous Palm Springs FolliesI love a good show. Entertain me, please! For 23 years the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies have been thrilling audiences and saluting the troops of proud America while employing some of the longest and most mature performers at their theatre situated in downtown Palm Springs anyone has ever seen.  Due to a struggling economy the show will be bringing down its curtain one final time for their 23rd and final season. Here’s the story…


What is Trending in Gay Culture Today

Muscular Male Torso Isolated on WhiteGay Culture means different things to different people. Where you may have someone worshiping the Housewives another may live and breathe LGBT rights through heated politics. Spread across Facebook we witness drag pageantry at its finest while self-adulation spawns through fitness models thanking their fans for 10,000 “likes.” Don’t get me wrong. If you’re building a brand then social your network until your fingers bleed. I’m with you. But also face the music that sings a song asking how if you’re not your own biggest fan then how do you expect anyone else to follow suit?

Confidence vs. Arrogance. Discuss…


What is Happening in Palm Springs Now

Palm SpringsI’ve lived in Palm Springs for almost 12 years and now consider my home. As many know, I came from Los Angeles in ’02 and never looked back. Well… I looked back on the great times I had in West Hollywood but knew it was time for me to move on and settle down with my husband in Palm Springs leaving behind a crazy day in the life. The Coachella Valley is currently seeing a boom in visitors because of Labor Day Weekend and there’s been strong weather elements from thundershower warnings to humidity you could cut with a knife. This summer’s finale has become quite the guessing game of what’s next when it comes to Mother Nature!


Summertime in Palm Springs Revisited

I came across this previously published installment of my “Steven Spills” for PULP and actually found it fairly relatable to where we are right now in life, gay culture, gay fashion and our queer year 2013 in the Coachella Valley. Remember this was published in 2011 and could be a bit behind on today’s current news but still a fun read. May the magazine Rest in Peace among many other rags and mags that the Internet killed. Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day. Let’s remember when…


PALM SPRINGS SUMMER 101 (original publish: 2011)

Ah, summertime and the living is easy… and quite warm at times! As the sun heats us all up and makes some of us wonder why we live in the desert with the extreme heat, how does one deal?! The very thought of summer conjures up memories for me of attending summer school (twice) during my teenage years. The first time I missed cheerleading camp and the next I wasted my time not skipping school and getting my GED, instead. I’ve never applied to a job that has once required seeing my high school diploma. But there I was, killed down going to summer school for failing Algebra 1 twice because the football coach who taught the subject was too sexy for me to concentrate. Yes, that’s my reasoning. Seriously.

But here today, how and where does one escape from the inevitable heat that’s ahead?! Sure, it’s not that bad right now but get ready people! During my first summer here it was near 120-degrees and I thought I was going to melt. We’ll see what Momma Nature has in store but guaranteed it will be hot, scorching at times and ridiculous with a thickness in the air. It’s time to start dodging for trees with shade to park your car under and please don’t leave your pet in the car. I do have Animal Control on speed dial in my iPhone and I love using it. Try me. Make sure that your cars also have coolants in your transmission and a shade reflector that is trimmed to fit your front windshield. People become ruthless when deciding where the shade of a tree will be and when. Be smart, too! Think it through.

We have two fabulously privileged Jack Russells and they love the water. Splashing in the pool, swimming after a floating ball and any aquatic chaotic activity entertains them and knocks them down so they rest peacefully for the rest of the day. Keep your dogs’ fur and nails trimmed for healthy growth and easy towel drying afterwards. If they swim a lot think of getting a moisturizer for their fur for afterwards. We use Aveda Brilliant (yes, that’s what I said), an emollient finishing gloss on their fur and it prevents our boy’s dry skin that normally wears him out. The water that may accumulate in their ears can be removed gently by a cotton-covered cue tip and even ear-cleaning solutions wouldn’t hurt if administered immediately after each entry into water. And again, I can’t stress enough. Please Note: A cracked car window does not a comfortable setting make for puppy. Try sitting in the car without the air condition running and see how long you last!

The summer is hell on automobiles. Focus on taking care of your car. No coolant equals no air condition and a bad tranny, err, I mean transmission. A solid running car can get you away for weekend escapes. But where?! Even day trips can give one a sense of peace and retreat from that un-Christian heated swelter outside. The beaches are a thought like Black Beach in San Diego for you exhibitionists. Laguna Beach has the offering of Newport Beach and some serious shopping. Want some real culture?! Hit it to L.A. and take a gawking gander at the Malibu surfer boys and the always-entertaining boardwalk. (On a side note, Krispy Kreme is at Ontario Mills and yes you can bring me some back.) Venturing to Idyllwild or Big Bear and even a trip up to the Palm Springs Tram will always pull the temperature down a good group of degrees. Drive safe, gas up and get away if only for the day or overnight.

To have been in the Coachella Valley or the desert for that matter during one of our summers is to know you do everything in the morning. It’s the coolest time of the day since even at night it is often 99-degrees or more during our peak months of July, August and September. Grab the sun block and use it. However, if you don’t want to use it then you better make an appointment at Dr. Make Pretty’s offices at Contour Dermatology who just celebrated their 10-year anniversary. Congrats Tim and Lee! And by all means, if you foresee yourself wearing flip-flops and I encourage you to, please have a pedicure happening. Re-hydrate yourselves! Water is best. Your skin will look amazing.

Everyone this side of the yellow brick road knows that June is big time full-blown Gay Pride in most cities commemorating the Stonewall riots. Los Angeles carries pink triangles and sings Lady Gaga’s entire Born This Way album from June 10-12 at the Christopher Street West festival in West Hollywood. Up and down Santa Monica Boulevard one will find fashion fierceness realness with queens in skinny jeans and shirtless inked-up bears from Silver Lake. Heading north, the LGBT tribes gather in San Francisco on June 25, 26 to kick up their rainbow petticoats and celebrate their place in the world. San Diego Pride boasts being the fifth-largest in the United States and brings all things gay together for their parade on July 16. All queer-ventures provide pleasures to the eye, pride without prejudice and are each worth the weekend gay-cation.

But if you don’t want to or can’t get out of town, what can you do to beat the heat?! For me, when I’m not working we’re inside the cool house then to the pool then back into the chilled home, and repeat. There’s not a lot of out-and-about happening since many people travel away. Catch a movie! Slide into an afternoon feature and relax in the comfort of their iceberg theatres. Now I’m not encouraging you to sneak in “healthy” snacks. That’s just not the way one does things. But… always remember chocolate melts in heat. The air is also cranking at World Gym so you can grab a workout or just a protein shake and soak up the refrigeration. With the twenty-nine pieces of new cardio equipment and the summer specials running at the gym to get your heart rate moving, it’s a nice place to enjoy chilling out after getting worked up.

What summer jams will be having you popping that neck or shaking that ass at pool parties and on steamy dance floors like DiGS, Hunters and Toucan’s?! The Freemasons seem to have their hands on everyone lately and they deliver a 2011 remix of “I’m Coming Out” from Diana Ross with while all-grown-up Selena Gomez has hit hard with a Dave Aude shake-up of her “A Year Without Rain.” My girl Britney Spears has infused her already-fierce “Till The World Ends” with hot pop rockers Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha (who co-penned the track) providing new layers of musical texture. Man (boy) band The Reason covers an upbeat remix of “The Reason” with their Electric Allstars radio edit. Yes, this is a re-do of the Hoobastank 2004 smash hit that now has been taken over by the X Factor alum.

And you got to eat to keep up your strength! But where?! Many of the local restaurants have found that staying open for business even during the hottest of summer months has proved smart in years past. The ones I’ve spoke to said they’ll be providing great service and food as long as locals continue to dominate their spaces. It would be hard for me to fairly say go here or there. But I can encourage everyone to keep our local merchants and restaurants going by grabbing your girlfriends or husband and make a night of it out in the scene. From an early breakfast with friends to brunch by the pool or dinner under the stars, summer dining can be delicious. And the freezer aisle at the grocery store feel pretty cool, too!

At the end of the day we all can be assured of a few things about the summer intensity that is on the heated horizon. First, pop on the Weather Channel for a few minutes and listen to the weather forecasts from other cities. The heat will come and many will complain locally, me included. It’s part of our dialogue and it’s obvious. But it too shall pass and then we’re reminded for the bigger percentage of time why we live here. It’s gorgeous in Palm Springs. You adapt to the heat like others deal with the snowy cold. I’m writing this on an unseasonably breezy cool May morning. A bird whistles nearby and I’m hopeful that Mother Nature is as kind tomorrow as she is today.

2011 © The Bottom Line


Steven Michael for Prada

Steven Michael is my name and that’s the way it is. I Google’d myself (insert dirty joke here) and man, I came up feeling ehhh. Where am I? I’m here, dammit! There’s my social media moments Twitter and Facebook but Lady Google has slapped me with the shade of it all. I blog my finger tips to their very nubs and Googlezilla really serves a platter of crickets to many of us in the internet world. If you’re not a major player in the game it’s difficult to get noticed. Oh, Mommie Googlest… I am not, one of your FANS!

Hey… All Tea, All Shade. Eye tellzit lyk I ceez itz! Trust, Hunty. Translation: Baby, if you don’t like what you read then don’t.

It’s Saturday and the breeze is a’blowing. I’m listening to some fierce gay club remixes I was sent for possible production ideas and the husband is watching French TV news on his Tablet. I will soon be punching it to the gym to train since swimsuit season is coming up and then off to met friends for a belated birthday lunch for Jacques at Escena Golf Course and Grill. Another weekend is here and I’m real damn glad. Last evening we had a stunning sushi feast and sake oblivion at Kiyosaku and I so need to sweat out some salt at the gym. I am off into a fabulous day in Palm Springs. I LIVE.

GET YOUR LIFE TODAY… Somehow, Someway! X



We just got in from Kiyosaku where we enjoyed our annual Sushi and Sake Oblivion for New Year’s Eve. It just happens to be my 45th birthday tomorrow, as well. Oh, what a joy having your birthday on New Year’s Day you must be thinking. Ah, my dear reader. Stop it. You’re being silly. After years of repressed youth not only dealing with receiving just one present for both Christmas and birthday but also the no-class-party-because-of-Xmas-break syndrome I had to overcome, I got into my young adult years where things should have gotten better. Eh…

Michael Wayne - Steven Michael

When I would scoot out to the clubs for New Year’s Eve in hopes to get a special kiss from a familiar stranger I also came face-to-face with more repression. The clock strikes midnight. Auld Lang Syne plays while I fight back the tears (that song kills me) and everyone shouts HAPPY NEW YEAR! A few people remember to also wish me a quick Happy Birthday and move about dancing to gay club music, circuit party, et al. There’s my celebration. Whoopee. The next day everyone would be so hungover that no one would care. Oh, the years of personal therapy through an assortment of mood miracles.

Happy New Year 2013

However, since I’ve gotten more mature I have realized it is what it is and to make it what I want it to be. As in life… I treat my birthday how I see fit. In most recent years, we find ourselves in Las Vegas sinning in the city or enjoying the culinary exploits of the finer places in Palm Springs for a special dinner. I can’t hang with the party club kids anymore nor want to. I used to chase the dawn and now find myself in bed by 10 p.m. on most nights. And the fact that I’m entering a national pageant to have the responsibly of staying out in clubs to wee hours as the first Mr. All American Gent makes me giggle quietly. Bring on the Red Bull, I’ll need wings.

Happy Birthday

Last evening a few close friends came over for an impromptu birthday moment which made me feel very special. We toasted the new year ahead and to me, of course. I don’t normally make any deal about turning another year but I thought, why not?! The next few months are geared directly towards the pageant and as my drag closet explodes with costumery, anticipation and excitement continues to grow within. I’m so ready for this. My DJ Mac Valentine is putting fierce finishing touches on my talent mixes while I discover E6000 glue worms around my knuckles from bodacious blinging. Category is… Project Runway Realness.

Overall, the past year has been really good. Health-wise: I’m still standing on my own two and smiling. Work-wise: I just passed the 8-year-mark and am happy to be where I am. I feel appreciated. Family-wise: Jacques and I have never been stronger and the furry little ones are spoiled like only dogs can be by two fabulous daddies. Pageant-wise: Generous sponsors have provided me the means to bring elements that have never been seen before. I’m truly blessed.

Wishing you THE GREATEST THINGS in Life, Love and your very own Pursuit of Happiness. Take Thirteen!