The Time To Purge – Moving Day!

I’m so ashamed! I’ve really been slack in posting these days. My apologies. I’m actually contemplating wiping my website’s slate clean and starting new with another hosting/template for the new year. The last few months have been crazy busy, but that’s life. After competing for Mr. Gay USofA in Houston this past October then diving into rehearsals for Palm Springs Pride in November, I have had a full plate. Then comes along our time to move from the home we shared for 10 years into a new home we’ve now been in for one week! Needless to say, it’s all good but I’ve had a swirl of activity around me. Plus, working full-time at the gym rounding up my 13th year as sales manager gives me reason to admit I’m spent. Here’s the latest…

I’m turning 50 in three weeks and it has caused time for pause and reflection on the years past and that have passed. YAHASS! The BIG FIVE OH?! And with the fact we’ve also moved I’ve really enjoyed the packing and purging part of it all. Not to mention the 800 people that I shook of my Facebook “friends” list of people I didn’t know, thought I should friend for one reason or another or needed me to step away since they had 4,999 friends and could use the space. I mean… I feel lighter, and am slowly starting to strip down my Facebook. I actually enjoy Instagram better because of its interesting photography, narcissistic tendencies and lighter fare. You don’t immediately get dragged down by someone’s crazy mindset as you do on FB. Facebook gets really old after a while, don’t it? Meh…

But back to packing, some of the things we’ve found have made me laugh, cry and wonder “What was I thinking?!” As I unpack I still find things that have already lost their appeal to me which has been very interesting considering I just packed them a few weeks ago. Some things simply haven’t continued the desire to find a place out in sight rather will be comfortable inside that protective box in the garage. Luckily we had good friends who we were able to unload, err, recycle our empty cardboard boxes to since they were also moving. We were happy to do it since we had the boxes generously donated to us.

With a new home, different dynamics and directions are created which we are still becoming accustomed to. But I was damn determined to have the boxes in the garage gone by Sunday night so our cars can find their home inside which we accomplished. We still have pieces of art and pictures that need to find space on the walls but I’m very happy with our success thus far. Thanks to every and anyone who helped us, cared to ask how things went or offered their set of hands. You really find who has your back when it comes to moving. We have one room as my office/workroom to paint white, hopefully put up some Xmas decor next weekend and settle in. It’s hard to believe we’ve only been here a week.

When the new year comes along so many feelings for me, both cathartic and emotional, join the journey. With my birthday being so close to the holidays (it’s New Years Day!) I have baggage from childhood that have caused me to go fetal in the corner on many a New Year’s Eve. Not really, but metaphorically. As a kid, I was always out for Christmas break to have a class party at school and often received only one gift for both Xmas and Bday. Materialistic yes, but honest too. As I got older, people around me were always getting so filthy on NYE that my birthday became a very quick, “Happy New Year! Oh, and Happy Birthday, girl!” And that was it. The next day was always recovery for hangovers so it was basically forgotten. Now as an adult, I make sure the expectation for myself is of my doing. We usually hit Las Vegas for our Christmas and it has also become my celebration. Since these holidays are extra special, we are definitely kicking up our heels and getting turnt up at our home away home, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas very soon. Sin City, color us sinful!

Happy 2018 – May it be prosperous, adventurous & healthy for us all! X

Photography © Morningstar Productions/Rand Larson 2017

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