In Awe of Aria Las Vegas

Maybe I should contact Las Vegas Tourism about making the new slogan for Sin City #CantStayAway! Because quite frankly I can not. I just got back last Monday from a whirlwind excursion to Vegas for the night but am just now catching up by telling my tale. I always get busy at the beginning of the year and this one is no exception. I booked a one night stay at Aria Resort & Casino and grabbed up tickets to Michael Jackson ONE before getting on the road for a 24-hour heyday of escapism, inspiration and a needed round of shopping for upcoming gigs. Here’s the Tea…

I got a cute hotel rate on LMTclub (that’s a dot com, go to RetailMeNot and grab a free membership code for LMTclub and sign up for decent price breaks) at Aria. My heart stays at The Cosmopolitan next door but Aria now falls in a good close second surpassing Wynn/Encore after their ridiculousness of removing Tom Ford products from their resorts over unappreciated comments about dressing Melania. Stupidity. I punched it from work early and got on the road making good time through the January rains that have descended upon California. It’s been a mess which have made roads often unmanageable. As soon as I arrived in town I scooted by a gem of a clothing store a dear friend¬†sent me to. And baby… the fashions, tho! That’s all I’m saying. Find it yourself. (Cue evil laughter track) “Whoa-ahh-ahh!” Evil purple devil emoji.

Once checked into my 22nd floor suite (thanks to Marissa at check-in for the Strip-side upgrade) I tapped on the tablet next to the bed which controlled the curtains. They slowly opened to reveal the misty view of Planet Hollywood, Cosmo and MGM Grand. I was in heaven. The tablet takes care of TV, music, mood, room service, almost everything you would need. The accommodations at Aria are sleek and dark with the residential feel of hip modern hotels. I was digging it. Soon after, I got to know the resort a bit and grabbed a workout in the fitness center before a steam and soak at the spa. Back in the room I ordered some room service before jumping into a cab towards Mandalay Bay for Cirque du Soleil’s take on the King of Pop and his amazing music.

The show is a must-see for any fan of Michael Jackson’s music. They have remixed the hell out of it and it’s pumped through a sound system for the record books. The stunts are more parkour than anything and lighting effects on point. I’m a hard sell when it comes to entertainment because I expect a lot. This show delivers. I never once stopped moving to the beats! I will definitely see it again. From the visual LED suits that come flying across the audience in the dark theatre to the moving shadow box production to his hologram in the finale, I was never disappointed or felt the show was disjointed. Kudos! Afterwards I dropped some chips on the blackjack table and walked away with not much left over. It was mad money so, c’est la vie! Sad face emoji. Dollar sign emoji. Fist bump emoji.

Feeling adventurous, and the cocktails I had at the tables (a still-free perk in the casino), I decided to tip over on the monorail up to Excalibur then out across to New York, New York, into a cab back to Aria and to the room for a refresher. Then I was pulled to The Cosmo with plans to play some 21 with my favorite dealer but she was going on break. I sat down at Britney Spears’ slot machine for an hour or so as I kept winning and dancing in my seat. I really had no care who cared. I didn’t want it all to end. I got up soon after (and of course a few more libations later) and walked back to Aria. Heading back to the room I played a bit more because it seemed right (It’s Vegas, baby!) and finally decided that 2:30 a.m. was bedtime for this party monster. Needless to say, I had a good ‘ole turnt-up time. Yes, God! Yahass, Queen! Crown emoji.

Monday morning I quietly checked out of the resort and got on the road. The quick adventure was so fun! I thought about hanging for the day but figured it would be better to get on with my departure. I stopped off at Cracker Barrel at Silverton Hotel & Casino for an Uncle Hershel’s breakfast (leave it to a southern boy!) and back through Primm, into Amboy and out 29 Palms to Palm Springs. I encourage anyone to get out and live their life. Sure, it takes effort and a few dollars but don’t sit around letting life pass you by. I never have.

On a side note for travel tips in Vegas. I was able to experience firsthand the new parking implementation at all MGM resorts on the Strip. Of course it’s happening at all Strip resorts but this is how it works at Aria, Luxor, Bellagio and the like. If you self park or valet you stay within that means of parking at every resort under the MGM umbrella. I self parked at Aria, grabbed my ticket and the roaming attendant reminded me to take it to registration. Once I was checking in, Marissa took the ticket, placed the $10 charge on my bill and that was that. I use my hotel key at the other properties for parking if I go in and out and it’s one flat fee. ($18 for valet a day) All in all not too bad of a setup. However, take note that self parking for Aria is a trek to check-in through the casino floor and then back to the guest elevators so plan according by rolling bags or a bellman’s assistance. My bag felt heavy when it was said and done. And it’s not about all that! X

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