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It’s Snowing at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Ice Rink Cosmopolitan Las VegasSleigh bells ring, are you listening? On The Strip, snow will be glistening. A beautiful sight, happiness at night. Ice skating in a winter wonderland.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, our home away from home when tearing through Sin City, will be turning its Boulevard Pool into a beautiful big sheet of ice to home Ice Rink starting today 11/21 through 01/04. To follow me here online is to also know that my husband Jacques and I head to Las Vegas every holiday season settling into a stunning suite at The Cosmopolitan. And this year is no exception. What happens in Vegas is usually spilled here so let’s get going!


Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Gay Men

Snoopy ChristmasAs I begin to type this I am overwhelmed that another holiday season is upon us and Black Friday draws near. Where does time go? It seems like just this time last year I was telling you what to find and buy for the fabulous gay men in your life. Status is everything among some while playing life low-key works very well for others. These great gift ideas will provide you the help you need for the uniquely fierce ones on your Christmas holiday shopping list. Think about who he is and what he likes. Become passionate about making your special someone feel incredible and appreciated.


Last Minute Xmas Gifts Gay Men Love

Christmas GiftsWith Christmas right around the corner there’s still a few days to gift shop and present purchase for that special someone, gay, straight or buy-curious (get it?) When I pull together care packages for friends, an idea I swear by, I think about the person and what they would really enjoy and could actually use. Presents can be bought anywhere but you don’t buy them for just anybody. Make smart choices. Online shopping has become the best idea for busy people on the go. Trusty Amazon take care of my Christmas needs, classic holiday music and hopefully my assistance will get you under someone’s mistletoe very soon!


Christmas Gifts For Fabulous Gay Men

Christmas BellsI love shopping! But when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for others sometimes I get stumped. I tend to shop online for the hottest gear, freshest music and best accessories for the holiday season but do find myself in the mall dodging breeders while swinging by Hot Dog on a Stick at least once each December if not to buy myself a little something. With the infamous Black Friday coming up soon the shoppers will be a’plenty finding just the right this and absolute must have that. Gay men love fabulous things that will make them look better and more important. But what do you buy the man who has everything? Here are the very best ideas you can create and produce by a few simple steps providing the gay men in your life something they can definitely use.



Sexy Male Santas

What do fabulous gay men want for Christmas or a late Hanukah gift for that matter? Here are some great ideas to create fierce moments under the mistletoe this holiday season. I’ve opted not to buy gifts this year since we’re heading to Las Vegas and need our coins for the Slots. Sorry, people. Next year. Go talk to Santa! However, I do know a thing or two about what to get the gay man that has everything. Holidays are so damn joyful. Let’s go shopping! Grab your new iPod filled with the Ultimate Christmas Holiday music before reaching in the fridge for some yummy eggnog to really spice things up!





Tom of Finland Sexy Santa





Gay Santas






When it comes to buying holiday presents, what do gay men want for Christmas? Well, any trendy and happening queer must have the hottest things out there! Be it the new Apple iPhone 5 or the fiercest Kindle Fire, a gay man finds himself drawn to these hot items for the holidays. Santa Baby, drop these fabulous presents down the chimney tonight! I’ve been an awful good boy. Grab your quill and ink! Let’s get shopping.

So if you’re not an Apple man (I joke were all together in the cult Steve Jobs created!) then you must love your PC. Have Windows 8 yet? Why not upgrade and discover this 15.6″ of touch screen realness! If I didn’t simply adore my Apple MacBook Pro in such a worshiping way, I’d really dig this. I have an Acer that’s a few years old and can attest that they make great computers.



Wanna be noticed on the slopes? What better way than to find the brightest color to stand out against the white snow? Here’s is one hot hue perfect for any rebel snowboarder or graceful skier! I love this jacket so much! Wish we had more opportunity to wear our ski clothes! Maybe this winter…



What time is it? It’s time to showcase those stunning watches and keep the dust off the gorgeous pieces. I’ve always wanted one of these. This is a perfect gift for the man who likes nice things in his world! By him one and grab an extra for yourself!



Need the fiercest song of the year to carry you into 2013? Ring in Happy New Year’s Eve with this jamming pump and dance floor filler. Ne-Yo is one of the hottest artists around today. I LOVE this damn song. Simple but sick!



Out of ideas? Can’t decide? Let your man decide for himself. As cliche as they can be, gift cards are a welcomed change from the wrong choice and waste of money. I love receiving them and have no problem giving them as great gifts, too. Try it. He may like it!



Smile and the world smiles with you, right?! Well, these toothbrushes are wonderful at what they do. A dear friend gave us a set years ago and we love them still! Simply run the vibration across your teeth and let the brushes do the work. And a dab of peroxide on your bristles afterward can gently remove stains.




Somebody stop me! I’m a shopping fool. Not only have I found myself in the mall on my last trip to Nashville but again yesterday The Husband and I pressed it to Palm Desert Mall and braved the crowds and strollers. I have found online shopping becoming my fast new best friend. Eww, the shopping mall! OK, anyhow… Need that last minute Christmas gift idea? Wanna buy something for yourself instead? You’ve come to the right place. So get to shopping. We’re in the home stretch to the Day of Santa!

I can’t start my day without my coffee. End of discussion. Well, let;s just say it’s damn hard. I’ve been checking into the Keurig Gourmet Single-Cup Home Brewing System which is ultra popular this holiday season. Just need that one cup?! No muss, little fuss. YUM.

Baby, it’s cold outside. Yes, indeed. The North Face Mens Black Denali Jacket is warm as hell and deflates for a safe tucking away into your luggage or bag. Is snow on the ground?! Will it be soon enough? You need this jacket! I have one. I love it.

So you’ve gotten the new Apple iPhone 4 16GB Smartphone or your iPod is desperate for a place to call home. The Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker for iPod and iPhone is fierce. We saw them in the stores but the line was so long we said something explicative and walked out. We found it here on Amazon.

I like a man who smells good. Hey, screw that! I love a man who smells great! I enjoy smelling tasty, myself. Tom Ford by Tom Ford for Men. Eau De Toilette Spray is delicious and anything he does and sells, I’m buying.

He wears the butch shirts and you’ve always wanted to know where he got them. Well, I’m here to help! Xtreme Couture Randy Couture has the hottest t-shirts with bling or without, bright colors or dark and sinister like your wild side. And by the way, I wear a large. Just saying… HO-HO-HO!


When shopping for that fabulous gay man in your life that has everything, one must sometimes go outside the Christmas box and seek ideas elsewhere. You’ve come to the right place! This gives a few more gift ideas for the men in your life this holiday season! With it being upon us so soon, ordering online seems to be the way more shoppers are going. Let’s get started!

The new  Tom of Finland book is available for pre-order and is a great idea for the gay man who enjoys the masculine visual of two sexy men together in their natural habitat of a leather bar or tied to a tree. The illustrations have seen their share of exposure over the years and every time a new issue of his work comes out it is a collector’s item! Great as a coffee table book for that right conversation starter among new friends!

OK, not for your guy?! Stuck on ideas that just won’t work?! Try smart Gift Cards from Amazon! Let people buy whatever they want and Amazon has EVERYTHING! From clothing to music and sports equipment, all of your shopping can be in one place. And there’ s NO fighting for that close parking space at the mall.

Still not the answer?! OK… Let’s get in on the finer things for the home and check out Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6-Piece Knife Set with Tempered-Glass Block. Suggest your man carefully donates or tosses those old knifes that won’t cut, don’t cut, ain’t gonna cut anything. He’ll thank you over dinner really soon. And the glass block that houses them looks fierce!

Does you man travel a lot?! Is reading something he considers relaxing or entertaining?! The new Kindle Fire delivers heat to anyone that holds one. Tons of electronic books, apps, games and more! All at his fingertips. It’s the only other thing that should be in his hands other than you! Trust!

Finally, if there’s something any man would love to have it’s a Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Business Case. Gorgeous leather to strap over his broad shoulders and chest to carry his laptop and personals. It’s gorgeous! Check it out.

Mary Christmas to All… And to ALL happy shopping! X


Dear Santa,

I’m gay. And since you’re someone I’ve had created for me then why not be honest in telling you what a gay man wants for a fabulous Christmas. Now, we should face it and realize that anything a gay man wants for himself he more than likely will simply buy for himself. However, there are times when great gift ideas for the gay man is full-on needed in a pinch. But what do you buy someone who has everything?! Here’s some super choices in buying for the gay man in your life for the holidays. Pass this along to a few of those fabulous little elves dressed in ink I saw twirling around you. Just saying… xoSM.

Everybody, not only gay men, should check out DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash because I’ve been using it for years. Leave it in the shower and after using a nice facial scrub dab a small amount of this into your hand and apply around face especially where “experience” lines tend to gather or you have un-smooth skin and leave on for a good twenty or so seconds and rinse off. Once you look in the mirror after your shower you’re going to be surprised in how your incredibly fresh  your skin looks. Trust me on this. I’m a vain gay man who cares about these things. Again, just saying.

Mens Black Leather Grooming Set is a super idea for gay men because if they travel a lot then it looks stylish and fresh when going through security and impressive to their friends. We all love a good manicure and relaxing pedicure but sometimes don’t have time. Give your gay everything he will need for looking his best this holiday season. Plus this one has extra space, too!

Nothing looks as clean and fresh as a brand new Ralph Lauren Mens Polo Shirt for the man in your life. With jeans and flip-flops or even nice khakis a solid Polo makes any man look handsome, approachable and practical. Grab a color that will match his eyes well and that compliments his hair or suits his image. And if he can get away with a bright-ass color then get him one.

If you’re really feeling like turning the party under the tree this year then get the man that means the most to you (if that indeed IS you then that’s fine, too!) this smart Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery  for their iPhone 4. The case comes in white and black so if grand ideas are your thing then this is what you’ll want to check out.

Finally, nothings screams butch dad other than these damn shoes right here. LOVE THEM! ASICS Men’s Split Second 8 Wrestling Shoe. I wear an 11.5 in this style. Just saying. I’ve worn them for years and always get the compliments. May have to grab this pair for myself because they are fierce. Happy Birthday to me, early!


With the Holidays upon us (can’t believe it’s time to start saying those words!) I thought it would be smart to help ALL of you Christmas shoppers who are looking for the soundtrack of the year 2011 for your ears. Some songs may have been released in 2010 but these chart toppers hit hard in ’11 and will keep going! This is my favorite music to get you through holiday parties, long drives through snow to grandmother’s house you go, and to knock you into visions of sugarplums that dance in you head by presenting this list of the BEST MUSIC of 2011.

Starting this list of MUST HAVE MUSIC from 2011 is the Lady herself, Lady Gaga bringing us You And I. This song is one of those that makes you feel emotions all over the chart. I simply LOVE this music from Lady Gaga and will not listen otherwise. Actually, her entire album Born This Way – The Collection [2 CD / DVD Combo] is a fierce stocking stuffers for your little monsters!

To follow my blog here at iamstevenmichael.com is to also know that I am actually a much younger British tween that screams inside her head every time she hears The Saturdays. Dropping this next week my girls of Vanessa, Rochelle, Mollie, Una and Frankie have a NEW ALBUM titled On Your Radar and the tracks coming off of it already are pure ear candy from Notorious, “My Heart Takes Over” and “All Fired Up.” LUV THESE GIRLS!

Finally, Britney Spears is back and on top of the game she once ruled! This year her new album Femme Fatale spawned many a hit single including Till The World Ends, “Hold It Against Me” and my favorite I Wanna Go that is FUN PHUN! Everyone loves Britney! It’s her world and we simply live to listen and watch what’s next from her!

Recently named Esquire magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” Rihanna has killed it from radio to dance floors to iPod playlists all year long and beyond with We Found Love and such mega-hits as S&M and California King Bed. From her past music catalogue to even newer tunes that are hitting radio today, Rihanna is here to stay! “Feels so good, being bad. There’s no way I’m turning back.”

My rock goddess Stevie Nicks has turned another stunner with her newest album In Your Dreams with my favorites: the Fleetwood Mac feeling Wide Sargasso Sea and delicious first single Secret Love. We saw her at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino over the summer and she entertains every time leaving a part of her on the stage even if it’s just a lost bead of piece of lace.

The current Mrs. Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, gave me a video of fiercely windblown hair walking through the desert for her dance hit A Year Without Rain (Dave Audé Club Remix) remixed from her single of the same name. A slow motion diva feeling her moment and you have me staring at the television monitors at the gym daily. She looks amaze and love this song, both versions!

U.K. Boy-Band The Wanted nailed me hard with Glad You Came and if you like them cute and young then YouTube their videos. Delicious, and their music is good, too. They’re about to break into the U.S. so watch out for them. Both The Wanted and The Saturdays are making their ways onto our soil so fall in love now and be ahead of the curve!

Beyoncé came through with her album 4 (Deluxe Edition) that gave drag queens and wanna-bees the buzz to turn out Run The World (Girls) with the sassy strut that the Lady B delivers in her video. BAM! SHAZAM! My neck hurts after watching it because she throws it down. Her ballad which I coined as “Irreplaceable 2″ Best Thing I Never Had is also fabulous.

With time between judging “X Factor” Nicole Scherzinger turned me out with Don’t Hold Your Breath (Kaskade Remix) and “Club Banger Nation.” Seems like this Pussycat Doll has finally found her footing as a solo phenomenon and I give it to her. She is sickening and have loved her since Eden’s Crush.

The Grand Dame herself Cher hit the big screens this year with Burlesque and her power anthem You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me with the remixes a’plenty! We love her and anything she does is the Tea with me. Always Cher. Forever. You will never see the last of her!

I hope this fun collection of the best and hottest music of 2011 helps you make some decisions to satisfy your need for ear candy. Once you’re in, look around and see what you’re missing! I bet you find something you simply can’t live without! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!