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Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

Happy Thanksgiving! I just walked into the house and the smell is amazing. My wonderful husband deboned a turkey, stuffed it with cornbread dressing gig, bound her back up and into the oven to cook. It’s primarily for me. It’s not something he would do normally but he knows that I absolutely love turkey and dressing with all the trimmings. Always have! I truly do have the best husband in the world. …


Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year and the REST! (Happy Birthday to ME next weekend–but more on that later!) Got lost on Google looking for Snoopy Christmas images remembering holidays past and how I still love the Peanuts imagery still today. Brings back the best memories. Just waking up under the twinkle of Christmas lights on the tree and love in my heart. …


I should have been a DJ, I swear it. I missed my calling but have always hooked up friends and family with the best music because I have been blessed to have connections in very high places on the music scene. With the holidays coming up, these downloadable tracks make the best holiday playlist for your iPod.