Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

Poinsettia ChristmasHappy Thanksgiving! I just walked into the house and the smell is amazing. My wonderful husband deboned a turkey, stuffed it with cornbread dressing gig, bound her back up and into the oven to cook. It’s primarily for me. It’s not something he would do normally but he knows that I absolutely love turkey and dressing with all the trimmings. Always have! I truly do have the best husband in the world. I agree with your thoughts. We planned on having a few people over today who sadly couldn’t make it for various reasons so we’ve delivered plates to them and enjoyed a nice quiet dinner together and a bottle of the new Beaujolais Nouveau. And dinner is served…

Thanksgiving Dinner

I actually worked for a few hours today and it wasn’t so bad. My co-workers had the music playing loud serving me ’70s-’80s dance realness and I was on fire. There was a great mood around the gym which made time go by quickly. A few hotties came strutting in and we handled them accordingly. (cue laugh track) I was in and out in less than four hours for an ole time-and-a-half gig, while we Americans still have it. Afterwards I swung by for a few movies from Redbox, Bad Moms and Jason Statham’s newest Mechanic film. Then off to Arrive Hotel’s ice cream shoppe where I grabbed a few pints to go alongside Jacques’ homemade apple pie. Vanilla Bean and Blackberry Cabernet sorbet, yes God!

Delicious Apple Pie

Thanksgiving always conjures memories of dinners past. Some you want to be at and others that are more obligation than anything. I love the holidays even though they meant a lot more as a child than as an adult. It has to do with the situation one’s in be it weather wise or location with family and loved ones, I believe. In California, holidays tend to sneak up on us quickly. It’s hard to believe it’s happening right here, right now! And the recent time change has everyone screwed up with the days ending earlier. Tomorrow is Black Friday so if you have shopping needs but can’t make it out and about catch some great finds here with my gift ideas for the fabulous gay men in your life.

And please be thankful! X

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