All I Know Right Now Is This

Dear website, world wide domain and faithful readers, my most sincerest apologies. I’ve been so busy with preparation for the national finals of Mr. Gay USofA ’17 happening in Houston next month, you’ve been neglected and I’m aware of that. There’s a good amount of things to keep up with that many don’t see such as detailed travel reservations for dancers, costume fittings and editing decisions, mixing and remixing music for Talent categories, walking fine lines of what’s best for a great Clubwear score, and so on… I’m thrilled, honored and humbled to represent the West Coast as Mr. Gay Westcoast USofA ’17 and intend on doing it right this time! “It” meaning the competition and “right” meaning better than I ever have before. This will be my 4th trip to Texas in hopes to become Mr. Gay USofA. Wish me luck! Anyone wishing to help out monetarily please do so on the PayPal link to the right of this and in advance, thank you! I ain’t gonna lie… things cost and I/we need things. #TeamSteven for the WIN! X #CrownCraver #GiveItHere


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