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The Pulse of Our Gay Community

After the senseless tragedy in Orlando last month at Pulse Nightclub, I knew I had to do something to help those in need and ones who must carry on. When I woke up that morning on June 12 and read the news on social media about the shooting that left 49 innocent victims dead and dozens wounded I was in shock. I didn’t react emotionally at first going on about my day. But then news continued to pour in through media sources and details unfolded. …

Razzle Dazzle of Shontelle T. Sparkles

I first saw this entertainer in print adverts for her tour with dance floor fantastix Erasure while thinking to myself, who is this grand glamazon? Shontelle Sparkles has brought her own signature of fierceness into the ever-changing world of drag while infusing glamour with can’t-be-touched hairstyles, illusion and transformation. Having the opportunity that many queens would kill for, Sparkles sheds light into the world of “making it work,” …

Introducing Drag Entertainer Trinity Taylor

Welcome to my wicked world of gay culture! I love bringing the best and most fierce fabulousness I can and this installment is no exception. When it comes to celebrity interviews, I know my Tea. I met drag entertainer Trinity Taylor a few years ago when I judged Miss Gay Florida USofA in Tampa for my best friend pageant promoter Bob Taylor. Trinity was a contender and wonderfully impressive. …


Florida-famed superstar Alexis Mateo came into “RuPaul’s Drag Race” with her sequined hot-glue guns blazing draped in beads each week dressed in something fiercer than the time before. Madame Mateo made many of the other girls step aside as she heard “Condragulations” and won challenges…


Tampa-based performer MACAViTi (pronounced: Mak-ka-va-te) contacted me with a press release for his newest EP “It’s Hot” from Action Packed Music, available now on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.


Just a quick blast o’blog this morning before I prance (Prance, I say!) upstairs and shave, shower and shine for the day (and weekend) ahead! Today is Payday which is always a good day. Makes clocking-in all worth it, you know?!

Visiting Gay Tampa, Florida

When I got the call to judge Bob Taylor’s Miss Gay Florida USofA 2011 pageant, I immediately asked if I could get an aisle seat on the flight because I’d be happy to.