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Wade Neff just sent me brand new pictures of his new tattoo and his ever growing mustache-beard combo. A dear friend to IAM and a COLT Studios legend, Mr. Neff has made his mark on gay culture through the years by his multitude of appearances with the iconic COLT brand. He is the type of daddy-man who may age but only gets better with time. These pictures prove it. .

Wade really works those cargos and furry bare chest. Would love to take a ride on that. The truck looks very comfortable inside! <wink-wink> If you’re around Palm Springs this weekend you may see Wade Neff strutting around. He has a photo shoot happening in town and wanted me to stop by to check it out. Possibly be a fluffier. Who knows?! Whatever he needs for the sake of art.

Enjoy the photos of Mr. Wade Neff. Get lost on his sturdy crotch, musky fur, heavy boots and wherever else your mind wonders… No judgments here!

Check out my previous interview with Wade Neff and see what’s the latest happening in his busy life. The gay bears L-U-V my man Wade! Thanks, Sir! Love the sexy new ink!