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Last Christmas in Las Vegas – Holiday Magic

The Las Vegas Strip from The CosmopolitanPicture it. Las Vegas, Nevada. Last Christmas. Now granted that’s not so long ago but I never spilled the deal about our fabulous trip to Sin City during the festive holidays. To follow me here is to know that we love Vegas and Vegas loves us. We have stayed at The Cosmopolitan the last seven (!!!!!!!) times we’ve been to the neon marquee jungle of excess and recess for adults. We see ourselves at few other resorts. No other place compares to The Cosmo. Now, I should be spanked for sharing what happens in Vegas here but I can’t help myself. I’ve always been a rule breaker. Read on and place your bets on having a good time!



Loving Husband

I’m playing catch up and getting around to blogging about spending Christmas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. It was spectacular. We arrived to a very busy Valet on Sunday the 23rd and got checked in rather quickly. We’ve always been welcomed in VIP but the lines were so swift we enjoyed the leisure of the open lobby and the people-watching Sin City always promises. After a fabulous upgrade, we arrived to our incredible suite facing the Bellagio Fountains and felt complete bliss. We were home.

Ice Rink Cosmopolitan

I called down to the Bell Desk and asked for our bags while Jacques opened up the curtains and sliding doors. Man, I love this place. Deciding to wing it for dinner until we arrived, Jacques and I walked the resort and found our dinner plans for the weekend before having a glass of wine at the Chandelier Bar. Later that evening we had made plans to see my stunning girlfriend Amber in Fantasy at Luxor. She was fierce. Girl danced twirling circles around that grand stage. Lead singer Lorena Peril has quite the voice and carried the show like a true professional. We were so happy we attended. Afterwards we found ourselves at the neon masterpiece of Peppermill for a spot of late-night grub before turning in. Love the lights of The Strip in my distant view as I slide into slumber.

Amber Stauser

Monday we woke and hit it down towards Wynn/Encore and the Fashion Mall for a spot of shopping. We always stop at the General Store near the Sahara for souvenir buying. I got mom and myself some very fun stuff! Back at the resort we enjoyed our annual lunch at China Poblano. Taste Bud Explosion, down. We wanted to have a moment in the room with some of the showgirls and champagne because there was a delicious bottle delivered to the suite for birthday which was very generous. However, no one wanted to drink before their show so with the cool weather only Amber came over for a round of ice skating at the Ice Rink at BLVD Social Club. Translation: The swimming pool iced over for fun and frolic under the cold night’s air above the radiation of the neon bulbs of The Strip. We had a blast and it meant a lot to me that she came over and spent time with us.

The Cosmopolitan - Bellagio

Christmas Eve we had dinner at Milos inside The Cosmopolitan and it was culinary brilliance. I love seeing Jacques enjoying dinner that he finds really good. My man knows food and I’m lucky because he does. After dinner we walked The Strip before the chilly evening wind called us inside the casino for Wheel of Fortune slot machine realness. I won my money back and that was fine. The warm bed was calling my name even more than the sounds of the dropping coins.

Steven Michael

We love Las Vegas and ALWAYS enjoy ourselves. The Cosmopolitan is the ONLY place we stay. I can’t wait to go back. #777


The Cosmopolitan exterior

From my balcony view at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, I see The Strip beginning its new day of carrying hope-chasers and thrill-seekers to their next destination, translation: CASINO. As I type this quick blast of thought, I see early morning neon still burning down way at Treasure Island TI, the Bellagio Fountains have yet to begin their parade of shows and I realize I could honestly sit and look at The Strip for hours. A twinkle of chrome catches my eye or a hotel window from neighboring resorts calls my view while a low rumble of sound creates the soundtrack accented with a speeding taxi horn or the boots and hollers of party girls in heels or sexy studs out with their bros. There’s a definite winter chill in the air. Last evening I was able to wear this fabulous black velvet jacket and leather pants down to Luxor to see my dear sister Amber tear up the floor in the choreography-heavy Fantasy. Those girls are fierce and lead lady Lorena Peril has the pipes to sing many into the ground. We had a great evening ending at Peppermill for some quick late night grub then back into our warm bed while seeing The Strip wind down its day once again. A text came in from Amber saying she was heading this was to hit Marquee. It was 2 a.m. The city never sleeps… But we needed to. Off for a day of shopping, ice skating and a hot toddy or two. Mary Christmas.

The Las Vegas Strip from The Cosmopolitan

And BIG THANKS to Renata in PR & The Cosmopolitan for the Birthday Champagne and hospitality. Always Fierce. X


“It’s Ladies Night. Oh, What a Night. Oh, What a Night!”

Here Ye! Hear Me! All Ladies and Vageterians! It’s time to dust off those Chanel shades, bikinis and beach-ready-bodies (or Birkenstocks, Daisy Dukes and sleeveless tees – whatever your style) for Palm Springs #1 lesbian themed event Dinah Shore Weekend including the ever-popular and long-standing events produced by Club Skirts 03/28-04/1. There will be a plethora of female fatales strutting their stuff up and down Palm Canyon to unique parties catered to the girls including performances by Show Me (of the Pussycat Dolls), Chaka Khan and CeCe Peniston among many others. Check out the website for the real Tea or hang in the lobby of host hotel Riviera and find you some!

Quick story about my connection to CeCe. I was choreographing the Mr. Hotlanta pageant back in ’94 and had to do a walk thru with Ms. Penniston who was performing. She arrived and I had just sent all the men contestants back to the Colony Square Hotel and Mid City Fitness to get ready for the evening so it was just us girls. Introductions were made and I mentioned I knew that she had just arrived in Atlanta so lets do this quickly so she could relax. She happily agreed. I immediately started and as I described the scenario it went like this. “OK, so Motion (Atlanta entertainer and dear friend) will come out when Finally starts and start lip-syncing like it’s all planned. You (CeCe) will tip out (strut, walk) the crowd will go up. Motion will look at you and you will say something like “Girl, you need to press.” Motion will walk off and you sing. CeCe just squealed at my use of “press” and I believe stole the phrase from me.

Just a heads up about the difference of this year’s Dinah Weekend, though. Smartly, Girl Bar will not be having their events during the she time. They’ve decided to hit Sin City as their destination 04/27-29 giving Las Vegas some girl-on-girl lesbian love! Check out Fantasy at Luxor! Topless goddess who dance and sing! Plus my own personal Showgirl Amber dances in the show! I know Las Vegas, just ask!

Also it seems that Lucy & Gail “Dinah in Color” celebrating gay women of color that previously celebrated in Palm Springs will be moving to San Francisco in 08/16-19. These changes offer more to the women who attend the events and the cities that have offered to host them. Change is good. Plus, for the hardcore circuit girls this gives ample option of trips to take and places to go.

Of course, with The Dinah Weekend running alongside the very popular Kraft Nabisco LPGA Golf Championship and preceding the White Party from Jeffrey Sanker for the boys, Palm Springs will be one big flurry of LGBT love, life and libations.