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Interviewing Mega Star Colton Ford

When it comes to approachable and relatable celebrities, my friend and pop star Colton Ford ranks among the greatest. I had the chance to speak to Mr. Ford about his new music (which I’m living for!) and where he’s at in his life today. We’ve known each other very well for over 10 years. He is one of the only people I still know from my days in L.A. Life changes and people move on but good true friendships are hard but wonderful to come by. …


Was feeling like lifting things up a bit here at my Domain, so what better way than with some yummy-with-a-spoon deliciousness of adult film stars wrapped on one another in a provocative but not explicit pose?! Europe’s No.1 selling gay magazine Attitude provides the backdrop and visual while my candid wit takes over the vernacular verse. I mean where to start? …


Such a wacky gay world of pop culture floating around us that it’s near “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” to keep it all straight. See how I tied in the new Tom Cruise film title with my need to use the word “impossible?” I’m queer like that with my words. You’ll see just how if you haven’t tasted my vernacular before.