A Gay Man’s Opinion of Election ’16

Emjoi Explanation - Steven MichaelThis story has a different ending than what I had hoped and planned for originally. It’s been hard not to comment and curse at the chaos happening in our country, the United States of America. To be quite honest it’s been difficult to focus on because it’s all so ludicrous. I’m a true democrat and I voted for Hillary Clinton. She is and was my choice for POTUS. Hillary has the most job experience of anyone who has ever ran for the office before and was/is more prepared than any of her opponents. If Bernie Sanders had become our party’s nominee I would fully support him and what he wanted to do. I didn’t know him going in but after time realized he was a wonderful representative of our democracy. However, the people spoke (and a few others got involved) and Clinton was our party’s nominee. I was thrilled. History was made! Our dream was clear and reachable. Victory should have been ours. But sadly it wasn’t to be.

Emjoi Explanation - Steven Michael

When I heard Donald Trump was running for office I didn’t think much about it or him. I only knew his business endeavors, history of misogyny with women, that he was once good friends of the Clintons, his various business entities, that nest of orange he calls hair, and somehow got away without hearing his voice the entire election cycle until the debates. But there he was, plowing through his republican opponents as he never looked back and saying everything he possibly could to piss off everyone in his wake, offending all in the process. I kept saying I believed that he didn’t seem to really want the job because he never played the game politicians do – You say what people want to hear to get their votes. He has been the most unconventional candidate ever to run for the office in history. And clearly there was a quiet closeted Trump supporter among us because he did receive votes from people drinking his kool-aid and accepting his outrageous rhetoric and dialogue. Did he do it all for the television audience and sensationalism? …Yet to be seen. The media played the biggest role in his dominance on the screens creaming over his unpredictable antics and unprecedented behavior. The most overused manipulated word of the year, “polls.” I’m so over it all and here I am writing about it.

However, as we saw he was speaking to certain people. A majority of modest voters no one worried about. Americans fed up with big government and ones who didn’t have a voice before. Middle-America, farm workers, red-state warriors, smaller town, anti-establishment, “simple” folk, gun toters, those completely over what the Clintons have done before and ready to do anything to get her/them out of the way. Hillary had the celebrities and famous voices in support as many, many republicans came over to endorse her, as well. Unheard of! More than I can name claimed Clinton to be the only candidate to stand by. It was staggering. Her endorsements were plenty and perfect. So it seemed. Now I admit she is/was not perfect and came with plenty of baggage but at the end of it all Hillary had the most experience for the job at hand of anyone ever. Few politicians are squeaky clean. They all do what she was accused of but the establishment screamed and she was hunted down and called out. Hillary looked presidential and carried herself with respect each and every time they went low against her. It has been hard to watch but luckily I have a few filters that keep me posted weeding through the messiness and pulled off the ledge, so to speak, with their glimmer of optimism.

Trump’s mind-blowing insults and disrespect came at high velocity geared towards women, Muslims, LGBT, mentally challenged, and the list continues on. He invited cyber warfare into the conversation. Somehow the man won the race. We all barely lived through it and will hopefully get through the next four years with what he is creating for his America. Makes me sick to my stomach to give it life by thinking or talking about it. So much progress we have made as a country at the risk of being diminished and dark in the hands of ego and someone that is in way over his head. He claimed to want “big government” out of control while he places them all back in power. The cabinet he is choosing to stand around him is full of confusion and hate with so much to chance losing as LGBT equalities, human rights and the like.

With Hillary we knew where she stood with us and with him it’s all uncertain. Trump has already gone back on promises he has made during the process of being elected and hasn’t even taken office yet.  And he now says that “conflicts of interests were priced into your vote.” Knowing he has the most precious secrets to the country, healthcare futures and our national security scares the fuck out of me. Honestly. And to see the slow 180 people are now having to do after all turning their backs on him is vile. It’s all about big business and he will no doubt in the end win again, someway somehow.

The only thing I can say about it all is I hope that he now sees that as a country and community we will not take things quietly. We have voices intent on holding him accountable! They weren’t completely heard during the election but we are still here going strong. It’s not an easy feeling to have such lack of respect for people who will run the free country I live in. I hope that feeling changes and time heals. I’m sad for many things… The changes about to take place that affect many of us in negative ways. The people who didn’t go out and vote to only now scream about what’s happening around them. The unfortunate choice that the majority of half of the US made because if only half of America voted and he won half of that then that puts it in true perspective. Down with the electoral college and up with the popular vote! Progress made by many in the past will more than likely be reversed while we suffer as a majority. I hope people know what they have done. The civil unrest happening in our country is scary and hasn’t been completely addressed. My fear is the man about to take over can’t handle what is put before him and he is over his head. And I fear typing these honest words puts me in danger by speaking out. I’ve never felt that before.

This entire process has killed relationships through the tell-me-now impact of who one supported in the race or not. Ever since the elections I have stepped away from social media because of the burnout. I just didn’t care to see people’s opinions about it all because quite frankly I didn’t care what they had to say. The numbers at the voting polls spoke about that. The last thing I wanted to do was see a meme of our new First Lady in her birthday suit with a crude caption underneath or some joke about any of it. It was never a joking matter even though we’ve now become a punchline around the globe. Our country is in mayhem and it’s scary. Who would have thought we’d have someone representing our country with this much circus circling around them?! It’s mind blowing. And will make for an interesting conversation for the next few years. Anyone taking bets?!

I’m thankful I live in the safe democracy of California and have a State Assembly looking out for my best interests. As a gay man happily married to another man this is very important to me. I fear for my brothers and sisters in other states that may not fare so well when it’s all said and done, decisions made.

Peace to You & God Bless US All! X

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