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Palm Springs Happenings in 2014

Palm SpringsIf you live in Palm Springs then you know the usual schedule of must-be-at events and happening where-it-is places. But for our great tourists and excited visitors coming this way sometime in our very near future, here’s a few fun and frolicking festivities one must be aware of to make informed decisions on where to be and who to do. Get your favorite Sharpie out and let’s mark a few initial events on that cute calendar of The Wanted!



Pensacola Florida

When you live in the Coachella Valley as I do, Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party is the yearly event that causes the most stir, buzz and uproar around gay Palm Springs. I do consider myself a pioneer of sorts when it comes to the circuit party’s humble beginnings. Living in Atlanta during the mid-90s when the circuit started hitting hard across the lands and parties with themes rose from the foundation of such solid events as Hotlanta River Expo, Morning Party in Fire Island and the original White Party in South Beach gave me access to the hottest events and circuit circuses. I worship those carefree, responsibility-free days of yesteryear. And have the pictures of guilt and shamelessness to prove it.

Pensacola Beach

(This guy in the underwear was doing promotion for one of the weekend parties by walking up and down the beach looking so damn good. Great way to catch attention for your event. Our friend Kip was quite taken by him. I think he ended up in our shower over the weekend!)

Our group of friends were very unique and didn’t care about much of anything other than being together as much as we could and having the very BEST time we could at any given moment. We were quite reckless. Do the math… We had a good time. Like a kid in a candy store. Oh, the Friday ascension and Sunday therapy sessions. I loved my friends deeply and shared more than most good friends do during a lifetime. But as crews and cliques go, time and distance pulls people apart and you are left with the memories. Make them good! When life is as short as it is, living it as long as you can is the most important thing you could ever do. Oh, the memories…

Gay Pensacola Beach

(Yes, that’s me on the left without nairy a hair on my smooth body. I was 25-years-naive with quite the tight torso on me. The real story is unfolding behind us. Oh, I wish I could share that one. Dig the accommodations!)

This one time our group traveled south from Hotlanta to Pensacola Beach for their Memorial Day Weekend blowout is one that brings the giggles. It’s where the gays go for Memorial Day if you live in the south. Well, unless you live on the edge and find yourself booking a sling in Chicago for International Mr. Leather at the same time. Make your choice! There were about eight of us sharing a suite at the Pensacola Grand and living out of suitcases that contained our matching jeans and various ensembles we would wear in sync all weekend plus other sundries we tucked away for the trip. Oh, we had a big time.

Pensacola Beach

Friday evening was a party called Abracadabra. I had on this pair of hot pants made of “cracked ice” which is essentially a fabric with a glitter design already pressed into the cloth. I wasn’t afraid of putting on a slinky pair of go-go shorts pulled up my chocolate starfish and dance the night away. Still have a pair or two for a crazy night out, or in. I found my way atop a platform speaker with Todd and we owned the room. It was one amazing night. However, throughout the evening Patrick or John would come over to us and worry us about this or that which caused me to sit down on the speaker and try communicating with them each time over the loud music. It wasn’t just once. FYI, if you need two parts to make something work make sure you have both before trying. Just saying… Meow! Come have some cereal, kitty.

When we left the party and returned to the hotel I climbed out of the car last. Patrick turned to me and said, “What’s going on with you?” I was doubled-over holding my two legs as if I were in agony. Each time I had sat on the speaker I sat in glitter. My legs were more shinny than a pair of Danskin shimmer tights. I just replied in a voice of late-night weakness, “I’m just so ashamed.” They all turned to look at me and we all laughed our asses off at my ridiculousness soon finding  our way back to the room where I rinsed the entire night off down the drain.

The next morning we cruised and perused up and down the beach while I blew a whistle as leader of the pack pulling my circuit squirrels along the sand. Hey, someone has to be the bitch. It was very easy for us, rather them, to be distracted.  It’s nothing but socializing, squirt guns filled with God knows what in them (I knew! Gee, calm down.) and recovery from the shady evening prior. Picture it! Sandy beaches, calm ocean waters and sexy LGBTQ with skimpy swimsuits and drag ensembles having the grandest time. It’s one exciting fun-filled weekend and must be explored to appreciated. And this was back then. I have little idea what the kids are doing these days. Having a good time, no doubt.



white party 2013

To all of my circuit brothers and sisters, I’m assuming you know that Jeffrey Sanker’s annual musclefest dance party White Party Palm Springs 2013 is flooding the town March 29 -31, 2013. I’ve lived here in the Valley for a good decade and have seen only a few of the White Party events but the one’s that I have been part of set me free, turned me out and made me always want more! Not sure if I’ll make this year’s festivities but here’s the lowdown and the round o’fun… Time to grab the hottest gay fashion and WHURQ it right!

David Beckham

Friday evening brings SPLASH in the afternoon and BULGE later that night. Bring your sexiest underwear and strut your hot stuff with the most scorching bodies seen all weekend. Oh, and pack a cockring! Saturday brings SPLASH once more during the day and main event the WHITE PARTY with Alexis Jordan and Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters doing a solo gig at Convention Center. If you’re still going 115 mph. then twist and shout your ass over to CLIMAX after-hours back at Renaissance Hotel. Sunday delivers one last SPLASH and then the masses head to CIRCUS XTREME T-DANCE with performances by everyone’s favorite “Go-Go Dancer” Carmen Electra and RuPaul’s Drag Race Dolls Willam and Detox with Vicki Vox. The CLOSING PARTY offers the sexy DJ Tony Moran spinning the finality of the ultimate weekend.

Thierry Pepin

Ticket prices can be steep so I hope you’ve saved your coins. There are early purchase deals found on the main website. Check ‘em out! However, when you want one BIG TIME then the Jeffrey Sanker White Party is where it’s happening this spring. We offer a really cute weekend pass at World Gym for $29 so come see me there! There you’ll see our own mini-White Party running around the track in tight white shorts or pounding the weights, muscles pumped and wet.

White Party 2013

More details as they surface. You never know… Maybe I’ll cha-cha my way over to a few of the weekend events. We’ll see! But make your plans soon! It’s later this month and yes it’s already March! And grab a few festive circuit toys and rave accouterment at my Ultimate Gay Dance Music Blog.



With the drastic drop in weather perfectly scheduled with Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend, wearing leather in the desert wasn’t such a warm and sweaty task as it oft is. I’ve been busy preparing for Mr. All American Gent 2013 and figured we’d check out the contest so I could do homework for the competition that I’m doing. Anytime there’s an onstage judged category to be seen, a contestant of any type can benefit from what they witness and hear. I like to listen in especially to the onstage questions where I in-turn answer them in real time inside my head.

However, the Q/A they deliver at leather contests can often be trite and silly with a campy sexual overtone poured across them like horny sugar. Last evening was no exception by the help of master emcee Lenny Broberg with his dramatic and comedic pauses and refusals to ask way-too-crazy-for-mention questions. He is one sexy man. “Officer! Over here with that nightstick. I’ve been bad.” Overall the contest ran swimmingly. The packed house was in great form and the Silent Auction items were getting some generous bids. Daddy-stud and dear friend Colton Ford was name-dropped at least 3-4 times within a matter a minutes while the ever-present PS Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence whooped and hollered painted in hues of glitter bionic blue, spackle geisha white and dressed in outrageous drag.

We arrived a few minutes late just in time for contestant one to come out and start the evening with a bang and a twirl. All four men were equally strong in the various categories that would then decide who would succeed my dear friend Todd Peter as the next Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2013. The contestants in order of appearance: Mr. Barracks Leather – Jonathon Roseblatt; Mr. Tool Shed Leather – Scott Smith; Mr. Leather Indulgence – Steven Crawford; Mr. Off Ramp Leather – Christopher Durbin.

And who decided the fate of these great men? The judges, of course! Dennis McMahon, Dean Ogren, Mike Russell, Ron Todd, West, Mr. PS Leather 2012 Todd Peter and IML 2012 Woody Woodruff. I naturally did my own tabulations off to the side behind a pricey Convention Center-poured cocktail. The adored Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus group Caballeros were there to perform a few rounds of vocal adrenaline. However, as wonderful as they did sound their choices for music were a bit on the snoozy side. With the rowdy dressed-in-cowhide crowd listening anxiously I believe that a rousing round of show tunes or Donna Summer would have been a nice offering. Just a thought for next time. I kept wanting to hear MacArthur Park for some reason.

A hot jacuzzi soon called our names back home so we didn’t stay for the OiNK! Leather/Fetish Victory Dance Party with DJ Chi Chi LaRue spinning the latest and greatest from today’s pop royalty. Through all of the various events organized by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) and its support team, anyone could easily see the Valley was rolling with the hottest inked muscle hunks and leather-clad folk one could find this side of the Castro.

And the winners? In the end through jockstraps, bare asses and heartfelt speeches, 1st-Alternate went to Christopher Durbin and our WINNER – Scott Smith representing Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2013 will be heading to Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend to compete in the grand show of shows, International Mr. Leather 2013 as our current Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2013!


Amber hit the club scene in the late ’90s on massive dance floors with explosive hits like “This is Your Night,” “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Sexual (Li Da Di)” and “One More Night.” I had just pulled her CD out the other day to listen to it before hearing from her team letting me know that she was hitting the road again on tour very soon. I was hoping to get Amber here on the website for an interview sharing what life has been like for her since then, her inspirations, what’s in store for the tour, and when and where fans can find her. And who she’s voting for in November. Here’s the grounded one in her own words…

Steven Michael – Amber, thanks for the few moments we have together! Big fan of your music here! I also have a Gay Dance Music Blog I’ll contribute this to in some form. Always brings back great memories of a fun past. When did you realize that you were beginning to have a delicious taste of fame? Was there a pinnacle moment that made everything appear to be happening for you?

Amber – “I never had the ‘taste for fame.’ Fame to me is more of a nuisance, which comes with this profession. I could have hired publicists and could have hooked up with other famous people for fake pictures but that just isn’t me.”

“I happen to enjoy my privacy very much. I am a very grounded girl at heart and just love making music and the joy I can spread with it. Not a media whore at all… lol. That ‘moment’ that you are referring to was probably really around 1999 where the hits just kept hitting. But I am a firm and also realistic believer that what goes up, eventually also will come down. I believe in staying humble and not think of myself on an alternate universe. And I am pretty sure, that this is the key point that in the end, I am still a working artist after 15 years.”

You seem very grounded. It’s always refreshing and comforting to know that there are celebrities who can live with humility after major success. How does it feel having fans still wanting more from you? Tell us about your upcoming tour and will there be any new music you’ll be performing?

“I have a very close connection with my fans and actually was one of the first, that decided to set up a message board on my then website. I give them a glimpse of myself as a person and want them to see beyond the false glamour of it all. And it is nice to see that many have followed with the social media evolving. After all, they are the ones, that have supported me and helped me to get to where I am today.”

“I have 2 dates confirmed right now in the US: 12/15/12 @ Nu Club in Richmond, VA and on 12/31/12 @ the Parliament House in Orlando, FL. There will no new music be performed at this time.”

Ah, spent many a crazy weekend in Orlando at the Parliament House. Love that place! Always a good time to be had by all. What do you find to be your fans’ favorite song you’ve done? It’s hard for me to decide, if asked, which is my most cherished. Nah, I could do it. “Above the Clouds,” by far.

“Sometimes hard to tell. I had a moment in time, where I wanted to cut certain songs out of my performance repertoire but got instant complaints about it. I believe, that every fan of mine has their individual favorite song of mine, which they connect to let it be through memories or a personal break through moment at some place in time. However… ‘Sexual’ still gets people to act crazy.” (laughing)

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your career? And in your personal life?

“I listen to an array of artists and genres. Funnily – not really Dance Music or Hip Hop. I would say that Barbra Streisand is one of my all time favorites. But I can also appreciate music by Coldplay, Sting, Jonathan Butler, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Adele, Oleta Adams, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel or classical music by Chopin. So as you can see, very diverse and the list is endless really. It always comes down to that magical moment where the right voice collides with the right song with the right emotion and interpretation really.”

“In my personal life, I am a family girl and my Mom is my biggest inspiration.”

Biggest misconception about you, Amber?

“Probably that people think I am leading this perfect glamorous life and am insanely rich. People are easily fooled by the Top 10 highly publicized artists out there. They flash all their cars, houses and designer clothes, and people tend to reflect that on everyone that sings or acts in the limelight. I lead a very regular life and my family and my son, and their health is my priority. I do not even have a car… so there. But why is that? It is because I do not see ‘things’ as a priority in my life. And yes… others have taken advantage of that in my career. But at least I can have and live with a clear conscience.”

What’s private time with you like? Are you a homebody or do you find yourself out and about?

“I am an absolute homebody. Like to go for walks in nature and just enjoy the simple things in life and most of all… do not take them for granted. What a disappointment this must be… Ha-Ha!”

No, please. I love it. We (partner and I) live very public lives during the day at our jobs so when we’re at home we lock the doors and don’t leave, as well. I understand. Who have you always wanted to record with but haven’t had the opportunity?

“I would love to work with Annie Lennox, Sting and Peter Gabriel. They strike me as very decent and critical thinking individuals.”

I must admit that Above the Clouds is the song that my partner and I consider “our song.” It nails home our first year together perfectly. After 12 years going strong, we’re all good. Plus, when it was featured in the episode of Sex and The City, I just wept. The music made that final scene magical and the helped the touchy storyline brilliantly. Have you have fans express stories of how your music affected them?

“Oh yes, all the time. That is what makes music so beautiful and universal. People relate them to their own stories and moments in time. Although after the many stories that were shared with me through many fans, I am getting the strong impression that my music actually turns people gay.” (laughing)



That is hilarious! High-larity… Will you be making it to Palm Springs? We’d love to see you! Maybe at one of the few circuit parties we actually do have.

“I have been in Palm Springs a few times throughout my career. I remember a White Party many years back. Reality though is that it is up to the venues to want and book me. So if they do I guess I will be seeing you!”

What do you enjoy about performing and does it ever give you nerves or anxiety? I’m a choreographer and simply love the stage.

“I am always a bit anxious and think that is normal and comes with the territory. And I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom just before the show. But once you go out there and receive a lovely welcome by the crowd and see them participating feeling a positive energy, it blows over fast.”

What and/or who makes you feel beautiful?

“Real beauty comes from character and how you live your life and by what principles. We are all unique and special in our very individual ways. I do not comply with the stereotyping of beauty standards forced upon us by media. I feel beautiful by being independent and being loved by my son, family and friends.”

Loving it! What and/or who makes you laugh until you cry?

“My mother and my brother are best at that.”

Other than the tour, what’s the future hold for you?

“We never know for sure. I am definitely planning on more music and am working on some ideas. But when it gets to that point, I will let everyone know.”

And finally, what have you always wanted to be asked in a interview but haven’t yet?

“The question here is… What have I not been asked throughout the countless interviews over years so far?”

“I leave that up to the interviewer always and if feel the need to get something across, I will find a way to insert it anyway. Like this one: OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!! Thanks for your time, Steven!”

Find Amber at the links below and support her tours if she comes to a town near you. Let her take you back to another place in time where carefree nights led into shameless mornings. Thanks to Amber for her honesty and gracious time. I’m truly looking forward for big things to come her way!

Contacting and Following Amber…


I lived in Ft. Lauderdale from August 1996 through October 1999 after moving from Atlanta following the Olympics. I became immersed in South Florida beaches and happening queer nightlife even beginning my brief stint into the leather contest scene while go-go dancing and stripping in almost every bar placed in Florida it seemed. Where? Hmm… The Saint, Mineshaft, 825, Copa, Ramrod, Chaps, Sea Monster, Splash in Miami, Numbers, Bourbon Street Pub and Saloon #1 in Key West. But yes, the book…

Every here and there I would catch wind of these infamous sex parties that were happening called South Beach HardBodies. It was where if you were invited by receiving a business card by one of the promoters then you would arrive at one place, remove your shirt and prove your physical worth being lucky enough to make it past the grueling audition process towards the actual location of Caligula. I never once was approached to go. I guess I didn’t make the cut. But trust I didn’t lose sleep over it. I got mine just fine. Though I heard stories of the pros and cons of being in there from different ones in attendance, in the end I decided that I was fine not being included.



But I was always interested in what went on at these parties. How hot were the guys? Even if I tried going with a friend would they actually turn me away? Who is up for the possible humiliation? Not me. I assume they hoped that would deter many who don’t belong. Luckily I never was put in the position to make the decision of going or not. Choosing working over partying in the club was always my play anyway. Especially during these years. I had bigger things in mind for myself and living in Lauderdale was helping me get there. The city was wonderful to me and I often miss my times there.

When I received my copy of The HardBody Chronicles I was so ready to find out the real story! Had I missed out on anything? I will be quick to admit that I write more than I read. A book has to really be an interest or I don’t migrate towards it. I read Jake Smyth and Luca Barbieri’s modern-day tale of excessive living and travels of the rich beautiful untouchables from cover to cover. Since photographer and friend Jeff Palmer, who did the cover to my book They Called Him Sterling, provided the fabulous art for their book it seemed like a must read for me. I was right! I really enjoyed the book.

The novel is a fast read for anyone wanting an insight to the lifestyles of a glorious group of gay-somethings living with wild abandonment during the 90s, for the most part. Much of the book felt familiar to me since I lived during these years and times of the circuit party wisdom of “more is more.” The roller coaster read became an interesting game of trying to figure out who the characters were in reality as I lived vicariously through the fictional players’ lives. Some I knew. Some I think I know. Some I thought I knew but didn’t. You see where the quandary lies?



The only thing I would have liked more of was learning about the actual South Beach HardBodies and the circuses of flesh they produced. Perhaps a second book could be the expose, so to speak, from a spectator’s view or fellow character in the novel. Since the strong presence of promotion for the novel on Facebook and the Internet seems to have no signs of slowing down maybe a series of books coming from the different views of the main characters could be exciting. Since readers’ perspectives about what they read varies between them, as well does the characters living the fictional tale they’re reading about. Just an idea… But then again, maybe the magic is not knowing while leaving the fantasy in place.

Need some exciting summer reading? Grab The HardBody Chronicles today and begin the days of living vicariously or enjoy a comfortable walk down memory lane. Visit their Facebook wall or website for the inside scoop about characters, locations, story lines and the soundtrack to the novel.


It was around 8:15 on Saturday evening as we were finishing up homemade pizza when my iPhone alerted me to new mail. And “Bing! Bam! Boom! I won the tickets.” Well, a dear friend sent me a message saying he had an extra two tickets to the White Party 3-D and wanted to know if I wanted them. Brett and I had spoke earlier in the week about me not going because the tickets were outrageous and that there was no media love tossed my way this year. He figured I’d enjoy them since he was unable to use them. And he was right!

It all overwhelmed me for a minute until I got my bearings and pressed up the street to pick the generous and thoughtful gifts up from our dear friend. We had NO intention on going and it was the furtherest thing from our minds, the Husband and I. When I returned home, we closed our eyes for about an hour before pulling it together for Jeffrey Sanker’s 2012 White Party.

Giving the “self parking” for $6 the true ig, we parked around the corner and strutted up around to the entrance of the party dressed in white dress shirts, jeans and boots. Once inside we ran into good friend Cool Bensen and his partner Kelly from the Hotlanta days who now lives in Hollywood working on television. We danced off and on with them all night. When I used to choreograph the female impersonators and entertainers of Atlanta, and Hotlanta River Expo pageants Mr. and Miss Hotlanta, Cool was one of my amazing dancers. It was great to reconnect with him.

Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was reigning supreme as “Queen of the White Party” dressed in a stunning white ball gown next to promoter Jeffrey Sanker who I believe was named honorary mayor of Palm Springs for the weekend. How generous and rich it all became by the end of the weekend, I hear. The dynamic duo Nervo were spinning the pumping music and really gave tons of genuine energy and attention to the dance floor. They were a highlight, for sure. Jacques and I stood under their booth and just watched them work beats into magic.


There were scantily clad boys in lighted feathered wing realness, film legend Matthew Rush looking better than ever, video performer Paul Wagner looking delicious and overdressed in comparison to everyone else, Madame Vanderpump’s infamous dog “Giggy” being carried around by husband Ken, daddylicious Scott Cullens who I had a great scream with about mentioning him and his new beau (which they found very funny) in my blog earlier in the day, among thousands of Palm Springs’ hottest visitors who carried on into the wee hours twirling lighted sticks and Tron-inspired costumery


Since we never planned on spending the money to see main performer Mary J Blige before receiving the nice freebies, we had NO qualms about leaving after about 3 hours o’ fun and dance floor frolic. I like her music but not enough to wait around another reportedly hour or so to see her. Um, no… I’m sure she was superb and very special but we were already home in bed asleep with visions of Sugar Daddies dancing in our heads when she hit the stage at the convention center near 3 a.m. Way past our bedtime! You’d have to have a bunch of “caffeine,” yeah – that’s it, to stay up in to these party hours. Not us. Not no more. Been there, done that! Still have the shady pictures to prove it!

On Sunday, friends discovered pool parties and recovered from the prior evening by the sunshine to dry out. Later in the day we headed over to Michael Crisp’s stunning home that he shares with his partner Kenny for their multi-annual Booze N Nutz party with a few hundred of their closest friends while everyone else in town hit it to the infamous T-Dance. $130 to stand, rather dance, on some grassy knoll that is normally free to walk on. And from what I heard there were technical issues that were hard to avoid. Again, um… no.

Michael had brought in the staff from his Las Vegas hotspot Share Nightclub and Ultra Lounge to revel in the spirit and dressed them in skimpy underwear and Speedos. They were the party! Plus, I love me some Michael Crisp. Gorgeous and so generous! Was having a great time until some condescending See-You-Next-Tuesday decided to waltz by me and felt like stating the facts, said “Oh, look. It’s the gym employee.” I thought to myself, you tired little man. You have NO idea who I even am. Still working on a voodoo doll in her honor. Overall the energy was up and everyone joyful while surrounding the tables of SKYY vodka and bowls of nuts while getting their early evening buzz on.

Since we were in the true celebratory spirit of the weekend and hearing from BFF Bob Taylor that my dear sisters Latrice Royale and Chad Michaels from RuPaul’s Drag Race were performing at Toucans later in the eve, Jacques and I decided to catch the first show and say Hello to the girls. We never go out much so it was a crazy weekend for us. Luckily, we breezed past the line that was waiting to get in compliments of a confidant as I felt virtual daggers flying into my neck as we scooted past all VIP. I do not do lines… to get in clubs. Ah-ha! I knew where you were going with your thoughts. No Tea – No Shade.

Luckily crowd-control was in full effect and I could actually get to the entertainers and tip them while they performed. Chad Michaels brought his Cher illusion and I have one thing to say… CHAD IS CHER! Wow. He is AMAZE. Latrice whurqed the crowd into a screaming frenzy when she got on the microphone and told her crowd that she was feeling the love they were giving her. Madame Royale really has come along way since humble days of her South Florida beginnings when I first met her. We spoke briefly afterwards and made plans to do an interview for my blog. Little did I know that she would be the next eliminated Doll on RuPaul’s Drag Race the next night. I was sad to see that… Nonetheless, Latrice Royale IS a drag superstar.

On our way home we decided to swing by and catch the finale fireworks at the T-Dance but alas, all we saw were shirtless hunkage spilling out of the open arena and into cars and hotels for a continuance of the party. After soaking up some sightings of men-on-men action spread across the way, my convertible Mustang found its way back home safely. Good memories and new sense of self and being are what we’re taking away from the moment. Thanks to Brett for kicking it all into gear!

Overall the White Party weekend was quite the celebration considering we had NO plans on doing any of it. Spontaneity is key to creating excitement without the dreaded realization of “Uh, why did we make these plans!” With rumors swirling that Jeffrey Sanker has been allegedly trying to sell the mega-event for a few years now, I was happy that we were able to take part in this year’s festivities, just in case the rumors were true. Allegedly, of course. This weekend has been bringing in needed revenue (and hot men) to Palm Springs for years and no matter what happens to it, it’s only been good for our community and spirit. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Hope to see everyone next year, again!


If you’re unaware of the local news and happenings in Palm Springs and the true goings on this weekend, then you’ve either prepared for the onslaught of Easter weekend traffic or glorified the moment of the annual White Party and everything it entails. I just finished a long week of busy-ness at my employment business World Gym Palm Springs. Every year we plan for the flood of circuit boys, twinks, men, partiers, wanna-bees and hope for the best. Being gay owned and operated, we are the premiere fitness facility in the desert especially when the circuit squirrels come in for the annual eXtravaganza.


I’ll be the first to offer that occasionally our out of town brothers who come in for Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party travel in packs of threes and fours and will every once in a while come through with a taste of attitude that leaves bitterness in many mouth as we all read. Luckily, this being my seventh White Party working at World Gym, I really didn’t have too much to handle along those lines but we were so busy I began shutting down in the last hour and couldn’t wait to leave for the weekend.  The men were gorgeous! Some so spectacular that they hurt my eyes. I try to look away because why should I stand in the line of many admirers they’ve dealt with before? Far be it from me to add to their heavy load of being worshipped for their stunning looks. Ouch. Kidding (of course) – Totes!

Now seriously, all jokes aside. Overall the men were great to have in and we love seeing them every year! Many return guests so we’re doing something right! I tend to just run the show and make the cattle-call event flow as well as can done between my hours of 8:30-4:30. Inked-up cutie Johnny Hazzard breezed through looking adorable always. Former IML Gary Iriza brazenly brought in a dozen Krispy Kremes for me and the staff. Sugar rushes for all! Former house of Halston and Oprah Winfrey gown designer Bradley Bayoud swaggered in around 3 p.m. while Scott Cullens and new beau got their pump on across the cardio deck. Bootylicious, B-A-C-K!


But as I said, was THRILLED to be able to leave it behind for a few days. Of course, here I am typing quickest ever to be able to scoot in for a pump myself and a lunch with friends in town before the crowds rush through before pool parties at host hotel Renaissance and the Big Muscle party Desert Tea at the new Saguaro Hotel. The Husband and I are hanging very low this year and not doing anything much but visiting with a few friends and then a private moment tomorrow evening with Michael Crisp and a few hundred of his closest friends at his place. Worship him!

I did the events last year on a generous media pass and am able to know exactly what I’m missing out on and what I am most definitely not. With Easter weekend running along side the weekend blowout, there are many more people in town for the holiday weekend. Please drive safely and look both ways! You never know who’s around you! Rehydrate and Celebrate! NJOI!. X.


“I can’t believe White Party is already here!” I overheard someone say the other day at the gym. He continued, “I’m not at my ideal swimsuit weight yet. How can I cope with the gorgeous untouchables that arrive soon?!” His honest but hopeful friend replied, “Eh, hope it takes a turn and brings on the cooler side of things and find yourself some impressive layers. If that does’t happen and it’s gorgeous all around you,  get ready to drink a lot.”

I, too, can not believe it time for Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party. Soon the beautiful ones will be prancing up and down the track of World Gym on our weekend pass strutting it out and causing a stir with their ways. Love them. No, seriously. My fingers are not crossed behind my back. Smiling through the pain. Actually, with the exception of a few of them, most everyone is cool and knows I don’t deal with it. It meaning attitude. This will be my 7th year working at the LGBTQ infused fitness experience, World Gym. The children come through! Translation: No, no kids. “Children” meaning the circuit squirrels. Ah, those were the days. I remember them very well… somehow.

World famous DJs invade turntables and fill dance floors with hungry party goers. Fierce performers like the recently announced Mary J Blige take to the microphone and turn the masses out with big musical hits! Palm Springs reaps not only needed revenue but introduces the city to newcomers and revisits with our regulars alike. It’s a great thing for the city and for those wanting the Palm Springs White Party experience. For the true circuit follower, this is a must stop on the party train! See you here soon… April 6-9! Good luck with reservations! It’s right around the corner.




These winter months have offered us almost every weather pattern possible. From the devastating wind storm that tore through Coachella in January to the cold snap in the premiere of February to our wave of regular warmth that has arrived, seasons change, indeed. It’s always good to keep a few layers near but always know the heat can boil you out of your clothes at any given time.


On March 24 at 8 p.m., cabaret star Tom Judson will be at Azul showcasing his newest effort The Tom Judson Show singing songs he’s selected and retooled to celebrate spring. Tom describes his one man show as something reminiscent of the sparkling entertainers once found in Manhattan’s most loved supper clubs. As Tom utilizes the vocal chops and skills that landed him on Broadway and in many touring productions, he croons away dressed in a gorgeous tuxedo singing songbook standards and rare gems Mr. Judson sees well-fitting for this arena. His growing group of fans eat him up in every city and town he plays in as he shares anecdotes and stories of celebrity encounters past!

If Tom Judson looks familiar to you then maybe it’s because not only is he a phenomenal performer and stage actor, Tom is also know as Gus Mattox – GayVN Award winning adult film star and inked-up daddy stud to his masses of fans that lust and love his work for the adult  industry and studios. I met him once through a wonderful friend Clark at World Gym who introduced us and suggested I plug him, err, the show “The Tom Judson Show.” Tom was delicious as Gus and glad to see he has been able to return to his talented roots with a life after porn.

I’ve been checking out clips on YouTube of Mr. Judson and know Palm Springs is in for a real treat of entertainment when this man arrives to town on the 24th at 8 p.m. The show is included with a prix fixe dinner, or there is $10 music charge. His blog tells all! Check it at thetomjudsonshow.blogspot.com. And tell him you appreciate what he does!


Speaking of World Gym! Happy Anniversary, members! As we celebrate nine wonderful years in this community I’m reminded of where we started and how we’ve grown into the premiere fitness facility for the Coachella Valley and our visitors, alike. As other gyms have closed their doors and basically pushed their members and trainers into our doors, we couldn’t be happier – or busier! We must be doing a lot of something really right!

I’ve worked there for over seven years now and when I tell you it’s still a treat to walk into a place of employment and enjoy the job that you do veery well. Our members are colorful and diverse. The staff is helpful and entertaining. Our intent is to provide fitness to the fabulous! And now we’re heading into another decade still offering an amazing environment for those craving it! Come join us! And ask for me…


Hey Ladies! The Riviera is calling your name March 28 through April 1 for Palm Springs’ pride and joy, The Dinah. Get your beach-ready body into a bikini and high heels, and find a good electrolysist or waxer and tend to your fuzzy mimosa down south. Just saying. However, if your style is more along the lines of sleeveless tees, cargos and Birkenstocks, pack accordingly. The weather can be tricky in the Coachella so bring choices for every scenario. A fun flannel or sexy thermal will do just fine.

This year’s “vag-travaganza” promises to be scissoring with excitement and entertainment including musical performances, pool parties and rocking until the wee hours of morning. Event performers and celebrities include Chaka Khan, Jessica Sutta (of Pussycat Dolls fame) and CeCe Penniston singing many hits including Finally, to mention a few. For all the dirt, dish and detail – check out thedinah.com and Club Skirts. The Dinah always brings in a great group of gals who want only to feel comfortable  celebrating their lifestyle and selves while thankfully driving needed revenue into our city. Everybody wins!

Just a heads up, though. For those hardcore circuit goers, please note that former weekend competitor Girl Bar has smartly branched off and will be holding their Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend in Sin City this year April 27 – 29. This gives the ladies even more girl-on-girl action happening across the nation. Rock on, sisters! Party hearty and celebrate life, I say. Whurq!

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