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Top Trends 2014 – My Year in Rewind


With the increasing flow of news media today there’s many places you can find a wide range of statistically speaking official charts of top stories of 2014. I love that reflection we take of the year past and hopeful optimism of the one to come. Here at my domain I chose to remember those moments in my own gay pop culture lexicon and personal life to chart as the top moments that gave me life in 2014. And away we went…


Gay Culture Crashes Into 2014

Olympics 2014When social media buzzes, people listen. And the talk happening right now? Ah, it’s getting crazy up in here with the goings on. The Sochi Olympics have dominated many a television except for ours. We really haven’t been bothered in the slightest. With all of the calls for boycotts, spewed hatred and anti-LGBT treatment gays in Russia go through the last thing we want to do is watch something they produced. What?! Oh, that’s right. I meant to check on the spread of the Curling competition and place my bets. Not.


The Way I Am – Interviewing Colton Ford

Colton Ford - The Way I Am by Aaron Cobbett 06

When it comes to approachable and relatable celebrities, my friend and pop star Colton Ford ranks among the greatest. I had the chance to speak to Mr. Ford about his new music (which I’m living for!) and where he’s at in his life today. We’ve known each other very well for over 10 years. He is one of the only people I still know from my days in L.A. Life changes and people move on but good true friendships are hard but wonderful to come by. I believe we have that relationship. Time and distance often separates us but it’s as if nothing has changed when we do connect via phone or face to gorgeous face. Man, he hurts my eyes.

Colton has been over to the house a few times for dinner and we always have a true KiKi when we hook up. To know him is to also know his heart is of gold and the spotlight that follows him doesn’t blind him into an oversized ego that comes with fame. He is genuine, real and deserves all the great things coming way and more! This interview with Colton Ford has been a while in the making. I’m so excited to finally share our time together with you, his loyal fans. Thanks to Aaron Cobbett for the fierce photography and Marco Ovando for the amazing video images, and of course Mr. Ford’s team for making this happen!

Colton Ford - The Way I Am by Aaron Cobbett 03

Steven Michael – Hello, my Love! FINALLY, right?! Let’s get right into the all the Tea that’s fit to print. The rest we can laugh about afterwards privately. Can you give us a background check on where you came from and what your childhood was like?

Colton Ford – “I was born in Pasadena, California, and grew up in a suburb of Orange County, California, called Mission Viejo. My parents divorced when I was around 2-years-old, and my mother remarried when I was around 4. My stepfather and I didn’t really mesh, but all in all I had a happy and enjoyable childhood.”

Did you know early on that you wanted to be a singer and how did that all start for you? Who were your early inspirations?

“Well to hear my mother tell it, I was a very happy kid, always singing, performing and entertaining everybody. I’ve just continued to do what I’ve always done. I listened to everything from Boston, The Doobie Brothers and Fleetwood Mac, to The Commodores and Shalimar, to Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan. I also really loved Olivia Newton-John, and got into Manhattan Transfer, Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald. I always seemed to gravitate towards R&B though.”

Colton Ford - The Way I Am by Aaron Cobbett 05

We need to play DJ next time you’re in because our tastes run along the same Classic Rock and Vintage R&B trail. I worship Olivia Newton-John! You’ve got new music coming out and a brand new album. Share the inspiration for the music and where does it all come from? Do you write your own music?

“Well it’s a very organic process for me. I don’t really go into a writing session thinking I’ve got to write this or that, or write a hit song, etc. Generally speaking, I get a track (or tracks) and let the track guide and inspire me. I start humming different melodies, which then start to evolve and lyrics starting coming through. Now I have gone into a writing session with an idea of what I want to say, but overall I let the process unfold in the moment. I write the topline (the melodies and lyrics).”

What part of the process do you enjoy most about recording music?

“I truly love the whole process really. From getting a new track, to writing the topline, to recording it and releasing it, not to mention creating a visual in the way of a video for the song. It’s all really an amazing evolution!”

Colton Ford - The Way I Am by Aaron Cobbett 02

I want to choreograph something for you sometime. It would be hot, trust. What part of the process do you like the least about recording music?

“Waiting to release it once you’ve recorded it!”

I bet! I don’t wait well when I am excited about something. What’s the biggest misconception about you?

“That I’m gay. (laughs) Couldn’t resist!”

Oh, I could say so much right now. (both laugh) Getting to the heart of the matter… Boxers, Briefs or Bare?

“Generally I wear g-strings. I don’t like panty lines, and I like the room you get for your junk.”

Colton Ford - LMLA by Marco Ovando 06

You make me smile. Now be a dear and send me one of those g-strings after a good workout. STOP IT! You’re being silly. What type of man turns you on and where/what would be the perfect date?

“My partner, Angelo, totally turns me on. I like a man that has a sense of himself and his masculinity without walking around as though he can’t put his arms down by his side. You know what I mean? That uber tough machismo bullshit! I’m also a huge sucker for a pretty face (cut to pic of Angelo). I also like brains and a good sense of humor. Now for the perfect date.”

“That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. (laughing) Couldn’t resist quoting that great line from Miss Congeniality. Seriously, I know it sounds cheesy, but the perfect date for me is to stay home with my partner, smoke a little pot (yes, I said it) and have a bedroom picnic watching a great movie.”

Colton Ford - LMLA by Marco Ovando 04

Hunty! Sing it to the choir, advocate. Fierce. Have you always been beefy with brawn? Because my dear love, your body rocks the house. Have always had a secret crush on you. But please don’t tell yourself that. I’d die if you knew. I DIE.

(laughing) “You’re so sweet, but I’ll pretend like I don’t know. Rest assured, your secret’s safe with me. Better that way cuz I’d probably get a big head if I knew! I was leaner in my 20’s, doing more cardio and less weight-lifting, which I didn’t really need to do as much of as I had a fast metabolism. At that point in my life, though, I thought my ass was too big and wanted to get it smaller. Didn’t work, and my big butt actually turned out to be an asset in the long run. Good night. Here all week!!” (both laugh)

“I got bigger in my mid-30’s, with my most brawny period being in my early to mid 40’s. I’m 6’ and got up to around 218 pounds. I’ve sized down as I entered the latter part of my 40’s because it was time, plus the joints start telling you when you get a little older to not beat ‘em up as much. I’ve listened!!”

Colton Ford - LMLA by Marco Ovando 10

Do you find that people want to discard you from being a serious musician because of your film past or have you had open arms?

“I’ve experienced both. Some people just don’t want to recognize me as a musician, or anything else for that matter, because they think that since I did porn I don’t have anything else to offer, or that I’m not entitled to pursue anything else. I’ve had more people, though, that get me as an artist and support what it is that I’m doing. I also think that my body of work speaks for itself. I’ve been in the music business for 30 years, and have had some great success, and have worked with some pretty amazing artists that are significant players in the business. My music is not an afterthought of porn. Word!”

TESTIFY! How do you deal with the haters and are they out there waiting for you to fail? We all come across them but should realize their hate comes from a place of unhappiness with one’s self projected onto someone else. 

“Anyone who puts themself out there has to accept the fact that haters come along with it. I don’t care who you are, or what you do, you will have people who will lash out at you for a whole host of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with you. I’m very “Four Agreements” about it. I think the haters say more about themselves in their rants, then about the people they’re yapping about.”

Colton Ford - The Way I Am by Aaron Cobbett 07

When do you find time to relax and chill? What does that time consist of and what are you into?

“I find it, and if it’s not readily available, I work to make the time. I realize more and more how essential it is to create a balance between work and a personal life, and how difficult it can be in today’s world to strike that balance. That down time can consist of a number of things, from cuddling in bed watching TV with my partner, to going out to dinner, to going to the movies. Whatever works in the moment.”

You’ve just relocated to Southern California. What’s the plan for 2013 here on the West Coast?

“Just to continue to do the work that I’m doing. It doesn’t really matter where home base is in this global society we live in. I can do what I do wherever I’m at. I have my studio, and most of my collaborations are facilitated remotely. I’ve been going back and forth from Cali to NYC since I moved, so I consider myself more bi-coastal now.”

Colton Ford - LMLA by Marco Ovando 05

I’m just glad we have you over here more on the west coast now! What’s your advice for up and coming artists who are trying to get noticed in the industry?

“There’s no template. Just be ready to work your ass off, and prepare yourself for the ups and downs that are a huge part of the creative experience. Also, you’ve got to want it for the right reasons, and recognize that you will always have to be the one who wants it the most, even when you’re surrounded by people who believe in you.”

Colton Ford - LMLA by Marco Ovando 01

Your comment about being the one that wants it the most rings true. It’s like me getting back into the pageant/contest circuit a bit. I’m the one making it happen, nobody else, even though I have amazing support. We have to want something strong enough for ourselves to make a change or first (second and third) step! Any stories of hardship/adversity throughout the years in the business that you can share to prevent other’s from barking up the wrong trees and making wrong choices?

“My story of multiple record deals and finding myself at the short end of the stick is not a unique story to those who have had the good fortune of getting a deal. Won’t bore you with the details. All I can say is that it’s a process that you have to feel your way through, and a process that takes time. The overnight sensations don’t happen very often at all. Just try and align yourself with people who understand you and your vision, and want and have the means with which to help you in your efforts to realize your dream.”

Colton Ford - The Way I Am by Aaron Cobbett 04

After your move off the Island of Manhattan, what can you reflect on as the best and worst parts of the city? I know you had turmoil during Hurricane Sandy trying to get out of your place and out of New York last year.

“New York is an amazing place that covers the full spectrum of opportunity, from good to bad and everything in-between. It has so served me and my career, and the creative spirit is beyond! The day-to-day of it as a resident can wear you out. It’s relentless, not to mention the expense of living there, which continues to get more and more costly. I will always have a relationship with NYC, and it will change through the years as relationships do.”

I HEART NEW YORK CITY! Many, many fabulous memories and some tales of woe, as well, come out of there for me. You and I have known each other for a good many years which I really worship. I’ve been down many roads and have kept a certain group of confidants in my circle. Glad you’re one of them, my Love. What do you miss about your carefree days of yesteryear? Do you miss the circuit party scene that consumed us all at one time? We’re not 25 anymore, sweetheart.

“What? When did that happen? (laughing) I definitely appreciate my past, and there are certain things that I remember with great fondness, some I even miss. I do really love the place I’m at in my life, even with all the struggles, and I’m grateful that I haven’t gotten stuck in anything from my past that could have kept me from getting to where I am now. I totally enjoyed the circuit scene for what it was when I was in it, but it doesn’t carry the same attraction to me now that it did then, thankfully. I’d rather have dinner with my partner, sometimes with friends, and have a nice conversation. Everything has its time.”

Colton Ford - LMLA by Marco Ovando 09

It sure does. Glad I did it when I did! What tour dates do you have planned? Where can your fans and followers find you and your music other than our house for dinner next time you’re in Palm Springs?

“Tour is currently being structured and people can find my music online (i.e., iTunes, Amazon, Juno, etc.), and at specialty shops for those releases where we have physical cd’s pressed up. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter at coltonfordmusic. Updates with the latest and greatest will be there to find!!”

I know you’re a personal trainer and a very successful one. Any advice for people out there to lose a few pounds before swimsuit season begins?

“Just try and stay consistent with your workout regimen, and if 90% of what you eat can be as close to the way it came into existence as possible when you consume it, you’ll be doing yourself a lot of good!”

COLTON FORD - The Way I Am - Album Cover

Any final thoughts, Master Ford? Are you about to dominate the gay dance music charts for weeks to come, or what?! I need one of your calendars, STAT.

“Just check out my new album, The Way I Am, including collaborations with Wawa, Ray Isaac, Jens Bergmark/RedTop, Chris Willis, Nervo, Ultra Nate, Chris Castagno, Count De Money, Razor N Guido, Julien Aletti, Raphael Aletti, Fagault & Marina, and Ron Schrader. The big album will be released by Peace Biscuit/ Woop Woop!”

I WORSHIP! My appreciation to my dear friend Colton Ford for sharing his honest thoughts and precious time with our readers and his fans. I’m so excited his smash Let Me Live Again (The Remixes) hit #2 on Billboard’s Breakout Club Play chart doing quite well! His 2013 calendar is also ready for your office or bedroom wall. That was entirely funded by Kickstarter as was his Marco Ovando-directed video for “Let Me Live Again” that pays homage to our hero Tom of Finland and the iconic imagery that came with his favorite videos of the 90’s. Read up on Colton’s blog at Guy Spy and dance down to his new music!

Colton Ford’s new album The Way I Am will be available on iTunes for pre-order on June 4, 2013 with the digital release dropping on June 18, 2013. SHWERQ!


You’ve seen his image and strong equality stance on gay magazine covers, over the social networks and through media for a few years now. Ben Cohen is a prominent activist for homophobia and bullying. With his Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation he is raising awareness and doing more good each time he appears on behalf of those who care about we gays.

And let’s face it he is really easy on the eyes. A retired England rugby union international player since May 2011, Cohen has dedicated his life it seems to fighting the fight. We are better for having him on our side. We need more straight athletes to come forward in support. He is very brave. Plus, if you couldn’t tell already he seems very comfortable being shirtless or naked. Enjoy the photos. Thank you Google.

Well, all right… here’s another. Actually when I was finding these image gems I realized I had been collecting his images for years and never really knowing who he was.

Oh to be that rugby ball. What?! One last one? Good Night! Go to sleep…

And a final one of Ben Cohen at Portland Gay Pride. A true trooper and damn fine! Deepest deliciousness. It’s nice to see someone use their celebrity for the better of others not themselves. Yes, this is the last one. Or is it?


When I first met Latrice Royale in Ft. Lauderdale many moons ago I knew she was destined for great things. Our circle of friends intertwined during my living adventures in South Florida mid-90s and we casually hung out a few times before I moved away to L.A. She has always been outspoken and larger than life but I believe it was appearing on season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race that gave her a true voice that resonated with not only the gay community but legions of fans that tuned in every week to see the Royale Way. No matter straight, queer, young or golden, Latrice Royale has touched more lives than she’ll be able to realize and ever know. She is the 1 in one in a million.

Every week on RuPaul’s Drag Race it seemed to be Mamma Latrice who would steer the dramarama elsewhere and either support fellow(ette) contestants or set their asses straight for giving others the business. “Oh, the shade. The shade of it all!” We sat and witnessed challenge after challenge dominated by the Madame Royale while others struggled and sashay’d their way back home. When she was eliminated during the round of “lip-sync for your life” against front-runner Chad Michaels I felt virtual daggers nail my heart. I believe America cried with Royale as she stood and thanked RuPaul for “changing her life forever.” I’ve watched every episode of RDR and have never seen a queen pour out such emotion in appreciation for being on the show as Latrice “M*ther F*cking” Royale had.

I have many a confidant in the drag circuit and this round was the first of the previous where the winner and top spots stayed silent among the mouths who spout along the Internet. In past seasons the winner was either revealed online beforehand by the anxious or silly enough was told in confidence by the winner herself and exposed for breach of contract, so I hear. Oh, yes… allegedly. Again, the shade of it all! The girls on RDR are in a tight contract that prevents them from telling the Tea or sharing the results and goings-on while filming and immediately afterwards. I respect that and can honor them by not prying or sticking my blogger-nose where it doesn’t belong. But I do love when I’m aware of the true grease. Just because I don’t share it here doesn’t mean I don’t know. No Tea – No Shade.

My celebrity interview with the ever-popular Royale proves just how in demand these Dolls from the show can be in. The exposure for these privileged entertainers is priceless and prosperous. This interview with Latrice has been over a month in the making. If you follow her on Facebook or Twitter then you know she is one busy gal-on-the-go and I respect that, truly. I know that when life is turned upside down for these girls after the immediate success from being on the show they are being pulled in many directions. I’m part envious and at the same time thrilled that it’s happening to them because the opportunities are endless and life-changing.

Latrice has been one of the most popular stars of the series. With that comes not only the rise in exposure on the traveling drag performance circuit but also responsibility to become more than she was before the show by giving back. Few do this to heart while Latrice has shown many the way by doing something special charity wise in the cities she works in. Of all the entertainers I’ve known and loved before I must admit that Latrice Royale is true drag royalty. I’m thrilled she had time to share what she is able to and has done so here, and that RuPaul has given her such the platform to let people learn how special and inspirational queens can be when given the chance.

Steven Michael – You made it to the final 4. Amazing, Mamma! It seemed that during your final UnTucked that you were almost predicting you were going home by saying a few optimistic goodbyes. Did you feel that way while they were doing their judging that it could be your time to depart? Can you share the feelings you were experiencing during those last few minutes on the show?

Latrice Royale – “I actually did feel it was my time to go… After Phi Phi didn’t win the challenge, I knew what was about to go down. I was okay with it. I had exceeded my goal, broke boundaries, set new standards and made Drag Race Herstory!! It was very emotional for me, just coming to the realization of all that I had achieved.”

You were a strong contender from the beginning. Everyone seemed to evolve and grow through the season. What was the hardest challenge while filming the show? Some of them were crazy…

“I’d say that The Snatch Game was without a doubt the most difficult time I had while filming. I was trying to hold myself from poppin’ completely off on that front row. LOL.”

Yes, those girls were being very immature and amateurish. The camera caught your angst and disgust. Thanks from the audience for reading them backstage about it afterwards. What are you feeling right now about you soaring popularity? How is it possible to handle in real-time? Everything has happened rather fast!

“This whole new life has completely surpassed any and all expectations that I had in my mind. I really and truly just wanted to share my story in hopes that it might inspire and motivate people. I had NO clue the effect that I would have on so many peoples lives.”

First we were thrilled to see you cast and then the way you opened your heart and soul to the cameras impressed everyone in my circle here in Palm Springs. The show is our around-the-espresso-machine talk topic at work. Can’t wait to see you on Drag U. Do you enjoy the traveling aspect of this or would you rather be staying close to home, so to speak? And those baggage fees! ACK!

“LOL!!! NO, no! I love it!!! This has been my dream to travel the world! I am so glad I’m touring my great country first before traveling abroad. I definitely am looking forward to traveling to lands far and distant.”

I admit that I love traveling, too! It is a production but I’ve done it enough to know how to make the most out of it. Tell us the biggest misconceptions about the following:

RuPaul’s Drag Race:

“People seem to think that it’s easier than what it actually is. It looks effortless on TV, however, there is so much more than meets the eye.”

Latrice Royale:

“Well, before the show, people thought that I was yet another ‘FAT, SLOPPY, NON-TALENTED’ QUEEN! During the meet the queens pre-show days, the kids were letting me have it. Based on my video, I could understand that you may have not gotten the true essence of who I am and what I’m all about. This is why I wasn’t really bothered by it, cause I knew the ‘Haters’ would have to turn around and EAT IT!!!”

Trust, Mamma! Tell it. Biggest misconception about doing drag as a living:

“That it’s all glitter and rhinestones!!! LOL. No, baby! It is a job that you must invest in or you will NOT go far. And by invest I mean emotionally, physically, mentally and most of all FINANCIALLY!!”

Your fellow LadyBoy contestants …

“That we actually really and truly love and care about one another. Some girls took their character to the extreme. However, Phi Phi is a sweetheart and so much fun to be around. LOL.”

Precisely. It makes for great television! Who is/are your inspiration(s) and who started you in all of this in the beginning of your career?

“My biggest influence in my drag career has been Tiffany Arieagus. My first drag show was at the Copa Ft. Lauderdale in her weekly Drag Wars contest.”

That’s when we first met. You were just starting out. It’s been fun to live this vicariously through you and I know others would admit to that, too! We just love you! What would you tell up and coming little Latrices who want to grow up and be just like you?

“Pride yourself on being the best person you can be. Don’t get caught up in the shady aspects of drag. Know who you are as a person and accept everything there is about you: Good, Bad, Indifferent!”

What do you think it was about your audition tape that the producers and RuPaul saw that made them cast Latrice Royale and want you in season 4?

“My tape was completely stripped down. Not over produced and super edited. It was me raw and to the point. Funny and witty, cause that is just a part of who I am, and I think they loved it.”

Well, Miss Congeniality. They weren’t the only ones! Your Royale Court is a’plenty and a proud strong faithful bunch. Hope they are scooping up those fabulous t-shirts and bling on your website LatriceRoyale.com! I worship the rhinestone crown pendants on the chain. Just saying. Any last thoughts you’d like to share with your fans and followers?

“I’ve lived a very interesting life. I come from a very humble background, and I have some life experiences that I am not very proud of. However, be that it may, I wouldn’t trade them in for all the money in the world. God only puts on you as much as you can bare and my mother instilled strength and perseverance in me. No regrets! All this would not have been possible if I didn’t have my testimony of life. Dreams really do come true!”

You are really living the dreams of gay-boy-wanna-be-showgirls and many of your peers in the community. What’s in store for Latrice “M*ther F*cking” Royale? Immediate plans for the future? Sex Change? Beginning your transition into female? Anything you can share?

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Are you kiddin’ me?? Child, please!!! I love that I’m all MAN! I am definitely working on other projects so this not the last you will hear of Latrice. Just stay tuned!”

I’m thrilled the way the interview turned out and thankful to Latrice for taking precious moments from her hectic schedule to share even more of herself so selflessly. Catch Latrice Royale on Drag U starting June 18 with sisters Raven, Alexis Mateo, Raja, Manila Luzon, Willam, Mariah, Shannel and Pandora Boxx just to name a few of the professors teaching the rules of drag queendom to hopeless women.

Read my Interview with Shangela here. 

Read my Interview with Alexis Mateo here. 


He’s stunning! There, I said it. I could simply leave those words and have everything I wanted to say about the magic of Joe Manganiello right there. However, I wanted to use these fabulous images so write, I must! People ask if Joe is gay or straight? Does it really matter? Or they want to know if he is as rough as the werewolf he plays on television. (They wish!) Again, Hello Gorgeous! Just enjoy the man Manganiello! It was near impossible to find just a few pictures I worshiped enough to place among these pristine pages but I simply had to. They all looked so inviting, I wanted him all, err, them all.

I’ve never been a watch-every-week-like-clockwork fan of True Blood but can appreciate it for its successful run, mega-popularity and copious nakedness of its male species of stars. Joe, especially. The show is very popular among my friends and I have watched it a few times to see what blood-splattering, teeth-biting revelry the vampires are into this week. The new season begins June 10 on HBO!

True Blood has amazing production quality and continues to shine among cable programming. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Christopher Meloni joins the cast in season five which promises to offer up treats for the visually stimulated if his previous rolls in HBOs fierce series Oz is any indication. Love him! Maybe I should the DVR now!

On June 29, Magic Mike hits the theaters starring Joe Manganiello, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and headliner Channing Tatum. The story is based loosely on Tatum’s rise to fame with a stop along the way as a successful stripper and seems to be really geared towards women (with their straight boyfriends donning confused looks on their faces) and gay men. As a former stripper myself I can’t wait to see what director Steven Soderbergh displays on the big screen. I’ve been there backstage and onstage. I know it very well!

Would love to have been a fly on the wall backstage to catch the real deal up close and personal. As much as the show on stage is the main event, it’s often the naked camaraderie and brotherly antics backstage among strippers that’s what the people would really pay for. I have very fond memories that will surely stir when watching Magic Mike, I’m sure. Can’t wait!

From the clips and previews of Magic Mike, it does look very entertaining. It could be a hoot to actually see this at the theaters and witness what gay men are squirming and drooling in the seats. Manganiello’s character is called “Big Dick Richie” and I’m very curious on everything that entails, err, in tails. Get it…? That sounds like 6’5″ of delicious yumminess on two muscular legs. Or maybe three. Grrr…! Will we be getting the “Full Monty” on screen? See you at the theaters!



Over Memorial Day Weekend, I had the honor of meeting the lady Bobbie Eakes in person at Spencer’s Restaurant for Bob Smith’s 50th birthday shindig. Ah, the party was done very well with just the right amount of everything. It was great to be out for the evening considering we had zero plans on doing anything! Since having Bobbie on the blog for the Picture Me Happy event at ACE, I had heard only wonderful things about her from people in the know and fans of her work on television. “She’s iconic,” a friend cooed over the phone. One of the volunteers of the charity event said of Bobbie, “She was a class act the entire time.” I agree! I fell in love with her in person.

Lorrie, one of our spin instructors at World Gym, called me over just as we were arriving to the party at Spencer’s and introduced me her friend Bobbie when I immediately replied, “Eakes?!” Bobbie smiled answering back, “Yes.” I hugged her and introduced myself as the blogger that interviewed her for the Splash into Summer Bash. “I recognize your face now, for sure. I love your blog,” Ms. Eakes flattered back which always wins me over. Compliments are well appreciated especially from such a pretty lady.

We chatted a bit and she told me a few stories of crazy fandom overseas where crowds and paparazzi hounded her and how insane it became. I got a few juicy tales of when she was competing in Miss America and how the experience really opened the door that led to her first television gig. She was so approachable and down to earth. Bobbie stood casually and discussed Europe with Jacques while I mingled the room. Meeting Bobbie Eakes was a true highlight of the night. I’m so glad we went to celebrate with Bob for his milestone birthday and enjoy the evening with good friends.


Every once in a while I’ll do a feature on people who I call The DreamChasers. Ones that have reached out to me in hopes of some media love and recognition for jobs well done. I’m unable to get to everyone right away and some things just aren’t right for the site. I include artists here for features of entertainers that I believe in and who grabbed my attention. They are varied but talented and I’m thrilled to have a piece of them here on my domain.

“Life Goes On” is the latest offering from out rapper and singer Solomon who infuses his own experiences of adolescent rumblings, drug fueled youth and family turmoil to create honest music that has a really nice edge to it. The melody is comfortable and his voice is cool. I love his sexy pout. (I wanna chew his lips off!) Solomon says this when asked about being a rapper and a singer, “I’m an artist. There are days I rap and days I sing. Just so happens this new single is a dance single.” He also cover’s Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and does a great job on it. I love her version while he really makes it his own. I honestly enjoyed it. Especially the rap during towards the end. I was just getting off to the hot “Wit Us You Can’t…” Very kicky and up.

Check out Solomon and let us know what you think! I’m feeling him and what he’s doing! Wishing him BIG LUCK from my camp. WHURQ!




Oh, Scott Caan. How do I lust thee? Let me count the ways… Number One: Gorgeous! Number Two: This Picture! Number Three: The Bromance with the stunningly masculine Alex McLaughlin. Hawaii Five-O is done very well, shot beautifully and is truly smart television among a bunch of crap. Mr. Caan just recently shot an episode with his father James Caan and it was quick seeing where his onscreen strong demeanor comes from. The scenes were great and the chemistry Scott and Alex always have between them is undeniable. The producers know that and obviously the actors do, too. The screen capture from above isn’t something you often see in a primetime cop drama, now is it?

Check out Hawaii Five-0 on CBS. It really is a great reboot of an already strong franchise from the 70s. And again, Scott Caan is gorgeous. Did I mention that, already…?




These winter months have offered us almost every weather pattern possible. From the devastating wind storm that tore through Coachella in January to the cold snap in the premiere of February to our wave of regular warmth that has arrived, seasons change, indeed. It’s always good to keep a few layers near but always know the heat can boil you out of your clothes at any given time.


On March 24 at 8 p.m., cabaret star Tom Judson will be at Azul showcasing his newest effort The Tom Judson Show singing songs he’s selected and retooled to celebrate spring. Tom describes his one man show as something reminiscent of the sparkling entertainers once found in Manhattan’s most loved supper clubs. As Tom utilizes the vocal chops and skills that landed him on Broadway and in many touring productions, he croons away dressed in a gorgeous tuxedo singing songbook standards and rare gems Mr. Judson sees well-fitting for this arena. His growing group of fans eat him up in every city and town he plays in as he shares anecdotes and stories of celebrity encounters past!

If Tom Judson looks familiar to you then maybe it’s because not only is he a phenomenal performer and stage actor, Tom is also know as Gus Mattox – GayVN Award winning adult film star and inked-up daddy stud to his masses of fans that lust and love his work for the adult  industry and studios. I met him once through a wonderful friend Clark at World Gym who introduced us and suggested I plug him, err, the show “The Tom Judson Show.” Tom was delicious as Gus and glad to see he has been able to return to his talented roots with a life after porn.

I’ve been checking out clips on YouTube of Mr. Judson and know Palm Springs is in for a real treat of entertainment when this man arrives to town on the 24th at 8 p.m. The show is included with a prix fixe dinner, or there is $10 music charge. His blog tells all! Check it at thetomjudsonshow.blogspot.com. And tell him you appreciate what he does!


Speaking of World Gym! Happy Anniversary, members! As we celebrate nine wonderful years in this community I’m reminded of where we started and how we’ve grown into the premiere fitness facility for the Coachella Valley and our visitors, alike. As other gyms have closed their doors and basically pushed their members and trainers into our doors, we couldn’t be happier – or busier! We must be doing a lot of something really right!

I’ve worked there for over seven years now and when I tell you it’s still a treat to walk into a place of employment and enjoy the job that you do veery well. Our members are colorful and diverse. The staff is helpful and entertaining. Our intent is to provide fitness to the fabulous! And now we’re heading into another decade still offering an amazing environment for those craving it! Come join us! And ask for me…


Hey Ladies! The Riviera is calling your name March 28 through April 1 for Palm Springs’ pride and joy, The Dinah. Get your beach-ready body into a bikini and high heels, and find a good electrolysist or waxer and tend to your fuzzy mimosa down south. Just saying. However, if your style is more along the lines of sleeveless tees, cargos and Birkenstocks, pack accordingly. The weather can be tricky in the Coachella so bring choices for every scenario. A fun flannel or sexy thermal will do just fine.

This year’s “vag-travaganza” promises to be scissoring with excitement and entertainment including musical performances, pool parties and rocking until the wee hours of morning. Event performers and celebrities include Chaka Khan, Jessica Sutta (of Pussycat Dolls fame) and CeCe Penniston singing many hits including Finally, to mention a few. For all the dirt, dish and detail – check out thedinah.com and Club Skirts. The Dinah always brings in a great group of gals who want only to feel comfortable  celebrating their lifestyle and selves while thankfully driving needed revenue into our city. Everybody wins!

Just a heads up, though. For those hardcore circuit goers, please note that former weekend competitor Girl Bar has smartly branched off and will be holding their Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend in Sin City this year April 27 – 29. This gives the ladies even more girl-on-girl action happening across the nation. Rock on, sisters! Party hearty and celebrate life, I say. Whurq!

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