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Drag Star Ballerina Serenity Lopez

Introducing Serenity T. Lopez… breakout drag star, talented ballerina and one smart cookie with a long history of intense dance training and making her dreams come true! I am part of a close-knit drag family called The Taylors and when you are fortunate to be part of a chosen gay family like I am you are blessed to meet others who immediately become part of your new family of fast friends. I had never met Serenity until we saw her pop up through social media sharing her amazing talents she delivers during her time with the Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. …


Yes, the lead singer of 80s girl-group Seduction responded to a tweet I sent out to her and Sharon Needles about Needle’s fierce portrayal of Michelle during the Snatch Game last evening on RuPaul’s Drag Race saying that she “Lived!” and that it was her time to impersonate Needles. Celebrities don’t always respond to my tweets (hey – being honest) but when they do like…


Allow me to introduce the newest original creation of fabulous that has landed in Sin City known as one overwhelmingly magnificent firecracker, The Cosmopolitan.