Holiday Planning Las Vegas Style

The Cosmopolitan of Las VegasAh, the holidays! Such a joyous time to reminisce with loved ones over a glass of spiked egg nog or perhaps a skate around the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan. Yes, skating across waters above the Strip of Sin City. Unheard of?! Well, then you haven’t visited Las Vegas during the wintery holidays on our near horizon. Now the waters of course are iced over for the blades of skates to whisk festive resort revelers across as the neon and LED screens of the Strip below making for the only selfie-taking senecio! With our annual trip plans in the works, still hard to believe we are talking Thanksgiving already, here’s where and what we will be thanking Santa for come Christmas Day. Read on…


Behind the Scenes of Male Pageantry


INT. Interview – Backstage Round-Up Saloon – Dallas, Texas – DAY

Judge: “You mentioned you we’re heavy into social media and have a successful blog. What hashtag would you use for your reign if you were to win?”
Me: “#ClassAct.”
(P.O.V.) Judge’s score sheet: “Class Act suits you!”
Me: Smiley Face Emoticon. Fist Bump Emoticon.

Steven MichaelAnother year of #USofA male pageantry for the record books. Wow, where to begin?! There’s definitely been a few proud highs and more lows than I feel strong enough to mention here. But I will. Sorry to be so dramatic but “it’s been a year.” I guess it begins at the beginning of my run to become Mr. Gay USofA 2016. Perhaps before that in my first year where I made the Top 12 in ’14, dancing alone in San Antonio at nationals shocking everyone including myself. Then last year bringing my fabulous girls from L.A. to dance for the kids in Texas where I made the Top 12, once more, placing even higher than before. This was as I anxiously moved through six dancers to find two who were available learning choreography the day before while I shuffled to change airline tickets as soon as I arrived. Bless them! So many details worth mentioning but needless to say that’s why I hire professionals. But this ’16 run was a different beast for me. So much unpredictability I didn’t see coming. Here’s the true Tea with more honesty than perhaps I’ve ever shared before regarding competing in the world of male entertainment.


Absolutely Fabulous Movie Review

AbFab Movie I just got home from seeing the much anticipated film Absolutely Fabulous starring the incredible and hysterical antics of Edina and Patsy played ever-so brilliantly by Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. If you’re a fan of the show that rose in popularity mid-90s you will absolutely love this fabulous addition to their catalogue. I’ll see how many times I can words “absolutely” and “fabulous” into the following sentences. Let’s go to the movies, and grab those snacks!


The Pulse of Our Gay Community

Pulse Nightclub OrlandoAfter the senseless tragedy in Orlando last month at Pulse Nightclub, I knew I had to do something to help those in need and ones who must carry on. When I woke up that morning on June 12 and read the news on social media about the shooting that left 49 innocent victims dead and dozens wounded I was in shock. I didn’t react emotionally at first going on about my day. But then news continued to pour in through media sources and details unfolded. That’s when I lost it. Hearing the recounts of what people went through, what they heard as they hid for their lives broke me down. I’ve spent too many nights and wee mornings in nightclubs and bars to not have it affect me. Sadly it could and can happen anywhere. As I’m writing this news of 84 people in Nice, France have been shot and killed by a lone terrorist and many more injured.


Celebrating Fourth Of July in Las Vegas

Steven MichaelYou know how it goes… Firecracker! Firecracker! Boom, boom, boom! Firecracker! Firecracker! Boom, boom, boom! The boys got the muscles (in Sin City, everywhere gorgeously), the teacher’s got the brains (I’ll teach you all of the sins of this city), the girls got the skinny legs (atop Christian Louboutin stilettos, inside freakum dresses) and we won the game (each trip to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is always a WIN!) Here’s the sordid story of our fabulous trip to the Strip of Las Vegas for their Fourth of July celebration. What happens in Vegas often ends up here on my web domain and through my Instagram feed. Well, the stuff rated PG-13 and below.


True Confessions of a Pageant Papi

KA MGM GrandI just returned home from competing for the title Mr. Gay Sin City USofA in Las Vegas last week. For the first time ever I kept quiet about where I was headed as I prepared to propel forward to reaching my dream and again compete nationally for the title Mr. Gay USofA. It was so hard to keep quiet because I am a firm believer in being your own biggest fan and top salesman. I tend to be very vocal with all the GO! FIGHT! STEVE! I’m able to muster. I become very pep rally for myself because no one does it for me. And that’s ok. It should matter to me the most! If I didn’t believe in myself, I wouldn’t be typing these words. It wouldn’t matter. But it does. So here I share and you inhale. Here’s the story of my recent trip to Sin City and the big gambles I took.


Hot Topics in Gay Culture Today

Steven MichaelWhen it comes to what’s happening in gay culture, Steven Michael knows exactly what’s happening or at least has an opinion about it. Oh, you didn’t know that? Yes, Honey! From RuPaul’s Drag Race to fabulous summer travel and even discussing something known as the presidential race, nothing is off limits. If it concerns me or warrants the attention of a blog post, read it here!


Summer Essentials – Palm Springs

Blacks Beach - San DiegoAm I talking about summertime already?! Yeah, it sure looks like it. It’s only the premiere of April but with sunshine blazing bright on warmer days, the inevitable is in sight. HEAT! I’ve lived here in Palm Springs for over 14 years now and have seen a few summers come and go. As a local you quickly figure out to do errands and around-town running early in the morning to get it accomplished before the afternoon heat meets your skin. We assess where to park our cars for the best shade, close up the homes to keep any extra solar out during the hot days and complain to anyone willing to listen. Day trips are a must and weekend getaways should be scheduled to prevent insanity. But what should one be prepared with for a summer ahead?! Let’s go shopping…


Bear (and Bare) With Me, Please!

Kahala Resort Hawaii


I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything lately but it seems a few weeks ago my site was hacked. I’ve had a tech geek look it over and correct the shade but I’m now waiting for Google to “crawl” back across my pages and clear me for take-off. It could be a while longer. Until then, I’ll be waiting in the First Class lounge patiently.

Stay fierce, live life and keep going! I AM. X

Steven Michael’s Dance Resume

Steven MichaelI was recently hired to choreograph a local drag entertainer for a preliminary to Miss Gay America. As I prepared for the job, creating steps and a solid concept with her, I wondered to myself why am I not pursuing this more? I have tons of experience in the industry of drag with incredible connections and priceless knowledge. I’ve danced with, for, beside and behind some of the countries top gay entertainers and female impersonators, choreographing many to titles of their own while coaching and mentoring many of them!