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Britney Spears Rocks Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

I was hoping to take a hot minute or two off from it all upon my return from our Sin City Christmas but since everyone has chimed in about Britney Spears’ opening night of her 100-show residency at Planet Hollywood, it’s my turn. Granted my seat wasn’t as close as say Miley Cyrus’ 50-yard-line worshiping center of Britney’s universe but I could see just fine. That’s considering I was on my feet 95% of the show. …

Britney Spears Appears at Planet Hollywood

Unless you live under a rock then you are keenly aware that out Pop Princess Britney Spears is about to set up shop and begin residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas beginning December 12 and continuing for two years with approximately 50+ shows of greatest hits and material from her upcoming album including #1 track “Work Bitch.” And guess who has a ticket for opening night?! Me, that’s who! …


With the Holidays upon us (can’t believe it’s time to start saying those words!) I thought it would be smart to help ALL of you Christmas shoppers who are looking for the soundtrack of the year 2011 for your ears. This is my favorite music to get you through holiday parties, long drives through snow…


The VMAs were last night and for those outside the know, MTV holds the annual Video Music Awards for the BEST (in their opinion) in music videos for the year. For a channel that really doesn’t play music videos anymore and delivered such a show from Yawnsville last evening should maybe refocus, reformat and retool the once popular event.


Ah, summer. It’s here again, or will be on June 21 for summer solstice. As the sun heats us all up and makes some of us wonder why we live in the desert with the extreme heat, how does one deal?!


Britney Spears. Regardless if you worship her like the pop icon that she is or see her as the unfortunate pop culture train wreck she has been before, hearing her name causes one to feel something.