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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Gay Men

Snoopy ChristmasAs I begin to type this I am overwhelmed that another holiday season is upon us and Black Friday draws near. Where does time go? It seems like just this time last year I was telling you what to find and buy for the fabulous gay men in your life. Status is everything among some while playing life low-key works very well for others. These great gift ideas will provide you the help you need for the uniquely fierce ones on your Christmas holiday shopping list. Think about who he is and what he likes. Become passionate about making your special someone feel incredible and appreciated.


Sexiest Halloween Costumes For Gay Men

halloween_pumpkinWow, how times flies! It seemed like just yesterday I was telling you what to wear for the night of sleazy ghosts and sexy goblins last year but here we are again. It’s Halloween! I love to play dress up and explore every aspect of my being when it comes to costumes and gig. When you’re comfortable in your own skin then you should most definitely work, bitch. Sexy costumes for a fabulous gay man to the rescue! And by all means, don’t wait until the last minute. If you’re in Palm Springs, it’s the same weekend as Leather Pride so suit up and get out of the house.


Exploring the Extreme Build of Scott Cullens

Scott CullensTo see Scott Cullens walk by you can’t help but notice him. Some people have it and some people don’t. Master Cullens has it. He works very hard in perfecting his image and is not afraid of telling or showing you how it is. I’ve spoken with Scott here on my domain before but as the world turns so does his whirlwind of happenings. In the last interview we spoke of his fitness regiment, budding business ventures personal life and what it’s like to be him.  This round we catch up on his many modeling gigs in fabulous locales, sleeping in the nude, an honest take on his new reality show Extreme Builds and how he is now the self-professed “Lube King.” Take it off, err, away… Scott! And THANKS to the photographers who shared the images!


A New Year Brings New Opportunities

2014When the new year comes around many things happen. I turn another year better and am reminded of childhood birthdays past when I would receive one gift for both Christmas and Birthday which completely royally sucked. I’ve told (and loving telling) the story about being the third baby born in 1968 in Nashville, TN. They forced labor on a woman who won the prizes for birthing the first of the year and at eighteen I graduated high school with her son. Music City U.S.A. is a small, small world.


Gay Man’s New Year’s Resolutions 2014

2014It comes a time each year when every Hopeful Hattie or Wishful Wanda will make resolution to change thine ways for a new year. Perhaps one desires a different way of this while others may float of optimism for that. Well my little chickadees, the time is now. Gay men may resolute one thing when a straight man may have other vehicle. Nonetheless, the path is clear in the end. Change. Here’s my thoughts for a gay man’s resolution in the new year of 2014. Read them wisely and grab your favorite Sharpie to take notes. Totes.


Our Current State of Gay Pop Culture

When it comes to hottest happenings in gay pop culture, fierce gay fashion trends and the sickest beats of gay club music being poured through speakers, I am a 100% admitted know-it-all. Surely you’ve known this before now or you wouldn’t be reading these words… and don’t call me Shirley.


Our Mother Monster has her new ARTPOP coming out very soon and early release Applause has came barreling out of the gate with major airplay. And this comes from someone who doesn’t listen to the radio much. Luckily I keep ahead of the pack with comrades on the inside of the business. Early leaks of the Cher infused Gaga track “The Greatest Thing” promises hot remixes to follow. I thought that was never going to be released. Oh, the ways of promotion.

The Sats - Disco Love

Two of my favorite UK girl-group darlings are having little pop stars very soon. The Saturdays’ Frankie Stanford has handled pregnancy with some trial because of stupid paparazzi and media comments of her weight gain. Hello! The girl is growing another human inside her. Give us a break. Good to see The Sats have new single “Disco Love” coming out soon. I’ve have it and it’s fun, fun. Girls Aloud’s goddess and vocal powerhouse Nadine Coyle recently announced that she too is having a wee one. Pop stars pursing motherhood. The inevitable, I assume. Congrats to them both! And good luck with that post-baby bikini body. Can’t wait to see the outcomes, Hot Mammas.

To know me is to know I rarely go out to clubs. Been there, walked those paths for years and have the souvenir mug, t-shirt and pictures to prove it. So glad I lived those moments when I did because unfortunately if you speak with anyone in the bar industry they would be quick to tell you that the days of the big nightclub are over. Hell, even Manhattan staple Splash has closed. That kills me. Every trip to NYC we would stop in and gawk at the gorgeousness employed as mixologists behind the bar, showing off in the showers above the dancing crowds or the general admission of gays and gay lovers cruising the streets of the Concrete Jungle. Splash was a mainstay in New York City and its memory stands with The Gaiety, Arena and a carefree time of life that I often miss greatly.

guy in flip-flops

However, when I was out in Louisville at Connection competing for E.O.Y., I noticed more and more people in clubs are wearing flip-flops for shoes. In my day, wearing tennis shoes was almost a no-no much less exposed feet. Boots were preferable even though there was a definite time I truly got into suede oxfords and black penny loafers without socks. During these days mid-’90s, flip-flops weren’t by any means as popular as they are today. I love wearing them but not in a club. I did wear them around Connection since I was competing for the pageant and it was easier for changing. I did slay one idiot who was drunk spilling his damn drink on my foot. I grabbed his arm and said, “Calm down, lady. You’re spilling your drink. Tune in, girl.” He looked over his friend’s should at me as I went to the bar to grab a towel. Drunk-ass punk.

When it comes to wearing flip-flops, pedicures are a must. If you can’t find yourself a quaint salon then do it yourself. I do mine. The only thing I don’t worry about is the polish and of course the massage with that smelly pink lotion which always seems to be more enjoyable for the cute Asian boys below me. Here’s a fierce manicure/pedicure set that will look great when you travel with your entourage and share space.

Steven Michael

The annual Miss and Mr. Continental pageants are happening Labor Day Weekend in Chicago. Current title holders Sasha Colby and Angel Saez Amador will be crowning two new recipients of the prestigious crown to become part of the legacy that is Continental. Angel contacted me after I was in E.O.Y. to see if I was still interested in competing in Mr. Continental. I was honored but declined since I had just unpacked and was sitting out for a hot minute before I decided what I was doing next. I would love to be there in support and maybe that stage will be in my future but wishing all the contestants good luck is what I offer now.

To be continued…

Seeking Gorgeous Men – Apply Here!

sandy man

An eye-grabbing headline, indeed. I’m looking for gorgeous men in the area of my vision that are able to turn me on and twerk me out by their beauty and brawn. Brain? Ehhh…. Kidding, totes! A man in my world must be smart not only by books but by street as am I in both. A sexpot in a Jockstrap or pair or loose Track Pants with Flip-Flops can come to the front of the line. Just Saying. I need an equal. Someone who isn’t afraid of telling me I’m wrong when I am and accept the fact that I’m never wrong. He must be easy on the eyes… as are these men for some serious Sunday worship. They were screaming from behind a closed folder on my desktop begging to be released from the binds that bound them.

Hero-worship for the masses.

vin marco

and one for the road…

rico barefoot

Summertime in Palm Springs Revisited

I came across this previously published installment of my “Steven Spills” for PULP and actually found it fairly relatable to where we are right now in life, gay culture, gay fashion and our queer year 2013 in the Coachella Valley. Remember this was published in 2011 and could be a bit behind on today’s current news but still a fun read. May the magazine Rest in Peace among many other rags and mags that the Internet killed. Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day. Let’s remember when…


PALM SPRINGS SUMMER 101 (original publish: 2011)

Ah, summertime and the living is easy… and quite warm at times! As the sun heats us all up and makes some of us wonder why we live in the desert with the extreme heat, how does one deal?! The very thought of summer conjures up memories for me of attending summer school (twice) during my teenage years. The first time I missed cheerleading camp and the next I wasted my time not skipping school and getting my GED, instead. I’ve never applied to a job that has once required seeing my high school diploma. But there I was, killed down going to summer school for failing Algebra 1 twice because the football coach who taught the subject was too sexy for me to concentrate. Yes, that’s my reasoning. Seriously.

But here today, how and where does one escape from the inevitable heat that’s ahead?! Sure, it’s not that bad right now but get ready people! During my first summer here it was near 120-degrees and I thought I was going to melt. We’ll see what Momma Nature has in store but guaranteed it will be hot, scorching at times and ridiculous with a thickness in the air. It’s time to start dodging for trees with shade to park your car under and please don’t leave your pet in the car. I do have Animal Control on speed dial in my iPhone and I love using it. Try me. Make sure that your cars also have coolants in your transmission and a shade reflector that is trimmed to fit your front windshield. People become ruthless when deciding where the shade of a tree will be and when. Be smart, too! Think it through.

We have two fabulously privileged Jack Russells and they love the water. Splashing in the pool, swimming after a floating ball and any aquatic chaotic activity entertains them and knocks them down so they rest peacefully for the rest of the day. Keep your dogs’ fur and nails trimmed for healthy growth and easy towel drying afterwards. If they swim a lot think of getting a moisturizer for their fur for afterwards. We use Aveda Brilliant (yes, that’s what I said), an emollient finishing gloss on their fur and it prevents our boy’s dry skin that normally wears him out. The water that may accumulate in their ears can be removed gently by a cotton-covered cue tip and even ear-cleaning solutions wouldn’t hurt if administered immediately after each entry into water. And again, I can’t stress enough. Please Note: A cracked car window does not a comfortable setting make for puppy. Try sitting in the car without the air condition running and see how long you last!

The summer is hell on automobiles. Focus on taking care of your car. No coolant equals no air condition and a bad tranny, err, I mean transmission. A solid running car can get you away for weekend escapes. But where?! Even day trips can give one a sense of peace and retreat from that un-Christian heated swelter outside. The beaches are a thought like Black Beach in San Diego for you exhibitionists. Laguna Beach has the offering of Newport Beach and some serious shopping. Want some real culture?! Hit it to L.A. and take a gawking gander at the Malibu surfer boys and the always-entertaining boardwalk. (On a side note, Krispy Kreme is at Ontario Mills and yes you can bring me some back.) Venturing to Idyllwild or Big Bear and even a trip up to the Palm Springs Tram will always pull the temperature down a good group of degrees. Drive safe, gas up and get away if only for the day or overnight.

To have been in the Coachella Valley or the desert for that matter during one of our summers is to know you do everything in the morning. It’s the coolest time of the day since even at night it is often 99-degrees or more during our peak months of July, August and September. Grab the sun block and use it. However, if you don’t want to use it then you better make an appointment at Dr. Make Pretty’s offices at Contour Dermatology who just celebrated their 10-year anniversary. Congrats Tim and Lee! And by all means, if you foresee yourself wearing flip-flops and I encourage you to, please have a pedicure happening. Re-hydrate yourselves! Water is best. Your skin will look amazing.

Everyone this side of the yellow brick road knows that June is big time full-blown Gay Pride in most cities commemorating the Stonewall riots. Los Angeles carries pink triangles and sings Lady Gaga’s entire Born This Way album from June 10-12 at the Christopher Street West festival in West Hollywood. Up and down Santa Monica Boulevard one will find fashion fierceness realness with queens in skinny jeans and shirtless inked-up bears from Silver Lake. Heading north, the LGBT tribes gather in San Francisco on June 25, 26 to kick up their rainbow petticoats and celebrate their place in the world. San Diego Pride boasts being the fifth-largest in the United States and brings all things gay together for their parade on July 16. All queer-ventures provide pleasures to the eye, pride without prejudice and are each worth the weekend gay-cation.

But if you don’t want to or can’t get out of town, what can you do to beat the heat?! For me, when I’m not working we’re inside the cool house then to the pool then back into the chilled home, and repeat. There’s not a lot of out-and-about happening since many people travel away. Catch a movie! Slide into an afternoon feature and relax in the comfort of their iceberg theatres. Now I’m not encouraging you to sneak in “healthy” snacks. That’s just not the way one does things. But… always remember chocolate melts in heat. The air is also cranking at World Gym so you can grab a workout or just a protein shake and soak up the refrigeration. With the twenty-nine pieces of new cardio equipment and the summer specials running at the gym to get your heart rate moving, it’s a nice place to enjoy chilling out after getting worked up.

What summer jams will be having you popping that neck or shaking that ass at pool parties and on steamy dance floors like DiGS, Hunters and Toucan’s?! The Freemasons seem to have their hands on everyone lately and they deliver a 2011 remix of “I’m Coming Out” from Diana Ross with while all-grown-up Selena Gomez has hit hard with a Dave Aude shake-up of her “A Year Without Rain.” My girl Britney Spears has infused her already-fierce “Till The World Ends” with hot pop rockers Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha (who co-penned the track) providing new layers of musical texture. Man (boy) band The Reason covers an upbeat remix of “The Reason” with their Electric Allstars radio edit. Yes, this is a re-do of the Hoobastank 2004 smash hit that now has been taken over by the X Factor alum.

And you got to eat to keep up your strength! But where?! Many of the local restaurants have found that staying open for business even during the hottest of summer months has proved smart in years past. The ones I’ve spoke to said they’ll be providing great service and food as long as locals continue to dominate their spaces. It would be hard for me to fairly say go here or there. But I can encourage everyone to keep our local merchants and restaurants going by grabbing your girlfriends or husband and make a night of it out in the scene. From an early breakfast with friends to brunch by the pool or dinner under the stars, summer dining can be delicious. And the freezer aisle at the grocery store feel pretty cool, too!

At the end of the day we all can be assured of a few things about the summer intensity that is on the heated horizon. First, pop on the Weather Channel for a few minutes and listen to the weather forecasts from other cities. The heat will come and many will complain locally, me included. It’s part of our dialogue and it’s obvious. But it too shall pass and then we’re reminded for the bigger percentage of time why we live here. It’s gorgeous in Palm Springs. You adapt to the heat like others deal with the snowy cold. I’m writing this on an unseasonably breezy cool May morning. A bird whistles nearby and I’m hopeful that Mother Nature is as kind tomorrow as she is today.

2011 © The Bottom Line


Pensacola Florida

When you live in the Coachella Valley as I do, Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party is the yearly event that causes the most stir, buzz and uproar around gay Palm Springs. I do consider myself a pioneer of sorts when it comes to the circuit party’s humble beginnings. Living in Atlanta during the mid-90s when the circuit started hitting hard across the lands and parties with themes rose from the foundation of such solid events as Hotlanta River Expo, Morning Party in Fire Island and the original White Party in South Beach gave me access to the hottest events and circuit circuses. I worship those carefree, responsibility-free days of yesteryear. And have the pictures of guilt and shamelessness to prove it.

Pensacola Beach

(This guy in the underwear was doing promotion for one of the weekend parties by walking up and down the beach looking so damn good. Great way to catch attention for your event. Our friend Kip was quite taken by him. I think he ended up in our shower over the weekend!)

Our group of friends were very unique and didn’t care about much of anything other than being together as much as we could and having the very BEST time we could at any given moment. We were quite reckless. Do the math… We had a good time. Like a kid in a candy store. Oh, the Friday ascension and Sunday therapy sessions. I loved my friends deeply and shared more than most good friends do during a lifetime. But as crews and cliques go, time and distance pulls people apart and you are left with the memories. Make them good! When life is as short as it is, living it as long as you can is the most important thing you could ever do. Oh, the memories…

Gay Pensacola Beach

(Yes, that’s me on the left without nairy a hair on my smooth body. I was 25-years-naive with quite the tight torso on me. The real story is unfolding behind us. Oh, I wish I could share that one. Dig the accommodations!)

This one time our group traveled south from Hotlanta to Pensacola Beach for their Memorial Day Weekend blowout is one that brings the giggles. It’s where the gays go for Memorial Day if you live in the south. Well, unless you live on the edge and find yourself booking a sling in Chicago for International Mr. Leather at the same time. Make your choice! There were about eight of us sharing a suite at the Pensacola Grand and living out of suitcases that contained our matching jeans and various ensembles we would wear in sync all weekend plus other sundries we tucked away for the trip. Oh, we had a big time.

Pensacola Beach

Friday evening was a party called Abracadabra. I had on this pair of hot pants made of “cracked ice” which is essentially a fabric with a glitter design already pressed into the cloth. I wasn’t afraid of putting on a slinky pair of go-go shorts pulled up my chocolate starfish and dance the night away. Still have a pair or two for a crazy night out, or in. I found my way atop a platform speaker with Todd and we owned the room. It was one amazing night. However, throughout the evening Patrick or John would come over to us and worry us about this or that which caused me to sit down on the speaker and try communicating with them each time over the loud music. It wasn’t just once. FYI, if you need two parts to make something work make sure you have both before trying. Just saying… Meow! Come have some cereal, kitty.

When we left the party and returned to the hotel I climbed out of the car last. Patrick turned to me and said, “What’s going on with you?” I was doubled-over holding my two legs as if I were in agony. Each time I had sat on the speaker I sat in glitter. My legs were more shinny than a pair of Danskin shimmer tights. I just replied in a voice of late-night weakness, “I’m just so ashamed.” They all turned to look at me and we all laughed our asses off at my ridiculousness soon finding  our way back to the room where I rinsed the entire night off down the drain.

The next morning we cruised and perused up and down the beach while I blew a whistle as leader of the pack pulling my circuit squirrels along the sand. Hey, someone has to be the bitch. It was very easy for us, rather them, to be distracted.  It’s nothing but socializing, squirt guns filled with God knows what in them (I knew! Gee, calm down.) and recovery from the shady evening prior. Picture it! Sandy beaches, calm ocean waters and sexy LGBTQ with skimpy swimsuits and drag ensembles having the grandest time. It’s one exciting fun-filled weekend and must be explored to appreciated. And this was back then. I have little idea what the kids are doing these days. Having a good time, no doubt.



white party 2013

To all of my circuit brothers and sisters, I’m assuming you know that Jeffrey Sanker’s annual musclefest dance party White Party Palm Springs 2013 is flooding the town March 29 -31, 2013. I’ve lived here in the Valley for a good decade and have seen only a few of the White Party events but the one’s that I have been part of set me free, turned me out and made me always want more! Not sure if I’ll make this year’s festivities but here’s the lowdown and the round o’fun… Time to grab the hottest gay fashion and WHURQ it right!

David Beckham

Friday evening brings SPLASH in the afternoon and BULGE later that night. Bring your sexiest underwear and strut your hot stuff with the most scorching bodies seen all weekend. Oh, and pack a cockring! Saturday brings SPLASH once more during the day and main event the WHITE PARTY with Alexis Jordan and Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters doing a solo gig at Convention Center. If you’re still going 115 mph. then twist and shout your ass over to CLIMAX after-hours back at Renaissance Hotel. Sunday delivers one last SPLASH and then the masses head to CIRCUS XTREME T-DANCE with performances by everyone’s favorite “Go-Go Dancer” Carmen Electra and RuPaul’s Drag Race Dolls Willam and Detox with Vicki Vox. The CLOSING PARTY offers the sexy DJ Tony Moran spinning the finality of the ultimate weekend.

Thierry Pepin

Ticket prices can be steep so I hope you’ve saved your coins. There are early purchase deals found on the main website. Check ‘em out! However, when you want one BIG TIME then the Jeffrey Sanker White Party is where it’s happening this spring. We offer a really cute weekend pass at World Gym for $29 so come see me there! There you’ll see our own mini-White Party running around the track in tight white shorts or pounding the weights, muscles pumped and wet.

White Party 2013

More details as they surface. You never know… Maybe I’ll cha-cha my way over to a few of the weekend events. We’ll see! But make your plans soon! It’s later this month and yes it’s already March! And grab a few festive circuit toys and rave accouterment at my Ultimate Gay Dance Music Blog.