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Final Three RuPaul's Drag Race

Good Morning! Quick apologizes for not knocking out something new here at IAM as of late but things have been quite busy. Our gay popular culture is just buzzing today. It’s almost too much for one gay man to handle! I’ve actually sat back and enjoyed this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and haven’t blogged too much about the show other than publishing three fierce interviews with Top 5 Doll Coco Montrese, talented through her dancing toes Alyssa Edwards and darling Ladykin Jade Jolie. Again, thanks to her their generous team at All Starr Management for making all of that happen.

But we are at the grand finale so I had to comment more than just my “RuPaul ReCaps” on FaceSpace. Everyone has had their opinions and of course, if you didn’t care about mine you wouldn’t be reading this. Let’s spill all the Tea that’s worth the time to print (or type – in this instance.) I gotta get to work!

This fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has actually fallen week by week the way I saw it… for the most part, give or take a mini-challenge or two. It’s been very, very close a few times! Let’s face it. RuPaul, Logo TV and World of Wonder plus us viewers and fans have changed the course of how drag is perceived forever more and how the industry evolves (or not) with it. Some don’t feel it and stick to the old school belief system of paying dues almost scoffing at the thought of the sensationalism of it all. I sit atop a high fence because I see it from ALL angles.

Times change. It makes for great TV. No one can be mad at these queens because their lives have changed forever. They made it happen by their choice to send in an audition video and open their lives to a national audience. Do you want that for yourself? There are ways to make it real. Don’t be mad because they did. Be happy our people are getting their face time with America. There, I said it.

As far as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race goes. Only RuPaul knows. Even the girls still have to go into New York City and film the finale with three endings (from what I understand) in front of a live audience very soon. No Tea will be spilled by a shady mouth who can’t hold in the results no more. RuPaul took care of that! Hunty… Telephone – Telegraph – Tell a Queen. We now wait two weeks to see who becomes America’s Next Drag Superstar!

Will it be… [Most Improved] Alaska or [Most Original] Jinkx Monsoon or [Most Experienced] Roxxxy Andrews? Stay tuned… I know we will be. GOOD LUCK, DOLLS! And hey… there’s always RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars! Biyeeeeeeeeee.


The Husband and I always try to do something fabulous for the holidays. This year is no exception. Hello, Sin City! To know that Las Vegas is the place would be a surefire winning thought. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is the ONLY place we find ourselves these days when traveling to The Strip. They always treat us very well and we continually have one fierce experience each and every time we arrive. We love that damn place!

We’re very excited about spinning around the Ice Rink at Blvd Social Club. I love ice skating. And above The Strip – PLEASE! I was wondering how will that work. I bet there will be platforms under the water and ice on top, or maybe even complete ice in the pool water. Looking forward to finding out! Our stunning showgirl girlfriend Amber from Fantasy at Luxor is meeting us on Christmas Eve for s’mores and hot toddies over the neon wave of The Strip with show friends while Coco Montrese from Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas will be bringing her husband. Iconic holiday classic White Christmas will be playing on the large digital marquee above our heads. How brilliant?! A time to make great memories.

I see that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be there on New Years Eve. They are quite the iconic rock band. We love their music. Wish we could be there to see them since my birthday is the First of January. Nonetheless, Christmas at The Cosmo… Life doesn’t get much sweeter! Looking forward to seeing just how the resort will be decorated to the nines for the holidays. It seems booking just the right performer on NYE is crucial to a successful night. It’s quite the business there in Las Vegas. I see that being the trend. Last year we arrived on the First and the billboards paved the highways into Las Vegas exciting visitors and locals alike of New Year’s Eve celebrity headliners. No doubt it’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ timelessness that makes them such a great fit at The Cosmopolitan.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is such an original. Any fan of my blog or my magazine columns know that it’s THE place I stay over all others. There’s nothing that compares to it. There are other amazing resorts on The Strip and we’ve stayed at them all. But when you slide the balcony doors open to feel the warm radiation that all the neon love provides or have that view of the Bellagio fountain show exploding in front of your very eyes, there’s no place I’d rather be in the world.

I have to admit that after our initial visit to the resort when I covered it for the magazine and blog for the very first time, I’ve been obsessed with everything The Cosmopolitan is about. The staff treated us so well and with such respect that they’ve created a fan for life. The VIP treatment was impeccable and was like nothing I’d experienced before. I was overwhelmed and didn’t want to leave. We NEVER do. From culinary deliciousness of Scarpetta to the hidden gem pizza place on the 3rd floor, The Cosmopolitan provides that pure adult playground atmosphere with class and trendy refinement. I always thank them for the never-ending attention and generous courtesy always provided for Jacques and I.