An Interviewer’s Trilogy – Scott Cullens

This is the third part of what has become a trilogy of interviews with reality star, fitness model recently awarded for his disciplined physique, and all around down to earth caring gentle man Scott Cullens who I’m glad I can say I know well. He has always been a major supporter of Team Steven and we always find something to ki-ki or giggle about via text when the moment moves us. I see him daily at the gym putting himself through the rigors of someone dedicated to not only looking good and staying healthy but appreciating every moment he humbly receives. He spoke to us twice before, here in 2013 and in ’14, as well. I love his honesty and believe he truly enjoys stopping his crazy pace to become reflective on memories past and hopes for our future in such turbulent times and climate.

Steven Michael – Thanks for connecting with me for our third interview! I knew you when… How’s your new baby, the furry addition to the family and not Jeremy’s beard?

Scott Cullens – Prada is the best dog we could have ever hoped for. She grew to look like a 75lb stuffed toy and is as lovable. If I can only get her to stop eating my plants in the living room, her only vice.

We sadly miss our dogs. Enjoy every breath and moment with them. How is married life with Jeremy and sharing everything with him? Tell us about your first encounter.

Jeremy and I met on a shoot in London in 2015. We were inseparable from that meeting on. We got married in Las Vegas in December and then married again in Paris (his hometown) last July. We have found that the key to success is constant communication, becoming best friends and experiencing a fairy tale love affair.

He’s seems so genuinely sweet and humble to be such a man of great brawn and size. Jeremy catches so many eyes at the gym. People are stunned when he walks through. I love my front row seat to it all as things unfold. I believe an interview with him will be next. How was bodybuilding competition for you. The prep, the discipline and the like? The hardest part…

I have always been comfortable with swimwear/underwear/nude photoshoots and the prep required but was never interested in doing a bodybuilding show. However, Jeremy’s interest in the bodybuilding competitions got me interested also. So, I hired JP Fux, a famous pro bodybuilder, and started my journey. I won my first contest and became eligible for my Pro Card this year. It’s like a mountain that there is really no reason to climb except that it’s there. I’m going for it this year. I’ve started training hard now!

Congrats! I see your hard work. Not sure if everyone understands what you go through. I’m proud of you. Switching gears, you need a reality show about CUT Barber! I can play the sassy receptionist that answers the phone “today?! …. ain’t gonna happen” and hangs up.

We have tossed around a reality show based on my CUT Barber franchise. However, there is another prime time television show about my design and construction business that I am being considered for currently so I am waiting to see if I am able to juggle the grueling film schedule and also run Palm Pacific Construction, CUT Barber and LüB lubricants simultaneously. If Oprah can do it, so can I!

Keep thriving, babe! What do you hope happening for Scott in the new year?!

It sounds cheesy, but I am hoping to manage my time better so that I spend more time with my husband and my dog. All the businesses, money and recognition in world has no value compared to the joy I have watching Netflix with my family.

Same! I’m such a homebody. Our public day lives make me really appreciate that settled down home life behind secured doors. We will enjoy a dinner out from time to time but my husband is the best cook around so dinners at home and guilty pleasure reality programming suits us fine. If you had encouragement to offer others what would that be?

I would encourage people to be as picky about what they think about as what they eat, wear and drive. More can be accomplished holding on to a vision than through hard work. We have not even begun to access the potential of the mind and soul. I have manifested all of my dreams the last 13 sober years by doing two things – 1) reciting a daily gratitude list of all things I appreciate now and 2) reciting a list of all the things I am summoning to me. The Law of Attraction takes care of the rest.

So many things simply take effort that many are not willing to put into them. It’s often called living. You do it or you don’t. What do you see as the biggest misconception of the gay community? Of gay men, in general. And of you?

The biggest misconception about the gay community is that gay issues are our only concern. I am a husband, a business owner, a son, a brother, a community citizen, a voter, a consumer, a homeowner, among so many things. I support all issues that support the human community including the gay community.

Well said! And on that note… Happy New Year! Most Excited About? Scariest thoughts for ’17? Resolutions include? Hopes for 2017.

My obsession in the new year is monitoring the new Republican administration. So far, it looks as if we will be addressing each other as “comrade” at this rate. It is starting to seem as if these walls are to keep us in instead of others out.

It’s damn scary. My husband said there needs to be a wall of people surrounding the White House closing them all inside. Maybe at the next march on Washington we will. Sadly we’re afraid it will be getting much, much worse before it gets any better. Until the infrastructure of governors, representatives, congressmen on local and state levels strengthen for the democracy of our country we are in big trouble for years to come. It’s unbelievable. We must continue using our voices to speak up and out.

Our new President’s first week has proven to be a disaster for the health of the earth, our foreign allies, refugees, gay people, women and immigrants. It seems to be a great week for an Alternate Universe where facts are not applicable. I have a very stressful hope for our future. I am watching and ready to fight for what is right.

Testify! We have to be strong for each other. (ominous music fade out into light piano) Any tips for local flair and culinary fare for our visitors and desert guests? 

I may not be the best tour guide for Palm Springs because I like to eat at tacky Indian casino buffets, go to the dog park and watch Netflix, not a great source for tour info. However, these are my favorite places for coffee, food, workouts and haircuts: Ernest Coffee, Joey’s Cafe, Cheeky’s, Sherman’s, Rick’s, World Gym and of course CUT Barber.

What makes you laugh that good kind of laugh where you start crying you’re so hysterical in the humor of whatever? They are rare but get me right together when they happen! When’s the last time you went there?

A good, politically incorrect comedian like Amy Schumer gets me laughing every time. It’s easy to tell the difference between a racist joke to make fun of racism and a racist joke by a real racist. One is hilarious, the other pathetic.

We watched Sausage Party and laughed our asses off! I love a good usually much-needed laugh. It’s 2017 and I’m definitely focusing on giving back this year. Are you able to and in what ways?! We are both very blessed.

I rarely ignore any donation requests for time, money or services. It is the basic duty of all humans to help your brother. It seems as if this new administration is all about “America First” and only concerned with building wealth for a select few. The most satisfying way to build wealth is to freely give and allow the flow of money in and out of your life, especially a charitable flow.

And thank you again for the generous donation from CUT Barber for our charity event for Well in the Desert at Copa Nightclub 02/09.
(inserted shameless plugs, sue me!) What’s the most overused word in our lexicon? The most underused word? The word that doesn’t have much meaning attached to it but has great importance put on it? What word do you overuse? What word makes your cringe when someone else says it? A word people use that often impresses you.

I literally think the word literally is the most over-used word literally in the entire world. The word literally, is literally used incorrectly literally all of the time. I literally do not want anyone to use the word literally again until they literally understand how it is used in a sentence. By the way, it was used incorrectly several times just now, literally.

So, is it you’re literally telling me that the literal use of the word literally, literally makes you sick? Same. I literally feel the same. Literally. Thank you, Scott! Again, “I’m so glad we’ve had time together. Just to have a laugh or sing the Tea.” X

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