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Why I Want To Become Mr. E.O.Y. 2014

I’ve decided to enter the National Mr. Entertainer of the Year 2014 contest because I believe it’s the best system overall for me as a professional performer to give who I truly am each and every time I step on the stage. I have big plans for my future as a representative of the E.O.Y. system because let’s face it, win lose draw, we involved are all representing Entertainer of the Year, crown or not. It’s where I belong. There are other choices but when given the logistics, politics and bigger picture, here is where I set my roots for the road ahead.

Mr. E.O.Y. ’13 – Competing Nationally

I’m just getting back to the grind of a casual life in Palm Springs, blogging again and wanting to share my amazing adventures of competing at the Entertainer of the Year pageant in Louisville last week. The road getting there to E.O.Y. was quite swift considering I was just competing in March nationally elsewhere after a huge hiatus from the competitive stage. However, the road to me becoming an entertainer started when I was seven-year-young and moved on down many roads from there. …

Bound For Mr. Entertainer of the Year 2013

I’ll be away a few days from blogging but wanted to say it won’t be forever. I head to Louisville via Nashville early tomorrow towards my quest to become Mr. EOY 2013 – Entertainer of the Year. It’s something I’ve worked incredibly hard at accomplishing. Thanks to my many sponsors including my dear Kristin Cason, incredible partner Jacques, wonderful Mom and SKINN by Dimitri James among a host of friends and followers who create #TeamStevenMichael. …