Ultimate Southern Christmas Magic

I just got back from Nashville for my annual trip home to see mom, visit with good friends and spend time in a city I know very well. Born and raised in the Bible Belt of Tennessee, I felt its tight grip as I maneuvered bullies, hate while trying to figure out who the hell I was. It didn’t come easy. But when I decided that if people were going to stare and talk about me paying me more attention than perhaps I deserved I made damn sure I gave them something worth noticing. It helps that I’m a natural born performer, eh?! When I go back and drive the same streets remembering how it and I once was, it grounds me more than any other thing I can ever do. I appreciate what I’ve gone through because I have lived a full life. Seeing my girlfriends who I grew up with and knew me before I became who people (believe they) know now, I realize I’ve gone out and lived the dreams many others haven’t been able to do nor chose to do. And again, I’m humbled.

I’ve been off Facebook considerably and found myself walking down the roads of people I really didn’t know well enough to be as engaged in what was happening in their life, their head, their everything, as I was. I went through and unfollowed a great number of people, not unfriended because that’s so extreme. If I didn’t know someone or never had interaction with someone, girl bye. It was something I needed to do for me which in turn freed up a good amount of time from not being on it as much. But it also kept me off from sharing much detail leading into my trip home. I missed a few people this adventure but I’ll be back and everyone knows how to reach me. I was thrilled to see those I did connect with in Nashville. The are all very unique and special to me. Our bonds are for life.

Saturday, Jacques dropped me off at PSP and I caught my early American Airlines flight to BNA via DFW. Quick layover in Dallas, enough to grab a sandwich, and then off into the skies towards Music City USA. I sat next to a cute kid reading the Holy Bible on his iPad which in turn made me scroll through every Girls Aloud and Cheryl Cole video I could play trying to get him to come to the dark side. God won, and I sat quietly next to him vicariously flipping my long hair and walking on long legs in slo-mo to the music in my headphones hoping for any side eye glance my way, to no avail. Once landed and through baggage claim, I retrieved my great deal on Hotwire for the rental car in Nashville and a free upgrade once I walked up. Winning!

Speaking of Hotwire, I also got a super deal at Hyatt Place in Brentwood though the website for $71 a night. Success! That was home for the next four nights. I was able to have a few amazing dinners with dear old friends where we laughed, cried and shared more than our ears could hear. The weather was perfectly cold with trees barren of leaves offering the perfect holiday scene. I spent some great time with mom bringing her deeper into the millennium with a new LG smartphone, printer and my gift from Santa to her, a new iPad 2 Air in gold. A single gal in her 70s depends on her only child more than I’m able to do so I make sure she is as well connected as can be.

We hit Swett’s Restaurant for the only soul food meat-and-three realness in East Nashville. Yes, God! Loves it, beyond. Cracker Barrel only got us once and Waffle House treated me late night after a few drinks. I went to the gay bar Tribe and was invisible. (cue laugh track here) As sassy queens virtually auditioned for the Pussycat Dolls on the dance floor, I had a decent drink, worked my way through the cliques and crowd and soon departed to my comfortable bed calling my name at the hotel. I had zero desire to stay out. I circled around the city a few of the nights just seeing old haunts and visiting memories but for the most part enjoyed friendships, good food and drink, and the time away.

But it’s great to be back home in Palm Springs with my loving husband, his comfort and joy. And for Christmas?! It’s Vegas, baby! X

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